V is for Variance



. Acronym for variable penetration.

Vagabond. A professional blackjack player. Interviewed on the Gambling with an Edge podcast.
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van-john. The game of twenty-one as once known in England. A corruption of the French term vingt-et-un. See blackjack.
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Vancura, Olaf. Co-author of the excellent book Knock-Out Blackjack and the unbalanced KO Count.
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From Gambling With An Edge

VAPC. See Victor Advanced Point Count.

var. Short for variance.

variance. In statistics, the mean of the squares of the variations from the mean of a frequency distribution. In other words, the variance is the square of the standard deviation. We use the term variance to refer to the fluctuation or luck in the game.
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variants. See blackjack variants.

variations.   1) See rule variations. 2) See play variations.

Radek VegasVegas, Radek. (Born 1983) A German journalist and gambling expert. He discovered blackjack as his passion when he first visited Las Vegas in 2010.   In 2014, he published the German blackjack book Blackjack Winner. He has also written several articles for Henry Tamburin’s Blackjack Insider.  In 2017, he started the  Blackjack Winner web site at blackjack-winner.de.  He considers it as the only honest blackjack website in German which provides thorough information about the game.
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Velasco, Enrique Pena.  aka Ricky, El Burro.  (Jan 22, 1975 – Apr ?, 2003) TBD See El Burro
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Victor Advanced Point Count (VAPC) {PCS/L3}. (1995) (Rich Victor).

A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
 0 2 2 2 3 2 2 0 -1 -3

BC = .92 PE = .68 IC = .89

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Victor Insurance Parameter. (VIP) (Rich Victor)  Used in balanced counts that disregard the Ace.  The VIP is defined as the running count divided by the number of unseen aces.  According to Victor, “it provides a much simpler and more accurate assessment of the insurance situation than the customary match-up of true count and insurance index.”
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Bally BlackjackVictor, Rich.  See Victor Insurance Parameter above and the Victor Advanced Point Count.

Video Blackjack.  A reference to an electronic video blackjack machine.  Many of these machines paid only even money for a blackjack or at best 6 to 5.  Beginning in 2014, most video blackjack games in Las Vegas began paying only 6 to 5. 

WARNING: If you see “Blackjacks pay 2 for 1“, it means they are paying you even money.  (2 for 1 is NOT the same thing as 2 to 1) 
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Video Blackjack InstructionsFrom a Game King / IGT Blackjack Machine
Notice “Blackjack pays 2 for 1

Newer Video BlackjackThe newer video blackjack machines may be fancier but they
are also just as bad!  Notice “Blackjack pays 6 to 5

vig. As in vigorish. The casino commission in a game.

vingt-et-un. The French term for the game of twenty-one. It is believed that vingt-et-un was introduced in France and the rest of Europe in the 1700s.  See also trente-un, van-john, pontoon, and blackjack.
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vingt-un. An earlier French wording for vingt-et-un.
[ 1875 The American Hoyle ]
[ 65 Scarne Scarne on Cards 138 ]

VIP. See Victor Insurance Parameter.

Vogel, John. Former member of the Czech Team.  See George Hascik.

BJRnet.com Voodoo BoardVoodoo. A reference to the Blackjack Review Network’s former Voodoo message board.  This board was especially set up to discuss mathematically unjustified ideas and methods as well as comments from those who don’t believe card-counting works!
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VP. Acronym for video poker – a game that is also potentially beatable.


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