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5 Blackjack Strategies from Nostalgia Online Casino Expert

By Tyler Ellery.

The game of blackjack is one of the most popular online games. Many players fancy and prefer it to other card games, as the game is relatively simple and easy to learn. But becoming a skilled blackjack player requires practice and experience. You also need to adopt the right blackjack strategy to improve your chances of winning. A renowned Nostalgia casino offers a chance to do so by gambling and practicing for a deposit as little as $1.

5 Blackjack Strategies from Nostalgia Online Casino Expert

Nostalgia online casino was established in 1999 and is one of the top providers in the business. The casino sources its blackjack game from top providers and has a huge selection of titles, including progressive jackpots. After operating for 20 years, the casino experts know the best ways to profit from the casino blackjack game and reduce your losses. Read our blackjack tips below:

1.   Basic Strategy

The basic idea of a game is to have a hand value of 21 or as close to 21 as possible without going over. There are different ways to win or minimize your losses when you play blackjack. The blackjack basic strategy is a combination of various strategies, but they are all simple and don’t require any technicality. The most popular ones are:


The surrender option means forfeiting your hand and losing only half of your original bet. This option is offered after the dealer has checked for blackjack but before you hit or stand. There are two types of surrender – early and late surrender. The former is offered before the dealer checks for blackjack, while the latter is after checking. Late surrender is the most popular type found in some casinos. When you are unsure if your hand will beat the dealer’s hand, surrender and lose only half your bet.  Surrender is not available everywhere but can be a valuable strategy option for the player.

Soft totals

A soft total is not a strategy per se. But it is a crucial factor to consider when formulating a strategy. The reason is that it gives you more flexibility. A soft total is any hand that contains an Ace that can be counted as either 1 or 11 without busting. For example, an Ace and a 5 would be a soft 16. The Ace can be counted as either 1 or 11. Hence, the total hand value would be 6 or 16. Players can hit on soft without fearing busting since they can count the Ace as 1 if necessary. 

Hard totals

Hard totals are the opposite of soft totals. It refers to any hand that does not contain an Ace or a hand that contains an Ace but can only be counted as 1 without busting. For example, a hand containing a 10 and a 7 is a hard 17. There is no Ace so we cannot count it as 11 without exceeding 21. Most gamblers stand on hands with totals of 17 or higher and hit on hands with 8 or lower.


When you have a strong starting hand such as 9, 10 or 11, the option to double down can be a strong strategy decision.  The decision to double will depend on the dealer’s up-card.  Be more inclined to double when the dealer is showing a small card that is 6 or less.  Also, many of the soft-hands such as A2 – A7 can be good double down opportunities.


Splits allow you to divide your hand into two hands if dealt a pair of cards of the same rank. For example, if you are dealt a pair of 7s, you can split it into two different hands and place an additional bet equal to your original bet. This allows you to create potentially strong hands from weak hands. Generally, it is best to split a pair of Aces or 8s, as it creates two potentially stronger hands. In contrast, avoid splitting 5s and 10s, as it creates a weak starting hand with a 5 and breaks up a strong 20 hand. You can also split other pairs when the dealer’s up card is weak.

2.   Card Counting

Sharp blackjack players use card counting to gain an edge over the house. They do this by tracking cards that have been played to determine their advantage and playing decisions on future hands.

Players assign a point value to each card that is dealt. For example, the Hi-Lo card counting system assigns high cards a value of -1, while low ones are assigned a +1 value and middle-range packs earn the 0 value. Players keep a running count of the deck as they are dealt and keep adjusting the count with each new count. A positive count means there are more high cards remaining in the deck. This increases the likelihood of getting a strong hand or blackjack, and players increase their bet size. In contrast, a negative count means there are more lower cards in the deck, and the dealer has a higher chance of getting a strong hand. Hence, players reduce their bet size or stop playing.  Card counting is a valuable skill that takes time to master.

3.   Progressive Betting

Progressive betting is a simple strategy where players increase their bet after each triumph. Not only this, but they also decrease their stake after each loss. This strategy maximizes wins and cuts losses. There are different types of progressive betting, but the Martingale system is the most popular. Here, gamblers multiply their bet by two after each loss to return it to its original size after a victory. For example, if you start with a $10 bet and lose, you double the next one to $20. But since there is no guarantee of winning a hand after a certain number of losses, it can result in losing a lot of money quickly. So, Nostalgia casino experts and BlackjackReview.com can’t recommend this strategy as successful.

4.   Side Bets

Side bets are optional bets gamblers place in addition to the regular game bet. As a result, there are different types of side bets, with varying odds and payouts. The most popular side bet is the “perfect pair.” Here, a player bets that their initial two cards will be a pair. Most perfect pair predictions are around 25:1 for pairs of the same suit, 12:1 for the perfect pair of different suits, and 6:1 for any pair.

Side bets have a higher house edge compared to the main game. As a result, they will become less profitable in the long run. We recommend you play them as entertainment only that can lead to a big payout and not as a primary strategy.

5.   Avoid Insurance

The insurance is a side bet offered by the dealer when the up-card is an Ace. Players that take insurance place a bet equal to half the original bet. If the dealer has a blackjack, the insurance will pay 2:1 to offset the player’s loss on the original bet. But the chances are never in the player’s favor. The likelihood of a player having a blackjack when shown an Ace is about 30%. Hence, players lose most of the time. Even when the dealer hits and has a blackjack, you will lose your original bet unless you have a blackjack. So, avoid insurance.

