M is for Money



M$BJ. See Million Dollar Blackjack by Ken Uston.

MA. Acronym for Multiple Action blackjack.

Ma, Jeffrey.  (Born 1973) (aka Jeff Ma) A former member of the 1994 MIT Blackjack Team.  Jeff Ma’s exploits were the inspiration for the book Bringing Down the House and the movie 21.
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Jeff Ma: Member of the MIT Blackjack Team

Macau. Since the 1850s, the only place in China where casino gambling is legal. In 2013, gambling revenue surpassed $45 billion, dwarfing the entire state of Nevada’s revenue of only $11 billion.  In 2015, most casinos had the following rules in blackjack:

  • Six decksMacau Casino Map
  • Dealers stand on soft 17
  • Player can double on any first 2 cards
  • Double after splitting allowed
  • Splits allowed up to 4 hands except no Ace resplits
  • Early surrender allowed (against dealer Ace only PA 0.24%)
  • Continuous shuffler in use

According to the Wizard of Macau, the house edge is about 0.16%.  Some possible variations in the rules have also been seen. 
[ wizardofmacau.com ] [ WIKIPEDIA ] [ Macau’s gambling industry dwarfs Vegas ] [ Nevada Gaming Revenues ]

Macau surrender. See five card surrender.

MacDougall, Mickey. (Oct 22, 1902* – March 17, 1996) (aka The Card Detective) (aka Michael MacDougall) (aka Samuel Smiley MacDougall) Gambling expert and author of many books including MacDougall on Dice and Cards (1944) and Don’t be a Sucker: The Low-Down on Card Sharps and Dice Hustlers (1945).  MacDougall accompanied Edward Thorp and Russell Barnhart to Las Vegas and Reno between January 23 – 31, 1962, to test out Thorp’s new card counting system.  The trip was bankrolled ($10,000) by William F. Rickenbacker (1928-1995), a businessman, writer, and journalist. Of course, MacDougall’s expertise was in protecting gamblers against cheating casinos and, of course, there was a lot of suspected cheating during this trip.  MacDougall was on To Tell the Truth on Aug 27, 1957. * Some sources indicate a 1906 birth year.
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.  (A nickname) See Michael Dalton.

Magic 21.  (aka 21 Magic).  A blackjack side bet seen in Colorado on their Buffalo Blackjack tables.  See Bust Bonus.
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Maine.  In 2016, the state of Maine had 2 casinos with 20 blackjack tables.
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Herbert MaiselBJHFMaisel, Herbert. (1931? – 2019) Co-author of the ground-breaking and historically significant book Playing Blackjack to Win: A New Strategy for the Game of 21.  A 2008 member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame.  See Four Horsemen of Aberdeen. See Blackjack History.
[ washingtonpost.com ] [ blackjackchamp.com ] [ Blackjack Hall of Fame ]

Maki, Kevin.  See Minimum Memory System.

Malaysian pontoon. See pontoon.

Malmuth, Mason. Author of the books Blackjack Essays and Fundamentals of 21.  Mason is primarily a poker expert and author. 
[ twoplustwo.com ]

Mankodi, Previn. An advantage player with a master’s degree in economics from Jesus College in the University of Cambridge.  Mankodi has coauthored several excellent articles with James Grosjean regarding advanced blackjack and other advantage play techniques and ideas.  See Scavenger Blackjack. See GUT.
[ Wired.com ] [ See Blackjack Reports and Studies ]

Mann, Paul.   See Lawrence Revere.

