Blackjack History – Barrings


When we refer to a barring in blackjack we are referring to the casino barring you (or preventing you) from playing simply because you are using your brain.   Casino actions such as flat betting, shuffling up and lowering the betting limit also negatively affect a card counter. Yes, you can get barred for other reasons too! 

Event DateEvent Name

On this day in 1979 (at 9:45PM), Resorts International in Atlantic City started "barring" card counters.  Ken Uston called this day "Black Tuesday".


On this day somewhere, a pit boss will be flat-betting a suspected card counter.  Flat-betting nullifies the advantage a card counter might have by forcing him to bet the same amount on every hand.


On this day in 2014, notorious gambler Ben Affleck was barred from play for card counting at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. 😯 


On this day in 2015, the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas confiscated winnings, hand-cuffed, back-roomed and physically searched (without his will) card counter Thom-Matthew Kho.  Kho is suing and is represented by Robert Nersesian.

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