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HISTORY or QUOTE for March 23:

  • NOTICE! All gamblers and fancy women must register with the captain upon boarding.  - An early American riverboat notice

  • Gambling releases us from the real world. We are isolated. There is no outside, no past or future, only here and now ... We suspend ourselves at a comfortable level of arousal ... There's no feeling like the one when our money hits the table. - Lance Humble and Carl Cooper (The World's Greatest Blackjack Book)


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2 thoughts on “What’s New”

  1. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for a great site.
    I’m an avid collector of Bj books.
    I just saw one on eBay by Ken Feldman so I thought you might want to add that to your reference list.
    I was not previously aware of this book .The listing is still up on eBay.

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