MAPS.  As I find good maps of casinos I will put a link to them here:

Jess MarcumMarcum, Jess Ira.  (aka Jess Marcovitch) (Dec 30, 1919 – Jan 16, 1992) A previous nominee for the Blackjack Hall of Fame According to his bio, “He is mentioned in the book Temples of Chance. Early in his adulthood, he was a Rand Corporation nuclear physicist who quit working for the government in the early 1950s to become a professional gambler.  It is believed that Marcum’s counting method was the first point count system used (c1949) to gain an advantage in blackjack.  Marcum is mentioned in Ed Thorp’s book Beat the Dealer only as “… a little dark-haired guy from Southern California“.
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BJHFMaria - The GreekMaria “The Greek”.  (aka Cassie) Co-founder and manager of the blackjack team known as “The Greeks“.   According to Max Rubin, “She, her brother and highly respected colleagues formed the largest single group of players in history.  At one time, she simultaneously managed over 40 individual players.  Her team tests were notoriously difficult and required to pass in order to get onto the team.  Maria’s team won millions utilizing a “slash and burn” technique in which big players would wade into the middle of a game and often bet 3 hands of $10,000.”  Maria was responsible for guiding the most successful single card counting team in the 20th century.  Reportedly a master at sequencing, tracking and now a high stakes professional poker player.  Winner of the World’s Greatest Blackjack Player contest at the Blackjack Ball in 2000.  Inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame in 2023. 
[ maxrubin.com ] [ gambling-with-an-edge podcast ]

Dustin D MarksMarks, Dustin D. An expert con man and author of several books that describe cheating techniques at blackjack

marked cards. {CHS}. A cheating technique that can be used by the dealer or player. If the player knows what the dealer’s hole-card is, he can obtain a major advantage over the dealer. If the dealer knows the value of the top card of the deck and is able to deal seconds, he can obtain a major advantage over the player by electing to deal this card or some other card in the deck. See daub.
[ 66 Thorp Beat the Dealer 146 ]

marker. A short-term loan extended to a credit player. This is typically in the form of a casino check or draft and allows the player to draw chips against his credit line or money on deposit with the casino. See front money.
[ 9/85 Master Markers: Tickets to Royal Treatment BJF 5 ] [ 1/91 Sprinkle The Magic of Markers WIN 48 ]

marker button. A plastic button, usually in view on the table, at the side of the dealer’s tray indicating a marker or credit player. (e.g., a “1000” button would indicate a player in the game has a $1000 marker.)

marker player. A player not playing with pocket cash. Many marker players sit at either first or third base to make it easier to sign markers from the pit.

Marks, Dustin D. TBD – See Dustin D. Marks in book reference section.

Martingale System. {PBS}. The historic name for the progressive betting system of doubling up after a loss. Possibly named after Henry Martindale, an Englishman who ran several casinos in London’s West End during the late 1700s. From a mathematical point of view this system seems attractive if the player had an infinitely large bankroll. However, since all casinos have a maximum bet and rules regarding bet spreads, this system will always fail. All other progressive betting schemes fall into this same category. A variation of this betting system is the Great or Grand Martingale where the player doubles his stake and adds one unit after every loss. Systems of this type tend to produce many small wins and relatively few large losses. However, the losses are both inevitable and devastating. All progression type blackjack systems are not recommended unless you are using them for cover.
[ 78 C&S Vol.4, 6 ] [ 79 Ainslie How to Gamble in a Casino 63 ] [ 84 Barstow Beat the Casino 54,79 ] [ blackjacktheforum.com ]

.  In 2016, the state of Maryland had 4 casinos with 139  blackjack tables.
[ qfit.com ]

Massar, J. P. aka Mr. “M”. One of the first of the MIT Blackjack Team card counters.
[ blackjacklife.com ] [ AMAZON: Breaking Vegas (History Channel) ]

Mastering the Flow. {BS}. (c1990s) (Bobby Singer) Course consists of basic strategy and an introduction to the Hi-Lo count with some strategy variations.   Includes audio cassettes and video tape.  Not recommended.

matchplay. (MP) Match PlayAs in matchplay chip. A casino promotion where players can bet with a special token or coupon that must be matched with an equivalent real chip. (e.g., a $5 matchplay chip must be played with a real $5 chip or cash). These types of promotions can create a positive expectation out of a usually negative expectation game. Matchplay chips are usually kept by the dealer after each play – win or lose. If the dealer does not keep the matchplay chip after a win then its value to the player is considerably higher. Matchplay coupons are mathematically equivalent to loss rebates. See funbook. See rolling chips.
[ blackjackforumonline.com ] [ 888casino.com ] [ wizardofodds.com ]

Matchplay Blackjack. A blackjack tournament format where you are against one other person.  Each player plays the same cards at the same table, with only one of you advancing in the tournament.  Though each player plays the same cards, the outcomes can be different due to different bets and actions on the cards.
[ 92 Wong Casino Tournament Strategy 139 ]

matchplay chip.  See matchplay.

