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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Blackjack Casinos in Australia

Blackjack and ChipsBy Joicy Carolina.

Unlike other casino games, blackjack combines skills, strategy, and a bit of luck. Every avid gambler understands why finding the best online blackjack casino is crucial to the entire experience. Most times, it takes a lot of planning because you must have a clear picture of your ideal platform.

Different players come up with their checklists, and the order of priority may not be the same. Some may take licensing and regulation as the top priority, while others may focus on payment methods and transaction limits. Indeed, these are all vital, but finding a platform that meets all the requirements is practically impossible. As a result, it is best to tick this checklist to see which sites rank higher than the others. Let’s get started!

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are very crucial because of the role they play in redirecting the attention of players. Most online casinos use giant banners and attractive designs to display the welcome bonus and other promotions they offer just to entice players. Mainly for newbies, they get carried away and lose focus on checking the things that count. So, before registering on a site, review the offer to ensure it is not restrictive or abusive.

Many times, the amount looks too good, but the Terms & Conditions are so strict. The wagering requirements might be so high that completing it within the allotted time becomes difficult. With the best online casino reviews, you get detailed and accurate information about these platforms to help you make better decisions. Any recommendations on these platforms have been properly scrutinized, and the offers are guaranteed to make your time worthwhile on the site.

License and Regulation

Checking whether the site has a valid license should be among the foremost things on your checklist. To be on the safer side, you have no business using an online casino that does not have a valid permit from the respective jurisdiction. For players in Australia, it is essential to first explore online platforms with a valid license from agencies like the Australian Capital Territory Gambling. Casinos with these local authorizations operate within the legal provisions of the territory and ensure that players’ safety comes first.

However, considering that many offshore bookmakers are also accessible to Australians, ensure that there is a license from any recognized jurisdiction. Usually, the most popular regulators in top international sites are from the MGA and Curacao. That way, you can be confident that the casino is regulated.

Software providers and game variety

Gambling is supposed to be fun, and the quality of games a site offers is a huge determinant. The presence of prominent game providers in an online casino determines the quantity and quality of games to expect. Suppose a site features well-known software providers like Betsoft, NetEnt, Playtech, etc. In that case, you can be sure to find the best collections of games.

Most casinos offer thousands of games, different types of slots, table games, and live dealers. Meanwhile, some others focus more on certain games. For example, if you fancy blackjack, you need the best sites that offer the best variations, like Classic Blackjack, Spanish 21, European Blackjack, and many others. For such platforms, you also want to consider the game providers. There has to be blackjack from Authentic Gaming and Evolution Gaming. That way, you are guaranteed an immersive gaming experience with HD streaming and quality sounds from live studios worldwide.

Payment methods and payout speed

Now to the business part of the fun, the payment methods on a site determine the speed of your transactions. Usually, deposits are instant irrespective of the banking method. However, many factors affect withdrawals, like the payment method and the site’s processing time. Generally, bank transfers take more time, between 3 to 5 days or more. So, most players try to avoid it for withdrawals.

Credit cards like Visa and MasterCard are convenient and secure, but the transaction usually takes 2 to 3 days which is a long time to wait. The fastest payment methods on most top online casinos are digital wallets like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and cryptocurrency. The processing time with these options usually only takes a few hours which is excellent. So, as you choose, ensure that the site integrates these payment methods for a faster and more seamless transaction.

Once there is a withdrawal request, the site takes time to verify it to ensure that the player meets the whole criteria, like wagering requirements and any additional verification. This should take a few hours. However, it may take more than 24 hours at some online casinos, which is discouraging.


The checklist for selecting the best online blackjack casinos in Australia is exhaustive. There are many things to consider, and sometimes, the ranking is based on user preference. So far, we have discussed only a few that can significantly affect your experience. If you are a fan of table games like blackjack, it is crucial to understand that only some online casinos offer these games. Check the game library and examine the quality of games before you register.

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Top 5 Best Australian Classic Favorite Card Games

AustraliaBy Joicy Carolina.

