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This is a selection of books that may be relevant to blackjack players and advantage play in general. This includes books on travel, comps and legal advice.

Get Paid to GambleRichard Armstrong. Get Paid to Gamble. Slot Detector Co. 1992, 1996. (62 pages)
Thumbs Up– Very good. Recommended. Subtitled, The Inside Story of Casino Comps. This book explains how casinos “rate” players and how the average player can get the most of the casinos in the form of comps and freebies.
[ Sum 93 Snyder BJF 102 ] [ AMAZON: Get Paid to Gamble ]

International Casino GuideJoseph Bain and Eli Dror (Editors). Casinos: The International Casino Guide. B.D.I.T. / Odysseus Enterprises; 1989 – 1999. (432 – 566 pages)
Thumbs Up– Good. Recommended. General descriptions (including address and phone numbers) of most of the casinos around the world (85 countries including Cruise ship casinos). However, this book is primarily written for tourists and travel agents and not blackjack players. They do include which games are offered, the number of tables and table limits. The latest edition reviewed included more data on the Canadian casinos, cruise ship casinos and some information on the Indian reservation casinos in the U.S.A. Updated every year or so. Last issue appears to be in 1999 (6th edition).
[ 3/90 Snyder BJF ] [ 3/91 Snyder BJF 50 ] [ AMAZON: Casinos: The International Casino Guide ]

Round Games With CardsWray Baxter. Round Games With Cards. Frederick A. Stokes Co. / Porch Publishing ; 1891 / 2011 (112 / 253 pages)
Review TBD. Edited by Lovely Porch. Subtitled, A Practical Treatise on All the Most Popular Games, With Their Different Variations, and Hints for Their Practice. Provides considerable insight into the history of cards and card games.
[ AMAZON: Round Games With Cards ]

The Mathematics of GamblingJohn D. Beasley. The Mathematics of Gambling. Dover Publications; 1989, 2006 (169, 176 pages)
Review TBD. Covers the games, card shuffling, dice and luck. From the advertising, “‘Mind-exercising and thought-provoking.’—New Scientist If playing games is natural for humans, analyzing games is equally natural for mathematicians. Even the simplest of games involves the fundamentals of mathematics, such as figuring out the best move or the odds of a certain chance event. This entertaining and wide-ranging guide demonstrates how simple mathematical analysis can throw unexpected light on games of every type—games of chance, games of skill, games of chance and skill, and automatic games. Just how random is a card shuffle or a throw of the dice? Is bluffing a valid poker strategy? How can you tell if a puzzle is unsolvable? How large a role does luck play in games like golf and soccer? This book examines each of these issues and many others, along with the general principles behind such classic puzzles as peg solitaire and Rubik’s cube. Lucid, instructive, and full of surprises, it will fascinate mathematicians and gamesters alike.”
[ 5/93 Schwartz BJC 30 ] [ AMAZON: Mathematics of Gambling ]

The Psychology of GamblingEdmund Bergler. The Psychology of Gambling. Wang Publications / Intl Univ Press; 1957, 1985 (244 pages)
Review TBD. From the advertising, “Chapters: 1. Is Everyone who gambles a Gambler? 2. The Gambler’s Conscious Motivations 3. Where logic ends, and unconscious takes over 4. The mysterious thrill in gambling 5. The feeling of un-canniness in gambling 6. The inner identity of games of “chance” and of “reasoning”. 7. Speculators, big and small 8. Typology of Gamblers 9. The clinical complexity of Gamblers 10. Excerpts from case histories of five analytically cured Gamblers 11. Superstition and systems in gambling 12. Gambling – a losing proposition.
[ 84 C&S Vol.28,56 ] [ AMAZON: Psychology of Gambling ]

Mike Caro's Book of TellsMike Caro. Mike Caro’s Book of Tells. Gambling Times, Hollywood, CA; 1984? (294 pages)
Thumbs Up– Good. Recommended. Although primarily written for poker players, the blackjack player will find much of importance here. Caro uses 179 photos to show how unconscious moves by players can be exploited.
[ 84 C&S Vol.28,34 ] [ AMAZON: Book of Tells ]

