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Blackjack Vs. Horse Racing: Which One Is More Profitable?

Lots of moneyBy Mario Petkovski.

In the world of gambling, the most common question bettors ask is which method is best for making money.

The short answer? There isn’t a sport or a casino game that can guarantee you profits, therefore we cannot pick just one. Additionally, making some money on casino games or horse racing isn’t only about observing the odds and finding the best chance.

Instead, it comes down to personal preference and expertise. For example, even if a game has lower odds, if you’ve become a pro at that game, and learned all the rules and strategies, it will be more profitable than any other gambling method.

Still, what if you don’t know much about blackjack and horse Racing? Should you pick blackjack or instead bet on the 2023 Breeders’ Cup at TwinSpires?

Let’s find out.

The Odds of Winning


Blackjack is one of the most popular casino table games and for a good reason. Blackjack is one of the games with the lowest house edge, especially with the right strategy, which means that you’d make more money in the long run.

The house edge of blackjack is usually under 1.5%, but this doesn’t mean that it is perfect for everybody.

It’s a game of strategy, where you can tilt the odds in your favor through card counting and various betting tactics. But can you consistently outsmart the house, or are there hidden pitfalls?

Horse Racing

With horse racing the situation is different. Although the sport might be more unpredictable, bettors are chasing the big wins for betting on underdogs.

With that said, horse racing doesn’t have a strict strategy that can help you increase your winnings.  It is all about crunching numbers, and doing a lot of research on jockey’s skills, weather and track conditions, horse’s form, trainer, and more.  There are certainly more variables in horse racing than in blackjack that might affect the race. But does this make horse racing more unpredictable?

Not really. Bettors who love horse racing would agree that after a while they will start to develop a hunch and intuition about the winning horse after observing all the details.

Managing Risk and Reward


In blackjack, you have a degree of control over the risks you take. You get to decide when to hit, stand, double down, or split your cards.  It’s akin to a high-stakes chess match with the dealer, where you can mitigate losses and maximize gains. But, of course, the lure of going all-in is ever-present.

With that said, blackjack would be a type of game where you are in more control of the risks you take  On the other hand, the rewards in blackjack are more consistent and can be lower than in horse racing.

Horse Racing

When it comes to horse racing, the thrill of watching majestic horses thunder down the track is undeniable.

However, the risks are substantial, and rewards can be capricious. Horse racing is a sport that can be impacted by many outside factors that are out of your control. For example, even if you placed money on the favorite, there is a chance that the horse might have a bad day, or experience an injury before the race.

Selecting the winning horse can be as elusive as discovering a four-leaf clover in a vast field.

But the rewards are where horse racing shines. Since it is more unpredictable, there is a greater chance of winning a lot of money only with a small bet, which in blackjack is impossible.

For example, in 1996, an Italian Jockey named Frankie Dettori had 25000/1 odds of winning all races at Britain’s Ascot Festival. Darren Yeats decided to place that bet on $89 winning $830,000 after Dettori demolished the competition.

Probability of Winning

Blackjack is a game based on math, and we can easily calculate the probability of getting a winning hand against the dealer. Most blackjack games are played with six or eight decks of 52 cards, and the probability of winning is around 42%, and getting a blackjack (21) goes down to 4.75%.

On the other hand, horse racing is a sport where we cannot calculate the probability since it depends on many factors. With that said, we can still go through some data.  For example, the top ten jockeys win about 90% of all the races they attend, and their favorite horses win around 33% of the time.

Skill vs. Luck


Blackjack often wears the badge of a skill-based game, although there is still luck involved.

With the right strategies, you can lower the house’s advantage and bolster your chances of victory. But does skill alone guarantee you a seat at the winner’s table? – Of course not.

Horse Racing

In the world of horse racing, luck plays a significant role. Even professional bettors with years of experience can’t predetermine a race’s outcome. The underdog might just race ahead of the favorite, leaving all predictions in the dust.

Final Words

So, which is more profitable: blackjack or horse racing? Both offer the potential for significant gains, but they come with their unique challenges and uncertainties.

Perhaps the real question isn’t about profit alone but about the experience. Do you prefer the intense, strategic battle of cards in blackjack or the heart-pounding excitement of watching horses thunder down the track in horse racing?

IMAGE CREDIT: Pexels.com


Sports Betting Tips To Secure Your Win

Sports BettingBy John.

