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Blackjack History Database Project

In 2016, Michael Dalton and the Blackjack Review Network began a Blackjack History Database Project. There were two aspects to the project:

  • Collect exact (or approximate) dates for any and all historical events that are blackjack related.
  • Create a database user interface tool so users can search and view these events.

You can check out the current development at:

Blackjack History Database ToolCurrent categories (event types) in the database are:

As of February 2018, I have managed to record over 400 events in the database.  My goal is to double this number by the end of the year… but I need your help.  If you know of a blackjack historical event that is not already listed, I want to hear from you. 

Please submit your event using our contact form,  leave a comment below or email me at mdalton@bjrnet.com.  If possible, please provide as much detail and/or proof of the event.

If you want to speak to me in person,  just email me your phone number or request that I send you my phone number.

Thank you,
Michael Dalton
Editor / Publisher
Blackjack Review Network

Legal Blackjack Games in the USA – Circa 1998Legal Blackjack Games in the USA – Circa 1998
Originally published in the last issue of Blackjack Review magazine Vol 7 Issue 1

New Blackjack History Database Tool

Just completed a new Blackjack History Database Tool on the BJRNET site.

Did a blackjack, card counting or related gambling event happen in 1948, or in the month of January, or during April 1977?  Check the Blackjack History Database Tool. You can search by any combination of month, day and year.  Or view all of the historical events we’ve managed to find on our History of Blackjack and Card Counting page.

Also, you can search by event type.  For example, there is a listing for Blackjack Ball.  This brings up only events about Max Rubin’s annual Blackjack Ball.

I hope you will find this useful.  If you like it, please contribute an event not already listed.

Historical Events and Quotes

Play Better Win More
Announcing the Blackjack Review Network
historical event and quotation database.

Every day that you visit the Blackjack Review Network web site you are greeted with a historical event and/or quote of the day. 

My goal is to have a relevant event and/or quote for each day of the year.   Relevant means the event or quote should be blackjack or gambling related or support our motto “Gaining an edge in cards and life!

Review our two databases:

… and tell me what you think.  Suggestions for new events and quotes are always welcome.  

Events should have an “exact” date (month, day, year) associated with them.  Also, if possible, tell me the source of this fact. Ideas include:

  • Births and deaths of notable figures
  • Casino openings and closings
  • Legal events and gambling laws
  • Article and book publishing dates
  • Big team losses or wins
  • Casino heists
  • Blackjack tournaments
  • Barrings
  • Interviews
  • Awards
  • Website start dates
  • Blackjack Ball events

To make a suggestion, reply to this post or leave comment here.

Michael Dalton
Blackjack Review Network