Las VegasDeke Castleman. Las Vegas. Moon Publications / Compass American Guides;1993, 1997 (300 pages)
Thumbs Up– Excellent. Highly recommended. One of the best guidebooks to Las Vegas available anywhere. At time of writing, Deke Castleman was managing editor of the Las Vegas Advisor. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a newer edition written for the 2000s.
[ AMAZON: Las Vegas ]

Nevada HandbookDeke Castleman. Nevada Handbook. Moon Publications, Inc. 1989, 1991, 2005 (418 ~ 428 pages)
Thumbs Up– Excellent. Highly recommended. One of the best travel guide books to Nevada. Includes 47 accurate maps to the entire state as well as survival tips, coverage of food and accommodations, history, skiing, camping, fishing, boating, etc.
[ AMAZON: Nevada Handbook ]

Dictionary of Gambling and GamingThomas L. Clark. The Dictionary of Gambling & Gaming. Lexik House Publishers, New York; 1987. (263 pages)
Thumbs Up– A good dictionary covering the entire gambling field but poor in its treatment of blackjack terminology.
[ AMAZON: Dictionary of Gambling & Gaming ]

The AutomatSam Cohen. The Automat: Jess Marcum – Gambling Genius of the Century. Xlibris Corp; Dec 1, 2000. (148 pages)
Thumbs Up– Recommended. A biography of Jess Marcum by a coworker and former friend. More information about Jess Marcum, Sam Cohen and this book can be found in the article written by Allan Schaffer in Blackjack Forum. See link below.
[ ARCHIVE: Jess Marcum and the History of Card Counting ]
[ AMAZON: The Automat: Jess Marcum ]

Bargain CityAnthony Curtis. Bargain City. Huntington Press, Las Vegas; 1993 (239 pages)
*– Excellent. Highly Recommended. Subtitled, Booking, Betting & Beating the New Las Vegas.Includes practical information and advice on visiting Las Vegas. Much of this material has been taken directly from Anthony Curtis’s Las Vegas Advisor newsletter. Includes information on everything from getting low cost accommodations, comps, couponomy, entertainment and dining values, vital statistics, travel and transportation advice. Includes very good advice on the video poker, blackjack, tournaments, sports betting and the other games. Includes contributions by Peter Griffin, Stanford Wong, Joel Friedman, I. Nelson Rose and Max Rubin. This was a great book for its time, however, it is in need of an update. In 2020, Anthony Curtis was elected to the Blackjack Hall of Fame.
[ Sum 93 Snyder BJF 102 ] [ Win 94 Dalton BJR 3.1 ] [ AMAZON: Bargain City ]

Eli Dror. See book entry under Joseph Bain. Casinos: The International Casino Guide.

Indian Gaming & The LawWilliam Eadington (Editor). Indian Gaming and the Law. Univ of Nevada Press; 2002 (298 pages)
Review TBD. From the advertising, “… a compilation of select papers and comments presented during the North American Conference on the Status of Indian Gaming, held in 1989 in Reno, Nevada, shortly after the passage of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA). It also includes the complete texts of the Supreme Court’s Cabazon decision (1987), IGRA (1988), and the 1999 California (Davis) Compact. In the fifteen years since the passage of the IGRA, Indian gaming, especially casino gaming, has spread significantly. A total of 330 Indian gaming facilities were in operation in 28 states in 2002, generating about $14.5 billion in gross gaming revenues. …”
[ AMAZON: Indian Gaming and the Law ]

The Expert at the Card TableS. W. Erdnase. The Expert at the Card Table. Lexik House Publishers, New York; 1987. (263 pages)
Thumbs Up– Good. Recommended. Subtitled, A Treatise on the Science and Art of Manipulating Cards. The original of this classic work was first written in 1902. E. S. Erdnase, writing under the name of S. W. Erdnase (E. S. Andrews spelled backward), published “Artifice, Ruse, and Subterfuge at the Card Table”. This text has become a classic and was sold for many years in magic supply stores as a work on magic. Sellers of gaffed gambling equipment sold it as a complete course in card cheating.
[ BJRNET: The Expert at the Card Tables ] [ AMAZON: The Expert at the Card Table ]

Body LanguageJulius Fast. Body Language. Simon & Schuster / M. Evans; 1970, 2002 (184 pages)
Review TBD. From the advertising, “This classic books introduces kinetics, the science of non-verbal communication, which is used to analyze the common gestures we use and observe every day, gestures which reveal our deepest feelings and hidden thoughts to total strangers―if they know how to read them.
[ AMAZON: Body Language ]

