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To view some of the best available YouTube blackjack related videos click on the Video menu link.  Also, blackjack related videos can be found embedded throughout this book.1)All embedded videos on this site are copyright © of the original owner.  Please visit the original site of the video for more information.  If you are the owner of a video that appears on this site and you “do not” want us to us it, contact us and we will remove it.

With the advent of the Internet, there are numerous sources of videos and video clips available online.  For example, check out the MIT blackjack team videos and Mike Aponte’s introduction to card counting video titled How Card Counting Works.  Also, there are numerous excellent card counting videos on YouTube from sources such as Blackjack Apprenticeship, Michael Shackleford and Steven Bridges.

Breaking VegasA&E Home Video / History Channel. Breaking Vegas from the History Channel; 2004. (1 Hour 35 min) (DVD)
star– Excellent. Highly recommended.
This documentary presents the rise and fall of the MIT blackjack team. For two years in the early ’90s, the team reportedly earned millions from casinos around the world with their skills, until conflict within the group and a diligent security company brought the group’s winnings to a crashing halt. Included are interviews with team members and author Ben Mezrich, whose 2003 book Bringing Down the House focuses on a later M.I.T. team. Includes interesting dramatic recreations of the teams efforts and exploits. * Editor note: This video should not be confused with the Kevin Spacey movie ’21’ which is based on the Mezrich book and the same subject matter.
Highly Recommended - Buy Now![ AMAZON: Breaking Vegas (History Channel) ]

Joe Baseel. Cheating at Blackjack. (Detection of Gaming Scams series). Distributed by Rouge et Noir, Glen Head, NY; 1981. (43 min)

star– Excellent. Highly recommended. Shows the moves of a professional card cheat. Includes an anti-counter move, carrying a slug, false shuffle, stacking discards, stacked ribbon spread, stacking the deck, hole card switching, dealing seconds, peeking and hole card switch, turning the deck and gaffed shoes. Also includes the introduction of a cooler into a shoe dealt game, dealer dumping the chip rack contents to a confederate, gaffed bridge table, and dealing off the bottom of the deck. Both Wong and Snyder consider this is an excellent video on the dealing of seconds.
[ 6/81 Snyder BJF 25 ] [ 3/31/81 Rouge et Noir Vol.13.#3,3-11 ] [ 5/81 Wong Nevada Blackjack Vol.3,74 ]

BJA Card Counting Video CourseBlackjack Apprenticeship. The Card Counting Video Course by; c2010?. ( ??? hours) (DVD)
Thumbs Up
Review TBD – however, I do respect this site and I expect this to be a good video course. Besides, many of these videos are available on YouTube right now. According to the advertising: “Includes all 76 videos from the card counting video course, taking a player from conceptual ideas to practical training to learning how to start a team and last as a card counter. PLUS: Extras and exclusive footage!” See Colin Jones.
[ AMAZON: Blackjack Apprenticeship ]

Holy RollersBlackjack Apprenticeship. Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians by Warner Bros. / / Warner Brothers Pictures; 2011. (92 minutes) (DVD)
star– Excellent. Highly Recommended. This documentary appears to be a brutally honest account of Ben Crawford and Colin JonesChurch Team – the first blackjack team made up of predominately Christians. Explores the emotional roller coaster of winning and losing, testing and training players, carrying large sums of cash, the need for disguises, whether team mates are playing correctly, casino surveillance, and whether you can trust your team mates. Describes partly their team approach of players, managers and investors and the need to “close a bankroll“. Considerable hidden casino footage
and interviews with team players, managers, investors and casino personnel.
Highly Recommended - Buy Now![ AMAZON: Holy Rollers ] [ Rotten Tomatoes Review ]



60 Minutes to Winning BlackjackBlackjack Institute. 60 Minutes to Winning Blackjack. CMS Multimedia /; 2005. (60 minutes) (DVD)
Thumbs Up
From the advertising: “Our instructional DVD will show you how to play blackjack like a pro. 60 Minutes to Winning Blackjack starts with the basics and guides you through the science and art of card counting. Includes interactive practice chapters.” This is referenced on Norm Wattenberger’s site (
[ AMAZON: 60 Minutes to Winning Blackjack ]

