T is for Thorp



Table Eye 21. (c2009) aka TableEye21. Developed by Prem Gururajan / Tangam Systems (TGG)  to help casinos profile and rate players according to skill. Overhead video cameras are used to watch the play on the table.  Video analysis software is used to keep track of players actions and data is used from RFID chips.  It can track the speed of the game and how much players are winning.
[ popularmechanics.com ] [ tangamgaming.com/ ] [ ggbmagazine.com ] [ blackjackinfo.com ]

table hopping. {CS}. To move from one table to another whenever the count at the first table indicates the game is unfavorable. Today, this is impractical for single-deck but often used for multiple-deck play. See Wonging.
[ 84 Table Hopping BJF ]

TableLink. (c2000) TableLink PT is a Mikohn’s Gaming product. According to Mikohn advertising,  “TableLink™ is the new CasinoLink™ module from Mikohn dedicated to the automation of table games using unique and patented technologies. The system provides table games manager the same on-line accountability, management information, merchandising tools, profitability and accuracy currently enjoyed by slot systems.  TableLink™ TableLink™ is a suite of products which allow you to move your table games into the future. There is no other comprehensive, integrated solution like it in the gaming industry. TableLink™ consists of four (4) tiers; TotalView, Player Tracking, Chip Tracking, and Game Tracking. Through patented technology, TableLink™ can be implemented on existing tables, adding additional automation and accuracy with each tier. The four (4) tiers; TV (TotalView), PT (Player Tracking), CT (Chip Tracking) and GT (Game Tracking) of the product suite are fully integrated, enabling a “phased” approach to any implementation. ”  IMAGE 1 | IMAGE 2   See SafeJack.
[ mikohn.com ] [ WIKIPEDIA ]

Table Link Blackjack Table


Mikohn Gaming’s TableLink System: 1) Table sensors quantify, verify and record each bet. 2) Tracking Unit provides table intelligence and interfaces with all player, chip and game tracking data via touch screen. Provides real-time link to your CMS. 3) Shoe identifies and records each card and where dealt Slot Player Card is used to track players. 4) Player Tracking Modules (PTM’s) allow patrons to initiate their own ratings and capture Time played.

table limitThe smallest and largest bets allowed at the table. See minimum. See maximum.

Keith TaftBJHFTaft, Keith(Dec 10, 1933 – Aug 28, 2006) aka Keith Gustin Seidensticker Jr. In 1972, Keith Taft developed the first hidden toe-operated blackjack computer that aided advantage play in a casino. Originally based on the Z-80 computer, it was used legally to beat the casinos from about 1972 to 1985. Taft was a major influence on the world of professional blackjack. A 2004 inductee into the Blackjack Hall of Fame.  In the History Channel’s series Breaking Vegas, Keith and his Son Marty are featured in an episode called “The Gadget Gambler.” See David. See George.  See Thor.
[ Blackjack Hall of Fame ] [ 85 Bass Eudaemonic Pie ] [ 12 Meloche High-Tech Gambler ] [ ARCHIVE: wearables.www.media.mit.edu ] [ ARCHIVE: blackjackbomb.com ] [ blackjackinfo.com ] [ ARCHIVE: blackjackforumonline.com ] [ si.com ] [ docplayer.net ]

Tahoe. See Lake Tahoe

tail checking. A common casino practice of requiring the floorman or pit boss to check the tails of the shuffled cards before they are pushed together. See shuffle check.
[ 91 Davis New Blackjack Home Study Manual 41 ]

take down. As in to take down a bet. To remove a bet before the next hand or deal.

take-off man. The player, usually in a spooking or cheating operation, who places the big bets. See George.
[ 81 Uston Million Dollar Blackjack 322 ]

tally. A counting term used in systems such as the BIAS Barometer to distinguish from the conventional count.