All In Against the IRSStephen Fishman. All in Against the IRS: Every Gambler’s Tax Guide. Pipsqueak Press; 2011, 2014.
Thumbs Up– Good. Recommended. Appears to be a good review of IRS rules and regulations as they relate to gamblers – both recreational and professional. From the advertising: “Easy-to-read up-to-date guide explains everything gamblers need to know about taxes, including:

    • How gambling winnings are taxed;
    • When winnings are reported to the IRS by casinos;
    • When and how much tax is withheld from gambling winnings;
    • How to report winnings and document losses;
    • The myths and realities of taxation of internet gambling;
    • Completing a tax return when you have gambling winnings;
    • State income taxes on gambling; and
    • How to qualify as a professional gambler.
The information in this book applies to all forms of gambling, including: slots, blackjack, craps, roulette, internet poker, poker tournaments, horce racing, keno, lotteries, bingo, raffles, sweepstakes, and sports betting.
[ AMAZON: All in Against the IRS ]

Fodor's Las VegasFodor’s Las Vegas: Full Color Travel Guide, Fodor’s Travel Publications; Updated yearly. (~ 350 pages)
Thumbs Up– Good. Recommended. Travel companion and basic survival information for Las Vegas. Information on the resorts, casinos, restaurants, shops and shows.
[ AMAZON: Fodor’s Las Vegas ]

How to Detect Crooked GamblingFrank Garcia. How to Detect Crooked Gambling: Marked Cards and Loaded Dice. Prentice Hall / Arco Pub; 1962, 1977 (274, 276 pages)
*– Excellent. Highly recommended. An expos’e of dozens of card and dice cheating methods. Includes over 100 photographs and a chapter devoted to blackjack. If you ignore the general section on “systems” this is an excellent introduction to card cheating methods. This book first came out before Thorp’s book but Garcia mentions his ideas.
[ AMAZON: Marked Cards and Loaded Dice ]

BeatWebCasinosBill Haywood. BeatWebCasinos.com: The Shrewd Player’s Guide to Internet Gambling. RGE Publishing; 2000. (195 pages)
*Excellent. Highly recommended. Published in 2000, this was the first book that described how to beat the Internet casinos at their own game. It is not a get-rich-quick book; it is a book about making an otherwise expensive hobby lucrative. Players who profit from web casinos do so by exploiting promotions. Says Haywood, “You don’t beat their games, you beat their marketing departments.” Haywood — a professor at Rutgers University and a former journalist — details the methods he used over a two year period to average $100 per hour profit, by exploiting Web casinos offers in his spare time. MORE INFO
[ BJRNET: BeatWebCasinos.com ] [ AMAZON: BeatWebCasinos.com ]

Casino TalkSteve Kuriscak. Casino Talk: A Rap Sheet for Dealers and Players. Screenwriters Guild; 1985, 1993 (90 ~ 114 pages)
Thumbs Up– Good. Recommended. A simple dictionary describing casino terminology.
[ AMAZON: Casino Talk ]

Dealing With CheatsA. D. Livingston. Dealing With Cheats. J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadephia and New York; 1973. (320 pages)
*– Excellent. Highly recommended. Subtitled, Illustrated Methods of Cardsharps, Dice Hustlers and Other Gambling Swindlers. A summary of the tools of the cardsharper, dice hustler and cheat. Includes a blackjack section (9 pages) with a number of cheating techniques such as the Kentucky step-up, low-high-low stack, underpaying, overpaying, anchorman, short deck, long deck, burning the aces, the turnover, insurance ploys and tipping the hand. Must reading!
[ AMAZON: Dealing with Cheats ]

Memory BookHarry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas. The Memory Book. Ballantine Books-Random House; 1975, 1996 (206 ~ 237 pages)
Thumbs Up– Good. Recommended. Subtitled, The Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory at Work, at School, and at Play. This book may help you overcome your memory problems when it comes to remembering strategy variations and keeping the count.  Other uses might include key carding and side counts.
Highly Recommended - Buy Now![ AMAZON: The Memory Book ]

