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Equinox_video.jpg (20036 bytes)Allen, Ray. Taking the Edge. (c1981)
– Review TBD. According to Stanford Wong this is an excellent video on false shuffling.
[11/81 Wong Nevada Blackjack Vol.3,189]

Equinox. The Gambler’s Guide To Winning. Channel 4 Video UK; 1995
Review TBD. Ed Thorp explains how his system works and recalls how the casino owners did everything in their power to keep him out. Also Frank George explains how his horse racing system works.
[ peninsula-films.demon.co.uk/credits.html ]

star.gif (5411 bytes)Forte, Steve. Gambling Protection Series. (GPS) c1988. (4 volumes – approx. 50 min each)

– Outstanding. Highly recommended. Goes into more detail than Beat a Cheat. This incredible series is not only an expos’e of the tricks of card mechanics but they can also be used to teach someone these methods.
  • Volume I  Cheating at cards. Demonstrations of false shuffles (including the break shuffle, chop shuffle, slip shuffle, false riffle shuffle, cuts), stacking, picking, haymow, chop, riffle, interlace. How to nullify an honest cut.

  • Volume II  Marked cards, peeking and shiners, signals between players & cheating during the deal. Slow motion is used to demonstrate cheating moves. Includes flash work, luminous readers, trims, belly strippers and how an otherwise honest looking unopened “new” deck can be setup by a cheater. Also covers peeking and false dealing (seconds, bottoms, centers).

  • Volume III  Holding out, mucking, switching decks, specialized moves for poker, blackjack, gin and bridge. Includes coolers, switches, copping, capping, and how misdirection and distration factors are introduced. How to defend yourself against the cold deck and pre-arranged signals.

  • Volume IV  Cheating at dice.

[3/88 Snyder Volume III Review BJF 50]
[12/86 Snyder Volume IV Review BJF 48]
[ AMAZON:  MMS Gambling Protection Series (3 DVD Set) by Steve Forte – DVD ] [ BJRNET: blackjackreview.com/wp/catalog/blackjack-videos/ ]

star.gif (5411 bytes)Joseph, Mike. Beat a Cheat: Secrets of a Card Sharp, Premiere Home Video, Hollywood, CA 90038; 1989. (45 min)
– Excellent. Highly recommended. Good introduction to the secrets of card mechanics. Card expert Mike Joseph demonstrates false shuffles, stacking, dealing seconds, peeking, false cuts, card marking techniques, palming and mucking. He also demonstrates the faro shuffle.
[12/89 Snyder Blackjack Forum 11] [6/89 Snyder Blackjack Forum 50] [ AMAZON: Beat a Cheat: Secrets of a Card Sharp [VHS] ]

Munari, Geno. Casino Table Game Cheating Exposed. Munari Communications Prod., Las Vegas, NV; 1991. (1 hour 45 min)
– Very good. Recommended. A good expos’e on blackjack cheating methods including peeking, marked cards, seconds, hold out methods, crimping, hollow, chips, dealer cheating, coffee cup scam, warped cards, flashing, card removal, false shuffles, shiners, strippers, coolers and gaffed shoes. Also includes information on roulette, baccarat and dice scams.

star.gif (5411 bytes)Darwin Ortiz on Card CheatingOrtiz, Darwin. Darwin Ortiz on Card Cheating. A-1 MagicalMedia; c2000. (2 hour 12 min)
Excellent. Recommended.  From the advertising: “Learn 60 techniques that are among the closely-guarded secrets of the card-cheating underworld!
21 False Shuffles & Cuts, 6 Stacking Techniques, 8 False Dealing Methods, 21 Palms & Switches. Mr Ortiz also performs one of the most diabolical card scams ever created: The Three-Card Monte, used by hustlers and cheats around the world to separate suckers from their cash!
[ Dec 99 Blackjack Forum 111 ]
[ AMAZON: Darwin Ortiz on Card Cheating ]

Turner, Richard. The Cheat. Showdown Creations, Inc. (2 volumes – 50 min each)
– Good. Recommended. More than 100 cheating techniques for poker and blackjack. Examples of false shuffles, nullifying the cut, partial shifts, crimps and bridges, and palming. Also includes stacking the deck, switches and peeking. Blackjack techniques include second dealing and stacked decks. Slow motion used for many moves.
[ AMAZON: The Cheat by Richard Turner ]