Do blackjack strategies guarantee a win?

No strategy guarantees victory. But they can improve the likelihood of winning, help you manage your losses, and possibly reduce the house edge. If we put aside the factor of luck, we can say with certainty that players who think through their moves in advance usually achieve the desired results. This allows them to think carefully about their bets and play carefully, but ultimately make a killing. Beginners are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the strategies of experienced players and read expert reviews. So, before sitting at the blackjack table, consider your moves and choose your playing style.


Here’s what you must go through before playing blackjack at a world-class online casino in Canada

BlackjackBy John Smith.

Casino games are very popular in many parts of the world, and Canada is one of the places that fall into this category. People here have the chance to play slots and other types of games, but it seems like blackjack is more popular than the rest.

Even though only a few iGaming sites offer enough blackjack variations, Sports Interaction Canada is on another level when you compare it with the rest. The site’s partnership with some of the world’s leading casino software companies lets it offer unique blackjack titles that aren’t accessible elsewhere. No wonder so many people are interested in them.

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in Canada, but people who want to play online have to check a few things before playing. So, let’s go over all of them.

Blackjack players have to make sure the site they’re using has at least a couple of versions of their favorite game

Canadian online gamblers who access Sports Interaction will immediately notice that the site has a couple of blackjack options. In addition to the classic variations where people can play against others, this casino also has special kinds of options that aren’t available elsewhere. In other words, users can experience a new game all the time.

The bad news is that only a handful of online casinos provide the same things as this brand. In fact, most do not have more than one blackjack variation, and it’s usually the classic 21 games. Albeit enjoyable, regular online casino players often want to experience something new, so having access to more options is a plus.

Check if the casino has live blackjack games

When you take a look at some of the best sites for online casino games in Canada, you can see that their casino games are in different subcategories. One of them is usually called table games, consisting of titles like blackjack, where gamblers can play against the computer. These options are fun, but people will get bored and want to go up against other players. That’s why the best names in the business have live blackjack options.

The big difference between regular casino games and those with a real croupier is the experience. People who play blackjack titles with a live dealer will feel as if they’re in a casino in Las Vegas where the gaming revenue is impressive. Once they start gambling, people can chat with the dealer and even send tips. Of course, gamblers will also play alongside other casino players in real time, which is way more interesting.

There are different kinds of live blackjack titles to pick from, and most of them allow multiple players to compete simultaneously. However, some games with real dealers will have a high minimum bet requirement, meaning players have to check those things before they start playing.

Not all casino websites have bonuses for blackjack

Since blackjack is one of the top casino games that attracts tons of players, some online casinos want to make it even more appealing. So, besides providing a wide range of games, the leading casino websites also have different blackjack bonuses.

Unfortunately, gamblers won’t be able to use free spins, the most common offers in online casinos. Instead, the bonuses for blackjack usually provide small amounts of money that people can bet with. However, some websites organize exclusive blackjack tournaments that let people play for an interesting prize.

Aside from the regular bonuses, some of the best casinos in Canada also have VIP perks for blackjack players. That said, all VIP programs are different, so it all depends on the operator you’re using.


The History and Development of Blackjack

BlackjackBy James Albert.

Thrilling, strategic, and most importantly simple to grasp, it is easy to understand why blackjack is one of the most popular casino cards in the world. The rules of this card game are straightforward. Each player must beat the dealer by having a hand that is higher than the dealer’s but does not exceed 21. Face cards (Jack, Queen, King) are worth 10, an Ace is either 1 or 11 depending on your hand, and 2 to 10 possess their face value. After being dealt two cards, the player can decide whether to receive another card or stick with their original two cards. If a player does surpass 21, they go “bust” automatically losing. In this article, we’ll discuss the history and development of blackjack including its origins, variations and influence on popular culture.

History of Blackjack

Blackjack, or 21, was thought to have originated from a French game by the same name called “Vingt-et-un”. In the late 16th Century, the “Vingt-et-un” became increasingly popular in casinos, especially after becoming an established form of entertainment with the French elites, even enjoyed by Napoleon himself. A similar game was known in Spain, “One and Thirty”, apart from the objective was to reach 31. While in Italy, they had “Sette e Mezzo” translated as seven and a half. Due to its wide popularity, several variations of the game were played throughout Europe and America. The name “blackjack” was believed to have stemmed from a special bonus payout that some casinos offered, if a player won beginning with a Jack and Ace of spades.

Development of Blackjack

French settlers were said to have brought the game to American casinos in the 19th Century. In 1931, the game’s popularity was massively boosted on account of the legalization of gambling in Nevada, leading to the development of the casino city, Las Vegas. During this time, the game went through many changes and variations, quickly becoming one of the most widely recognized card games, not just in America but worldwide. One variation, “Double Exposure”, included players being able to see the dealer’s cards which increased their odds, however, other rule changes negated this potential player advantage.  Significantly, American and European blackjack differ in the number of decks used, as well as the amount and disclosure of the dealer’s cards. The introduction of multiple decks, for example, was another change that increased the difficulty of the game.

Blackjack in Popular Culture

When it comes to gambling, blackjack has remained a classic within the industry attracting a large variety of novice to experienced players. Often referenced in popular culture, the game has continued to stay relevant in the modern age, especially in films and video games. The premise of the game has even been the subject of a few prestigious films such as 21 – based on the hit book by Ben Mezrich – and Rain Man. While scenes in various films depict characters playing blackjack in the classic casino setting, for instance, the iconic James Bond in License to Kill. Additionally, popular video games such as Red Dead Redemption feature the game in various saloons and camps around the map. Grand Theft Auto V: San Andreas also contained many casinos in which blackjack could be played.