The House AdvantageJeffrey Ma. The House Advantage. St. Martin’s Press; 2010, 2012. (272 pages)
Thumbs UpReview TBD. Subtitled, Playing the Odds to Win Big in Business. Foreword by Ben Mezrich. This book is partly about Jeffrey Ma’s time on the 1994 MIT Blackjack Team. From the advertising: “The House Advantage reveals Ma’s cutting-edge mathematical insights into the world of statistics and makes them applicable to a wide business audience.
[ Wikipedia: MIT Blackjack Team ] [ AMAZON: The House Advantage ]

Disguise TechniquesEdmond A. MacInaugh. Disguise Techniques. Paladin Press; 1984, Citadel Press; 1988. (82 pages)
Review TBD. From the advertising, “Learn from a true disguise master how to disguise the mind–and the body–to create a new personality, use your mental powers to blend chameleon-like into your surroundings or create any number of characters for a quick change or long-term disappearance.
[ AMAZON: Disguise Techniques ]

The Faro ShuffleEdward Marlo. The Faro Shuffle. Alternate title: Revolutionary Card Techniques. Magic, Inc., Chicago; 1958, 1972. (36 pages)
Review TBD. Card tricks, faro shuffle, card sharping. 72 illustrations.
[ AMAZON: The Faro Shuffle ]

Gambling WizardsRichard Munchkin. Gambling Wizards. Huntington Press. 2003. (306 pages)
*– Excellent. Highly recommended. Subtitled, Conversations with the World’s Greatest Gamblers. Get into the minds of the greatest gamblers of all time. Read in-depth interviews with eight masters of the games. Learn how they think, how they play, and what made them successful. The interview subjects include: Billy Walters (sports betting), Chip Reese (poker), Doyle Brunson (poker), Mike Svobodny (backgammon), Stan Tomchin (backgammon and sports betting), Cathy Hulbert (blackjack and poker), Alan Woods (blackjack and horse racing), and Tommy Hyland (blackjack).
Highly Recommended - Buy Now![ Fall 02 Snyder BJF 112 ] [ BJRNET: Gambling Wizards ] [ AMAZON: Gambling Wizards ]

Beat the PlayersBob Nersesian. (Robert Nersesian) Beat the Players. Pi Yee Press; 2006. (320 pages)
*Excellent. Highly recommended. Subtitled, Casinos, Cops and the Game Inside the Game. This book should be read by everyone who sets foot in a casino: average casino patrons, skilled players, casino employees, and anyone else. It should be required reading for police officers, regulators, other public officials, and attorneys who may represent any of the aforementioned. Bob Nersesian is an attorney who represents victims of casino wrongdoing against patrons. In an enjoyable writing style, he takes a look at the often too-cozy relationship between casinos, police, and regulators. He discusses specific cases and dispenses sound, practical advice that all patrons, casinos and public officials would be wise to heed. Cases discussed include Nevada and other jurisdictions. Chapters include: Your Money or Your Liberty; Scary Cop Statements; They’ll Take Your Liberty Anyway; Gaming Agents Speak; The Take of the State; Rules for Casino Patrons; Gambling at the Legal Limits; Cops Hate Card Counters; Griffin Investigations; Casinos Cheat With Impunity; A Judicial and Government Overlay; Finding a Nickel Brings Trouble; Names and Aliases; The Security Office and Surveillance Functions, and Casinos and Cops. Appendices include Nevada Cheating and Detention Laws with Commentary; Other Nevada Gaming Laws of Interest; Gaming Cases of Interest, and Nevada Gaming Regulations with Commentary.
Highly Recommended - Buy Now![ AMAZON: Beat the Players ]

The Law For GamblersRobert Nersesian. (Bob Nersesian) The Law for Gamblers. Huntington Press; 2016. (247 pages)
*Excellent. Highly recommended. Subtitled, A Legal Guide to the Casino Environment. Bob Nersesian is a 2013 member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame and is a Las Vegas lawyer who specializes in lawsuits by players against casinos.. The write-up says, “The Law for Gamblers brings together decades of experience from the world’s pre-eminent gambler’s advocate, providing perspective gleaned from defending hundreds of casino-related criminal cases. With detailed discussions of subjects that include gambler taxation, the use of aliases, Indian gaming rules, and casino credit, and even hiring an attorney when necessary, The Law for Gamblers provides anyone who sets foot in a casino easy access to understanding their rights. Additionally, the collection of case law and statutory points of view within is unparalleled in the rapidly expanding area of gaming law.” I agree! Contents include 1) A brief history of American gaming Law, 2) Is it cheating or advantage play, 3) The right to play, 4) Practicalities of game protection and heat, 5) Is it your money?, 6) Gaming debts and the anatomy of a patron dispute, 7) Casino credit, 8) Indian gaming: OMG, WTF, 9) Use of aliases, 10) Taxation for gamblers, 11) Hiring an attorney, 12) Suing casinos and casino security, and 13) Internet gambling and other wire crimes. TABLE OF CONTENTS
Highly Recommended - Buy Now![ AMAZON: The Law for Gamblers ]

