Blackjack History ResearchRETURN

I am currently looking for exact dates (or at least the month and year) for the following historical events. If you know or think you know please let me know.

  • Exact date or month in 1981 (Season 13?) for the CBS 60 Minutes Ken Uston interview with Harry Reasoner. 60 Minutes was broadcast on Sundays at 7PM EDT and there were 2 segments on Ken Uston.  Records of this season appear to have been lost by CBS.
    • Some YouTube video clips of the episode are available here.
    • First 60 minutes episode in 1981 was 1/4/81:
  • Exact date that “naturals” were paid at 3 to 2, instead of 2 to 1.  The 1864 Hoyle describes a natural being paid at 2 to 1.  Scarne says that in 1917, printed signs began appearing reading “Black Jack pays odds of 3 to 2”.
  • What ever happened to John Imming?
  • What ever happened to Viktor Nacht?
  • The exact dates for all annual Blackjack Ball events before 2011 (before the 15th Blackjack Ball)
  • Births and deaths(?) of all blackjack experts and authorities not currently listed.
    • When was Edward Gordon (D. Howard Mitchell) born?
    • Birth dates for Roger Baldwin, Wilbert Cantey, Herbert Maisel and James McDermott?
    • Latest information about Bill Channels.
  • Exact date or month in 1995, that Spanish 21 was introduced by Masque Publishing.
  • Exact date (first weekend in August?) for the first BARGE convention in Las Vegas.
  • Exact date or month in 1971 that Keith Taft’s David computer was first used in a casino.
  • The first date that a continuous shuffling machine was used in a casino (by Shuffle Master?).
  • Exact date / month in 1964 that the Las Vegas Gambler’s Book Club was founded.
  • Some exact dates regarding when these started / ended:
    • Robert Gates’ Blackjack Monthly newsletter (1987 – 199?)
    • Casino & Sports magazine (1977-1985?)


  • Exact publication dates for historically significant blackjack books, reports, magazines, etc. – Such as…
    • 1968 Jacques Noir’s Casino Holiday
    • 1969 Lawrence Revere’s Playing Blackjack as a Business
    • 1980 Julian Braun’s How to Play Winning Blackjack
    • 1996 Vancura/Fuchs’ Knock-Out Blackjack

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