The Evolution of Blackjack in the Digital Age

In recent years, blackjack’s popularity has grown as the world of online casinos has skyrocketed. Online blackjack has become increasingly widespread, with online casinos such as lucky7even.com offering their own range of game variations. The ease of engaging with such games at home has attracted further players, eliminating the need to travel to a casino. Live dealer blackjack has become particularly popular allowing players to have an immersive, interactive, and real-time experience as if they were in an actual casino. It is exciting to consider the future prospects of blackjack, seeing how much it has progressed from the early days of the game into the digital age.


From the courts of the French elite, the Nevadan tables to the online transformation, blackjack has remained a classic within casinos. Aside from a few slight variations, the game’s premise has remained the same owing to its simplicity and timelessness.

For more information on the history of blackjack be sure to check out the Blackjack History section of the Blackjack Review Network.


How to improve your gambling skills playing blackjack at an online casino in New Zealand

Blackjack in New ZealandBy Lando Russel.

Online gambling has become increasingly popular in recent years, and New Zealand is no exception. With the rise of online casinos, Kiwis can now enjoy a wide variety of casino games, including blackjack. It has grown in popularity due to its simplicity and potential for high rewards. In this article, we will discuss how you can improve your blackjack skills when playing at an online casino in New Zealand.

Importance of Improving Gambling Skills

Gambling is a popular pastime for many people, but it’s important to remember that gambling should be done responsibly. Blackjack, in particular, requires a great deal of skill if you want to be successful at it. Let’s take a look at why improving these skills could benefit players.

One major advantage that comes with honing one’s blackjack skills is increased odds of winning hands against the house or other players. Knowing basic strategy can make all the difference between an average player and someone who knows how to play blackjack. By understanding which moves are optimal given certain conditions (i.e., what card combinations give you better chances), this knowledge gives savvy gamblers an edge over those who rely on luck alone. Nowadays, because of its high rewards and easy-to-play rules blackjack, it is quite popular in New Zealand. This means many operators in New Zealand and around the world provide gamblers with an opportunity to play this game. Those who want to get the most out of their gambling can try out the games of Casino Kingdom, which offers its clients generous bonuses and an opportunity to play several games. These games include online pokies, poker, table games like blackjack and roulette, and so forth. When choosing a casino operator apart from the number of games and bonuses it’s important to check its credibility. However, when it comes to Casino Kingdom you can be assured that the mentioned operator has a big trust among iGaming lovers.                            

Another benefit of developing one’s blackjack abilities comes from being able to spot potential opportunities. This could mean anything from recognizing when another player has made mistakes with their betting decisions. Also, understanding which bet size would yield maximum returns based on current table dynamics, etc. These scenarios require keen observation and insightfulness.

Basic Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is a popular card game that can be found in both land-based and online casinos. The objective of the game is to get as close to 21 points without going over, or “busting”.

Blackjack is easy enough for beginners but offers plenty of opportunities for experienced players who know how to take advantage of certain strategies and odds calculations. Blackjack is among the top 8 card games, where gamblers should use mental calculations for success. So if you are someone who loves gambling but at the same time doesn’t want to rely only on luck, you should try it out without hesitation. Playing blackjack at an online casino also allows you access to various bonuses or promotions which could give you extra funds or free spins on top slots games!

New Zealanders have embraced blackjack because of its high rewards and interesting gaming process. Plus regular tournaments give away huge prizes! This makes playing at NZ-based sites more rewarding than ever before.

Strategies for Improving Gambling Skills

Gambling skills are essential for anyone who wishes to have a successful and enjoyable experience in iGaming and online casinos. It should be stated that blackjack is one of the most popular card games around. Several strategies can be employed when playing blackjack which includes card counting, bankroll management, and blackjack basic strategy.

Card counting is an advantageous technique used by experienced gamblers as it allows them to gain insight into what cards remain in the deck after each hand has been dealt out. It involves keeping track of all the low cards (2-6) versus high cards (10-Ace) that have already been played during a single round or session.

Bankroll management refers to simply managing your money correctly while playing at casinos. You should set yourself limits for both losses and wins throughout any given session so that if luck does go against you then there’s no need to worry about running out completely. Additionally, being disciplined like this also stops people from chasing losses too often.

Finally, the basic strategy revolves around understanding the probability theory behind certain decisions made during gameplay such as ‘hitting’ versus ‘standing’ depending on the current situation. What does it mean? Some combinations may statistically favor one action over another even though neither guarantee success every time. As a result of this, knowing these probabilities beforehand give players better odds than going purely off intuition alone. Fortunately, software exists nowadays where users input their own parameters/blackjack rules allowing the computer to generate optimal moves accordingly.

Overall improving gambling skills, particularly in blackjack relies heavily upon mastering the above three key areas. These areas include:

  • Basic Strategy
  • Card Counting
  • Bankroll Management


In conclusion, improving your gambling skills by playing blackjack at online casinos in New Zealand requires a combination of knowing how to play blackjack, blackjack basic strategy, and practice. It is important to understand the rules of the game and develop a strategy that works for you. Additionally, it is essential to get familiar with different variations of blackjack as well as take advantage of free play options offered by many online casinos in New Zealand. Finally, regular practice will help improve your gambling skills over time and increase your chances for success when playing at an online casino in New Zealand.