Henry TamburinTamburin, Henry J.    (Born 1944) A gambling expert who has written over 1000 articles for 20 different publications as well as several other gambling books. Tamburin once operated the Casino Gambling Workshop in Toms River, NJ (c1980?) where he taught the high-low counting system.  Author of the books Henry Tamburin on Casino Gambling, Blackjack: Take the Money & Run, The Reference Guide to Casino Gambling and Ten Best Casino Books. Tamburin is also the author of the excellent online book called The Ultimate Guide to Blackjack.
[ WIKIPEDIA ] [ bjinsider.com ] [ lolblackjack.com ] [ 888casino.com ] [ triblive.com ] [ ARCHIVE: blackjackbomb.com ] [ ARCHIVE: aleaconsultinggroup.com ]

tap out. To lose one’s entire bankroll.

TARGET. {RWC} (c1983) (Developed by Eddie Olsen and originally marketed by Jerry Patterson). Also called TARGET 21. TARGET stands for TAble Research, Grading and Evaluation Technique. This is the controversial table selection method that claims to be able to exploit shoe games (and single-deck games but to a lesser degree) because shuffles are non-random. This system claims that games with non-random shuffles tend to have biases that favor either the dealer or player and that these biases can last for several shoes or decks. An observant player is therefore told that he can increase his chances of winning by playing only at those tables that have evidence of current player winnings and by avoiding those tables that are dealer biased. The actual selection process is simplified to a set of table selection factors.   The TARGET system, as marketed by Jerry Patterson during the late 1980’s, also recommended variations to basic strategy under excessive dealer-breaking conditions and the use of progressive betting.   The TARGET system, as presented by Eddie Olsen during the 1990’s, was somewhat different in scope and methodology. Eddie Olsen placed a greater emphasis on card counting and did not completely agree with progressive betting methods.  TARGET players were taught that 70% of games are dealer biased, 13% are neutral, 10% are player breaking, 5% are player biased and only about 2% are dealer breaking. There is no scientific basis for this system and it is NOT recommended. See BIAS Barometer.
[ ARCHIVE: blackjackforumonline.com ]
[ 9/83 Snyder The TARGET Controversy BJF ] [ 6/84 Snyder Stanley Roberts Supports TARGET BJF 10 ] [ 85 Patterson TARGET Manual ] [ 86 Patterson Break the Dealer ] [ 89 Patterson Casino Gambler’s Winning Edge at… 65 ] [ 90 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook ] [ 3/90 Snyder Ruffled by the Shuffle BJF ] [ 8/90-1/91 Olsen TARGET 1990 BJC ]

YieldJerry Patterson once operated a blackjack instruction franchise under the name Jerry Patterson’s Blackjack Clinic. Two of Patterson’s instructors were unhappy that he had developed TARGET and ended up selling their franchises back to Patterson (1984). These two instructors (Don Schlesinger & Ken Feldman) were upset because studies could not prove that TARGET worked. Don Schlesinger is author of the book Blackjack Attack and was a frequent technical contributor and writer for Arnold Snyder‘s Blackjack Forum.  [ 2/84 Wong Blackjack World 28 ]

TARGET II. {RWC} (1988) (Eddie Olsen) A controversial method of betting using a traditional count in games with insufficiently shuffled cards. In this method, maximum bets are placed whenever the count is near 0. There is no scientific basis for this system and it is NOT recommended.  See zero proximity betting.
[ 10/88, 1/89, 4/89 Olsen BJC ]

taxes.  Yes, gambling wins are usually taxable. See W-2G. For advice on taxes and legal questions check out the book reviews in the OTHER BOOKS OF INTEREST section.

TC. 1) See true count. 2) See Triple Chance.

TCS. Acronym for a Ten Count System.

TCS Protec 21. (c2000) A blackjack security system from TCS America, Inc.
[ June 2000 BJF 18 ]

Click Me!team play. {CS}. The use of several players, each receiving signals and information from one another in how to bet and play the hand. There are a variety of team play methods and tactics with the most popular being the use of the big player. Other valid reasons for team play include:

  • Sharing of information
  • Pooling of resources
  • Playing off a common bankroll
  • Big player tactic
  • Insurance counter
  • Shuffle tracking
  • Back counters
  • Spooking
  • Hole card play
  • Camouflage