Sports betting is an activity where people gamble money on the outcome of a sporting event. People place bets on any sport they think they have an insight into. If the bettor’s prediction is correct, they will win whatever amount of money they have wagered. If the prediction is wrong, then the bettor will lose his or her investment.
Sports betting can be a highly lucrative and profitable venture for those who understand the intricacies of the sports betting markets. Unlike other types of gambling, it does not require a hefty sum of money to start, which makes it a popular choice of entertainment for people from all walks of life. The premise of sports betting is simple – if you can accurately predict the outcome of a sports event, you can win back a decent amount of money.
Sports betting is not without risk, however, and there are no guarantees when it comes to placing bets. Despite this, many punters have been successful in making profits from betting on sports. This is largely due to the fact that most bookmakers provide a wealth of information about the teams and players involved in each sporting event. Punters can use this information to analyze the likely outcome of a given game and place their bets accordingly.

How To Secure Your Win

Online sports betting can be a highly lucrative activity if you follow some tips to secure your win. To start off, you need to know the basics of sports betting, including the different types of bets, their odds, and how the market works. Researching the teams and players involved in each match is essential for any successful punter. Additionally, you should always read up on the form and performance levels of teams and players, so that you can accurately predict their probability of winning or losing. Doing this can significantly increase your chances of winning.   

You should also research the various online sports betting companies available before deciding to place your bets. Don’t rush your decisions and carefully compare the bonuses, loyalty bonuses, payment options, and more, so that you are confident in the bookmaker you have chosen.

Always be aware of the legal regulations of the country you are betting in. If the country has a sports betting license, make sure to use the authorized bookmaker to stay on the safe side. You can also use a third-party sportsbook to stay secure.

Before you place a bet, make sure to check out the current sports market news and trends that can give you an insight into the outcome of the match. Analyzing team strengths and weaknesses can help you gain better control of the market, which can further increase your chances of winning. Additionally, following the latest sports news may reveal any changes in team positions or the match-up that could affect your bet.

Finally, practice smart bankroll management, which means setting a realistic budget and sticking to it. By managing your bet sizes and always setting aside a few percent of your winnings, you will be able to maximize your profits in the long term.

Finding Trusted Bookmaker

As a bettor, it is always important to ensure that you are placing your bets in a trusted bookmaker or online sportsbook. It is also important to make sure that you are aware of the legal regulations of the sport that you are betting on, as well as understanding sports betting odds and the rewards on offer.

One of the best ways to ensure you are placing your bet in a trusted bookmaker is to research the different online sportsbooks available. Check for customer reviews, look up the company’s credentials, and read up on their payment processes and withdrawal procedures. Additionally, look for bookmakers who offer a range of betting options such as live betting, early cash out, and in-play betting. These will give you greater control over when and how you can place your bets.

Aside from finding a trusted bookmaker, there are some other smart betting tips that punters should consider. One of the main tips is to research the teams and players involved in each sporting event. This will give you an insight into their capabilities, allowing you to accurately predict the outcome of the game. Furthermore, you should always set a budget and stick to it. Betting with money you can’t afford to lose is a surefire way to lose it all.

Finally, another important tip is to avoid chasing losses. If a bet doesn’t turn out as you expected, your best bet is to move on to the next one, without trying to double up your stake in order to make your money back. If you can practice these smart betting tips consistently, you should find yourself in a more comfortable financial position.

Get Your Odds Right

Sports betting isn’t about luck but about getting your odds right. Getting your odds right will help you increase your chances of winning and make your betting experience an enjoyable one. Always remember that the odds are meant to give you an advantage or a calculation of the likelihood of a certain outcome taking place.

You need to research the teams and players involved in each match to get a complete overview of the current form and performance levels. Additionally, you should check out the latest team news and injury updates to ensure that you are not betting without the required information.

Also, ensure that you understand the different types of sports betting odds. The most common formats are decimal, fractional, and moneyline odds. You’ll need to understand which format is being used by the bookmakers in order to make informed decisions. Additionally, it is important to do some research on the different sportsbooks available and look out for any bonuses, loyalty bonuses, promotions, and payment options before you place your bets.

By carefully studying the odds, researching the teams and players involved, and choosing the right bookmaker, you can significantly increase your chances of making a profit betting on sports.

Final Say

Sports betting can be tremendously profitable if managed carefully, but it can also lead to huge losses if not done properly. It is important to keep in mind that no wager is 100% safe and that making a profit in sports betting takes time, skill, and a lot of luck. Keeping these tips in mind should ensure that you are well-prepared to start betting on sports. Good luck and happy betting!

IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Ryan on Unsplash


The history of gambling: From horse racing to card games

Playing BlackjackBy We DigitizeWe Digitize.

Today, the most popular form of betting is sports betting. But how did betting begin, and what other betting games can you play?

Betting has always been a popular form of entertainment, and it has changed and evolved over the years. Learn how the most popular forms of betting originated and evolved.