IMAGE CREDIT: Unsplash.com


Blackjack Vs. Sports Bets: Which One Is Better?

SportsBookBy Renatas Kandrotas.

Indeed, you have asked yourself this, especially if you’re a sports fan and want to get in the betting world. You might see yourself deciding between the two when you play your money to try to multiply it. Many factors, especially earnings or fun, can differ between the two methods.

Your choice will rely heavily on the type of bets you like to set. However, comparing both betting methods alone may leave you missing some details. So, we’ll show you the basics of both, and you can decide which is your favorite and works for you.

Sports Bets

Sports betting, at its core, is betting on the outcome of a match in any sport. These are usually done officially with large-scale events where you can bet on other aspects besides the result, such as the specific number of points midway through or at the end of the match. Take a major sports league like NBA odds on gambling sites. A good bettor would easily use Bovada NBA odds in his favor and manage to deduce the most probable outcome to win money.


Blackjack’s one of the first games that come to mind when discussing casino gambling. In blackjack, bets are based solely on the win or loss of a single hand in the card game. It can be limiting, but it’s ideal for someone with experience in the game since it’s much faster.

Betting Methods

In the case of sports betting, there are multiple sites dedicated and known as ‘bookies.’ Within these, you get a list of odds for many sports matches. You can load your balance on the sites and place your bet. Pretty simple!

There’s also the option to bet in person, with a bookmaker, or with friends. However, many in-person methods have lost popularity with the rise of online gambling.

For its part, blackjack also offers multiple options when playing. The main and best known is going to an official casino and playing at the tables. Many people prefer this experience as the casino environment provides more fun than just gambling.

And as in the previous case, blackjack also has the option of online games. The popularity of these has meant that many people can enjoy betting from the comfort of their homes. You can even find sites that offer the game without the need to bet but as a mere form of entertainment.


In sports betting, the odds govern the likelihood of an event. The sites use ‘line setters,’ people who research the games to determine the probability of the events within the games. Once they have the ‘line’ of the game, they offer their odds, giving higher numbers to the less likely scenarios.  Sharp sports betters will always be looking for bookies or sites with the best lines and odds.

On the other hand, blackjack has a set line of odds based on the rules of the game and the cards dealt. The game itself has a winning odds line set at each casino. However, factors inside the game usually put the odds in the house’s favor.  Sharp blackjack players will always be looking for games with the best rules and conditions.

Money Reach

When we talk about ‘money reach,’ we mean how much you can play with a set amount. Let’s establish a base of $100 for each to give a better example.

In sports betting, $100 can take you a long way, at least in terms of time. If we consider making relatively low bets per game, around $10 each, our capital will supply us with ten rounds. Each match lasts about an hour and a half, so $100 in sports bets can keep you afloat for around 10 hours even if you don’t win.

When playing blackjack, leverage can be trickier depending on whether you’re playing it officially or on a night out with friends. If you do it in a casino, many of them maintain a minimum bet per table. If we put a scenario where you don’t win any games either, blackjack might give you less than five rounds, depending on the standards of the table you play at.

Fun and Enjoyment

One of the decisive factors for many people when deciding between one option or the other is, of course, fun and enjoyment. It usually depends heavily on the type and size of bets the player prefers and enjoys the most. Luckily there’s a clear difference between blackjack and sports betting bet dynamism.

For example, you may prefer blackjack over sports betting if you enjoy speed betting. A player can participate in 50+ blackjack hands in an hour or bet on just one sports match.

However, sports betting may be for you if you’re a more passive player. These do not require the bettor’s active participation. Once you bet on a sports game, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the result.


There are a few ways to ‘beat the system’ and profit in sports betting. Of course, becoming a millionaire overnight is out since many of these methods offer results with low gains. You can try, at your own risk, to find weak lines with bookmakers.

Sports betting might be harder since it depends on factors we cannot modify. You must have extensive knowledge of both statistics and the game to be effective and make a profit. For its part, blackjack’s established, and the player can count on his skill in the game to win.

But this does not mean that it is much easier to beat. It’s no secret that one of the most widely used methods of increasing blackjack winnings is card counting. However, the player can get expelled from the tables for using this strategy.

You must understand that neither blackjack, sports betting, nor any bet is ‘easy money.’ Both require a certain level of skill to avoid losing your money. So, you’re better off looking at both as entertainment rather than a quick way to make money.

Outside of this, to decide which is ‘better’ between them, consider what type of bettor you are, what bets you like, and how much money you’re willing to play and put at risk.



Top Tips and Tricks for Beginners on Online Blackjack

Top Tips and Tricks for Beginners on Online BlackjackBy PlayCasinosNJ.

Table games are popularly known in casinos for their dependence on skill, strategy, and luck. Online blackjack is prominent among players due to its unique gameplay that aims to beat the dealer with a hand worth more points. It has several terminologies, making it overwhelming for a beginner to win. Hence, a player must know the rules, terminology, and fundamental strategy to increase the chance of winning. This article explores the top blackjack tips for a new player.

Learn the Rules of the Game

Knowing the in and out of any game is crucial to make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes. This is especially true with casino games. Understanding blackjack rules is essential for players looking to win big while playing online or in person. It helps in making calculated conclusions and developing effective strategies to increase the chances of success. Knowing the rules means the difference between losing and making a significant profit. Pay attention to some tips to help you understand the rules better.

Learn the Rules of the Game

Understanding the Objective of the Game

To start, you need to understand the objective of blackjack. It means having a hand value higher than the hand of the professional dealing the cards without reaching 22 or above.  But, you can also beat the dealer by standing on a poor hand and let the dealer bust.

