The BJRNET Black List


It was not easy to get barred or restricted from this site.  Some individuals definitely went out of their way to force me to have to do this.  Casinos bar card counters.  We barred individuals who made use of foul language or continued to spam our message boards with nonsense and childish posts, make personal attacks on other posters, lie, attempt to reveal Green Zone information to non-members, violate the BJRnet Terms & Conditions and/or plagiarizes the works of others.  We did not bar individuals who had differing opinions and never would!   UPDATE: Message forums are no longer available on this site, however, comments can be made to individual posts and on some pages.


Due to the proliferation of pyramid scheme letters, we immediately barred all individuals that posted these types of letters to any of our message boards except on (what we referred to as) the Voodoo Board. UPDATE: The Voodoo Board is no longer available.

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