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Congratulations to UBJ for winning our last giveaway!

Giveaway #21

This month’s giveaway includes six (6) books, mostly on poker.  Championship Hold’em by McEvoy/Cloutier, Fundamentals of Poker by Malmuth/Loomis, Win Your Way Into Big Money Hold’em Tournaments by McEvoy/Daugherty, Poker at the Millennium by Mike Caro/Mike Cappelletti, BeatWebCasinos.Com by Bill Haywood and Cooke’s Rules of Real Poker by Cooke/Bond.  All books are brand new!!!!

Enter to Win Free Stuff from Blackjack Review


  • 1 winner
  • Value: > $100
  • Prize: Books and products from the Blackjack Review Network
  • Ends: December 5, 2022 5:00 am EST
  • Winner Announcement: December 6, 2022 2:00 pm EST


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