Australia is one of the best hubs for playing casino games. Its friendly laws have made the casino industry thrive over the years. A huge chunk of its population is also given to playing casino games. This explains the unprecedented growth and increase of online casinos in the region. Some casinos also provide thrilling card game variants unique to Australia. Games such as Australian blackjack have attracted many players worldwide. In this article, we explore the top five classic Australian card games.

Australian Blackjack

Australian blackjack is a popular card game that has attracted players from various backgrounds. However, its rules can differ from those in other countries. When playing Australian blackjack, here are some key points to consider:

  • You are only allowed to double down when your initial hand’s total value is 9, 10, or 11.
  • There is a “No Surrender” rule in this game variant. Therefore, you must play out your hand until the end.
  • This variation allows you to double down after splitting a pair. So, if you split your initial hand into two separate hands, you can double your bet on each of the split hands if the value is 9, 10, or 11.

Online Australian Poker

Poker is an amazing game that is played worldwide. Most people have embraced it due to its thrill and impressive gameplay. Poker is also a mind-intensive game that sharpens the mind of the players. It is closely equated to chess because it demands strategy, patience, and watching the opponents move in order to predict their strategies and gain an advantage.

In most parts of the world, Texas Hold ’em is considered the best poker variant. However, top-rated Australian online gambling sites offer other poker variants like the Aussie’s favorite Monthly Milly. These sites also have attractive welcome and deposit bonuses, as well as faster payouts. Moreover, they have several popular banking options, such as Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, and POLi.


Online baccarat is a fast-growing card game in Australia. Anyone can play this game because it comes with great odds and doesn’t require special skills or mastering. Its gameplay mainly involves placing a bet on whether the banker or other players have a better hand. You can also bet on a draw during the game, although such cases are rare.

While playing baccarat, you must bet on any 3 cards before the dealer issues the cards. Once every wager lands on the table, the dealer gives the player and the banker two cards each. The sum of every card issued will grade the hands of the banker and player.

The aces have a value of 1, while the tens and face cards are zero. The indicated number on other cards also determines their rank, e.g., 5 is worth 5 points. Furthermore, in baccarat, no hand can surpass 9. However, if it does, only the last number will count. For instance, if the value of your hand is 15, it will only be rated 5 points.

Casino War

If you want to play the easiest casino games in Australia, consider Casino War. You don’t need a special skill, training, or experience to enjoy this game. Its simplicity makes it attractive to most people, especially beginners in casino gaming.

This game comes with the following straightforward rules:

  • One card is given to the dealer, and every player on the table
  • A player will win if his card’s value exceeds the dealer’s.
  • If the card for the dealer and player have the same value, they both ‘Go to War’ by picking a second card to determine the winner.

Caribbean Stud

This game comprises the thrill of poker but is void of second-guessing and subterfuge. Caribbean Stud’s house edge is higher than other games, and playing it is fun. This game involves a face-off between a player and the house with a single deck of cards.

In addition to the main game, Caribbean Stud often features a Progressive Jackpot side bet. This bet allows you to have a chance at winning a significant jackpot if you have a qualifying hand. The Progressive Jackpot is separate from the regular bets made in the game and adds an extra level of excitement, especially if you are interested in getting a shot at the major pot.

When playing this game, you should remember:

  • You will not be playing against other players, but the dealer
  • Focus on the game and not the strategies of other players
  • Exercise caution and know when to fold or bet
  • To maintain a fair and focused gameplay environment, it’s customary to refrain from excessively talking or discussing hands with other players while the game progresses.

Final Thoughts

Card games are interesting and a great pastime. They are also Australia’s most-played casino games. However, some Australian card games, such as Aussie online poker and Australian blackjack, have different rules. Despite these differences, these games still provide an impressive thrill. Moreover, besides being fun to play, they also appeal to many players all over the world. Therefore, the next time you are in Australia or when you would like to play some Aussie casino games online, make it a point to try these interesting card game variants.

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Basic Strategies for Playing Blackjack at an Online Casino in Australia

BlackjackBy John Norris.

Skill and luck are crucial to playing a casino blackjack game. The game favors smart decisions over impulse moves. In other words, unlike slots – a game of complete chance, blackjack demands a combination of skill and luck. Although winning online blackjack can be based on luck, there are basic strategies that you could leverage to improve your chances of a win. You create a good outcome when you can learn these basic strategies.