Match the Dealer.  (c2011) A blackjack side bet also seen in Spanish 21 and Down Under Blackjack.  Player wins if either of his two initial cards has the same rank as the dealer’s up-card. HA ~ 3% ???
[ 888casino.com ] [ wizardofodds.com ]

MathProf. See Robert Michael Canjar.

Matthews, David. An American professional blackjack player, poker pro and writer.  Matthews has competed in the World Series of Blackjack and was the winner of the first season of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour.  Matthews was Huntington press’ (Las Vegas Advisor) web site director, blogger and gambling expert (c2002?-2009?).  Before that, he was the bj21.com webmaster.
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May, John. (aka Green Baize Vampire) A blackjack and gambling expert who lives in Ireland.  May is a professional player and author of the books Get the Edge at Blackjack and Baccarat for the Clueless.
[ ARCHIVE: blackjackbomb.com/john-may/ ]

Min 5 Max 1000maximum. The largest bet allowed at a blackjack table. See table limit. See minimum.

MaxTime Card Scanner. An electronic device designed to be mounted on a blackjack table. This device will show when a dealer has an ace under his ten or ace without revealing any other hole-card information. Specially designed cards must be used.
[ 11/15/91 Snyder Here come the machines CP ]

BJHFJames McDermottMcDermott, James P. (Jan 25, 1930 – Nov 2, 2018) McDermott graduated from Boston College and went on to receive a M.A. in statistics from Columbia University. He is a co-author of the historical significant book Playing Blackjack to Win and a 2008 member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame. See Four Horsemen of Aberdeen. See Blackjack History.
[ Blackjack Hall of Fame ] [ washingtonpost.com ] [ blackjackchamp.com ] [ legacy.com ]

McDowell, David. Author of the book Blackjack Ace Prediction: The Art of Advanced Location Strategies for the Casino Game of Twenty-One!  McDowell’s book was the center of some serious controversy within the AP blackjack community when it was first published. You can read Arnold Snyder’s review / critique at the link below.
[ Archive: blackjackforumonline.com ] [ blackjackaceprediction.com ]

McGhee Plus-Minus. {PCS/L1}. (W. B. McGhee) A level 1 counting system by W. B. McGhee.

A 2 3 4 5 6 7  8  9 10
1 1 1 1 1 1 0 -1 -1 -1
BC = .71 PE = .51 IC = .69
Meadow, Barry. Author of the book Blackjack Autumn.  Interviewed on the Gambling with an Edge podcast in 2013.
[PODCAST: Mar 15, 2013 ]

mechanic. As in a card mechanic. A skilled cheat or individual who is an expert at sleight of hand and card manipulation. Usually one who can deal seconds. See peeking and anchorman.
[ 66 Thorp Beat the Dealer 161 ]

mechanic’s grip. A method of holding a deck of cards such that it allows that person to peek, deal seconds, or perform other slight of hand feats.
[ 89 Premier Beat a Cheat VIDEO ] [ ?? Forte Gambling Protection Series VIDEO ]

Mega BlackjackMega Blackjack. (2017) A blackjack variant by AGS. According to the Wizard of Odds site it made its Nevada debut at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas on February 16, 2017.  (HA ~ 0.82 to 1.34%) The Buster Blackjack side-bet is also available in this game.
[ wizardofodds.com ] [ ARCHIVE: playags.com ] [ RULES: bjrnet.com ]

