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N0. (N-Zero, N-0) A mathematical term that reflects the number of hands required to be played with a certain set of rules and strategy before the player is ahead by at least one standard deviationBrett Harris is believed to be the one that originated the concept of N0. Related to the variance and expected value as follows:  N0 = Var / EV^2.  See BRH count.
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Viktor NachtNacht, Viktor.  Acquired RGE from Arnold Snyder in c2002. Previous owner of AdvantagePlayer.com.  From his bio, Nacht is an Internet guru, long-time player and experienced shuffle tracker. On Oct 29, 2005, Nacht hosted the 1st annual Halloween Blackjack Ball.  Co-author of Frugal Video Poker.  Author of the database driven Trackjack search engine. PHOTO
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natural. The two card total (an ace and a ten-valued card) commonly referred to as a blackjack.   See snapper.

NBJ. 1) Acronym for New Blackjack Method.  2) Acronym for if the dealer has a 10 up and an ace in the hole, the hand plays as an ordinary 21 and not a natural. 3) Nevada Blackjack newsletter by Stanford Wong.
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ND. Acronym for North Dakota.

negative count. When the running count is negative (less than zero). As opposed to positive count.

negative swing. An extended period of time during which a player (or players) shows a loss.

negotiable chips. (NC) A reference to casino checks (chips) that can be exchanged for real money and used in real money casino games.  See non-negotiable chips.  See matchplay chips.

BJHFBob NersesianNersesian, Robert. Bob Nersesian is a 2013 member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame and is a Las Vegas lawyer who specializes in lawsuits by players against casinos.  He is author of the books Beat the Players and The Law for Gamblers. He has long been held as the single-greatest champion in defending the rights of advantage players against casinos. Contact information (as of 2019) : Nersesian & Sankiewicz, 528 S. 8th Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101  (702) 385-5454. See Blackjack History: Legal
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neutral card. Typically a reference to the 7-, 8-, and 9-valued cards. However, the 8 is the most neutral of all cards.

Nevada. In 2016, Nevada had 149 casinos with over 2300 blackjack tables. Covering approximately 110,000 square miles, this western state has the largest concentrations of legalized gambling in the country. The state capital is Carson City. See Las Vegas. See Reno. See Carson City. See Laughlin.
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Nevada Rules  Archived Rules

Nevada Gaming Revenue  – Add 000 to Win AmountNevada Blackjack Win Chart

Never Bust BlackjackNever Bust Blackjack. (c2011) A blackjack variation that requires no decision making from the player.  If either player or dealer bust, the bust card is burned.  Both player and dealer must hit until they reach 17 or more, except hitting a soft 17.  There is no doubling or splitting.  A dealer final hand of 15 points will push.  Blackjack pay 6 to 5 or 3 to 2. (HA ~ 1.89% to 3.26%)
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New Blackjack. (NBJ) {RWC} (1991) (Developed by E. Clifton Davis and marketed by Jerry Patterson). According to the advertising this method supposedly allows you to play in about 25% of all games with an advantage of about 5% without card counting! It involves using clumped games to anticipate the hole-card category (high, low or neutral) and anticipate the next card out of the shoe. Seven skill levels are required:

  • Level 1 is the First Base Strategy for predicting the first card out of the shoe. Advertising claims as high as a 15% advantage can be obtained????
  • Level 2 is enhanced card reading.
  • Level 3 is called the Primary Indicator – the prediction of whether or not the dealer’s hole-card is high or low.
  • Level 4 is called the Secondary Indicator – the prediction of whether or not the next card out of the shoe is high or low.
  • Level 5 is the double down strategy.
  • Level 6 is the insurance strategy.
  • Level 7 is the Tens Ratio betting strategy.

NBJ players are encouraged to purchase the advanced World Class Blackjack (WCB) add-on materials. This system is NOT recommended. See TARGET.
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New Jersey. (NJ)  In 2016, the state of New Jersey had 9 casinos with 455 blackjack tables.  One of two states in the USA where casinos cannot bar card counters. See Missouri. See Atlantic City.
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New Mexico.  In 2016, the state of New Mexico had 15 casinos with 116 blackjack tables.
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New York.  In 2016, the state of New York had 4 casinos with 70 blackjack tables.
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next-carding{HCS} Similar to hole-carding but more powerful.  Next-carding refers to a player who knows the next card to be dealt.  Sloppy dealers may be a good source of these type of opportunities.  Norm Wattenberger’s book Modern Blackjack has an entire chapter on next-card play.
[ Vol II: 505 Wattenberger Modern Blackjack ]

NGC. Abbreviation for the Nevada Gaming Commission. See Nevada.
[ 86 Rose Gambling and the Law 202 ]

NH. Acronym for no-hole-card rule.

NHC. Acronym for no-hole-card rule.

NI. Acronym for “no insurance“, meaning insurance is not allowed.
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nickel. A $5 chip.

NJCCC. Abbreviation for the New Jersey Casino Control Commission. See Atlantic City.
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NJR 19:47-8.1. (1983) The first New Jersey Regulation that was created to prohibit predictive devices in casinos.  Fortunately, for players, this rule carried no criminal penalties.

