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21 News21 News. (Michael Hall) Self published. (Only 3 issues were ever published from Dec 1990 – April 1991).
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– Excellent. Highly recommended. Michael Hall was one of the brilliant minds contributing to rec.gambling.blackjack (RGB) and rec.gambling.blackjack.moderated (RGBM). This newsletter gives us a glimpse into some of the best that has come out of RGB and RGBM. See link below for more information. ISSUE1 ISSUE2 ISSUE3 OUT OF PRINT
[ REVIEW: Eliot Jacobson ]

All In Blackjack MagazineAll In Blackjack. (Kasey Thompson) Time/Warner Retail Services (c2007 ~ 14 issues or so ???)
Review TBD.
A two-in-one magazine that covered poker and blackjack.  The magazine had two covers – front and back – one for poker and one for blackjack.  According to Ken Smith, some of the strongest blackjack tournament strategy articles in print are in these issues. OUT OF PRINT

Blackjack ConfidentialBlackjack Confidential. (BJC) (Eddie Olsen) Blackjack Confidential Publishing, Cherry Hill, New Jersey. (Published 10 times a year from March 1986 – 2004?) INDEX AVAILABLE
Thumbs Up / Down– Good. Recommended with reservations. Provided excellent newspaper style reporting of blackjack events around the world. However, Blackjack Confidential has had its share of new ideas, methods and techniques that were considered controversial by most traditional experts. Eddie Olsen, the publisher, was the developer of the TARGET method (Not recommended). Good reporting of blackjack conditions across the country. Past issues (1990-91) have covered Olsen’s TARGET 1990 method and Olsen’s traditional TruCount unbalanced card counting system. This publication had the best blackjack tournament reporting of any publication and had improved considerably in its later years. In 1995, a Blackjack Extra supplement was begun. Casino advertising. OUT OF PRINT
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Blackjack ExtraBlackjack Extra. (BJE) (Eddie Olsen) Blackjack Confidential Publishing, Cherry Hill, New Jersey. (Published 4 times a year from 1995 – 2004?)
Thumbs Up / Down– Good.  Recommended with reservations.  This was a supplement to Blackjack Confidential Magazine (see above) and was only published four times a year.  Included tournament listings, discounts, specials, contests and additional news worthy blackjack articles.  Casino advertising. OUT OF PRINT

Blackjack ForumBlackjack Forum. (BJF) (Arnold Snyder) RGE Publishing, Oakland, CA. (Published 4 times a year since March 1981.) INDEX AVAILABLE
star.gif (5411 bytes)– Outstanding. Highly recommended for all serious card counters. Published in March, June, September, and December. During its publication run, Blackjack Forum had provided players with some of the most accurate and reliable information for beating this game found anywhere. Arnold Snyder’s reporting was no-nonsense, technical in nature, and usually very reliable when it came to traditional card counting techniques and methods. Good reporting of table conditions around the world. RGE Publishing was also a good source for a number of good blackjack books, reports, software, etc. No casino advertising. OUT OF PRINT
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Blackjack InsiderBlackjack Insider Newsletter. (BIN) (Henry Tamburin and Dan Pronovost) Published monthly since 2001 – 2017.
star.gif (5411 bytes)– Excellent. Highly recommended. Good to excellent strategy advice on blackjack and other gambling games. Includes a free and paid version of the newsletter. From the advertising: “Blackjack Insider is a professional monthly publication with top-notch articles by world-renown gaming experts. In addition, we have regular reporters that monitor game conditions and tournament schedules throughout North America. We use a partially paid subscriber model to enable us to continue getting the best content for our readers from leading authors on blackjack and gaming. Tamburin announced that he was retiring and the last issue of BIN was to be in December 2017. OUT OF PRINT
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Blackjack MonthlyBlackjack Monthly. (BJM) (Robert Gates) Richard Canfield & Associates, Escondido, CA. (Published monthly from 1987 – 199?.)
Thumbs Up– Good. Recommended. Provided good reporting of blackjack games in Las Vegas, Laughlin and Atlantic City. A feature article was usually included with playing tips, “tell” of the month, and a schedule of tournaments. Source of Richard Canfield’s systems, books, videos, and software. No casino advertising. OUT OF PRINT

