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Blackjack: A Professional Reference

“The Encyclopedia of Casino Twenty-One”
By Michael Dalton

About the book
Internet Edition

Blackjack: A Professional Reference is truly an outstanding addition to my blackjack library. This book should be in every serious blackjack player’s collection of meaningful references. It is the most comprehensive compilation of material of its kind.”
Ralph Stricker – Author of the Silver Fox Blackjack System.

“Anyone doing serious research on the game will love this book. Dalton has performed a valuable service for all serious players by putting this all together. Highly recommended. There is nothing else like it.”
Arnold SnyderBlackjack Forum March 1991

“…this edition [2nd] also gets my highest recommendation. In my opinion, every serious card counter should have this book on the shelf. It is simply the best single source or information available pertinent to the whole range of interests of today’s blackjack players.”
Arnold SnyderBlackjack Forum June 1992

“…a valuable reference. It’s a current unified overview of the literature and the subject for the intelligent educated practitioner.”
Edward O. Thorp – Author of Beat the Dealer

“The second edition looks great. …you have the most complete section I have ever seen describing blackjack software.”
Stanford WongCurrent Blackjack News

“A spectacular piece of work! There is nothing else remotely like it anywhere.”
Donald Schlesinger – A much respected contributor to the wisdom of the game

“Dalton’s book is one of a kind on the subject of blackjack. It’s a dictionary of terms, a resource guide, a tutorial, and a history book, all bound together in 200 very readable pages. … As implied by the title, this is, indeed, a reference book — one that belongs in the library of both serious and recreational blackjack players.”
Maryann Guberman – Card Player May 1994

Blackjack: A Professional Reference will save much time and research in leading to virtually all material in print… The reference section is great. In my opinion, this is the first book that should be purchased by anyone seriously interested in this game.”
Yancy Howard – Blackjack Review

“The best blackjack resource book of its kind in print. Innovative, informative and interesting. Highly recommended.”
Eddie OlsenBlackjack Confidential April 1991

Blackjack: A Professional Reference… would best be subtitled “an encyclopedia of blackjack”. The greatest names, authors, theorists, counters, conference paper presenters are here… The books, the theories, the counts, the computer software, the counting devices are included.”
Howard SchwartzSports Form Newspaper April 1991 [Howard Schwartz is manager of the Gambler’s Book Club in Las Vegas]

“…a must buy for all serious players.”
Bryce Carlson – Author of Blackjack For Blood

“It’s a great tool”
Victor Shelley – Author of Ne Plus Ultra blackjack software

“I love blackjack and find your book The Encyclopedia of Casino Twenty-One the best B-J book I have ever read.”
LN – Madrid, Spain

“I am a very advanced player, counter – nearly Pro.  Information from your reference helped me a lot to improve my skills and start to take an advantage of casinos world-wide.”
TS – United Kingdom


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