Beating Blackjack by Andy BlochAndy Bloch. Beating Blackjack with Andy Bloch. Expert Insight; April 1, 2006 (55 minutes) (DVD)
Thumbs Up– Very Good. Recommended. Directed by Michael Keller, this DVD documentary with blackjack and poker expert Andy Bloch, explains basic strategy, card counting, how to bet optimally and team play. This is the perfect introductory video to learn blackjack and what it takes to beat the casinos with card counting.
[ AMAZON: Beating Blackjack with Andy Bloch ] [ REVIEW: ]
[ REVIEW: ] [ ARCHIVE: Business Wire Press Release ] [ YOUTUBE ]

The Business of BlackjackHoward Collier. The Business of Blackjack. Howard Collier Enterprises, 21843 Providencia, Woodland Hills, CA 91364; 1988 (30 min) (VHS)
– Excellent. Highly recommended. Professionally produced video covering the basics of blackjack and an introduction to card counting. Card count used is Wong’s hi-lo. Also includes a useful video flash method of teaching basic strategy and card count variations. Technical advisor for this video was Stanford Wong.
[6/89 Snyder BJF ]

E. Clifton Davis. New Blackjack – NBJ. Jerry Patterson Enterprises, Carson City, NV; 1991. (1 Hr 52 Min) (VHS)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. An instructional video that comes with the Davis and Patterson NBJ system. NBJ advertises that players can play in about 25% of all games with an advantage of about 5% without card counting! These type of systems are nonsense and not recommended.

Daniel Dravot Card Counting DVDDaniel Dravot. Card Counting: The Definitive Blackjack Course. Amazon Digital Services; 2008 (1 Hr 10 Min) (DVD)
Thumbs Up– Recommended. Dravot is the author of the recommended book The Color of Blackjack

[ ] [ AMAZON: Card Counting: The Definitive Blackjack Course ]

Blackjack Science Advanced Techniques DVDSemyon Dukach. Advanced Techniques. Blackjack Science; Jan 1, 2005 (? Hours) (DVD)
Thumbs Up– Recommended. This is the second DVD from Semyon Dukach’s Blackjack Science Seminar Series and is based on actual footage from his seminar. Contains information on advanced techniques: Cut Cards, Ace Sequencing and Shuffle Tracking — as they were used by Semyon’s Amphibian Investments MIT blackjack team. This is referenced on Norm Wattenberger’s site (
[ ] [ AMAZON: Blackjack Science Advanced Techniques-DVD ]

Blackjack Science Advanced Techniques DVDSemyon Dukach. Counting and Betting Techniques. Blackjack Science; c2005 (? Hours) (DVD)
Thumbs Up– Recommended. Semyon Dukach was the founder and president of Amphibian Investments MIT Blackjack team that won millions of dollars from the casinos in the nineties. He is known to casino personnel as Nikolay Nogov, a Russian arms dealer. Semyon has appeared on ABC, the BBC, CNN, the History Channel, and the National Geographic Channel, and has conducted numerous Blackjack Science Seminars. This web video is based on actual footage from one of those seminars. This is referenced on Norm Wattenberger’s site (
[ ] [ AMAZON: Counting and Betting Techniques by Semyon Dukach ]

Counter cultureLyn Eiliot. Counter Culture. c2003 (1 Hour) (Digital Video)
Thumbs Up– Excellent. Recommended.  From the advertising, “A documentary about card counting, a legal method of winning at casino blackjack. The film follows a team of card counters who are trying to win $150,000 in a single weekend in Atlantic City. Members of the team demonstrate the elaborate strategy, high skill, and outrageous ruses that they use to challenge the casinos. As the story of the weekend unfolds, the film reveals the unique subculture of card counting, the people involved in it, and those who have left it behind.”  This film was Lyn Eiliot’s University of Iowa M.F.A. thesis film. Includes interviews with Stanford Wong, Max Rubin and Semyon Dukach.  Be sure to read Eiliot’s thesis before watching the film as it is fascinating.
[ Lyn Eiliot – Counter Culture ] [ Counter Culture on Vimeo ] [ Lyn Eiliot Thesis ]

Miss BrownGina Fiore. Miss Brown. c2023 (?)
Review TBD.  Gina Fiore is better known as RxGamble, a professional advantage player.