How to Read a Person Like a BookGerard Nierenberg, Henry H. Calero and Gabriel Grayson. How to Read a Person Like a Book. Square One; 2010 (128 pages)
Thumbs Up– Recommended. Good intro. to the science of body language. Subtitled, “Observing body language to know what people are thinking.” From the advertising, “… designed to teach you how to interpret and reply to the nonverbal signals of business associates, friends, loved ones, and even strangers. Best-selling authors Gerard Nierenberg, Henry Calero, and Gabriel Grayson have collaborated to put their working knowledge of body language into this practical guide to recognizing and understanding body movements. In this book, you will find the authors’ proven techniques for gaining control of negotiations, detecting lies, and even recognizing signs of sexual attraction.
[ AMAZON: How to Read a Person Like a Book ]

Lip Reading Made EasyEdward B. Nitchie. Lip Reading Made Easy. Loompanics Unlimited, Port Townsend, WA; 1902, 1985. (134 pages)
Thumbs Up– Good. Recommended. Originally written in 1902, this illustrated guide is the classic study on how to read lips. Nitchie wrote this book as an aid to those “hard of hearing” but serious blackjack players will find other uses for this talent. Loompanics also publishes a catalog with over 500 of the most controversial and unusual books ever printed.
[ 9/91 Snyder BJF 50 ] [ AMAZON: Lip Reading Made Easy ]

Gambling ScamsDarwin Ortiz. Gambling Scams. Lyle Stuart (Carol Publishing), New York; 1990. (262 pages)
*– Excellent. Highly recommended. Subtitled, “How They Work, How to Detect Them, How to Protect Yourself.” Discusses a number of forms of cheating methods in all sorts of gambling games and situations.
[ 9/84 Case BJF 5 ] [ AMAZON: Gambling Scams ]

SignalsAllan Pease. Signals – How to Use Body Language for Power, Success and Love. Bantam Books, New York; 1981, 1987. (229 pages)
Thumbs Up– Good. Recommended. A good introduction to the science of body language. First published in Australia in 1981 under the title Body Language: How to Read Others’ Thoughts by Their Gestures.
[ AMAZON: Signals… ]

How to Spot Card SharpsSidney H. Radner. How to Spot Card Sharps and Their Methods. Key Publishing Co., New York; 1957.
Review TBD.
[ AMAZON: How to Spot Card Sharps… ]

ID by Mail & InternetBarry Reid. I.D. by Mail and Internet. Eden Press, Fountain Valley, CA; 1989, 2015 (48, 84 pages)
Thumbs Up– Where and how to get false I.D.’s and privately-issued identification cards and documents. This book provides the companies’ names and addresses for numerous products with photos and descriptions. Updated in 2015, to include Internet sources.
[ 12/89 Snyder BJF 11 ] [ AMAZON: ID by Mail and Internet ]

The Paper Trip IBarry Reid. The Paper Trip I. Eden Press, Fountain Valley, CA; 1971, 1984, 1987. (82 pages)
Thumbs Up– A how to guide on false I.D.’s, fictitious names, etc. Probably seriously out of date.
[ 12/88 Snyder Fake I.D.-A Consumer’s Guide BJF 11 ] [ AMAZON: Paper Trip I ]

The Paper Trip IIBarry Reid. The Paper Trip II. Eden Press, Fountain Valley, CA; 1977, 1987. (78 pages)
Thumbs Up– The companion guide to the above book that breaks down by state exactly where to write for vital records. Probably seriously out of date.
[ 93 Snyder RGE Catalog 1993 ] [ AMAZON: Paper Trip II ]