Familiarizing Yourself with the Card Values

You need to know the value of each card and how to make strategic conclusions based on your and the dealer’s hand. Numbered ones are worth their face value, while Jack, Queen, and King are worth ten points. Aces are worth one or eleven points, depending on which value benefits you most.


Blackjack has unique terms, like “hit,” “stand,” “double down,” and “split.” Others include “bust,” which means exceeding 21 and losing the round. “Blackjack” signifies a hand with an ace and a ten-point card, resulting in an automatic win.

Read a Fundamental Guide

Many online resources provide basic rules for playing blackjack. These will give you a good overview of the game.

Watch Videos

There are many video tutorials to get to know the rules online, and these are especially helpful for visual learners who prefer to see things in action.


Many online casinos offer free versions of this card game. It’s a great way to rehearse skills with zero risk. Play the free versions until you feel comfortable using the rules.

Choosing the Right Online Casino

Selecting an operator makes or breaks your blackjack experience. With so many options available, you must carefully determine which game provider to choose when you want to play blackjack online in NJ for real money found in a reliable casino review. Here are some tips to help you find a suitable gaming platform.

Choose the Right Online Casino

  • Research: before you sign up to play online blackjack, read reviews and feedback from other players to know about their experiences with the operator.
  • Licensing: check if the online casino is under the scrutiny of a reputable authority. Some top regulators are the UK and Malta.
  • Game Variety: ensure the platform offers various types of blackjack to give you more options.
  • Software: play on the best online casinos with reliable and trusted software providers to ensure the game’s fairness and security of personal and financial information.
  • Payment options: the methods for funding the account and receiving payouts must be secure and convenient. Look for casinos with low deposit required and offer various payment options, including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.

Learn About Basic Blackjack Strategy

This involves making the correct decisions according to your hand and the dealer’s up card during gameplay. It’s based on mathematical calculations and statistics, and it’s the best way to minimize the house edge and improve chances of winning. There are many resources from experts to learn the fundamental blackjack strategy. These include charts and guides outlining the optimal moves when the dealer is showing cards. Studying and memorizing the following techniques is essential before placing stakes:

  • Hitting
  • Splitting
  • Standing
  • Doubling down.

As you become more experienced, incorporate advanced strategies like card counting into the gameplay. It involves estimating the composition of the remaining cards in the deck. This gives skilled blackjack players an advantage by allowing them to adjust their bets based on the likelihood of certain cards being dealt. Card counting is not illegal, but it’s frowned upon by operators, and you’ll be banned from playing. Also, online casinos usually use random number generators to shuffle the deck between each hand, making it virtually impossible to count cards.

Managing Your Bankroll

This is essential to playing online casino games, including blackjack. This involves setting a budget for gambling and sticking to it. Look through the tips for managing your bankroll when playing online blackjack.

  • Set a budget: decide how much money you will risk in a single session. This amount must be affordable and comfortable, and you should not exceed it.
  • Divide your bankroll: split the total budget into smaller portions. Use each for a single gaming session. This way, you will have enough funds to play on multiple occasions.
  • Choose the right table: select a blackjack table that suits your budget. A table with a high minimum bet can quickly exhaust the funds, while a very low one may not offer you an excellent chance to win.
  • Manage bets: make stakes that are proportionate to the budget. With a little bankroll, wagering small amounts helps prolong your gaming session.
  • Avoid chasing losses: don’t try to recover your funds by placing large bets or playing more games. This can lead to further losses and erode the bankroll quickly.
  • Know when to quit: stop playing after reaching your predetermined limit, regardless of wins or losses. This helps prevent you from getting carried away and risking what you can’t afford to lose.

Playing Live Blackjack

This is an excellent way to enhance casino experience and improve your skills. Unlike traditional online blackjack, it’s played with a virtual dealer streamed to a device in real time. Consider the reasons why you need to play this model as a beginner.

  • Experience the excitement of playing in a real casino remotely.
  • Allows you to interact with others at the table in real time. This is a great way to learn from more experienced players and share insights and strategies.
  • The virtual dealers are highly trained professionals who can provide valuable insights into the game. As a beginner, make conclusions from their expertise and use their guidance to improve your skills.
  • Allows you to use advanced strategies like card counting and other tactics that are not possible in conventional online models.
  • Unlike traditional online blackjack, it’s conducted in real time. This means they are more trustworthy, and you can be confident that the results are fair and unbiased.

Summing Up

Online blackjack is an exciting game for beginners with the proper knowledge and skills. Choosing a reputable operator, learning the rules and strategies, practicing with free or low-stakes tables, and managing your bankroll are essential to play online poker and blackjack. With these in mind, you confidently improve the probability of winning and create a more enjoyable casino experience.


Understanding Blackjack Basic Strategy – Can You Use It With Online Casinos?

Blackjack!By Marco Schmidt.

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and for good reason. The game is easy to learn, has a low house edge, and can be incredibly exciting. However, if you want to play blackjack successfully, you need to have a solid strategy in place. In this article, we’ll take a look at how blackjack strategy works, and whether or not you can use it with online casinos.