Blackjack ReviewBlackjack Review. (BJR) (Michael Dalton) Spur of the Moment Publishing, PO BOX 541967, Merritt Island, FL 32954. (Published quarterly from Summer 1992 – Winter 1998) INDEX AVAILABLE
Thumbs Up– This quarterly publication is published by the author of this book. It provided best bets in Las Vegas, Reno/Lake Tahoe, Laughlin, Atlantic City, the riverboats, Indian reservations, cruise ships and other locations. In depth reporting of casino conditions across the country and advice for beginners as well as the experienced pro. No casino advertising. OUT OF PRINT
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Boardwalker InternationalBoardwalker International. (BWI) Michael Borowitz) Atlantic City, NJ. (1977 – 198?)
Thumbs Up– A monthly magazine (min 9 issues/year) that primarily covered Atlantic City games. Past issues have carried featured articles and interviews with Michael Borowitz, “Dominic”, Peter Demos, Julian Braun, Lance Humble, Jerry Patterson, Arnold Snyder, Ken Uston, and Stanford Wong. OUT OF PRINT Feb 1981 | Sep/Oct 1982
[ 83 Snyder Blackbelt in Blackjack 123 ] [ 12/80 Wong BJW 211 ] [ 6/83 Wong BJW 101 ]

Casino and SportsCasino & Sports. (C&S) GBC; (28 volumes) (1977-1985?)
Thumbs Up– Very good. Recommended. An offshoot of Systems and Methods magazine. This publication was published by the GBC in Las Vegas from 1977 to about 1985. This bi-monthly digest covered all aspects of casino gaming and sports betting. It also contained a wealth of blackjack material with inputs and articles by some of the most respected blackjack authorities. OUT OF PRINT
[ 12/80 Wong BJW 211 ]


Computer Gambling ForumComputer Gambling Forum / Gambler’s Information Service. (CGF-GIS) John Imming / Real World Casino; (Intended to be published quarterly ?? since 1996)
Thumbs Up– Very good. Recommended.  Subtitled, “Blackjack Compendium“.  Edited by John Imming, author of several outstanding blackjack simulation programs during the late 1980s / early 1990s.  I believe only one hard-copy issue was ever published dated 1996.  This premier 47 page issue was intended primarily as an online information service that was associated with Imming’s Real World Casino gambling simulation software.  The first issue published included information on, The Implied Count, The Cut Card Effect, A Complete Analysis of Selective Shuffling, Multiparameter Ace Adjusts for Double Downs (Omega II) and comments from experts such as Don Schlesinger, Bryce Carlson, John Imming and others.  OUT OF PRINT

Current Blackjack NewsCurrent Blackjack News. (CBN) Stanford Wong) Pi Yee Press, La Jolla, CA. (Published monthly plus special issues since 1979 under different formats and names.) INDEX AVAILABLE
star.gif (5411 bytes)– Excellent. Highly recommended for serious card counters. In its current format it is at best a 1-3 page newsletter, however, in my opinion, it is still the best traditional table condition reporting for Nevada available anywhere. Originally, when you first subscribed you got a complete handbook (Instant Update) that contained blackjack rules for virtually every casino in Nevada and Atlantic City. This handbook was updated monthly as part of your subscription. Wong also provided a FAX service for hot items. Free catalog is available offering other blackjack related materials. This publication and was sold to Joshua Chan and the LCB Network in February of 2016.
[ WIKIPEDIA: Stanford Wong ] [ ]

The Experts Blackjack NewsletterThe Experts Blackjack Newsletter. (EBN) Stanley Sludikoff aka Stanley Roberts) Gambling Times Inc., Van Nuys, CA. (19?? – 19??)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Published off and on since 1982 by the folks that brought you Gambling Times & WIN Magazine. This publication has occasionally carried some good blackjack material over the years, however, in my opinion, it contained a lot of unreliable and controversial material. Contrary to its title, you probably won’t find experts like Arnold Snyder, Stanford Wong, and Michael Dalton writing articles here. It seems that Sludikoff didn’t even acknowledge that Wong and Snyder existed. What a shame! In 1991 Stanley Roberts advertised his School of Winning Blackjack 3-day instruction seminars in Southern California. Only $895 tuition and you too can be an expert! OUT OF PRINT

The Gambling ProspectorThe Gambling Prospector. (GP) Dewey Bryan) Token Press, Littleton, CO. (Published monthly 1991 – ????)
Thumbs Up– Very good. Highly recommended for players in the Colorado area. This publication was fashioned after the Las Vegas Advisor. It included a top 10 list (called The Ten Most Wanted) and best bet advice for the blackjack games around the state. OUT OF PRINT