Horse racing: The oldest sport in the world

Horse racing is arguably the oldest sport in the world. Horse racing dates back to the Olympic Games of ancient Greece in the period 700-40 BCE. Since then, the sport grew in popularity and spread to Medieval England, where horses were ridden by professional riders to showcase the animals to potential buyers.

Horse race betting started in the 17th century, and by the mid 18th century, horse racing had become such a popular sport, that it had turned into a proper sporting event, open to the public with larger fields of runners. Horse racing continued to grow in popularity up through the 1800s, and so did horse race betting. Today, however, the sport of horse racing has fallen in popularity, giving way to more popular sports.

Sports betting: A modern entertainment

Today, the most popular form of entertainment in sports, sports betting, has grown in popularity as well.  Although betting on sports has been illegal in most states for many years, the attitude towards sports betting seems to have changed drastically. With the legalization of sports betting the industry has grown, attracting millions of fans to participate in the old activity of sports betting. Now that people are becoming more and more interested in placing bets at their favorite sporting events, there is plenty of information to help you decide on a bet. Get your sports betting information here and start betting yourself.

Horse Racing

Blackjack: Luck or skill?

The game of blackjack is also very old. Some speculate, that the game dates back to the Romans. This theory, however, is not confirmed. Blackjack probably originated in France around the year 1700. In France, blackjack was called Ving-et-un, which means twenty-one. It wasn’t until the 20th century that the name of the game was changed from twenty-one to blackjack. The change occurred because casinos were promoting the game by offering bonus payouts, one of which was given if a jack of spades or clubs was dealt alongside an ace of spades. Eventually, the bonus payouts ceased, but the name of blackjack stuck. Today, blackjack is still being played in casinos. It is a game of both luck and skill.  For more information on the history of blackjack visit BlackjackHistory.com and click here to learn the rules of Blackjack.  

Roulette: A game of chance

Roulette was not a game, to begin with. It was invented by a French physicist and mathematician called Blaise Pascal in 1655. He intended to create a perpetual motion machine and not a casino game. In 1842, Francois and Lois Blanc added a zero to the wheel. This changed the game, giving the house a bigger house edge. The wheel was designed specifically for the king of Monaco, Charles III, whose kingdom was facing financial difficulties. By introducing the game of roulette with the added zero, the casinos of Monaco quickly generated income and made Monte Carlo a symbol of upscale gambling. Later, another zero was added, giving the house an even bigger edge.


Sports Betting Odds Demystified

Sports BookBy Alex Larsen.

For those who are not experts in sports betting, all can agree to one thing: that reading, understanding and calculating game odds has never been easy. It takes some experience in the diverse gaming sector for someone to be fully conversant with the riddle of odds. The already amateur in this can agree that they were either taught or it took them quite some reasonable time for them to conveniently learn on their own. For that reason, blackjack has broken down the task for anyone who had the itching query about the entire concept of odds in games. So next time someone can bet confidently like a professional without experiencing goosebumps.

The three key aspects why you should understand gaming odds:

  • Betting odds help you to know what games are worth risking money on.
  • Odds can be used to calculate the probability of an outcome for a certain game.
  • Odds allow you to understand your expected pay out.

Betting odds help you to know what games are worth risking money on.

It is certainly true that everyone knows that gambling is a game of wins and losses. Nothing is ever guaranteed. Hence, by better understanding how odds work, you are in a better position to know where, when and how to place that bet with the least risk possible. The human psychology is often mounded in a manner that is geared towards winning and success.

To prove this fact, some people even engage in betting as an investment. To successfully do this, they engage in the sure bet formula to make sure that they have nothing to lose at all. It is very true that the math underlying the concept of odds can be an eye opener to whether the bet is worth it or not. One key factor to assess is whether or not the presented probability is higher or lower than the actual probability of the game. Hence, you have to put into consideration the bookmaker’s profit margin and the actual probability outcome of the game. However, you should not forget that probability is not reality.

Odds are used to calculate the probability of an outcome for a certain game.

Another expression for odds is chance or probability.1)Chance can be expressed either as a probability or as odds.  For more information, check the word odds in the Encyclopedia of Blackjack on this site. Odds can be better defined as a probability that something will occur or not. So, once the betting opportunity is identified and the probability assessed, the outcome should be higher than the probability implied. Hence, it is very vital to consider the estimates of the bookmaker. Furthermore, it is important to know that the odds that are always on display can never truly reflect accurate results. That is the probability of the results indicated occurring or not. One should also note that the payoff depends on the results of the odds reflected.

Getting to understand your expected payout.

