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An Ode to the Bishop: Arnold Snyder & the First Church of Blackjack

Bishop Arnold SnyderBy Yancy Howard.

Gamblers come, and gamblers go.
They bet on games, they think they know.
Some play slots, others shoot craps.
Many bet the wheel, but they’re just saps.

In the lounge, they play the Keno card.
But a 40% vig, is way too hard!
The roulette wheel is another kill.
That will reduce your bankroll, until it is nil.

Counters ply their trade, while looking for haters.
Pulling chips from the house, like a hungry gator.
Those counters play, with religious fervor.
And don’t move their lips, cause that would be murder.

We have much of our knowledge, because of our leader.
A religious man, that couldn’t be neater.
He teaches from the pulpit, to maintain a large stack.
For us as the members, of the Church of Blackjack.

Everyone subscribed, to Blackjack Forum.
While the Bishop just wrote, and taught us decorum.
We had many and all kinds, of types of messengers.
From Stanford Wong, to Donald Schlesinger.

We remember all, of Paladin’s front covers.
And the same for Sam Case, with all his numbers.
With articles from Ken Uston, and Peter Griffin.
We all spent time, using our chosen system.

We listened to our Bishop, on where to play.
And fly to that casino, to play every day.
Then with practice we knew, just what to do.
And hoping the dealer, deals deep in the shoe.

While Dalton tried to help us, with Ace Prediction.
You must be careful, not to arouse suspicion.
By practicing our count, and listening to Snyder.
Your blackjack skills, will make you a fighter.

He cracked the formula, for the game we love.
A mastermind with tactics, from above.
His wisdom continues, as we take a stance.
All we are saying is, give greed a chance.

While our memories will remain, with our dear friend.
We must always give credence, to other good men.
We could rely on our Bishop to get timely reports.
But our greatest reverence, is to Pope Edward O. Thorp.
The Blackjack Formula by Arnold Snyder
The Blackjack Formula was the first book written by Arnold Snyder in 1980.

EDITOR NOTE:  An original member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame, Arnold Snyder was a blackjack legend. Snyder was an accomplished author, professional player and the world’s greatest blackjack system debunker.  As Donald Schlesinger has commented1)Quote Reference, “…he leaves perhaps the finest overall body of accumulated wisdom of anyone who has ever turned his thoughts to the game that we all love.”  Snyder left us in the morning of June 6, 2023, after a long illness.  He will be sorely missed by the blackjack community and the advantage play community at large.  I will miss our long talks at the Blackjack Ball.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Yancy Howard is the pseudonym for Dick Buechler – a successful poker player and blackjack card counter originally from Salem, New Jersey. He comments that he learned about advantage play in the United States Marines where he was a Gunnery Sergeant during the Vietnam war era. A former professional Heliarc (TIG) Welder and instructor, he now enjoys traveling the world in his retirement. Yancy Howard wrote the series of Blackjack Vs Poker articles on this site.