The Paper Trip IIIBarry Reid. The Paper Trip III. Eden Press; 1998. (158 pages)
Thumbs Up– Sequel to Reids other two reports. A guide on using fake IDs, the legal issues, resources, types of ID, and how to obtain them. Probably seriously out of date.
[ Dec 98 Snyder BJF 111 ]
[ AMAZON: Paper Trip III ]

The Paper Trip 4Barry Reid. The Paper Trip 4. Eden Press; 2015 (215 pages)
Review TBD. From the advertising, “… shows you how to take advantage of the REAL ID Act to create your own new identity. By following the ideas we have developed you will be able to get ‘No-Questions-Asked’ ID in another name, and no one will challenge it because it will pass as ‘Secure’ thanks to the REAL ID Act! THE PAPER TRIP 4 provides directions that are easy to understand and easy to follow. You will succeed by having all the most important information and resources available to you in full detail: * The ‘Real ID’ Act-what it’s all about, and what it means for changing identity. * All the best methods for creating a new identity-pros and cons. * Requirements for getting government-issued birth certificates in all 50 states. * Requirements for getting new driver’s licenses and non-driver ID in all 50 states. * The new system for issuing Social Security numbers. * Change your Social Security number. How to get NEW Social Security numbers. * Current US Passport application requirements and instructions. * Identity theft-issues explained and opportunities explored. * New credit and credit records-all with new ‘Secure’ ID. * …
[ AMAZON: Paper Trip 4

How to be Treated Like a High RollerRobert Renneisen. How to be Treated Like a High Roller (Even Though You’re Not One). Lyle Stuart; 1992. (109 pages)
Thumbs Up– A book on comps written by the president of the Claridge Casino in Atlantic City. Introduction is by John Patrick. Nothing of value here folks!!!!
[ 9/93 Snyder BJF 98 ] [ AMAZON: How to be Treated… ]

Probability Without TearsDerek Rowntree. Probability Without Tears. ???, 1984; (169 pages)
Thumbs Up– Recommended. Subtitled, A Primer for Non-Mathematicians. Simple probabilities, combined probabilities, combinations and permutations and probability by combinations.
[ AMAZON: Probability Without Tears ]

Gambling and the LawI. Nelson Rose. Gambling and the Law. Gambling Times Inc. (Distributed by Lyle Stuart), Hollywood, CA; 1986. (304 pages)
*– Excellent. Highly recommended. The best legal resource for gamblers and card counters that was available at the time. Includes chapters on federal income tax law, gambling debts, and the regulation of card counters. Includes case histories of barred card counters including Ken Uston and Mark Estes. Some of the material in this book has been printed, at one time or another, in Rose’s Gambling and the Law column in various gaming magazines including Gambling Times.
[ BLOG ]
[ Fall 86 Snyder BJF 50 ] Highly Recommended - Buy Now![ gamblingandthelaw.com ] [ AMAZON: Gambling and the Law ] [ PODCAST: Apr 28, 2015 ]

Comp CityMax Rubin. Comp City: A Guide To Free Las Vegas Vacations. Huntington Press; 2nd Edition: Oct 1, 2001. (382 pages)
*– Excellent. Highly recommended. The long awaited book about comps by “comp wizard” Max Rubin who takes you on an journey through the secretive world of casino comping systems and introduces you to the art of comp wizardry. His system, ACES (Advanced Comp Equivalency Strategy), enables you to walk into any Las Vegas casino armed with the most powerful gambling-vacation tool ever devised. You’ll beat them on the tables, beat them at the slots, and beat them to the punch every time you play. Whether you are a high roller or playing nickels you will find this book invaluable. Highly recommended for all players and a must read for serious blackjack players looking for the additional edge in the game that come from comps.
Highly Recommended - Buy Now![ BJRNET: Comp City ] [ AMAZON: Comp City ]