The payout in sports always depends on types of odds being used. More importantly, payouts always include the amount of money that you put in. It is very simple to calculate the expected outcome of a game that you have placed a bet on. It is especially true when the odds are in decimal points. It is because you just have to multiply the number of odds by the amount you have placed for the bet. For other types of odds with either fractions or others, a bit of mathematics are needed for calculation. Still better enough, you can get betting tips for football and other games from sites like Bet365 games.

Different types of odds.

It is also very important for you to understand the different types of odds. A better understanding of the different types of odds enables you to know how you do calculations or your expected total payout. All odds come in different forms and styles. Hence as a serious gamer, you ought to know all these types of odds.  The common types of odds can be categorized into three. These are:

  • Fractional, also known as the British odds.
  • Decimal, also known as European odds.
  • Money line odds, also known as American odds.

European odds are the most conversant with most gamers. They are also the easiest when it comes to calculation based on total payout. 

Understanding more about the betting odds, how they are calculated and the risks involved in every betting game needs in-depth research. You also need to really be enthusiastic about sports and a very keen follower of Igames. Determining on which side of the match to place your bet is not always a walk into the park. It is always a double dilemma. There is the fear of losing and the excitement of winning. However, even with an in-depth comprehension of how the matches play, it is still not guaranteed that one is just prone to win. Placing a bet still remains to be a risk unless it is a sure bet. Sure bets have their own knowledge too.

Even podcasts that are run by some of the most experienced sports analysts, old football players, and retired coaches do fail at times. The work of these experts is to assist gamblers make the most informed decisions whenever it comes to betting tips and insights. These podcasts run by experts actually are very experienced experts.  They do a very critical analysis of matches based on past experiences and also the current state of the team. They use diversified data and facts to come to a convergent conclusion but winning is never guaranteed at all. Although at times the predictions hit right… at other times they do not.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons



1Chance can be expressed either as a probability or as odds.  For more information, check the word odds in the Encyclopedia of Blackjack on this site.

Where to find the best odds for the Breeders Cup?

By Alex Dudley.

The Breeders’ Cup will be one of the big betting events of the year for horse racing fans around the globe.  That means that it will be more important than ever to ensure that gamblers can get the best odds on the selections that they want to make on the racing at Del Mar.

So, how important is it to find the best odds, and where can gamblers find the most lucrative prices for the races?1)The Breeders’ Cup World Championships is an annual series of Grade I Thoroughbred horse races, operated by Breeders’ Cup Limited, a company formed in 1982.

How Important Are Odds?

Anyone that has bet on horse racing in the past will understand just how important it is to make sure that they are betting on the best odds possible. It avoids the disappointment further down the line of finding out that you could have got higher returns betting elsewhere.

Breeder's Cup - Horse Racing

Not all sportsbooks will offer the same prices for the races taking place at Del Mar, with some going 2/1 on Knicks Go to win the Classic, while other sites may be offering a slightly bigger price at 4/1. Ensuring that you make your wager on the best possible odds is integral to all gamblers, and there are a number of ways to make sure that you get the best odds.

How To Find The Best Odds?

Finding the best odds for races at the Breeders’ Cup can be a time-consuming part of the research, but it does ensure that gamblers get the best possible returns should their selection get the win. The easiest way to find the best odds for the races taking place is to search for odds comparison sites, which were established to ensure that punters could get the best possible odds.

However, customers can also take matters into their own hands and just look at the various betting sites themselves to find the odds. All Breeders’ Cup races will have ante-post markets, which will ensure optimal value, as wagers will be placed before the final declarations have been made.

Ante-Post Betting

When it comes to huge races, such as the ones that take place during the Breeders’ Cup, ante-post betting is a popular way of making a wager for racing fans. These markets open before the declarations for the races have been made, which means that fans must examine a number of factors before making a wager. Most importantly, whether the horse will be traveling to Del Mar to compete.

The easiest way to see whether a horse stands a chance of making the trip is to look to see whether the selection has won one of the Breeders’ Cup challenge races. You can check past results for the Cup here: www.twinspires.com/breeders-cup/results

Horses that have won these will have an automatic berth for the race that they have qualified for, which means that connections will not need to pay for an entry. Regardless, ante-post betting ensures value on selections, as prices for the favorites will immediately be cut once they declare for the race.

Other Important Horse Racing Betting Features

While the odds are especially important when it comes to making wagers, a number of sportsbooks also offer a plethora of features that make them stand out from the crowd. Welcome bonuses are offered across the board, which will give new players more money to play with after signing up.

