Blackjack Quiz

Here is our first blackjack quiz which includes some simple questions that all players should know, harder questions for the serious player and some trivia questions that may not be as easy to answer. 



#1. What is the object of the game of blackjack?

#2. When is it possible to take "insurance" in blackjack?

#3. The game of blackjack is also known as...

#4. Who published the first optimal basic strategy based on sound mathematics.

#5. You have a hand that totals 2. You should always...

#6. What is the normal (traditional) payoff when a player gets a blackjack?

#7. What does it mean to have a blackjack?

#8. Should you always take even money when you have a blackjack and the dealer has an Ace up.

#9. Let's say you have a pair of 3s. The dealer has a Ten valued card up. You manage to see (maybe by accident) that the dealer's hole card is a 7. How should you play your hand?

#10. Is "late surrender" better for the player than "early surrender"?

#11. Assume a 6-deck game, double after splits allowed, soft-17 rule and blackjacks pay 6 to 5. You are betting $100 / hand and just played 100 hands. We know that the player will receive a blackjack once every 21 hands (approximately). How much will the player lose (in the long run every 100 hands) simply because of the 6 to 5 rule (compared with a normal 3 to 2 payoff)?

#12. Assume a 6-deck game with the S-17 rule and you are head's up with the dealer who shows a 10 upcard. It is the first hand out of the shoe and you have a 7-5. You hit the hand and end up with 7-5-4. You should:

#13. Which of the following is true.

#14. You are playing in a face-up 6-deck game in a Las Vegas Strip casino. What is wrong with this picture?

#15. How often can you expect to receive a natural 21 on the first 2 cards - also called a blackjack?

#16. Which dealer's up-card(s) will cause her (or him) to bust more than 50% of the time?

#17. Of the original seven Blackjack Hall of Fame winners, which individual received the greatest number of votes.





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