See joint bankroll.  See Al Francesco.
[ blackjackinfo.com ] [ 81 Uston Million Dollar Blackjack 167 ] [ 83 Blackjack Team Finances BJF ] [ 21 Snyder Radical Blackjack 75 ]

Tek's ComputoMaticTek’s Black Jack Computo-Matic. {PCS/L1} (1991) (Mel M. Tekavec) University D Supply, Inc., Pueblo, Colorado. A single-deck basic strategy and card counting slide rule device. Tek's Computo-Matic Basic StrategyAn off the top starting count of +2 is indicated, although this is a balanced count. Card value assignments are opposite of the more conventional approach thus the BC/PE/IC numbers need to be adjusted to calculate. Not recommended – but an interesting collector’s item.

A  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1  0  1  1

BC = .96  PE = .54  IC = .69*

[ * Calculated using CVData Efficiency Calculator ]

tell. A particular mannerism, habit, or characteristic exhibited by a dealer that indicates to the player the possible value of his hand. Tells are generally useful only in games in which the dealer peeks under tens for a possible natural. See tell play.

Teller, Ed.  Advantage blackjack player, card counting coach, blackjack team manager, blackjack software author and Blackjack Science web site manager.
[ ARCHIVE: blackjackscience.com ]

tell play. {HCS}. The strategy of using dealer body language to determine whether the dealer is stiff or pat and to play your hand accordingly.  Tell play was possible when dealers peeked under Aces and Tens to check for a blackjack.  See no-peek device.
[80 Wong Winning Without Counting ] [ 83 Caro …the Profitable Magic of Tells C&S Vol.25,7 ] [ 86 Forte Read the Dealer ] [ 3/86 Forte Tips on Tells BJF 5 ] [ 6/86 Snyder Reno Tell Player Acquitted BJF 7 ] [ 6/88 Dog-Ass Johnny Stalking the Elusive Tell BJF 5 ] [ 92 Wong Basic Blackjack ] [ 21 Snyder Radical Blackjack 192 ]

ten. A 10-valued card such as a ten, jack, queen, or king. There are 16 ten-valued cards and 36 non-tens in a deck of cards, therefore, a ratio exists of 2.25 non-tens to each ten.  If a player knows he will receive a 10-valued card he has an advantage of about 14% or so.
[ 888casino.com ]

ten count system. A system based on the ratio of ten valued cards to non-tens. A ten count system can give perfect insurance decisions.  See Thorp Ten-Count.

Texas Bullseye. (c2023?) A blackjack variant that removes all the 10-point cards from each deck and replaces them with 13 Bullseye cards worth 10 points each.  This game was noticed at a poker casino near Houston.  [ HA ~ 2.4% – 14.78% depending on the size of bet ]
[ wizardofodds.com ]

Tennessee.  In 2016, the state of Tennessee had 7 casinos with 305 blackjack tables.
[ qfit.com ]

ten rich. A term describing that the remaining portion of a deck or shoe has a disproportionately high number of 10-value cards. See rich.

Ten Ten 21.  A blackjack side bet owned by Fair Trade Gaming / Rising Digital Corp and developed for the electronic version of the game.  This is an optional side bet of blackjack where the player bets on the dealer’s first two cards. If the dealer’s up card is a 10-value card, it pays up to 6 to 1 depending on what the dealer’s hole card is.   Not sure if available for live games. MORE INFO
[ ARCHIVE: risingdigital.com ]

Thea and Theo. Brother and sister card counters who went on to run one of the biggest and most successful blackjack teams in history.  TBD
[ PODCAST: May 17, 2018 ]

theo. See Average Daily Theoretical.

theoretical win. (TW) See t-win.