Except as specifically permitted by the Commission, no person shall possess with the intent to use, or actually use, at any table game, either by himself or in concert with others, any calculator, computer, or other electronic, electrical or mechanical device to assist in projecting an outcome at any table game or in keeping track of or analyzing the cards having been dealt, the changing probabilities of any table game, or the playing strategies to be utilized.
NJS 5:12-113.1. (1991) Passed by the New Jersey legislature, this law made it a third degree offense if you used a device to obtain an advantage in any casino game.  It also made some minor modifications to earlier laws.  This law addressed some of the weaknesses of earlier regulation and the Nevada law.
N.J.S. 5:12-113.1 Use of device to obtain advantage at casino game a third degree offense; forfeiture; notice
(a) A person commits a third degree offense if, in playing a game in a licensed casino or simulcasting facility, the person uses, or assists another in the use of, a computerized, electronic, electrical or mechanical device which is designed, constructed, or programmed specifically for use in obtaining an advantage at playing any game in a licensed casino or simulcasting facility, unless the advantage obtained can be assessed a monetary value or loss of $75,000 or greater in which case the offense is a crime of the second degree.”
NN or NNC. See non-negotiable chips.
No Bust 21No Bust 21. (NB21) (c2000) A blackjack variation where if you and the dealer both bust, and the dealer busts with a higher total, you push instead of lose.  Two jokers per deck are used as well and make any hand a 21.  Joker-Joker pays 2 to 1.  All blackjacks count as ordinary 21s.  (HA ~ 1.71% to 1.91%)
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no-hole-card rule.   See European rules. See No Hole Card Basic Strategy.  HA = .11%
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No Need to Count System. {BS}. (c1983) (Leon B. Dubey Jr.) See review in book section. Not recommended.

J. Noir Count. {PCS/L2}. Jacques Noir was the author of Casino Holiday but not sure where this count came from.  See One-Two Count.

A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
-2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -2

BC = .89 PE = .49 IC = .84

Nolan System. {BS}. (Walter I. Nolan) See Facts of Blackjack in the book section.  See John Luckman.
[ 76 Nolan Facts of Blackjack ]

Nolan, Walter I. Pen name for John Luckman.

non-negotiable chips. (NN, NNC) Casino checks (chips) used in tournaments or other promotional events. As the name suggests, the value of the chip is non-negotiable and not worth anything by itself. They must be used in a specific manner to extract value out of them. See negotiable chips. See matchplay chips. See Rolling Chips Program.

non-random shuffle. A shuffle that is not random. Some believe that one of the effects of non-random shuffles is player and dealer biases. See shuffle. See random shuffle. See TARGET.
[ 12/73 Thorp Nonrandom Shuffling with Appl. to… Faro Vol. 68,842 ] [ 90 Dalton The Florida Cruise Ship Report ] [ 10/90 Olsen NR Shuffles Can Increase House Adv. BJC ] [ 12/90 Snyder Probing the Multi-Deck Mysteries BJF ]

no-peek devices.  These are mechanical or electronic devices that are installed in a blackjack table to allow the dealer to peek under their hole-card to verify they do (or do not) have a natural 21.  In most casinos, if the dealer has a natural, he (she) will automatically reveal it.  See peek versus no-peek. There are a few different types of devices:

  • No Peek 21 (Electronic)
    [ PATENT ]No Peek 21
  • MAXTime by Tech Art Card Reader (c1990) (Mirror Device)
    No moving parts and requires no power source.
    [ PATENT ] [ VIDEO ]
  • Blackjack Scanner (Electronic)
    [ PATENT ]
    Blackjack Scanner

More information:
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normalized count.  The somewhat more appropriate mathematical term for true count.

North Carolina.  In 2016, the state of North Carolina had 2 casinos with 89 blackjack tables.
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North Dakota. See Dakota.

notebook.  If you check Amazon or your favorite online book seller, you will find numerous offerings for “blackjack notebooks”.  Here is an example: 

Blackjack NotebookJack Khoo. Blackjack Notebook. Independently Published; 2019. (103 pages)
– This is NOT a book on blackjack.  It is (like the title says) a blackjack notebook sized 6 x 9 inches in soft cover.   Includes 100 pages of college ruled paper with a black and white generic basic strategy in the front of the notebook.   I kind of wish I thought of this 🙂
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NR. See NRS.

NRS. 1) Acronym for no re-splits. 2) Acronym for non-random shuffle.

NRS 465.075(1985) The Nevada statute that was intended to prohibit the use of devices to analyze or predict casino games.  This law became effective on July 1, 1985.  Ken Uston has commented that he played “right up until midnight on the last night” the devices were legal. In 1987, a supplement was passed which described the devices permitted. 

“NRS 465.075—Use of device for calculating probabilities.
It is unlawful for any person at a licensed gaming establishment to use, or possess with the intent to use, any device to assist:
1. In projecting the outcome of the game;
2. In keeping track of the cards played;
3. In analyzing the probability of the occurrence of an event relating to the game; or
4. In analyzing the strategy for playing or betting to be used in the game, except as permitted by the Commission.”

NSJQNSJQNSJQ. Acronym for no splits of unlike 10-count cards.
[ Wong CBN 93 ]

nut. 1) A player’s bankroll.   2) The overhead expenses of a casino or player.  3) A poker term for the best possible hand available.
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NVB. Acronym for Stanford Wong’s Nevada Blackjack newsletter.





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