Card Counting Introduction Test

This test is designed to make you think about the game.  Take your time.  There may be some trick questions.

This test has at least 15 questions.  Please let me know if you see any errors or would like to make suggestions.



#1. Is card counting legal?

Seriously?  You really think that using your brain is illegal?

#2. Card counters have approximately how much of an edge over the casino?

#3. What is the most popular card counting system available today?

#4. What is the most popular "unbalanced" card counting system used today?

#5. In 2021, blackjack games in Las Vegas had the best rules in the country.

#6. In the Hi-Lo (or High-Low) count the following is true.

#7. You are using the Hi-Lo count. If you count every card in a deck what number do you end up with?

#8. Approximately how much is the Double After Split (DAS) rule worth to the player.

#9. Which of the following counting systems is "unbalanced"?

#11. What does the term "Wonging" mean?

#12. What are the "top" three play variations that provide players the most gain from varying from basic strategy.

#13. Which of the following is not considered one of the "top" four most profitable surrender plays.

#14. You are walking by a 6 deck shoe game in a casino. You notice a sign that says "No Mid-Shoe Entry". Why is that sign there?

#15. If the dealer has an Ace up, what is the chance he has a 10 valued card in the hole?



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