Methods of DisguiseJohn Sample. Methods of Disguise. Loompanics / Breakout Productions; 1984, 1992. (138, 258 pages)
Thumbs Up– Discusses physical disguise techniques, wigs, facial hair, makeup, hats, clothing, glasses, props, etc. From the advertising, “... an easy-to-follow guide which includes over 130 detailed illustrations, as well as sources for makeup, uniforms, shoe lifts, badges and ID cards, contact lenses, prostheses, skin tanning preparations, fake tattoos, transvestite supplies, voice changing devices, wigs and hairpieces, and much more. Whether you are an actor, an undercover cop, a gambler, an armed robber, a fugitive, a con man, a practical joker, or a host for a costume party, this book will show you how to change yourself so completely that even old friends won’t recognize you!
[ 3/87 Snyder BJF 49 ] [ AMAZON: Methods of Disguise ]

Nevada Gaming LawLionel Sawyer & Collins. Nevada Gaming Law. Trace Publications; 1991, 2000 (384, 457 pages)
Thumbs Up– Written by a Nevada law firm. Discusses several topics related to Nevada gaming law including regulatory agencies, licensing, gaming devices, gambling debts, disputes, excluded persons, card counters, taxes, crimes, etc.
[ 3/93 Snyder BJF 62 ] [ AMAZON: Nevada Gaming Law ]

Tales from the PitsDavid G. Schwartz. Tales From the Pits. UNLV Gaming Press.; 2016. (300 pages)
Thumbs Up– Very good. Recommended. Subtitled, Casino Table Games Managers in Their Own Words. Edited and with an introduction by David G. Schwartz. From the advertising: “Dealing in a casino presents challenges and rewards not seen in many workplaces. With hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake every minute, table games pits are high-stress workplaces. Managing a workforce of dealers and attending to the needs of players brings stresses of its own. In 2015, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’s Center for Gaming Research received a grant from the UNLV University Libraries Advisory Board that enabled it to undertake an oral history project intended to capture the stories of table games managers, including both those currently working in the field and those who have retired. Drawn from these interviews, Tales from the Pit provides an overview of how the interviewees felt about a variety of topics, ranging from their experiences breaking in as new dealers to their transitions to management and the changes the industry has seen over their careers. The current and former managers speak candidly about the owners, bosses, dealers, and players who made each day challenging. This book illuminates the past several decades of casino history through the words of those who lived and made it.” Time to think like a dealer and get inside the minds of casino personnel.
[ AMAZON: Tales from the Pit ] [ PODCAST: Aug 15, 2016 ]

The Frugal GamblerJean Scott. The Frugal Gambler. Huntington Press; 1990, 2005. (262 pages)
*– Very good. Highly recommended. The best low roller guide on casino comps. Scott is an expert at milking casino comp programs, slot clubs, and coupon books. Jean Scott is the country’s most renowned low roller. She stays at hotel-casinos up to 120 nights a year and never has to pay for a room or a meal. She gets shows, manicures, massages, clothes, jewelry, even gifts for her grandchildren–all free. How does she do it? She works the comp and slot club systems. She participates in casino promotions and drawings. She uses coupons. She’s an expert at video poker. In short, she plays all the right games. In these pages, Jean Scott discloses the secrets of her low-roller success. After reading The Frugal Gambler, you too can employ these money-saving and vacation enhancing strategies in casinos throughout America.
[ Win 97 Snyder BJF 111 ] [ BJRNET: The Frugal Gambler ] [ AMAZON: The Frugal Gambler ]

More Frugal GamblingJean Scott. More Frugal Gambling. Huntington Press; 1990, 2005. (262 pages)
*– Very good. Highly recommended. It’s been nearly six years since Jean Scott took the gambling world by storm with the release of The Frugal Gambler (see above). Now she’s back with a veritable truckload of new frugal advice for recreational and low-rolling gamblers who want to make their money stretch and the fun last longer. Jean covers all the hot spots of enlightened casino play, including the ins and outs of slot clubs, bounce-back, and comps; finding and participating in promotions and tournaments; developing hosts; using coupons; and the A to Zs of playing video poker. Special sections from Jean’s daughter, Angela, provide tips for beginners and low rollers. Best of all, More Frugal Gambling is written in the same accessible style that has made the “Gambling Grandma” the favorite of tens of thousands of loyal readers over the years.|Jean Scott, Comps, RFB, Queen of Comps, bounce-back cash, slot clubs, bonus points, bonus mailers, coupons, player rewards, video poker, rebates, discounts, offers, freebies, giveaways, promotions.
[ BJRNET: More Frugal Gambling ] [ AMAZON: More Frugal Gambling ]