T-H Card Counting Systems. {PCS/L1} (T. Hopper) (c1999) A series of card counting systems from basic playing strategies to advanced systems requiring side counts. T. Hopper maintains a web site on the Blackjack Review Network. At time of writing the following terms represented the complete T-H series:

  • T-H Basic Blackjack: Includes both the T-H Instant and T-H Basic playing strategies and betting counts.
  • T-H Intermediate Blackjack: Count-based playing strategy and worldwide rules variations.
  • T-H Advanced Blackjack: Complete count-based playing and betting strategy, the unbalanced true count for playing and the floating true count for betting.
  • T-H Expert Blackjack: Extended playing strategy, ace side count, and the adjusted pivot for betting.
  • T-H Master Blackjack: Adds the {8,9} side count, with bonus strategies for side bets.
  • T-H Grandmaster Blackjack: The {6,7} side count, with bonus strategies for special rules.
  • T-H Champion Blackjack: The {4,5} side count, and bonus strategies for blackjack variants.

See Bushido Blackjack. See KO.

[ BJRNET ] [ ARCHIVE: blackjackforumonline.com ] [ ARCHIVE: blackjackforumonline.com ]

T-Hop 1 Count. (T-H 1) {PCS/L1} (T. Hopper) An unbalanced card counting system originally designed to be used with the ace-deuce secondary count with KO.

A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
0 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 -1

BC = .88 PE = .65 IC = .87


T-Hop 2 Count. (T-H 1) {PCS/L2} (T. Hopper) An unbalanced counting system.

A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
0 1 1 2 2 2 1 0 0 -2

BC = .91 PE = .67 IC = .90


Thor. (c1980) (Keith Taft)  A modified version of the David concealable blackjack computer.  Thor was reportedly a shuffle tracking computer.

third base.  aka anchorman. The last seat at a blackjack table on the dealer’s right. This is typically the 6th or 7th seat and is dealt to and played last.

BJHFEdward O. ThorpThorp, Edward O (Born Aug 14, 1932) Author of the classic and best selling blackjack book Beat the Dealer and developer of several blackjack counting systems.  Thorp received his Ph.D. in mathematics from UCLA in 1958 and worked at MIT from 1959-1961.  He was a professor of mathematics at the University of California at Irvine from 1965-1977 and a professor of mathematics and finance from 1977-1982.  Thorp is considered by many as the “inventor” of card counting.  A 2003 inductee in the Blackjack Hall of Fame.  Honored at the 21st Blackjack Ball in 2017. See Mickey MacDougall. See Russell Barnhart.
[ Blackjack Hall of Fame ] [ 66 Thorp Beat the Dealer 47 ] [ WIKIPEDIA ]
[ 61 Reno Gazette Newspaper ] [ Ed Thorp Papers ] [ ARCHIVE: blackjackbomb.com ] [ ARCHIVE: Bloomberg ] [ YOUTUBE ] [ YOUTUBE ] [ PODCAST: Feb 11, 2017, Feb 16, 2017 ]

Dr. Ed Thorp at the 21st Blackjack Ball

Thorp Five-Count. {RCS}. (Edward O. Thorp). With the release of his classic best seller Beat the Dealer, Thorp proved to the world (and the casinos) that blackjack could be beaten. He was a major impact in the development of winning strategies for blackjack. See Revere Five-Count.
[ 66 Thorp Beat the Dealer 47 ] [ 86 Gwynn El Cheapo Systems BJF 22 ]

January 29, 1961Before Beat the Dealer was published, the New York Herald Tribune
published this article by Ralph Chapman (January 29, 1961).

Thorp Ten-Count. {TCS}. (Edward O. Thorp) (c1961).

A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 -9

(Converted 10 count)

BC = .72  PE = .61  IC = 1.0

[ 66 Thorp Beat the Dealer 102 ]

Thorp Simple Point-Count. {PCS/L1}. (Edward O. Thorp). See Hi-Lo.

A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
-1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 -1

BC = .97 PE = .51 IC = .76

[ 66 Thorp Beat the Dealer 75 ]

Edward Thorp

Thorp Complete Point-Count. {PCS/L1}. (Edward O. Thorp). A refinement of the simple point count.
[ 66 Thorp Beat the Dealer 93 ] [ Photo: Ed Thorp Interview – Courtesy of The Hot Shoe ]

Thorp Ultimate. {PCS/U}. (Edward O. Thorp).