Charles (Chuck) Gorson. World of Winners Blackjack – Vol 1. No. 1. World of Winning, Coral Springs, FL; 1991. (45 min) (VHS)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Includes an incorrect basic strategy, advice on money management, casino comps, tournament play, when to quit, etc. Includes a pocket size basic strategy card. Gorson won the $50,000 blackjack tournament at the Aladdin on October 18, 1989, which is why he was probably inspired to produce this video. Chuck Gorson died in 2007, after a brief battle with cancer.

Howard Grossman. Las Vegas and Atlantic City Blackjack. Las Vegas, NV; c1980? (3 Hours) (VHS)
Thumbs Up– Full Review TBD. I have not seen this video but I have every indication that it is very good to excellent. Goes from basic strategy through card counting, true count, and proper bankroll requirements. The high-low count from Wong’s Professional Blackjack is used with some slight changes according to Friedman and Braun. Howard Grossman has played on both sides of the fence. After dealing blackjack for a while he decided to become a professional blackjack player after his off-hour card-counting activities got him fired from the Dunes casino (c1970’s). In 1983, he was known as a floorman for Vegas World and owned a company called International Casino Consultants, Inc. He offered educational training for casinos in the areas of slot cheating, blackjack cheating and card counting. Grossman passed away in 2011.
[ 79 A Card Counter Speaks Out C&S Vol.8,12 ] [ 4/81 Wong Current Blackjack News 65 ] [ 3/83 Wong Nevada Blackjack 43 ]

Secrets of BlackjackHoward Grossman. The Secrets of Blackjack. Hergott Productions; 1994 (43 min) (VHS)
Thumbs Up
– Good. Recommended. A good introduction to blackjack, correct basic strategy advice and tips for new players.  No mention of card counting.   

[ BACK COVER ] [ AMAZON: The Secrets of Blackjack ]

Howard Grossman. Win at Blackjack With Howard Grossman. (circa early 1980’s) ??? (VHS)
Review TBD.

Stricktly BlackjackDorian Harewood. Strictly Blackjack (Winning Without Counting). Lighthouse Video; c2005 (53 minutes) (DVD)
Thumbs Up
– Not recommended. Promotes a worthless blackjack betting system. Directed by Andre Campbell. From the advertising, “This revolutionary new instructional video will teach you how to play, how to bet, and how to become a consistent winner at the game of blackjack… WITHOUT COUNTING CARDS! You are going to be able to walk into a casino, sit down at a blackjack table with confidence, and play like an expert. How? This video is going to make you an expert! STRICTLY BLACKJACK takes all of the guesswork out of the game, so you can relax and enjoy playing it. You are going to learn EXACTLY what to do in EVERY POSSIBLE SITUATION! … Internationally known actor Dorian Harewood (Roots, The Jesse Owens Story, Full Metal Jacket, Twelve Angry Men and many, many more) has been playing blackjack at the professional level for over twenty years. Prior to that, he spent ten years studying four of the best professional blackjack players in the world. Through research, cross-comparison studies, documentation, trial and error and practical application, he developed his own unique, highly successful playing style. STRICTLY BLACKJACK provides all the information you need to become a consistent winner at the game, and the Dorian Harewood BACK TO ONE betting strategy is second to none!
[ ] [ AMAZON: Strictly Blackjack ]

Bruce Irwin. Blackjack – Winner’s Edge Series, Volume II. Casino Gaming Instruction, Market Visions, Williamsport, PA; 1982. (VHS)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Produced by a so-called Canadian gaming expert and consultant. Contains an introduction to the game and an incorrect basic strategy. This video is an example of the very poor material on the market today. I can’t imagine anyone recommending doubling a soft 15 (A,4) or a soft 13 (A,2) versus a dealer’s Ace upcard. Yes, Irwin recommends it here. I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw it but I rewound the tape and there Irwin does it again. Check this video out at the Gaming Resource Center (U.N.L.V.) just for the fun of it.