The Basics of Blackjack

Before diving into strategy, let’s briefly go over the blackjack rules. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, and the goal is to get as close to 21 points as possible without going over.1)In actuality, the goal in blackjack is to beat the dealer.  You don’t have to get close to 21 for this to happen.  There are many instances where the best strategy will be to stand on a poor holding, in the hopes that the dealer will go over 21. Each card is worth its face value, with face cards (Jack, Queen, and King) worth 10 points and Aces worth either 1 or 11 points, depending on what’s more beneficial for the player. The player is dealt two cards, and then has the option to “hit” (receive additional cards) or “stand” (keep their current hand). There are other options, including doubling, splitting, surrender and insurance. The dealer also receives two cards, but one is face down. The dealer must follow a strict set of rules that dictate when they must hit or stand. If the player’s hand is closer to 21 than the dealer’s without going over, the player wins. If the dealer’s hand is closer to 21, or the player goes over 21, the dealer wins.

Blackjack Strategy

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, let’s talk about strategy. There are a few key things to keep in mind when playing live blackjack that can significantly increase your chances of winning.

The first thing to remember is to always follow the basic blackjack strategy for the game you are playing. A basic strategy is a set of rules that tell you the best move to make in any situation based on your hand and the dealer’s up card. For example, if you have a 12 and the dealer’s up card is a 6, the basic strategy dictates that you should stand, as the dealer is likely to bust. Basic strategy is based on mathematical calculations and has been proven to be the most effective way to play blackjack over the long term.

Another important strategy is to manage your bankroll effectively. This means setting limits on how much you’re willing to lose and sticking to those limits. It’s also important to know when to walk away, even if you’re winning. This will help ensure that you don’t end up losing all of your money.

Finally, it’s important to understand the concept of card counting. Card counting is a strategy where the player keeps track of which cards have already been played in order to determine the likelihood of certain cards coming up in future hands. This can give the player an advantage, as they can adjust their bets and playing decisions accordingly. However, card counting is difficult to do effectively, and is not recommended for beginners.2)Card counting is impossible in games where there is an automatic shuffler or games where the cards are reshuffled after each hand.

Using Blackjack Basic Strategy with Online Casinos

Now that we’ve covered the basics of blackjack strategy, let’s talk about whether or not you can use it with online casinos. The answer is yes – you can definitely use basic strategy when playing blackjack online. In fact, many online casinos will even have a basic strategy chart built into the game, so you don’t have to memorize the rules.3)Of course, you are advised to always verify a casino’s basic strategy chart as they are often incorrect.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when playing blackjack online. First, make sure you’re playing at a reputable online casino. There are many scams and fraudulent sites out there, so it’s important to do your research and make sure you’re playing at a legitimate site.

Second, be aware of the rules of the specific online blackjack game you’re playing. Some online casinos will have different rules than traditional blackjack, such as allowing the dealer to hit on a soft 17 or only allowing the player to split once. These rule changes can significantly affect the basic strategy, so make sure you know the rules before you start playing.

Another important consideration when playing blackjack online is the use of random number generators (RNGs). RNGs are used to ensure that the outcome of each hand is completely random and fair. However, some players are skeptical of RNGs, as they believe that the algorithms may be rigged in favor of the casino. While it’s true that there have been some instances of online casinos using rigged RNGs, reputable sites will have their RNGs audited regularly to ensure fairness.

One advantage of playing blackjack online is that you can take your time to make decisions without feeling rushed. In a traditional casino setting, the dealer and other players may become impatient if you take too long to make a decision. However, when playing online, you can take as much time as you need to refer to your basic strategy chart and make the best decision for your hand.

Bottom Line

Blackjack strategy is an important aspect of playing the game successfully. By following a basic strategy, managing your bankroll effectively, and understanding the concept of card counting, you can significantly increase your chances of winning. While online casinos may have some differences in their rules and the use of RNGs, basic strategy can still be used effectively when playing blackjack online. Just make sure you’re playing at a reputable site, know the rules of the game you’re playing, and take your time to make the best decisions for each hand.



1In actuality, the goal in blackjack is to beat the dealer.  You don’t have to get close to 21 for this to happen.  There are many instances where the best strategy will be to stand on a poor holding, in the hopes that the dealer will go over 21.
2Card counting is impossible in games where there is an automatic shuffler or games where the cards are reshuffled after each hand.
3Of course, you are advised to always verify a casino’s basic strategy chart as they are often incorrect.

The History of Blackjack and its Evolution in the World

By Igamblermi.com.

This is one of the most popular casino games on the planet, enjoyed by millions of players every day. Few people know that it has a rich history that dates back centuries. From its early origins in Europe to its expansion in America, it has come a long way.

History of Blackjack

In this article, we’ll look at the history of blackjack and its evolution in the world. So, sit back and relax as we journey through time to discover the fascinating story of this game.

Origins Of Blackjack

Gambling blackjack is one of the most popular activities in the world. Do you know where it came from? We can trace the origins back to France in the 1700s. The French called it Vingt-et-Un, which means twenty-one. They played it with a deck of cards. The goal was to get as close as twenty-one without going over.

Cards and Chips

As time went on, different variations of the game emerged. Some casinos allowed participants to split their hands, while others permitted them to double down. These variations added excitement to the system and made it even more popular. Today, you can find the best online blackjack casinos in the professional reviews. With the rise of virtual gambling, they are more accessible than ever. Players are welcome to read the analysis and make an informed decision. The thrill of the game remains the same.

Evolution of Blackjack

One of the most significant changes to this was the introduction of card counting. In the 1950s, mathematician Edward Thorp discovered the game. He noted that players could gain an advantage over the house by keeping track of the cards that had been dealt. This technique revolutionized the system and made it even more popular.