A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
-9 5 6 8 11 6 4 0 -3 -7

BC = 1.00 PE = .53 IC = .70

[ 62 Thorp Beat the Dealer 165 (1st edition) ] [ 66 Thorp Beat the Dealer 76 (footnote) ]

Three (3) Card Blackjack. (c2010) A blackjack variant originally found in many Washington state casinos.  A single deck is used and the player makes an ante wager and an optional Ace Plus side-bet.  Dealer gives player and himself 3 cards. One dealer card is dealt face up, the other 2 are dealt face down.  Player cards are dealt face down, which the player may look at.  Hands are constructed with any 2 or all 3 cards.  After looking at their cards, players may fold or raise.  Folding forfeits their ante wager, but the Ace Plus wager, if made, will remain in play.  The dealer must have at least 17 to open. (HA ~ 3.42%) (HA ~ 2.75% for Ace Plus wager)
[ wizardofodds.com ]

3 Card Blackjack(Three) 3-Card Blackjack. (c2014) This is the blackjack variant where only one hit card is allowed.  Players can also play for a poker hand. Players decide to either stand on the two-card hand or take one hit card. All bets are at risk when taking a hit. If you go over 21, all bets (Blackjack and Poker Play) are taken. Dealer stands with 16 or higher. Players may only split Aces and may not re-split.  Doubling down is not allowed.
[ coushattacasinoresort.com ]

Three (3) Card Hard Hand (c2010) A blackjack side bet that pays based on the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up card.  Pay off hands include a suited 21, unsuited 21, and 17-20.
[ wizardofodds.com ]

three deck. An uncommon arrangement of decks always dealt from a shoe but more often seen in automatic shuffling machines.

Three Way Action. (c2004) This game is three games in one.  Blackjack is one of the games.  See link below for more information.
[ wizardofodds.com ]

tie. See push

Ties Win Blackjack. (c2005) This blackjack variant game pays 1 to 2 on all ties, mostly by taking away the option to double and split. Players may only hit and stand and winning blackjacks pay even money. Invented by Michael Shackleford. (HA ~ 0.25%) 
[ wizardofodds.com ] [ patentimages.storage.googleapis.com ]

Ties Win Blackjack
Ties Win Blackjack Layout

Tilton, Nathaniel.  (Born Oct 8, 1972) An American former professional blackjack player and author of the book The Blackjack Life.  A certified financial planner, Tilton learned his blackjack and advantage play skills from former MIT blackjack team members Semyon Dukach and Mike Aponte.  From 2007 to 2012, Tilton and fellow player D.A. played blackjack professionally as a two-person team.  Interviewed on the Gambling with an Edge podcast in 2012.
[ WIKIPEDIA ] [ PODCAST: Sep 14, 2012 ]

TIMES. {RWC} (Developed by Don Cierzan and marketed by Jerry Patterson) (c1990) TIMES stands for Table Integrity Master Evaluation System. A system for determining the integrity of the game. Based on features of both TARGET and BIAS Barometer.
[ 91 Patterson Casino Gamblers Network ]

tip, tipping. See toke.

TKO.  Acronym for True Counted KO, a variation of KO.  Users of this system take the unbalanced KO running count and convert to a true count. See KO Count.

TOB.   Acronym for Peter Griffin’s book Theory of Blackjack.

toke. As in a token of gratitude. A tip to the dealer or other casino employee. Also called zukes. Tokes can be given directly to or bet for the dealer. In some casinos the dealers keep their own tokes while in others tokes are pooled and shared. Due to the very small advantage that a card counter can sometimes achieve, excessive toking often turns a positive expectation game into a losing one. It is often recommended to toke dealers only if you can get something in return such as deeper penetration or better shuffles. See toke box. See pocket.
[ 79 Grossman To Tip or Not to Tip… C&S Vol.7, 17 ] [ 80 Reply to Grossman Article C&S Vol.9,64 ] [ 81 Snyder Toking Guidelines for Card Counters BJF ] [ 2/83 Roberts To Toke or Not to Toke… GT 7 ] [ 5/87 Blackjack Toking GT ] [ 90 Malmuth Gambling Theory 116 ]

toke box. A box in the pit where dealer tips are held. Many casinos place a toke box in each table. Some toke boxes are hidden from view.

toke hustling. What dealers do when they make subtle or not so subtle suggestions to players for tokes. Before December of 1980, some Las Vegas casinos were using microphones for surveillance to detect toke hustling and possible cheating violations. The Nevada Gaming Control Board ordered these casinos to remove these devices after hearing a state attorney general’s opinion that the use of microphones was illegal. The order was supposedly obeyed by all casinos involved.
[ 80 Strip Exec Comments on T. H. C&S Vol.13,5 ]

Tony S. Winner of the 2019 Grosjean Cup at the annual Blackjack Ball.