Joseph Janik. See entry under Larry Smith. How to Deal Casino Games: Blackjack.

Jimmy “The Scot” Jordon. Learn How to Win at Blackjack / Baccarat. Universal Productions, Int., Gaming Tapes, Inc., Milwaukee, WI; c1990. (63 min) (VHS)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Contains inaccurate basic strategy advice for blackjack. Jordan is a dynamic speaker. Unfortunately, he teaches players how to lose faster at blackjack. His advice is nonsense.
[ Sum 93 Dalton Blackjack Review 17 ]

Jimmy “The Scot” Jordon. Beginner Blackjack. ???; c????. (DVD: ?? min)
Thumbs UpReview TBD. If this is comparable to his video above it is not recommended.

Jimmy “The Scot” Jordon. Advanced Blackjack. ???; c????. (DVD: ?? min)
Thumbs UpReview TBD. If this is comparable to his video above it is not recommended.


Cheating at BlackjackGeorge Joseph. Cheating at Blackjack. Gambling Incorporated; 2006 (40 minutes) (DVD)
Thumbs Up– Recommended. From the advertising: “On this DVD George Joseph demonstrates and explains many sleight-of-hand techniques that are used to cheat at Blackjack. George Joseph is an authority on gaming protection and cheating. He has served as director of surveillance for Bally, Paris, Aladdin and Dunes casinos in Las Vegas. He has trained several law enforcement agencies and has served as an expert witness and consulting investigator on countless casino cheating prosecutions. His television appearances include: Dateline NBC, 48 Hours, America s Most Wanted, Cheating Las Vegas, The House of Cards, Watch Your Pockets, Secrets of Las Vegas, and many others. Cheating subjects covered on this DVD include: False Shuffles, Stocking, Second Dealing, Push-through Shuffle, False Running Cut, Capping The Deck, The Elevator, Playing Slugs, The “Turn Over”, Curl Peek, Flash Peek, One Hand Second, Front Loading, Shiners, Crimps, Edge-work, Juice & Flash, Sand Work, Hole Card Switch, Card Mucking, Two Card Switch, The Brush, Topping The Deck, Chip Copping, Capping The Bet, Capping Overpay, Toke Stealing, The “Sub”, Confederate Play, The Gambler’s Stock, The Kentucky Step Up, The Cold Deck and much more.

[ AMAZON: Cheating at Blackjack ]

George Joseph. Cheating at Craps and 21. (circa early 1980’s) ??? (VHS)
Thumbs Up
– Recommended. According to Stanford Wong this is an excellent video on the use of palmed cards by the player.
[ 11/81 Wong NVB Vol.3,189 ]

Inside the EdgeK.C. Inside the Edge: A Professional Blackjack Adventure; (May 21, 2019) (72 min) (DVD)
star– Outstanding. Highly recommended. An unprecedented glimpse into the world of high stakes advantage blackjack play. Directed by Chris Buddy and includes commentary by Max Rubin, John Chang, Al Francesco, Richard Munchkin, Tommy Hyland, Arnold Snyder, Stanford Wong and James Grosjean. This documentary follows K.C., a professional blackjack player, as he concludes his blackjack career (circa 2006) traveling across the United States from casino to casino. See K.C..
Highly Recommended - Buy Now![ X: @blackjackmovie ] [ REVIEW: ] [ AMAZON: Inside the Edge ] [ PODCAST: Jun 20, 2019

