Blackjack History ResearchRETURN

I am currently looking for exact dates (or at least the month and year) for the following historical events. If you know or think you know please let me know.

  • Exact dates in 1981 (Season 13?) for the CBS 60 Minutes Ken Uston interview with Harry Reasoner. 60 Minutes was broadcast on Sundays at 7PM EDT and there were 2 segments on Ken Uston.  We know one episode was on Sunday, May 17, 1981. Records of this season appear to have been lost by CBS.
    • Some YouTube video clips of the episode are available here.
    • First 60 minutes episode in 1981 was 1/4/81:
  • Exact date that “naturals” were paid at 3 to 2, instead of 2 to 1.  The 1864 Hoyle describes a natural being paid at 2 to 1.  Scarne says that in 1917, printed signs began appearing reading “Black Jack pays odds of 3 to 2”.
  • What ever happened to John Imming?
  • What ever happened to Viktor Nacht?
  • The exact dates for all annual Blackjack Ball events before 2011 (before the 15th Blackjack Ball)
  • Births and deaths(?) of all blackjack experts and authorities not currently listed.
    • When was Edward Gordon (D. Howard Mitchell) born?
    • Birth dates for Roger Baldwin, Wilbert Cantey, Herbert Maisel and James McDermott?
    • Latest information about Bill Channels.
  • Exact date or month in 1995, that Spanish 21 was introduced by Masque Publishing.
  • Exact date (first weekend in August?) for the first BARGE convention in Las Vegas.
  • Exact date or month in 1971 that Keith Taft’s David computer was first used in a casino.
  • The first date that a continuous shuffling machine was used in a casino (by Shuffle Master?).
  • Exact date / month in 1964 that the Las Vegas Gambler’s Book Club was founded.
  • Some exact dates regarding when these started / ended:
    • Robert Gates’ Blackjack Monthly newsletter (1987 – 199?)
    • Casino & Sports magazine (1977-1985?)


  • Exact publication dates for historically significant blackjack books, reports, magazines, etc. – Such as…
    • 1968 Jacques Noir’s Casino Holiday
    • 1969 Lawrence Revere’s Playing Blackjack as a Business
    • 1980 Julian Braun’s How to Play Winning Blackjack
    • 1996 Vancura/Fuchs’ Knock-Out Blackjack

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