Mega Match. (c2016) A blackjack side-bet available from Pala Interactive, an internet casino software provider.  Players win if their initial two cards are suited which pays 2 to 1.  A suited king and queen is called a Mega Match and pays 50 to 1.  If both player and dealer have a Mega Match the bet pays 5000 to 1. (HA ~ 7.17% to 9.11%)  See Royal Match.
[ wizardofodds.com ]

Membrino, Conrad. aka BJANALYST.  According to his bio, Membrino earned his Bachelor of Mathematics degree from the Univ. of Connecticut and is an Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society.
[ ARCHIVE:  6-Dk Unbal Red 7 RC Conv to Hi-Lo TC ] [ ARCHIVE: Membrino: Madman or Genius? ] [ Books by Conrad Membrino ] [ Books by BJANALYST ]

Mentor. {PCS/L2} ( Fred Renzey) A level 2 counting system described in Fred Renzey’s book Blackjack Bluebook and Blackjack Bluebook II.

A  2 3 4 5 6 7 8  9 10
-1 1 2 2 2 2 1 0 -1 -2
BC = .97 PE = .62 IC = .80

[ qfit.com ] [ AMAZON: Blackjack Bluebook II  (2006 edition) ]

merge. A shuffle tracking definition referring to when a dealer picks a set of cards with each hand and then does 2 or 3 riffles (sometimes with stripping). The following definitions were obtained from Jake Smallwood:

  • center merge. Cards from discard tray are divided into stacks A and B. Successive merges are placed in pile C.
  • split merge. Picks from A and B are riffled then split and placed in 2 piles C and D.
  • right left merge. Same as above.
  • center stutter merge. The first merge is placed in pile C. The next picks are from A-C then B-C until end.
  • right left stutter merge. Two target piles are used: C-left and D-right. A-B —-> D, next merge is A-D —-> C, next C-B —-> D, next A-D —-> C until end.
  • zone merge. The cards are partitioned into usually 6 or 8 equal stacks. Label left to right from dealer’s perspective. (e.g., A B C D E F G H merge units go to one pile.) Merge unit sequence then defines shuffle. AE, BF, CG, DH, until end.

Michalek, Mike. One of the earliest card counters who is credited with creating some of the earlier shuffle and ace tracking methods.   In 2018, Max Rubin wrote: “Renowned professional blackjack players including Tommy Hyland, Bill Benter, John Chang, Peter Wagner, Richard Dougherty, and many, many more often pay homage to Mike for taking their games to new heights.  Although Mike has been inactive for more than ten years due to serious health issues, some of his more clever blackjack ‘Inventions’ are still being used by talented AP’s across the globe to harvest money from casinos that continue to remain unfamiliar with the unique playing and betting techniques that he created decades ago.”  A nominee for the Blackjack Hall of Fame.
[ americancasinoguide.com ] [ bjinsider.com ]

Michigan. In 2016, the state of Michigan had 17 casinos with over 330 blackjack tables. See Indian blackjack.
[ qfit.com ]

[ 1/12/90 Snyder Blackjack in Michigan CCP 40 ] [ Sum 93, Win 93 Dalton Blackjack Review ]

Michigan Rules  Archived Rules

Mike. A card counter called “Mike”.  Well, I guess, that could include the author of this book.  In any case, card counter Mike was interviewed on the Gambling with an Edge podcast.  They discussed different approaches to card counting including the “Big Player” call in, “Gorilla BPs”, and the difference between the “Hit and Run” approach versus “camping”.
[ PODCAST: Dec 9, 2015 ]

Millionaire Maker. A sidebet based on the poker value of the dealer hand only. All dealer cards are used including the bust card, if any.
[ wizardofodds.com ]

Millman, M. H. See Ultimate Blackjack System.

mimic the dealer. {BS}. This is the playing strategy of following the exact same strategy that the house uses. The player will mimic the dealer, hitting all 16’s and standing on all 17’s, unable to split or double down. The house advantage for such a strategy is about 5.5%.  According to Peter Griffin, if you depart from this “mimic the dealer strategy” and use correct basic strategy your gains are as follows:


Proper Pair Splitting+0.4%
Doubling Down+1.6%
Hitting Soft 17, 18+0.3%
Proper Standing+3.2%