The Hot Shoe David Layton. The Hot Shoe. (June 1, 2003) (DVD)
starOutstanding. Highly recommended. A documentary movie about card counting in the casino game of 21 (twenty-one). By David Layton. Executive Producers Michael Berkaw and Bill Petrick. Music by Dylan Keefe. The history, the mathematics, the politics and the practical realities of blackjack are addressed in this documentary, the most complete and accurate treatment of card counting ever made. Interviews with blackjack experts, casino managers, authors, detectives, a legal expert, and the most legendary players in the world. Behind-the-scenes footage of casino pits, surveillance rooms, members of the MIT card counting team strategizing in and playing in casinos during a busy Super Bowl weekend (shot with hidden cameras). Demonstration of the high-tech methods that casinos and detective agencies use to identify and track card counters, including facial recognition technology. A case study, wherein the director of the movie learns how to count cards and takes the $5000 that was budgeted for the soundtrack and uses it as a stake to play blackjack in Las Vegas over ten days. Includes interviews and video of: Gordon Adams – Griffin Investigations, Ian Andersen – Author, Burning the Tables in Las Vegas, Andy Anderson – Casino Visual Identification, Andy Bloch – MIT team, John Chang – MIT team, Richard Chen – MIT team, Anthony Curtis – Publisher of Huntington Press, Mark Estes – Former card counter, Steve Forte – Author, Read the Dealer, Peter Griffin – Author, The Theory of Blackjack, Tommy Hyland – Card counter, Jim Kilby – UNLV, Nelson Rose – Author, Blackjack and the Law, Max Rubin – Author, Comp City, Howard Schwartz – Gambler’s Book Shop, Arnold Snyder – Author, Blackbelt in Blackjack, Ralph Stricker – Card counter and author, Ed Thorp – Author, Beat the Dealer, Olaf Vancura – Author, Knock-Out Blackjack, Stanford Wong – Author, Professional Blackjack, Bill Zender – Author, Card Counting for the Casino Executive. A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR: “I’m very proud to present ‘The Hot Shoe,’ a movie I believe to be the most complete and accurate documentary about card counting ever made. Most of the specials on television that deal with the subject have been incomplete at best and sometimes totally inaccurate. I struggled to make a movie that would deal with the subject in all its complexities and yet still remain interesting to people not already familiar with card counting. The mathematics, the history, the politics and the practical realities of blackjack all feature prominently in this movie. I talked to the leading lights in the world of blackjack—professional players, authors, casino personnel, detectives who identify players, lawyers and academics. If you want to know the real story, if you want to learn how to count cards, or if you just want to watch a fun adventure I think you will enjoy ‘The Hot Shoe.’
Highly Recommended - Buy Now![ BJRNET: CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY ] [ ARCHIVE: thehotshoemovie 2008 ] [ AMAZON: The Hot Shoe ]

Cheating At Blackjack: The Real WorkDustin D. Marks. Cheating at Blackjack: The Real Work. L & L Productions; 2002, 2004. (~ 1 Hour) (DVD)
– Excellent. Highly recommended. Subtitled,How much money did cheaters steal from your blackjack tables today? Originally selling for $200, this video was originally intended for casino security personnel. Shot with four cameras in a studio and edited by professionals, this video reveals cheating moves like no other tape on the market today. Moves from the outside and inside are shown in detail, including footage from surveillance and floormen’s views, this tape gives the perspective of action happening in the pit. Many of the moves revealed have never before appeared on video–these are not the same moves and scams seen on other videos by so-called ‘experts.’ What Moves Are Exposed? * Stacking the Deck * The Lay Stack * Beating the Cut with a Cut Card * Dumping Off to a Brief * Switching Cards * Getting Cards Out of Play * Mucking * Returning Cards Into Play * Steer Game * Flashing * Oh Excuse Me * Pinching * Pressing * Rolling the Deck * The Turnover Switch * The Two-Card Drop * Hole Card Out of a Shoe * Drink Move and many more. Editor note: We do not endorse or recommend the use of this information as much of it is illegal and punishable by law.

Dustin D. Marks. Cheating at Blackjack (CAB 2000). L & L Productions; 2000 ? (CDROM)

Thumbs Up– Good. Recommended.  This is NOT a video per-say but was a CDROM with photos, animations, and video clips of cheating moves.  Editor note: We do not endorse or recommend the use of this information as much of it is illegal and punishable by law. MORE INFO

Cheryl Maxfield. See Barney Vinson.

