XYZ is for Zweikartenspiel



X. Acronym for any ten-valued card.

Blackjack ExchangeXchange Blackjack.  (aka Blackjack Xchange)  (c2018) A blackjack variant that lets the player switch any card in his hand for a random card.  Basic strategy for this game is to never exchange a card because there is too high a cost to exchange a bad card.  Seen on the Caesars online/mobile casino.
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yellow. See orange.

Yoshi. A card counter that goes by the name of “Yoshi”.  Interviewed on the Gambling with an Edge podcast.
[ PODCASTS: Oct 12, 2017, Oct 25, 2018 ]

Your Way 21. (c2015) This blackjack variant has the player and dealer both starting with four cards.  They are then arranged into low and high hands like you would do in pai gow poker.  The player and dealer then play out each hand.  The player’s low and high hands will be compared to the dealer’s low and high hands respectively.  Blackjacks are simply counted as 21 and equal to all other 21-point hands. (HA ~ 1.64% to 2.61% ???)
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Yuk, Mr. An advantage player that plays both table games and machines.  In 2012, at the 16th annual Blackjack Ball, Yuk won the Grosjean Cup trophy and won the World’s Greatest Blackjack Player award for the year.
[ PODCAST: Jun 15, 2017 ]

From Gambling With An Edge

Zappit Blackjackz
. Pronounced “zee”. As in 4,3,2,1,zee. The non-verbal abbreviation that many card counters use for zero to improve the speed at which they can count.  In other words, “z” is shorter than “zero” 🙂

Zappit 21. (c2015) aka Zappit Blackjack. A blackjack variation invented by Geoff Hall and marketed by Scientific Games (aka Shuffle Master).  If you are dealt a hard 15, 16, 17 or 18, you have the option to exchange the hand. A dealer total of 22 will push all remaining hands except a blackjack. (HA ~ 1.15% to 1.24%)
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Zeljko.  See Zelkjo Ranogajec.

*Zen Count {PCS/L2}. (Arnold Snyder).  An advanced card counting system. See Unbalanced Zen Count.

A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
-1 1 1 2 2 2 1 0 0 -2

BC = .96 PE = .63 IC = .85

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Bill ZenderZender, Bill.   (Born April 2, 1955) Former casino manager / owner of the Aladdin Casino in Las Vegas (1990s) and former Nevada Gaming Control Agent. Zender is considered a professional level card counter and gambling expert. He has written Card Counting for the Casino Executive and How to Detect Casino Cheating at BlackjackBill Zender is currently involved in casino protection and gaming revenue services.
[ ] [ ARCHIVE: ] [ Ready Bet Go Interview ] [ WIKIPEDIA ] [ Modern Blackjack GGB ] [ PODCAST: Jun 21, 2013 ]

Zenfighter.  TBD.

Zero Proximity Betting. (ZPB). {RWC} The crazy betting strategy of placing maximum bets at or near a count of zero. This strategy is based on the premise that a slight rise in player expectation can be found at or near zero in games with insufficiently shuffled cards. Not recommended. See TARGET II.
[ 88 Griffin The Theory of Blackjack 208 ] [ 1/90 The Zero Count Phenomenon BJC 39 ]

zero sum strategy. An early technical term for the basic strategy of the game.

Zengrifter.  aka Grifter. According to, Zengrifter is one of blackjack’s most controversial and irreverent practitioners.  He is a prolific contributor to their forums and has been a card counter since graduating high school in Las Vegas in 1971.  Barfarkel interviewed Zengrifter in 2003.
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Zombie BlackjackZombie Blackjack. (2017) A blackjack variant by game inventor Geoff Hall.  Based on regular blackjack, but with a special feature: If the dealer has an up-card from 7 to Ace and the player busts, the player will still win if the dealer ends up busting with a point total of 23 to 26.  (HA ~ 1.03% to 2.39%)

zone shuffle. A type of shuffle used in shoe games. When a shoe is broken into 4 or more stacks and then shuffled with one another.

ZPB. See zero proximity betting.

Z System. {BS}. (Bennett, Lloyd) Las Vegas, NV. A simplified basic strategy.
[ 80 Bennett Z-System ]

zukes. An old term for a dealer gratuity or tip.  See tokes.

zweikartenspiel. A German term believed to have been coined by Richard Epstein to refer to games where the dealer’s hole-card is exposed. See Double Exposure.
[ 77 Epstein Theory of Gambling… 249 ] [ 1/80 Wong CBN 8 ] [ WIKIPEDIA ]

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