[ 90 Zender Card Counting for the Casino Exec. 8 ] [ 90 Chambliss Fundamentals of Blackjack 21 ] [ 88 Griffin Theory of Blackjack 19 ]

MindPlay Card Table MindPlay. (MP21) (c2004) A product of Bally Gaming / Alliance Gaming.  According to their advertising, “MindPlay is an advanced blackjack table that contains an extraordinary array of state-of-the-art optical and electronic sensors. MP21 constantly captures real-time data to instantly track and record every card dealt and every wager made for the ultimate in total, accurate reporting of table game results. With a click of the mouse, you can now obtain instant, real-time data for such key decisions as comp awards, dealer accuracy, table utilization, surveillance and security, and individual game performance with a seamless technology that is totally invisible and unobtrusive to both dealer and player.

MindPlay Table Graphic This remarkable advance in table game accounting can be installed into existing blackjack tables resulting in reduced labor costs, increased productivity, more effective marketing, and greater safeguarding of your casino’s bottom line.”  Of course, that is the casino point-of-view. The reality is that MindPlay can be used to cheat players and reduce comps at the table.   If casinos can use this technology against players why is it illegal for players to use the same technology against the casino?  In 2004, John Allen sued the Eldorado Casino (and Bally Gaming), claiming the casino had used a device called MindPlay to alter the odds of a blackjack game against him, in violation of NRS 465.075.
[ ARCHIVE: ballysystems.com ] [ blackjack-scams.com ] [ ARCHIVEballysystems.com ] [ usatoday30.usatoday.com ] [ ARCHIVE: Attorney sues casinos… bj21.com, bjrnet.com ] [ scholars.law.unlv.edu ] [ WIKIPEDIA ]

mini-bank. See bank.

minimum. The smallest bet required at a blackjack table. It is rare to find minimum table bets lower that $1.00. See table limit.  See maximum.

Minimum Memory System. (MMS) A system developed by Kevin Maki that would involve a minimal amount of work to memorize and apply in both hand-held and shoe games.  Basically, this is a simplified system that includes a composite basic strategy and 18 index variations.
[ Sum 96 BJF 36 ]

MinnesotaIn 2016, the state of Minnesota had 18 casinos with over 300 blackjack tables.
[ qfit.com ]

Minnesota Rules  Archived Rules

minus count. See negative count.

mirror. Cigarette lighters, rings, pens, and an assortment of other common devices have been used at blackjack tables to peek at the dealer’s hole-card. Anything that has a mirror finish or is very reflective could be used by a bold player. See first basing. See front loading.

misdeal. Any departure from the rules of correct procedure in dealing cards.

Mississippi. In 2016, the state of Mississippi had 29 casinos with 460 blackjack tables. Riverboat gambling has been legal in this state since 1992. The law states that these riverboats or barges need only be navigable but they may be permanently moored. The greatest concentration of casinos were on the Gulf Coast region between Bay St. Louis, Gulfport and Biloxi.
[ qfit.com ]
[Win 93, Sum 93 Dalton BJR ]

Mississippi rules Archived Rules

Missouri. (MO) In 2016, the state of Missouri had 16 casinos with 264 blackjack tables. Beginning August 30, 2000, Missouri became the second state in the USA where casinos cannot bar counters.  See New Jersey.  See riverboats.
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Missouri Rules Archived Rules

MITMIT Blackjack Team. A reference to the blackjack team of students and ex-students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard, who reportedly won millions throughout the mid-1990s.  The MIT teams operated successfully around the world between 1979 and the late 1990s.    Author Ben Mezrich wrote (loosely) about the team in the book Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions.   Also, in 2004, the Travel Channel produced a 2 hour semi-documentary on the team exploits called Breaking Vegas.  In 2008, Kevin Spacey produced and starred in the movie 21 inspired by the MIT team exploits and based on the book mentioned above.  See David Irvine.  See Mike Aponte. See J.P. Massar.  See Bill Kaplan.  See Semyon Dukach.  See John Chang.  See Al Francesco.  See Andy Bloch.  See Jeffrey Ma.  See Strategic Investments.
[ ARCHIVE: blackjackscience.com/ ] [ 21-movie.com/ ] [ WIKIPEDIA ] [ History vs Hollywood ]