Fear and Counting in Las VegasDominic O’Brien. Fear and Counting in Las Vegas. First Freedom Productions; 1995. (51 min) (VHS)
Thumbs Up– Very good. Recommended. This was episode 63 of the U.K. TV Series from Network First. Directed by Paul O’Dell, it first aired in the U.K. on October 24, 1995. This documentary follows Dominic O’Brien, a mid-stakes card counter, to the United States to test out his skills. From Biloxi to Las Vegas his exploits are recorded on film. Special guest appearances include Arnold Snyder, Stanford Wong and Anthony Curtis.

Dominic O'Brien and Arnold Snyder in Biloxi
Dominic O’Brien and Arnold Snyder in Biloxi (Photo from the movie Fear and Counting in Las Vegas)

Beating VegasPacific Coast Productions. Beating Vegas. Dec 5, 2004 (49 min)
Thumbs Up
– Very good. Recommended. Directed by Gordon Forbes III. From the advertising, “For years, a secret society of hyper-geniuses and anarchistic whiz kids at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology worked and played at devising a method of card counting that would take the gambling world by surprise. This is their story. … This is the story of the MIT blackjack team, it’s creation, its success and its downfall. Through dramatic re-enactments and character interviews we recreate the rise and fall of the most successful card counting con operation ever.” Includes interviews with Ben Mezrich (author of the book Bringing Down the House), Semyon Dukach, Eliot Jacobson, employees of the Griffin Detective Agency and Bellagio casino surveillance and a few actual members of the MIT team of the 1990s.
[ AMAZON: Beating Vegas ]

Jerry Patterson. TARGET Video. Voorhees, NJ; 1986 (1 hr 52 min) (VHS)
Thumbs Up
– Not recommended. Included as part of the author’s instruction on the TARGET method. Self published.

John Patrick. Advanced Blackjack. John Patrick Productions, PO BOX 289, Short Hills, NJ 07078, (201) 273-4162. (1 hr) (VHS)
Thumbs Up
– Not recommended. Contains inaccurate information. A ten count system is presented.

[ 90 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 116 ]

John Patrick. Basic Blackjack. John Patrick Productions, Short Hills, NJ. (1 hr) (VHS)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Contains inaccurate information. Patrick advertises it as a “blueprint to basic blackjack strategy. Covers all key strategic decisions and money management concepts.”

John Patrick. Beat the House. John Patrick Productions, Short Hills, NJ. (40 min) (VHS)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Includes segments from John Patrick’s videos and TV shows.

John Patrick. Card Counting for Blackjack. John Patrick Productions (?? min) (VHS)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Sub-titled “Play Like the Pros! – Get the Edge on the House During Practically Every Shoe!“.

Learn to Win at BlackjackJohn Patrick. Learn to Win at Blackjack. Pachi Paradice; Mar 10, 2005 (?? min) (DVD)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Sub-titled “Play Like the Pros! – Learn to Perfect your Basic Blackjack Strategy!“.

[ AMAZON: Learn to Win at Blackjack ]

Blackjack BootcampAllan Pell. Blackjack Bootcamp. PriMedia Video; 1997. (46+50+61 min) (VHS)
Excellent. Highly recommended. Directed, Edited and Photographed by Thomas Lewis and produced by Gregg Kaufman.  One of the best video instruction series that has been produced for the game of blackjack. The course includes 3 videotapes (VHS), plus a 90-page manual. The course is ideal for the beginning player but also addresses many of the advanced topics of the game. Volume 1: The Basics of Winning, Volume 2: Card Counting Made Easy, Volume 3: Advanced Tactics.  Arnold Snyder commented in 1997, in Blackjack Forum, that “Blackjack Bootcamp totally blows away the competition“.
[ 98 BJR 7.1: Excerpt – Getting Away With It by Allan Pell ] [ Win 97 Snyder BJF 109 ] [ Volume 2 Image ] [ Volume 2 Back Image ]