Blackjack is a relatively simple game to figure out. However, new players should learn the basic strategies and not head in blind at the casino site. It’s better to learn how to play (and Win) at Blackjack: The Expert’s Guide to reduce the probability of losing. Fortunately, this post unveils a few basic strategies that could tilt the game in your favor when you visit an online casino in Australia.

Basic Strategies to Apply

First time playing a blackjack game online? You have nothing to worry about. However, it is necessary to pick a fast online casino, to begin with. Here is a list of the fastest withdrawal online casino in Australia to select from. Fast withdrawal casinos process your winnings much more quickly and conveniently. It doesn’t take a lifetime to get your wins. Although there are no foolproof means of securing a win, applying a well-practiced strategy increases your chances at any gambling platform.

The first step is usually to do a study of basic strategies. Using these strategies has seen many gamblers go from amateurs to successful blackjack players. However, it would help if you still had a bit of luck. For every card served, the player has to choose to hit, stand, double down, or split. Here are the fundamental strategies you should know.

Doubling on 9, 10, and 11

Doubling down is a crucial strategy to win your blackjack adventure, and it is also one of the critical bets you can initiate in the game. Aside from splitting, this is the only chance to raise the amount of real money in the middle. Doubling down is simply initiating a bet that equals your previous wager after you have been dealt your first two cards. If applied, you can only get one more card and, therefore, cannot hit.

Although this strategy is excellent, knowing when to apply it is vital. It could increase your winning chances. You also need to pay attention to what card the dealer has. If you are playing card games in the casino with a hand totaling 9, 10, and 11, it is a solid position to consider doubling, especially if the dealer is showing a small card. In many casinos, it is also possible to double on a soft-hand such as A2 – A8.  As mentioned earlier, knowing when to commit or refrain is crucial.

Always Split Aces and Eights

Splitting Aces is a professional strategy to maximize your winning chances. The Ace card is valued as either 1 or 11. So, rather than keeping both cards as two or 12, you can split them, creating an additional bet equal to your original wager. This gives you two separate advantageous hands starting with an Ace. One card would be dealt to each hand, and there is a good possibility of drawing a card valued at 10.  Knowing when to hit, stand, double or split is referred to as blackjack basic strategy and it should be memorized for best results.

Betting Systems

Betting systems can also be referred to as gameplay strategies to improve your chances over the house. Here are some famous betting systems: 1)No betting system can gain you an advantage over the house.  These betting systems are NOT recommended by the Blackjack Review Network for use in a casino.  The Edward Thorp System mentioned here refers to a  proven card counting system that might gain you an advantage in some games.

  • Edward Thorp System
  • Oscar’s Grind Betting System
  • 1-3-2-6 Betting System
  • Parlay Betting System
  • D’Alembert Betting System
  • Labouchere Betting System
  • Fibonacci Betting System
  • Paroli Betting System

Start with American Variants of 21

There are various variants of blackjack. And a popular strategy to stay winning is, to begin with, the easiest variant. The American variant is straightforward regarding play rules, flexibility, and house edge. That said, doubling down, splitting, and surrendering are permitted with fewer cutbacks than the European version, and the American variant also has a lower house edge than the European counterpart. That said, if you play Australian blackjack, you would not be able to surrender because the option is off the table. Hence, starting with the American variant is a good strategy to keep in mind.

Refrain from Going all in

It isn’t easy to keep out your emotions when the game starts.  Blackjack favors players who can maintain a tactical approach rather than an emotional one. Refrain from making impulsive decisions as a newbie or regular player. Do not chase losses and maintain strict control over your bankroll. Ensure you have money to take advantage of a split and/or doubling down opportunity. Your strategy should remain the same regardless of how much your stake is.

Blackjack Insurance

Insurance in blackjack is different from the regular insurance you are accustomed to. Blackjack insurance is an easy wager or side bet in the game that protects your original stake. To play with wisdom is to assume the dealer is holding a potential blackjack hand. Therefore, the table offers a side bet if the dealer shows an Ace without showing the next card. The side bet is the insurance or blackjack insurance wager.

