Blackjack Strategy Types


A countless number of blackjack systems and methods (blackjack types) have appeared over the years. Many have been proven worthwhile for exploiting the profit potential of this game. Others, however, are probably not worth even mentioning. For example, all the progressive betting system {PBS} type strategies mentioned are for historical purposes only and to inform the reader of their existence. It has been proven time and time again that no betting system alone can overcome the house’s advantage in blackjack or in any casino game, for that matter.

The following keys are enclosed within { } when used elsewhere in this book:

 {BS}Basic Strategy – A mathematically derived and computer proven system providing the optimal way of playing any hand and based only on the values of the player’s cards and dealer’s up-card.
 {PBS}Progressive Betting System These methods are worthless unless you are using them for cover.
 {RCS}Rank Count System – A simplified counting system taking into account only one or two card values.
 {TCS}Ten Count System – A system based on the ratio of ten valued cards to non-tens. A ten count system can give perfect insurance decisions. 
 {PCS}Point Count System – A card counting system in which a card is assigned a value, either positive, negative, or zero, as it is played.  Check out the Card Counting System Comparison chart.
   {PCS/L1} Point Count System / Level 1 (Example Hi-Lo)
   {PCS/L2}Point Count System / Level 2 (Example Hi-Opt II)
   {PCS/L3}Point Count System / Level 3 (Example DMPro)
   {PCS/Ln}Point Count System / Level n
   {PCS/U} Point Count System / Ultimate (Example Griffin Ultimate)


Counting StrategyTechniques and methods used to optimize a traditional card counting system.



Shuffle Tracking System And other techniques based on proven card location strategies.



Real World Conditions Strategy Methods based on the hypothesis that dealer and player biases exist due to the effects of non-random shuffles. Some RWC labeled methods listed in this book also include progressive betting requirements.  It is the opinion of the author of this book that these methods are worthless unless you are using them for cover.



Hole Card Strategy Techniques used to determine the dealer’s hole-card including tell play.  Also included are strategies related to knowing the next card out of the deck(s).



Cheating StrategyFor your own protection, you should be aware of these techniques, however, I do not wish to encourage any player to cheat.




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