Pi Yee Press. Casino Abuse of Skilled PlayersCasino Abuse of Skilled Players.; 2003. (1 Hour 20 min) (DVD)
star– Excellent. Highly recommended. presents a video of a panel discussion regarding casino abuse of skilled players which was recorded at a Green Chip party. The video includes frightening footage obtained from casino surveillance cameras of a law abiding, skilled player being handcuffed, forcibly backroomed and detained by casino employees. This timely topic should be of concern to all players. The panel was moderated by Stanford Wong, and featured prominent players that are part of the community including DD’, MathProf, and Harry B. Advantage player attorney Bob Nersesian and Las Vegas Advisor publisher Anthony Curtis were also on the panel. DD’, Math Prof, and Harry B speak of the harassment and mistreatment each has received at the hands of casino employees. Each of the three has filed a lawsuit against the casino that employed their assailants.

[ AMAZON: Casino Abuse of Skilled Players ]

Pi Yee Press. No Holes Barred.; 2008. (35 Minutes) (DVD)
Thumbs Up– Full Review TBD. From the advertising: “Tony Dalben is famous for being part of a Nevada Supreme Court case that defines the line between legal hole-card play and cheating. Tony Dalben and his partner, Steven Einbinder, were playing blackjack at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas in 1983. A sloppy dealer was checking the hole card under aces and 10s in a way that Dalben could see it. Dalben signaled his knowledge of the hole card to Einbinder, who was betting large. The two were arrested and charged with various felonies. After the case was dismissed, the prosecutors appealed. The case went to the Nevada Supreme Court, which vindicated Dalben and Einbinder. … Dalben subsequently sued the Golden Nugget. … Dalben explains what happened and how the case affected his life during the five years it made its way through the Nevada judicial system. … concludes with a question and answer session moderated by Stanford Wong.

The ABC's of Winning BlackjackTelly Savalas. The ABC’s of Winning Blackjack. Blue Chip Productions, New York, NY; 1993. (55 minutes) (VHS)
Thumbs Up
– Not recommended. Contains inaccurate basic strategy advice. This professionally produced video covers the basics of the game and teaches players how to play the “Telly way.” The only thing of interest to players and historians is the fact that this video was filmed on location at the old Dunes Casino in Las Vegas. On October 27, 1993, the Dunes was demolished in a grand ceremony that I was witness to and will never forget.
[ Fall 93 Dalton Blackjack Review 17 ] [ 2/93 Olsen Blackjack Confidential ]

Blackjack: 21 for the 21st CenturyJim Schian. Blackjack: 21 for the 21st Century. Flamingo Productions; 2000. (2 hours 30 Minutes) (VHS)
Thumbs Up– Good. Recommended. Arnold Snyder indicates that this is a good video that teaches basic strategy and elementary card counting using the hi-lo count.
[ Fall 2000 BJF 112 ]

Bob Simms. Beat’em at Their Own Game Video. ???; 2000. (?? hours)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. See entry for Bob Simms’ book Beat’em at Their Own Game for more information.

Mastering The Flow by Bobby SingerBobby Singer. Mastering the Flow. JCI Video. (1998). (2 hours) (VHS)
Review TBD. See Bobby Singer.

Winning At Blackjack by Bobby SingerBobby Singer. Winning at Blackjack with Bobby Singer. JCI Video. (1987). (1 hour 43 Minutes) (VHS)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. See review by Edmund Hack in rec.gambling.blackjack archive. See Bobby Singer.

Larry G. Smith and Joseph Janik. How to Deal Casino Games: Blackjack. Janik; 1990. (2 hours or 6 hours) (VHS)
Thumbs Up
– Very good. Highly recommended. Written by a former Vegas dealer and pit supervisor. Although the editing and video quality are poor this video gives a good education to dealing casino blackjack. Shuffling procedures, dealing, playing out the hand, paying and taking bets, cutting, handling chips, markers, fill slips, color changes, etc. These tapes contain the same material you would learn in a professional dealer’s school. In Blackjack Forum’s March 1991 review Snyder wrote, “It’s a lot easier to spot cheating, or mistakes, or even exploitable dealer weaknesses, if you’re thoroughly grounded in proper dealing skills and procedures.” This video comes in a full 3-tape course format with a small 18 page manual or single tape format covering Basic Skills and condensing the complete course material.
[3/91 Snyder BJF 49]

Arnold Snyder Blackjack RevivalArnold Snyder. First Church of Blackjack Revival. RGE Publishing, Oakland, CA; c1980s. (VHS)
Review TBD. I’ve never seen the original video but here is a clip of Bishop Snyder and the First Church of Blackjack encouraging card counters to “Give greed a chance!” at Bally’s Reno in the 1980s. Arnold Snyder was the publisher and editor of the outstanding Blackjack Forum magazine.