Top Deck Blackjack. An optional single-deck side bet first offered at the Club Cal-Neva in Reno in 1992. The house would pay 17 to 1 odds for a blackjack dealt on the first hand after a shuffle. Players could bet on their own hand, the dealer’s hand or both. The payoff is increased to 20 to 1 when both the player and the dealer have blackjacks. Typical side bet limits were $10 – $25.
[ 6/92 17-1 Blackjack at Club Cal-Neva BJC ] Total Bust Blackjack

Total Bust Blackjack. (c2018) A blackjack variant that pays a premium when the dealer busts with 23 or more points.  This requires a side-bet that wins if the player wins with a starting hand of an odd number of points. (HA ~ 1.37%)
[ wizardofodds.com ]

Desert Inn Tournament 1985tournament. A popular variation to casino blackjack where players compete against the dealer and other players. Although a casino dealer is used to deal the cards the object of the game is not to beat the dealer but rather to end up with the most money or chips at the end of each round. Blackjack tournament entry fees can range from $25 to $1000 or more. Playing and betting strategies used by knowledgeable tournament players differ significantly from regular blackjack.  
[ blackjacktournaments.com/ ] [ blackjackinfo.com ]
[ 81 Friedman A Seq. Decision Model for Tour. BJ… ] [ 81 Uston Million Dollar Blackjack 307 ] [ 84 Wolfe/Sludikoff Desert Inn BJ T… C&S Vol.26,56 ] [ 84 Wong T. Strategy for Craps & 21 C&S Vol.28,8 ] [ 86 Griffin BJ Experts Take a Bath in Reno Tour. BJF ] [ 1/86 BJ Tournament Winner Tells Everything GT ] [ 6/86 Snyder BJ Tournaments: The Next Attack BJF 9 ] [ 12/86 Snyder Interview With a Tournament Pro BJF ] [ 91 Olsen A Winning Strategy for Tournament BJ ] [ 92 Wong Casino Tournament Strategy ] [ Olsen BJC ]

TP3.  See 21+3.

TrackjackTrackjack.  (TJ) (c2000 – 2016) The former RGE and AdvantagePlayer.com database-driven, information-sharing network that tracks table conditions (variations in blackjack rules and procedures), user comments and news items!  According to its “About Trackjack” page, the Trackjack system allowed players and RGE reporters to share the information required to plan a trip that is profitable and safe for professional players, or that maximizes the entertainment and comp value of the blackjack enthusiasts’ play.  Viktor Nacht was the creator of Trackjack.  Michael Belgard was the editor.
[ ARCHIVE: TrackJack.com 2011 ] [ bjinsider.com ] [ blackjacktheforum.com ]

track zone. A shuffle tracking definition. A set of cards of pre-determined size (usually based on shuffle procedure) for which a count is obtained. See play zone.

TMtrademarks.  Interested in trademarks that are related to blackjack?  Check out the entries and links under patents.

Travis, Rozanna and Jo. Two female advantage players who started out as card counters on one of the largest blackjack teams of all times.
[ PODCASTS: Nov 23, 2017, Dec 7, 2017 ]

tray. See chip tray.

TRB. Acronym for Tens Ratio Betting. See NBJ.

trente-un. The earliest known reference to a forefather of blackjack was a Spanish game called “trente-un” meaning “thirty-one”.  The game was first mentioned in a sermon in 1440 by a famous French monk, Bernadine.  See Vingt-et-un.
[ ARCHIVE: blackjackforumonline.com ]

Trespass Act or trespass warning When you are told by casino security, “Please leave! If you come back you will be arrested for trespassing” or “Should you return without being reinstated you’re subject to being arrested for trespassing” or similar wording.  See bar. See Bob Nersesian.