The Frugal Gambler Casino GuideJean Scott. The Frugal Gambler Casino Guide. Huntington Press; Mar 28, 2017 (352 pages)
Review TBD. According to the advertising, “… both updates and backdates The Frugal Gambler and More Frugal Gambling by covering, in comprehensive detail, the state-of-the-art techniques of casino gambling for low-rollers and the concepts on which frugal gambling is built: how to lose less and play longer.
[ AMAZON: Frugal Gambler Casino Guide ]

Tax Help for GamblersJean Scott and Marissa Chien. Tax Help for Gamblers: Poker and Other Casino Games. Huntington Press / Amazon Digital Services; 2012, 2015, 2019 (240 pages)
Thumbs Up– From the advertising: “Current legality issues for online gambling, including legal state-approved Internet-based casinos. How to deal with wins from fantasy sports. A new court ruling allowing professional gamblers to deduct business expenses in excess of wins. A new procedure for obtaining tax documents (W-2Gs, 1099s, etc.) online. The imposing of stricter rules on casinos for tracking the source of gamblers’ funds. The ramifications of increased pressure on offshore financial institutions to reveal records of U.S. citizens. Numerous changes in state income-tax laws and reporting requirements (completely updated listings). Examples of Federal 2014 tax forms. Discussion of recent court cases that support the “session” method of reporting gambling income.” Jean Scott is well known for her excellent Frugal Gambling books.
[ REVIEW: cdcgamingreports.com ] [ AMAZON: Tax Help For Gamblers ]

Gambling Secrets of Nick The GreekTed Thackery Jr. Gambling Secrets of Nick the Greek. Rand McNally / BN Publishing; 1968, 2012.
Review TBD. A profile of Nicholas Andrea Dandolos, also known as Nick the Greek, and the games he played. Includes sections on Craps, Blackjack, Faro, Shimmy, Roulette, Poker, Horses and side action games. Good history and color. Includes an introduction by Groucho Marx.
[ AMAZON: Gambling Secrets of Nick the Greek ]

Image Not AvailableWalter Tyminski. Rouge et Noir on Comps and Junkets. Rouge et Noir News, 1983. (92 pages)
Thumbs Up– Recommended. Arnold Snyder gave this report an excellent rating and recommended it highly to anyone interested in this subject. Probably a bit out-dated by now.

[ Sum 83 Snyder BJF 3 ]

Body TalkBruce L. Vaughan. Body Talk – Understanding the Secret Language of the Body. Argus Communications, Allen, TX, 1982. (156 pages)
Thumbs Up– Good. Recommended. A good introduction to the science of body language.
[ AMAZON: Body Talk ]


Image Not AvailableThe Eden Directory of Private Mail Drops. Eden Press, Fountain Valley, CA; 1995 (120 pages)
Thumbs Up– A directory with more than 2400 services in more than 500 cities that will receive mail for you under any name (or names). They will also forward mail, receive phone messages, FAX messages, UPS parcels, telegrams, etc. Probably seriously out of date.
[ 93 Snyder RGE Catalog 1993 ]
[ AMAZON: Eden Directory of Private Mail Drops ]

Eden Guide to Complete Financial PrivacyThe Eden Guide to Complete Financial Privacy. Eden Press, Fountain Valley, CA; (200 pages)
Thumbs Up– This book explains how to set up foreign bank accounts legally and legal methods to hide assets. Probably seriously out of date.
[ 93 Snyder RGE Catalog 1993 ]
[ AMAZON: Eden Guide to Complete Financial Privacy ]

Criminal Use of False IdentificationThe Criminal Use of False Identification. United States Dept. of Justice. Published by Loompanics, Port Townsend, WA; Nov. 1976. (198 pages)
Thumbs Up– Subtitled. The Report of the Federal Advisory Committee on False Identification. This is an abridged version of the government book of the same name. A summary report on the nature, scope, and impact of false ID use in the United States with recommendations to combat the problem.
[ 93 Snyder RGE Catalog 1993 ] [ AMAZON: Criminal Use of False ID ]

Smart Gamblers Guide to EuropeThe Smart Gambler’s Guide to Europe. Gilroy, CA. c1990s ??? (156 pages)
Review TBD. Originally advertised in Casino Player Magazine, this full color hardback book promised to answer your questions about gambling and games of chance in Europe.

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