Privacy Policy and Security

I’m concerned about my privacy

The Blackjack Review Network (BJRnet) and Spur of the Moment Publishing will never reveal your true identity, assuming we know it, if you don’t want your real identity to be known. That means we will never sell your name or email address or intentionally divulge it except as noted below.  If you don’t want people to know your real email address then you shouldn’t post it.  Another option for anonymity is to set up an anonymous email address with one of the many free services available. Individuals who attempt to spam this site will be blacklisted and denied future access and/or posting capabilities.

Cookies & privacy

A cookie is a small file that contains information on your interaction with our site. The software we use to process transactions may use cookies.  These cookies are not sent anywhere, we don’t harvest them, and we don’t use the information for anything except to inform YOU of past visits. We do everything possible to ensure your privacy on BJRnet and the security of any orders you might make on this site.

  • You can enable or disable cookies in Internet Explorer by accessing the Security Options under the Advanced Tab in the Internet Options window under the View menu.
  • You can enable or disable cookies in Firefox under Tools / Options / Privacy.

Customer lists and software purchases

We attempt to keep most of our catalog products in stock — except for software.   Depending on our contractual agreement with the publisher of the software that you purchase, BJRnet. may provide your personal information, not including credit card information, to that publisher for registration and delivery purposes. Except for providing this registration information to the software publisher, BJRnet does not share information about individual users with any other party. We do everything possible to ensure your privacy and the security of your order.  Note: If you do not wish us to drop-ship your software purchases please let us know and we will accommodate you at no extra charge.  However, if you opt for this service you can expect a delay from 2 to 3 weeks in your software order.

I’m concerned about Credit card security

BJRnet and Spur of the Moment Publishing use state-of-the-art systems to insure safe transactions for customers. Using our secure ordering system is probably safer than using the postal service, phone or fax to give us credit card information.  To place a secure order with us, you must be using a browser that supports Secure Socket Layers (SSL). This Internet protocol encrypts data transmissions between your browser and our server, so that no one can intercept your credit card information.

Credit card fraud is a felony and we will aggressively prosecute anyone attempting to misuse a credit card number. Our credit card transaction software tracks every transaction and we will use all means available to it to prosecute persons attempting fraud.

Using a credit card. Why is mine being rejected?

Reasons why your credit card may not have been accepted include:
1. Credit Card Number: You may have included spaces or dashes in your credit card number. Take out all spaces or dashes when entering your credit card number. It should be a straight stream of numbers.
2. Address: The address and zip code you enter must match the address on file with your credit card company. Double check by giving them a call or referencing a recent billing statement.

Using a credit card to make an international purchase

You can purchase from us using major international credit cards. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express as well as PayPal.  Usually, additional shipping charges are required for non-USA orders, therefore, a valid email address must be used to verify your order and to authorize any extra shipping charges.

Credit card fraud

Credit card fraud is a felony and we will aggressively prosecute anyone attempting to misuse a credit card number. Our software tracks every transaction and will use all means available to it to prosecute persons attempting fraud.  If you believe that your credit card number has been used for a fraudulent purchase please contact us.

Do I have to provide an email address to purchase from BJRnet?

Yes!  During checkout, you will be asked for an email address.  If you enter a “bad” email address your order may still go through but you won’t receive any feedback from us.   We highly recommend that you provide a valid email address whenever you order products from us.  We use email to verify your orders and to keep you notified of any problems or changes to your order.  After you place your order, we will send an email confirmation to the email address you provide. This email confirmation contains important information such as your order number. Therefore, you should use an email address that you can access easily.  Note:   All Non-USA orders must include a valid email address or the order will not be processed.

Email Spam

Spur of the Moment Publishing and the Blackjack Review Network do not send unsolicited emails to anyone.  If you receive an email from us we generally will address you by name. If you receive an email that “appears” to be from us and you were not expecting it NEVER open any attachments to the email and NEVER click on any link in the email. All authentic emails from us will have an email reply address of mdalton @ BJRnet [dot] com, editor @ BJRnet [dot] com or orders @ BJRnet [dot] com. We know spam is a big issue and we receive “thousands” of spam emails per day.  Luckily, we can filter out 99.9% of the bad stuff. We suggest you install an email spam filter on your computer or use an email service that filters spam to protect yourself.

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