Note that not all casino tables have this side bet. Also, it is essential to understand that this insurance is an entirely independent wager from the original bet. It comes with odds of 2:1. Most blackjack players avoid this bet. Whether it is worth it for your gameplay depends on what cards are in your hands and the dealer. Regardless, it is an exciting strategy to have at the back of your sleeves. 2)Basic strategy for blackjack insurance is to never take it.  Only a card counter knows when it is profitable to take this wager.

Let’s Wrap it Up

As mentioned earlier, blackjack favors quality decision-making over emotions. You need to have tactics and be a rational thinker to turn the game in your favor. It is best for players who prefer to control their outcome than leave it to chance. This guide reveals specific basic strategies to keep you on the good side. However, knowing when to apply these strategies is crucial and boils down to a wealth of experience. Don’t get stuck in memorizing the strategies that you miss out on the fun. It is best to always read and learn a game before you begin.



1No betting system can gain you an advantage over the house.  These betting systems are NOT recommended by the Blackjack Review Network for use in a casino.  The Edward Thorp System mentioned here refers to a  proven card counting system that might gain you an advantage in some games.
2Basic strategy for blackjack insurance is to never take it.  Only a card counter knows when it is profitable to take this wager.

Online Slots for Real Money vs Play Money

By Wild Joker Casino.

This article will give you an overview of the advantages of playing slots, both for real money and with a virtual account.

Real Money Online Slots

Online Gambling

When you are looking for any entertainment on the internet, you are going to find gambling. After choosing a great casino, you will be faced with a choice: play for real money or a free virtual one. Playing for no money from the casino is called a demo version. The real game and the demo are completely different processes that are available for the same games. No money plays allow you to get started without spending any real money.  This allows you to get the same gaming experience as when playing with real money.  However, when playing in free demo games with no money involved, you do not have the opportunity to earn real money…. of course!

Slots for Real Money

Well-known online slots are also known as slot machines for real money. In the case of a successful combination, all the money won at once will be transferred to your personal account in the casino system. After that you can withdraw all the money to your bank card or e-wallet.

All slot machines use a random number generator. This function can not cheat or remake. For the player, this means that he can be confident in honesty and safety. The outcome is dependent on the player’s luck and not the casino’s.

The random number generator cannot be changed by the operator.

If you have earned money or credit in your account, the deposit amount will be taken from this sum. If you do not have any money in your bank account, you should make a deposit before you start playing, otherwise the game will not be available.

Advantages of Playing with Real Money

In order to understand which slot option to choose, it’s worth trying everything out based on your own experience. But if you don’t want to spend money straight away, it’s worth exploring the main advantages of playing real slots for cash.


Every online casino has that unique feature that sets them apart from the land-based establishment. Online entertainment can offer a large number of bonus and promotional offers. They come in different types and are suitable for both beginners and professional players. For example, beginners get the most generous gifts when they receive a welcome bonus. Gifts can be received after registration of several deposits or right away. Each online casino has its own rules. For example, in Wild Joker casino Australia, players have options for free money and free spins. Its amount is 333 percent of the first deposit, but the amount of cash can not be more than 3333 Australian dollars. In addition to the bonus money you will receive 77 free spins.

Wild Joker

It is worth considering the fact that each casino has its own rules. In order not to find yourself in a bad situation, read all the rules and conditions. Because all bonuses must be wagered. Otherwise, you can not withdraw the money you won, and in the worst case, your account can be blocked.

Casino Bonuses come available in several forms:

  • No deposit bonuses;
  • Deposit bonuses;
  • Welcome bonuses;
  • Cashback bonuses;
  • Referral bonuses;
  • Free Spins.

Winning Real Money

Even when using bonuses, you can withdraw the money you earn once you meet all the conditions.

When playing for real money, after winning the money goes into your bankroll account. From there they can be used for future games or can be withdrawn to any of your accounts after the request is processed by the website administration.

The demo version does not have the ability to give you a chance to withdraw the money. Since you did not make a deposit and could not earn any real money. The virtual money you win can only be used on the platform.

Big Rewards

For lovers of big prizes, a slot option called progressive jackpots is great. The smallest winnings in this section range from 200,000 coins to several million, which can then be converted into real money. When expressed in money terms, Wild Joker casino can get you up to AUD $5,000,000. That kind of money could change your life completely.