Gambling TimesGambling Times Magazine. (GT) Stanley Sludikoff aka Stanley Roberts) Gambling Times Inc., Van Nuys, CA. (Published monthly from February 1977 to April 1988.)
Thumbs Up / Down– Good. Recommended with reservations. You will find a wealth of material here which documents some of the history of card counting. This was a slick newsstand publication covering all aspects of casino gambling. This publication was an outlet for Stanley Roberts school of blackjack, books, and materials. Reintroduced in 1990 as WIN Magazine. See WIN Magazine. OUT OF PRINT
[ 80 Sludikoff Reply to… C&S V13,26 ] [ 12/80 Wong BJW 211 ] [ 92 The Gambing Times & WIN Magazine Master Index ]

International Gambler's Club NewsletterInternational Blackjack Club Newsletter. (IBCN) Lance Humble aka Igor Kusyszyn) Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. (1974-c1990s ?)
Thumbs Up / Down– Recommended with some reservations. A somewhat quarterly newsletter in publication since 1974. Reports on blackjack playing conditions throughout the world. Also known as the the International Gambler’s Club Newsletter. Although this publication is currently recommended players should be aware that much of the content of this publication during the 1990s was a copy of Arnold Snyder’s and Stanford Wong’s material. Humble occasionally published an interesting reader’s letter and often promoted his harness racing strategies. Lance Humble was the creator and publisher of the Hi-Opt strategies. OUT OF PRINT

Jerry Patterson’s Blackjack Bulletin. (JPBB) Jerry Patterson. Casino Gaming Specialists, Voorhees, NJ. (c1981-????)
Thumbs Up– A quarterly (?) newsletter once available only to graduates of Patterson’s Blackjack Clinic. OUT OF PRINT
[ 83 Snyder Blackbelt in Blackjack 124 ] [ 5/83 Wong CBN V5,92 ] [ 10/82 Wong BJW V4,159 ]

Ken Uston's Blackjack NewslettersKen Uston’s Blackjack Newsletters. (KUBN) (Ken Uston) Philadelphia, PA. (1979-81 bound)
Thumbs Up– Good. Recommended. Formerly called Ken Uston’s Newsletter on Blackjack. First issue dated July/Aug 1979. A bit old and outdated but makes for interesting reading. All issues were bound into a single volume. OUT OF PRINT
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Stanford Wong's Blackjack NewslettersStanford Wong’s Blackjack Newsletters: Including Blackjack World, Nevada Blackjack, Current Blackjack News. (Bound annually) (Stanford Wong) Pi Yee Press, La Jolla, CA, (Vol.1 – 6, 1979-84) INDEX AVAILABLE
star.gif (5411 bytes)– Excellent. Highly recommended. Contains valuable information not available elsewhere. OUT OF PRINT
[ 81 Patterson BJ: A Winner’s Hand.. 164 ] [ AMAZON: Volume 1 ] [ AMAZON: Volume 2 ] [ AMAZON: Volume 3 ] [ AMAZON: Volume 4 ] [ AMAZON: Volume 5  [ AMAZON: Volume 6 ]

Systems and Methods. (S&M) Published by the GBC; (1974-198?)
Thumbs Up– Good. Recommended. Once included coverage of the entire gambling scene before splitting up with Casino and Sports. The first 18 issues have good blackjack articles. Systems and Methods then concentrated on parimutuel betting sports reporting. OUT OF PRINT
[ 12/80 Wong BJW 210 ]

WIN MagazineWIN Magazine. (WIN) (Formerly Gambling Times Magazine). (Stanley Sludikoff aka Stanley Roberts) Gambling Times Inc., Van Nuys, CA 91406, (818) 781-9355. (Published 10 times/year since February 1990.) INDEX AVAILABLE
Thumbs Up / Down– Not recommended however… A slick newsstand publication covering all aspects of casino gambling. General interest articles make for fun reading and occasionally you will find some good articles on blackjack and gambling in general. This publication was an outlet for Stanley Roberts school of blackjack, books, and materials. See The Experts Blackjack Newsletter. OUT OF PRINT
[ 92 The Gambling Times & WIN Magazine Master Index ]

Winner’s Circle Newsletter. (WCN) (Henry Tamburin) Toms River , NJ. (198? – 4/1986)
Thumbs Up– Good. Recommended. Reported on blackjack as well as the other casino games with concentration on Atlantic City. OUT OF PRINT
[ 6/86 Wong Winning Game ]

Winning Gamer. (WG) (Stanford Wong) Pi Yee Press, La Jolla, CA. (21 issues published monthly from 10/1984 – 6/1986)
Thumbs Up– Good. Recommended. Reported on blackjack as well as the other casino games with concentration on Nevada. Typically 4 or so pages per issue. Not as technical and extensive as his other newsletters (see above entry under Stanford Wong’s Blackjack Newsletters …). OUT OF PRINT
[ 12/84 Snyder BJF 46 ]

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