Another major evolution step of blackjack came with the rise of virtual gambling. Thanks to the emergence of the online casino, players enjoy it from the comfort of their own homes. This also gave rise to live dealer games. These events simulate the experience of playing blackjack at a physical casino.

In recent years, it kept evolving as new variations, and side bets emerged. These include:

  • Double Exposure;
  • Spanish 21;
  • Blackjack Switch.

The differences offer new challenges and opportunities for participants to win big.

Introduction of Blackjack in the United States

This game came into the United States in the 1800s, but it wasn’t an instant hit. At first, the game was slow to catch on and was only played in a few gambling places. It wasn’t until the 1930s that it began to get famous.

One reason for the sudden surge in popularity was legalizing gambling in Nevada. As more casinos opened in Las Vegas, they became a staple game. Players loved the simple rules and the opportunity to win big.

Another reason for the rise in popularity was the development of a basic technique. This strategy helped participants improve their odds of winning by making smart decisions based on card dealings. Basic strategy, plus the excitement of it, made it a very popular casino game in the United States.

Changes in Casino Rules and Player Options

Over the years, blackjack laws and participant alternatives have changed. In the game’s early days, gambling platforms had strict rules that limited players’ options.

But, as it became popular, casinos introduced new statutes and participant alternatives. For example, some gaming sites now allow partakers to split pairs up to three times. Others enable them to double down on any two playing cards. These changes have made the blackjack game more exciting and increased the odds of winning for basic strategy players.

Another change in casino rules is the introduction of side bets. Aside from the main one, participants make this if they want to. They offer the chance to win big payouts and increase the house edge.

Popularity Of Blackjack

This is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s simple rules and the chance to win big make the players flock to blackjack tables.


But what makes it so popular? Is it the thrill of the game, the strategy involved, or the potential for big payouts? The truth is that all three factors and influenced the popularity of blackjack.

Rise of Blackjack in the Gambling Industry

The growth of blackjack in the gaming sector has been nothing short of remarkable. It’s hard to imagine a casino without a table. This popular card game has become a staple in the gambling industry, with millions playing it daily.

One reason for its popularity is its accessibility. Unlike other card games that need a certain level of skill, anyone can play blackjack. The rules are simple and straightforward. With basic strategy, players improve their odds, which only add to the excitement of the game.

The Future of Blackjack in the Gambling World

Its chance in the gaming sector looks bright. While other gambling platforms have come and gone, blackjack has remained a staple.

One reason for this is the continued technology development in online casinos. With the rise of virtual gambling, players can now enjoy blackjack from the comfort of their own homes. This convenience has made it more accessible to a broader audience.

Casinos keep innovating and improving the gaming experience. We may see new blackjack variations or even virtual reality versions of it. Whatever the future holds, it’s clear that this will continue to be a beloved game for years.

Famous Blackjack Players

Popular blackjack players include MIT students such as Jeff Ma and Mike Aponte. Others, like Don Johnson, made headlines for winning millions of dollars in a single night. And then there are also celebrities like Ben Affleck and Tiger Woods.

The Story of Edward O. Thorp

Edward O. Thorp is a name often mentioned in the gambling world. To some, he is one of the greatest minds in blackjack and has made significant contributions to it. His story is one of innovation, perseverance, and success.

Thorp’s journey began in the 1950s when he was a graduate student at MIT. It was there that he first became interested in the game. He loved the math behind it and began developing a technique to beat the odds. His strategy would later become known as card counting.

The Success of Don Johnson

Don Johnson is a name that is synonymous to achievement in the world of gambling. He made headlines in 2011 when he won over $15 million from three different casinos in Atlantic City. His winning streak was awesome and left many wondering how he did it.

Johnson’s success was due in part to his strategic approach to gambling. He became famous for negotiating special rules with the casinos. These rules gave him a better chance of winning.


In conclusion, blackjack has a rich history that spans centuries and continents. From its French origins to its evolution into what we know today, the game has endured the test of time. While it has seen many variations, the fundamental goal remains to get as close to twenty-one without going over.  For more information on the history of blackjack visit BlackjackHistory.com.


Revolutionizing the Game – How Online Blackjack is Transforming the Gambling Industry

By Dave Smith.

The convenience and accessibility of playing blackjack online have revolutionized the way people enjoy the game, bringing a new level to the classic card game.

Changing the Way We Play

Blackjack Art

The days of playing blackjack at an actual casino are long gone. With the rise of online gambling, players can now access blackjack from the comfort of their own homes, 24 hours a day. The convenience of playing online blackjack with real dealers and real cards has made it possible for players to enjoy the game at any time without having to find a space at a blackjack table.

Another significant change brought about by online blackjack is the variety of games available. In a traditional casino, players typically have a limited number of blackjack games to choose from, but online casinos offer an extensive range of blackjack variants from around the world, each with unique rules and betting options. From classic blackjack to progressive blackjack, players are sure to find a game that meets their specific needs and preferences.

Moreover, the introduction of mobile blackjack has made it even easier for players to access the game on the go. Players can now enjoy blackjack from their smartphones or tablets, allowing them to play from anywhere, at any time. The ability to play blackjack from anywhere has made the game more accessible to a wider audience.

Improving the Gaming Experience

By providing players with new and innovative features, online blackjack has also improved the overall gaming experience. For example, players can now enjoy live blackjack games, which are broadcast in real-time and feature a real dealer. This has brought a new level of authenticity to the game, as players can see the cards being dealt and interact with the dealer.