However, losing in progressive slots happens as often as winning. If you do want to play, you have to remember that the possibility of winning is 50 percent.1)EDITOR NOTE: Hmmmm… I seriously doubt your odds of winning are 50%.

Some online casinos may offer bonuses to increase your chances of winning. Wild Joker offers to play Mega Saurs, Cleopatra Gold Jackpot, Million Aztecs and more with a special bonus.

Playing in Demo Mode : Advantages

Demo slot machines are the same games, only you can play them for free. They are loaded immediately with virtual money, which cannot be cashed out. In many casinos this game option is unlimited. But with time the player becomes uninterested in the demo version, as it seems and already plays well, knows all the strategies, but to win real money you can not.

All terms and conditions such as volatility RTP2)All slot machines, land based or online, have a minimum RTP or Return To Player percentage.  Gaming machines in Australia, for example, are required to have an expected (theoretical) RTP of between 85-90%. and max winnings are no different from playing for real money.

This option also has its own advantages, which are worth mentioning.

Free Entertainment

The biggest benefit that keeps all players coming to casinos in demo mode is the chance to try all the gambling games for free. You do not have to register or understand how to make a deposit. You just have to choose the right slot and start playing.

No limits

You have no limits on time and virtual money. You can play as much time without spending money as you want. At the start of the game you deposit the number of bets you want to make in a single game. Even if at one point virtual money runs out in a round you can always quit the game and start it again with a new virtual account.

Exploring the Functions

If you are not sure that the RTP and volatility on the website are correct, using the demo version is ideal for checking. You won’t waste your money on the real games. You can analyze the risks and then you can spend real money without fear and risk.

Which Version to Choose?

It all depends on what stage you are at. A lot of professional players will not be interested in using the demo mode. However, they can use the Virtual Money mode when the game is brand new and they want to test all the strategies without spending any money.

There are gamblers who want to start winning right away. It can be understood that the demo mode option will not suit them.

If you are a beginner, there is nothing wrong with playing for a certain period of time without any real money. During this time you can determine the right strategy, understand all the rules and feel that you’ve become a true expert in the game.

A good online casino for all types of games is Wild Joker. They will offer you the most favorable conditions, attractive bonuses, a great gaming lobby and convenient ways to make a deposit. Play, win and have a lot of great emotions while gambling online!



1EDITOR NOTE: Hmmmm… I seriously doubt your odds of winning are 50%.
2All slot machines, land based or online, have a minimum RTP or Return To Player percentage.  Gaming machines in Australia, for example, are required to have an expected (theoretical) RTP of between 85-90%.

Sydney Australia’s Star City Casino

Spent an afternoon at Sydney Australia’s Star City Casino this week. 

This is a huge casino with lots of blackjack tables.  However, they are not worth playing as they all use automatic shufflers.  Minimum bets that I saw started at $20 Australian which is about $15 US.  I did not check the high-pit areas which may or may not have regularly dealt blackjack. 

They also have a large poker room which I played a few hours in.  Unfortunately, their rake is awful.  I played in a small  2/3 No Limit Holdem game where there is a time rake AND and regular pot rake.  Charge is $5 / hour plus 10% up to $10 rake.  What was interesting is the dealer uses a single deck plastic box to deal the cards from.  I was told the dealer can deal faster and have both hands free at all times.  I left with a win for the session.

I also played for 30 minutes at the craps table and had another small session win.  Interesting to note that the don’t pass/come bars deuces.  In the USA, the don’t pass/come  bars 12.  No difference in the odds.

My Wife and I spent 6 days in Sydney and we also took a 10 day Celebrity Solstice cruise around New Zealand.    Ironically, the blackjack games on the cruise ship were better then the games in Sydney.  Of course, the cruise ship has their token single deck game with 6:5 rules, but their shoe games were decent: $10/$25 min tables, 8DK, double any, H17, with 1.5 – 2 decks cut off.  Occasionally, a dealer would cut off only 1 deck.

Michael Dalton

PS – Here is a photo of the single-deck shoe that poker dealers use in the Sydney, Australia poker room:

Single Deck Shoe