Arnold Snyder’s “Give Greed a Chance” 1980 Sermon

Kenneth Uston. Beat the House at Blackjack. Alvin Fast, VIP, Inc., Hollywood, CA; c1987 (2 hours) (VHS)
Thumbs Up
– Good. Recommended. Collier’s video was just as good and was less expensive at the time.

Kenneth Uston. How to Win at Blackjack. Casino Video International; 1986 (75 minutes) (VHS)
Thumbs Up
– Good. Recommended. Uston explains the rules, playing procedures, basic strategy, and card counting (plus-minus system). Also available in audio format.
[ 12/86 Snyder BJF 47 ]

Live From Las Vegas BlackjackBarney Vinson and Cheryl Maxfield. Live From Las Vegas: Blackjack. Morningstar; Nov 25, 2003 (35 minutes) (VHS / DVD)
Review TBD. From the advertising, “If tables are your game, learn everything from the basic playing procedures to the most advanced strategies with this instruction video, produced by the top authorities in the world of gaming, the Players Network. Live from Las Vegas teaches you Blackjack strategies in a simple set of rules that explains the correct way to play your hands. Basic strategy reveals when to hit, stand, or double down by taking into account only two factors: your cards and the dealer’s upcard.
[ AMAZON: Live From Las Vegas: Blackjack ]

How to Play to Win BlackjackDavid Wilhite. How to Play to Win – Blackjack. DVD Family Classics; 2008 (30 minutes) (DVD)
Review TBD. From the advertising, “Casino gambling expert David Wilhite presents tips for blackjack neophytes, including a glossary of dealer’s terms, strategies for knowing when to stand and double down, and more.”
[ AMAZON: How to Play to Win – Blackjack ]

Lets Play Blackjack with Mr. XMr. X. Lets Play Blackjack with Mr. X. Solutions by Video; 2009. (55 minutes) (DVD)
Review TBD. Subtitled, Basic and Advanced Techniques for Winning In and Out of the Casino. Directed by Bill Hash. Starring Mr. X, B. T. Brandon and Jennifer L. From the advertising, “An introductory video for the game of blackjack with some advanced techniques that will give the player willing to study a consistent edge against all American standard blackjack games.” One of Amazon’s customer reviews said, “Really painful to watch!” Hmmm…
[ AMAZON: Lets Play Blackjack with Mr. X ]

Hrag Yedalian. Advantage Player. Produced by Mike Aponte and Sam Pogosov, Cinematography by Sevag Chahinian; 2023. (?? minutes) ???
Review TBD. From the teaser video, “A feature length documentary, Advantage Player provides a fascinating look into the evolution of how brilliant minds have devised elaborate strategies to beat the house and become the most legendary gamblers of all-time. Not only have these pioneering mavericks won millions at blackjack, roulette, slots and the lottery; they have also disrupted the world of professional sports, as well as the biggest casino in the world – the financial markets.” 
Featuring Mike AponteInterviews with Willy Allison, Nick Bogdanovich, Steven Bridges, Rex Carlson, Anthony Curtis, Bob Nersesian, Andrew Uyal, and Bill Zender.
[ ]



Professional Blackjack Winning Techniques. Instructional Video Cassette Corp., Philadelphia, PA; c1980? (VHS)
Review TBD. ???

[81 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 173]

Win at Blackjack. Strategic Play Productions, Cincinnati, OH; 1994. (30 min) (DVD)
Review TBD. ??? Features the basic strategy of the game, player options, analyzing the dealer’s hand, etc.





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