Tri-Level Blackjack. {PBS} {PCS/L2}. (c1977?). Professional Research, Mineola, NY. A system developed by an outfit that was in the horse system selling business for many years. The 16 page booklet offers an inaccurate basic strategy and a questionable card count.  Why even think of this 2-level count – the 1-level Hi-Lo count has the same BC and better PE and IC.

A  2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
-2 1 1 1 2 1 1 0 -1 -1

BC = .97 PE = .45 IC = .57

[ 1/77 Rouge et Noir 10 ] [ 80 C&S Vol.14, 51 ]

TriLux Blackjack.  An optional blackjack side bet based on the first two player cards and the dealer up card. If the player receives one of three possible winning hands, they win.
[ wizardofodds.com ] [ sggaming.com ]

trip bankroll. See bankroll.

trip risk of ruin. See risk of ruin.

Triple Action Blackjack. See Multiple Action Blackjack.

Triple Attack Blackjack.  (c2010) A blackjack variation from Galaxy Gaming where you can add to your bet after you see your first card.  Then you can add to it again after seeing the dealer’s up card.  All tens are removed in this game and blackjack pay even money.  Players only push when the dealer busts with exactly 22. (HA = 0.86% to 1.17%)
[ wizardofodds.com ] [ discountgambling.net ]

Triple Chance. (TC) (c1992) A blackjack variation that is similar to Multiple Action Blackjack except the dealer deals himself three separate up-cards. Players are required to make two or three bets on separate circles. Each hand is played against a separate up-card. Unlike Multiple Action Blackjack, the correct basic strategy for this game is to not play it!

Triple Shot. (c2009) A table game that includes 3 games in one:  War, Blackjack and Poker, or any combination of these games.  Bets are independent of each other.  (HA ~ 1.84% for blackjack)
[ wizardofodds.com ]

Triple Win 20Triple Win 20. (TW20) (2018) A blackjack variation that debuted in Deadwood, South Dakota in May 2018.  The player is trying to reach the value of 11 (1:1 payoff) with one card or the value of 20 with two or more cards (1:1 payoff). If your first two cards are suited Jacks, Queens or Kings the player is paid off at 3:2.  The player can also win by reaching a hand value that is higher than the dealer with 2 or more cards.  Hands higher than 20 are busted – including 21.   Dealer draws to a hard 16 only.  Six decks are used and insurance is not allowed.  Created by Terry Houk and Greg Wilson.
[ ARCHIVE: triplewin20.com ]

Triple Up 21.  (TU21) (c2009) A blackjack variation that allows players to triple up (triple your bet) on your two initial cards.  Blackjacks pay even money. (HA = 1.02%)
[ wizardofodds.com ]

true count. (TC) Also called the true. Also called the count per deck. The running count (RC) adjusted for the number of cards or decks remaining to be played. This is typically expressed as:


TC = RC / N

Where N = Number of remaining decks

The true count is a much more important indicator of the a player’s advantage than is the running count. An increase of one true count unit is often estimated to be worth about +0.5% overall to the player. As an example, if there were 2 decks left in a 6 deck game and the running count was 5 the true count would be only 2.5. Card counters using a balanced count need to be able to figure the true count in order to accurately implement point count play variations and to properly size their bets.
[ Sim Example: True Count Won/Lost for Hi-Lo Count ] [ blackjackincolor.com ] [ 9/82 Snyder How True is Your True Count BJF 4 ] [ 83 Snyder Blackbelt in Blackjack 57 ] [ 91 Zender Card Counting for the Casino Exec 52 ] [ 92 Carlson Blackjack For Blood 78 ]

Running Count Conversion Chart
Running Count Conversion Chart

True Counted KO. See TKO.

TruCount. See Olsen TruCount.

Tsao, Laurie. A former member of the MIT Blackjack Team
[ History VS Hollywood ]

tubes. Dealer terminology for the columns in a chip tray where checks are kept.

