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Blackjack Ace PredictionBlackjack Ace Prediction by David McDowell
The Art of Advanced Location Strategies for the Casino Game of Twenty-One! With a foreword by Michael Dalton. Cover art by Abigail Kamelhair. This blackjack book covers the art of Blackjack Sequencing, a dark art that even very few gambling professionals truly understand, let alone have mastered.

©2004 160 PAGES $19.95 – SEE BOOK ENTRY

Blackjack Review Vol7Issue1_Winter98Vol 7 Issue 1 – Winter 1998 SPECIAL LAST ISSUE
Editorial by Michael Dalton: Everything in Life is 50/50! Letters. FEATURE ARTICLES: The Most Important Play Variations by Michael Dalton. Optimal Wagering and Betting by Karel Janecek. The Hilton Blows a Barring by Harold Harvey. Advanced Card Counting (Part 2) by George C. Craps Can Be Fun Too by Harold Harvey. Getting Away With It! by Allan Pell. SPECIAL REPORTS: Best Bets, Casino Rules and Conditions: Now over 850 casinos listed! U.S. and Foreign Regional Updates, Centerfold: The 1998 Legal USA Blackjack Games Map.


Comp City by Max Rubin
A Guide To Free Las Vegas Vacations: The long awaited book about comps by “comp wizard” Max Rubin who takes you on an journey through the secretive world of casino comping systems and introduces you to the art of comp wizardry.  His system, ACES (Advanced Comp Equivalency Strategy), enables you to walk into any Las Vegas casino armed with the most powerful gambling-vacation tool ever devised.  You’ll beat them on the tables, beat them at the slots, and beat them to the punch every time you play.  Editor note:  Whether you are a high roller or playing nickels you will find this book invaluable. Highly recommended for all players and a must read for serious blackjack players looking for the additional edge in the game that come from comps.
268 PAGES © 2001 2ND EDITION $19.95 – SEE BOOK ENTRY

PICExtra Stuff – “Gambling Ramblings” by Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin, renowned gambling mathematician and author of The Theory of Blackjack, has explored the mathematics of gambling for more than two decades. Extra Stuff is a collection of his most famous magazine articles and papers.  Extra Stuff addresses many of gambling’s abstract concepts-proportional wagering, considerations for games with variable payoffs, the effects of rebates on losses-as well as more mainstream subjects, such as the casino’s treatment of hold percentages and analyses of gambling systems. You’ll also find book reviews, quizzes, letters to the editors of gambling periodicals-a virtual kitchen-sink-full of gambling information found nowhere else.  Extra Stuff-Gambling Ramblings is packed with mathematics, but Griffin’s easy style accommodates most readers. Gamblers of all levels of experience will come away with an enhanced understanding of casino games.  Editor note:   Peter Griffin died from cancer at the age of 61 on Oct. 18, 1998. 
©1991 178 PAGES $11.95 – SEE BOOK ENTRY


World’s Greatest BJ Simulation Charts! by John Auston
John Auston is the author of Blackjack Risk Manager software. To produce the tables for Chapter 10 of Don Schlesinger’s Blackjack Attack, John Auston ran over 100 separate computer simulations of the hi-lo count, each 400 million hands!, to test the effects of various numbers of decks (l, 2, and 6), with different rule sets, penetration levels, and betting strategies.  Now, for card counters who do not play hi-lo, and who would like charts similar to those in Don’s Chapter 10 for their own counting system, Auston has agreed to make available comprehensive simulation analyses of other popular counting systems. Each individual simulation run includes data on a 132 different games (more than in Don’s book!). You may now obtain a full set (with more than 50 billion hands simulated for each system!) of Auston’s simulation charts for 1, 2, 6, and 8-deck games for:
Advanced Omega II Count $25.50, Knock-Out Count $25.00, Red Seven Count $25.00, Zen Count $25.00SEE CATALOG ENTRY

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