Playing blackjack online has made it simpler for players to keep track of their wins and losses. Many online blackjack platforms now offer detailed statistics and analytics, which allow players to track their progress and identify areas for improvement when using a blackjack strategy.

Another feature that has improved the gaming experience is the ability to play multiple hands at once. In a traditional casino, players are limited to one hand per round1)EDITOR NOTE: This is not entirely true.  There may be casinos where you can only play one hand at a time, however, I think what the author is referring to here is that online you can play multiple hands at “different” tables simultaneously., but online blackjack allows players to play multiple hands simultaneously, increasing the excitement and pace of the game.

Online Live Blackjack

Online blackjack has also made it possible for players to play with others from around the world through multiplayer blackjack games. These games offer a social aspect to the game, allowing players to interact and compete with each other.

Furthermore, many online blackjack platforms now offer mobile gaming options, allowing players to access their favorite games from their smartphones or tablets. This means that players can enjoy blackjack anytime and anywhere without being tied to a computer or a specific location.

In addition, online blackjack has also introduced new betting options, such as side bets and progressive jackpots. These options provide players with the opportunity to win big, even if they don’t have a winning hand.

Overall, the advancements in online blackjack have not only made the game more accessible but also more entertaining and enjoyable for players. With a range of features and betting options, online blackjack has become a favorite pastime for many players around the world.


Technology has changed the gambling industry in numerous ways, offering players a new level of convenience, variety, and excitement. From live dealer games to new betting options, online blackjack has revolutionized the way we play and enjoy the classic card game. There has never been a better time to try your luck at online blackjack, regardless of your level of experience.




1EDITOR NOTE: This is not entirely true.  There may be casinos where you can only play one hand at a time, however, I think what the author is referring to here is that online you can play multiple hands at “different” tables simultaneously.

What Skills do you Need to Become Good at Blackjack? 

What skills do you need to become good at blackjackBy Marilyn B.

There are a couple of card games that have made their way into movies and TV series and they are certainly some of the most played at casinos online and land-based. Online blackjack has swiftly become one of the most popular card games played on mobile, PC, and in casinos too! 

So if you want to dive into the world of blackjack, you’re going to need to work on a few of the skills below! 

Why play blackjack over other card games? 

When you think of casino card games, poker might come to mind, and if your only experience with card games is watching them on TV or in a movie, you might think they are almost the same game. 

But poker and blackjack have a fundamental difference in how they are played (aside from the rest of the rules). Poker players will need to assess other players, learn how to decide, adapt to changes they didn’t see coming, pace the game and so much more.  Poker is ideal for those who like to get deep into the game. 

Blackjack, on the other hand, requires you to have the discipline to stick to a specific strategy. 

Where can you learn more about Blackjack? 

Like most casino games, there are a set of game rules that you’ll need to understand. It is beneficial to check out the guides offered on your chosen online casino website. They can give you all of the basics. After that, you will want to learn from the best players and authorities such as:

  • Bryce Carlson, who wrote the book Blackjack for Blood.
  • Arnold Snyder, who is a prolific gambling writer and professional blackjack player.
  • Don Johnson, who bagged over $15 million across three casinos in Atlantic City
  • Tommy Hyland, who is a lobbyist of blackjack player rights, activities, and players.
  • Henry Tamburin, who wrote Blackjack: Take the Money and Run
  • … and many others as listed in the Encyclopedia of Blackjack on this site.

Learning from those who play best will give you a firm idea of the skills you need to sharpen up in order to win and secure notoriety. 

What skills are a must for playing Blackjack? 

For those who are just starting to play card games in general, you will need to pick up a range of skills pretty quickly. If you’ve been playing poker for a while, your skills will need to be modified to play blackjack effectively. 

Understanding blackjack odds

The key to playing any game of odds successfully is to understand what your odds are. Blackjack players should understand the odds for each card in the deck and how game rule variations affect your advantage or disadvantage.  Each of the decisions that you make as you play will be almost entirely based on the cards presented and the odds of what the next cards will be. 

From Peter Griffin’s book The Theory of Blackjack

Isn’t that just card counting? No, card counting is keeping a running tally of the cards burned and in play, while using the odds is not keeping a tally but just having a depth of knowledge about the deck and the rules of the game. Card counting is likely to get you banned from a land-based casino and it generally isn’t possible to do online. 

The rules of blackjack

Once you understand each card’s value, the next part is to understand the rules of the game. While many people grasp the idea that going over 21 is a loss, there are more rules to consider. Also, since there are different types of blackjack, you’ll need to choose one to learn first.  I recommend learning the basic game first and leaving the variations and any game with side-bets for future study.

You should understand things like why a 3:2 payoff on a blackjack is better to play than a 6:5 game. Grasping the rules of blackjack will mean that you are able to find the best combination of rules in play to suit your play style. 

Blackjack basic strategy 

Having a blackjack strategy should be your first task to reduce the house edge in blackjack.  Understanding how the rules of the game can change the basic strategy is also critical.  For example, whether the dealer hits or stands on soft-17 affects the basic strategy for some key hands. Whether or not you can double down after splitting a hand affects basic strategy and, of course, the number of decks in play affect it as well. 

It is easy to print out or purchase a blackjack strategy card or chart to practice with.  You can practice your skills by using online free-play, a set of cards with a friend or dive right in and play real-money blackjack at a casino online or on land. 

Blackjack is a game of skill and chance, but the more skilled you are, the less you will rely on luck to see you win a game. Learn from the best, and always keep your strategy in mind.