Some of the best horse racing betting sites will also offer unique promotions for races at the Breeders’ Cup, such as money back if your horse comes second, or extra places in some of the races with bigger fields. Many of the leading sites will also offer live streaming of the action, which will allow punters to watch the action on their mobile devices after making a bet.



1The Breeders’ Cup World Championships is an annual series of Grade I Thoroughbred horse races, operated by Breeders’ Cup Limited, a company formed in 1982.

The Future of Crypto and Online Casinos

By Joshua Maddox

It has been said before and it will continue to be said, but the future is online. Everything has moved online these days. You can get medical consultations online, you can buy furniture and preview it in your room online, did you know you can even do your grocery shopping online now? The future is online, the future is now. So, today we’re going to be talking about the future of casinos and also technically the future of currency.

Over the last few years online casinos have become more readily available and the variety of online casinos from different companies has also grown drastically, but why would you need so many different options? Well one reason would be the currency you choose to use. If you asked me, I’d say we would be a cashless society within the next 20 or so years, everyone just uses their cards or android pay or whatever to pay for stuff now anyway, plus with cash being a primary spreader of Covid-19 during the pandemic, it kind of makes sense to me.1)There is no evidence that cash was a big spreader of Covid-19.  However, it is always a good idea to wash your hands after handling cash due to the build up of germs and bacteria on cash.  W.H.O.

Virtual Casinos
Virtual casinos have been adding more and more games to their platforms over recent years. There really is something for everybody.

Now going cashless doesn’t necessarily affect your ability to use online casinos, which would have us returning to the original question of why would you need so many different options? Well, another part of becoming a cashless society would be the use of Cryptocurrencies, as many of you may already be aware, cryptocurrency has been a growing (and shrinking) part of online trading for a big part of the last decade, seeing explosive growth in the last few years as more people develop distrust for their governments, and trading services and goods for crypto has also become more common alongside that. With places like youwager sportsbook and even Tesla now accepting cryptocurrencies from BitCoin to altcoins like Ethereum in exchange for betting stakes or, you know, cars in the case of Tesla.

But why would you accept Cryptocurrency if you were a Casino or like I mentioned above, a company like Tesla? Well, if we look back to February 2021, Tesla announced they had invested a huge amount of money ($1.5BILLION to be exact) into Bitcoin. On the 8th February, the day it was announced, bitcoin had a value of somewhere in the region of $38k per whole Bitcoin, assuming Tesla had purchased their Bitcoin a considerable amount of time before their announcement, they’ll have already made a bit of a profit, however within 24 hours of their announcement, a lot of people jumped on the bandwagon and the value of Bitcoin rose to $48k, then within the next two weeks that value rose again to $58k per Bitcoin. Tesla made over $1billion from their investment into Bitcoin.

Where am I going with this? Valid question. It’s no secret that Bitcoin, along with gold before it, is a volatile asset. Yes there is money to be made here, if you buy at the right time and sell at the right time, but you can also lose out. There’s a huge risk here. So if it’s that risky, why take that risk? Simple. It’s a gamble by the house. Let’s look at it this way. You’re sitting around the online roulette table. You’re having a good time, you’ve had some luck but you’ve also had some losses, swings and roundabouts. For your wins, you put 0.1 Ethereum on black and get 0.1 Ethereum back. Sweet! That Ethereum is currently worth $412.22, but in an hour it might be worth $300. So the casino hasn’t necessarily lost out as much in the long run.

Bitcoin Chart
Investing in Cryptocurrency is a just another gamble along the way. Are you lucky enough for it to pay off big?

However, what if you bet 0.1 Ethereum at $412.22 on Black then Red comes up, you lose your 0.1 Ethereum, sad times. This is where the house is taking their gamble, like I said that Ethereum could be worth $300 in an hours time, but what if, on the other side of the coin, that value goes up to $550? The casino is playing their own game by accepting cryptocurrency and they’re hoping their gambles pay off. Not only that, but it’s a pretty safe assumption to me that knowing a casino accepts cryptocurrency is a huge draw to a lot of people on the internet who don’t trust banks with their cash so they hold it all in volatile assets instead.

In my opinion, Cryptocurrency is the future, whether we’re living that future now is another question, but every day it seems new and more crazy cryptocurrencies are becoming readily available on trading platforms like $Doge and $Shib, more mainstream platforms have recently added these and they’re only adding a wider variation. What are your thoughts on this subject? Are you into online Casinos or do you prefer the physical experience, same for Cryptocurrency, have you got involved yet? Made any big trades? Let us know!



1There is no evidence that cash was a big spreader of Covid-19.  However, it is always a good idea to wash your hands after handling cash due to the build up of germs and bacteria on cash.  W.H.O.