Turfwin Blackjack. {PBS}. (c1976) (J. Williams) Port Washington, NY. TBD
[ 1/77 Rouge et Noir 13 ]

turkey. A casino slang term for a player who is unfamiliar with the social and situational etiquette of the casino. Turkeys are often the first to be hustled for tokes.
[ 88 Watson Beating Casino’s Blackjack 54 ]

the turn. See Edge Sorting.

Turner, Robert Mike.  aka Bootlegger. (Dec 19, 1950-May 18, 2011) Author of the book Bootlegger’s 200 Proof Blackjack. According to BlackjackInfo.com, Mike Turner passed away in 2011, from lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma, a form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
[ bj21.com ] [ blackjackinfo.com ] [ legacy.com ] [ 97 Evolution of a Card Counter BJR ]

turn-over. {CS}. A cheating technique the dealer can use in a hand held game whereby he turns over the deck and deals cards already just played.
[ 88 Watson Beating Casino’s Blackjack 65 ]

TvBet Blackjack. (c2022?) A blackjack variant from TvBet, a provider of live dealer games for online casinos.  This is a single deck game where the player and dealer both draw until 17 or more.  You can wager on the winning outcome and there are other proposition bets.  See 21 Bet.
[ wizardofodds.com ]

twenty-one. The original name of the game of blackjack. See natural. See blackjack history.

Twenty-One (21) Burn Blackjack. (c2015) A blackjack variant offered by Betsoft for Internet casino blackjack.  Rules allow the player to burn his second card for a random card.  To burn, the player must wager 1/2 of his original bet.  Blackjacks pay even money. (HA ~ 0.54% – 0.64%)
[ wizardofodds.com ]

Twenty-One (21) Duel Blackjack. (c2016) A blackjack variant from Playtech.  In this game, blackjacks are just 21 points.  Players make an Ante bet and an optional 2 Up side-bet.  Players are dealt two cards, one face up and one face down, dealers get 2 cards face down and there are 2 community cards.  Players may fold and lose the Ante bet or select the left card or right card to combine with the player’s face up card.  Hitting and standing are allowed… 
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Twin Blackjack. (c2001?) A blackjack variation where you can make two bets.  If you get two blackjacks they pay 2 to 1.  If the blackjacks are identical they pay 4 to 1.  Very nice, however, you can’t double after split and splitting is limited to two times. Michael Shackleford reports he saw this at the Stardust in August 2001. [HA ~ 0.44%]
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Twisted 21Twisted 21. (c2019) (aka Twisted 21 Stud) A blackjack variant with a poker twist.   Single deck, dealers hit soft 17, blackjacks pay 6 to 5, no splitting, dealer peeks for blackjack and both player and dealer are limited to five cards.   The game includes a Stud Bonus side-bet which is based on the player’s five cards.  Players start with two cards face up and three face down.  If the player wants to hit or double down, he chooses one of his down cards. (HA ~ 1.92%) ((HA ~ 2.49% for Stud Bonus side-bet)
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t-win.   (TW) A casino acronym for “theoretical win”. Casinos often return a percentage of a player’s theoretical win (t-win) as comps, including room, food, beverages, airfare, etc.  See a-win.  See ADT. The formula generally used by the casino to determine t-win is:


TW = (Size of bet) * (Hours Played) * (Hands per Hour) * (House Advantage)

two deck. As in a two deck game. A game dealt from two decks, usually hand-held.  See double-deck.
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2 Faced BlackjackTwo Face Blackjack.  (aka 2 Face Blackjack) (c2013) A blackjack variation from Xcite Gaming.  This game is played with a short deck (48 cards) with no Tens and a winning blackjack pays even money.  Whenever the dealer has a face card up, he will reveal the hole card.  Double after splitting and late surrender is allowed along with doubling on any first two cards and splitting up to four hands (except Aces). (HA ~ 0.34% – 0.41%)
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twofer. A $2.50 chip. This chip is so designed to allow easy payoff of a blackjack win on a $5 bet. See pinks.


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