MIT Ted Winner of the 1999 “Blackjack Cup” at Max Rubin’s annual Blackjack Ball.  According to Rubin, “Possibly the most multi-dimensional propeller head ever to graduate from MIT, he shocked the crowd when he won both the arm wrestling and chip shuffling portions on his way to locking up the crown.
[ maxrubin.com ]

Mitchell, D. Howard. (DHM)  See Edward Gordon.

MKEMKE Blackjack Practice Deck. A unique deck of cards used to practice basic strategy and card counting.  Each “face” of a card shows an overlapping 2-card decision combo: pairs, soft totals, and the decision hand totals — 50 cards in all. Basic strategy beginners use just 26 of them!  To practice card counting, all cards are used.   The faces are printed in such a way that they make up a two-card combination (and one 3-card soft hand). These “faces” represent every possible blackjack hand you could get in two cards and they’re meant for practicing strategy and count.  Recommended.
[ Spr 99 Snyder BJF 112 ]

MM. See money management.

MMS. See Minimum Memory System.

Molded Truths. (MT) A card counter who posts under the handle “Molded Truths”.  MT has played all across the United States and in many foreign countries.  He has been manhandled a few times by casino security which has lead to some successful lawsuits against casinos.
[ PODCAST: Jan 4, 2018 ]

money management. (MM) Techniques and methods players use to control their gambling bankrolls. Money management is more important in blackjack tournament strategy than it is in your long-term expectation from regular blackjack play. However, all players are recommended to stick to some personal money management plan. See Kelly criterion. MORE INFO
[ 90 Malmuth Gambling Theory 29 ]

Blackjack FAQFrequently Asked Question
How much money can I expect to win if I count cards?

money plays. As in when the dealer announces “Money plays, $100″ and directed to the floorman. This phrase means that currency laid on the table will be played and not exchanged for chips prior to the hand. Many casinos require this said as policy.

monkey. An Asian expression referring to a face card.  Possibly a corruption of the word monarchy.  Often shouted by some Asian players when asking for a good hit when doubling down.
[ 99 The Blackjack Glossary BJ21.com ]

YieldEditor Note:  I once heard a dealer comment that the only reason they need humans to deal blackjack was because monkeys couldn’t ask players for… “Insurance anyone?“.

Monster Match.  See Players Edge 21.

The Moray Eel.  aka “Bongo Pie Pace”. Winner of the 2006 “Blackjack Cup” at Max Rubin’s annual Blackjack Ball

Morgan, Jess. See James Grosjean.

Morgan Method. {BS} (Tim Morgan). Four Star Enterprises, Farmingville, NY. TBD ???
[ ?? C&S Vol.2, 18 ] [ 8/90 Morgan The Morgan Progressions WIN 45 ]

Moss, Pete.  TBD: Along with Brett Harris, Pete Moss was instrumental in researching unbalanced true counts and other cutting edge blackjack theories in the 1990s.
[ 01 T. Hopper T-H Basic Blackjack ]

Mother in Law. A slang term for a hard 17. Why is a hard 17 like your Mother in law?  Because it is a hand you would like to hit but can’t.

MPBE. See Real World Casino: Multi-parameter Blackjack Engine in software section.

MP21. See MindPlay

Mr. “M”.   See J. P. Massar.

muck1) {CHS} To remove and replace small and/or large cards from a pack of cards. 2) A poker term refering to the stack of discarded and used cards.

multi-deck. See multiple-deck.

multi-parameter count. {CS}. An advanced card counting system that keeps a separate track of cards that normally count as zero. The multi-parameter method was developed in 1975 by Peter Griffin. This method entails keeping a separate track of the cards that count zero in your card counting system. A table of multi-parameters tells the player how to modify the running count based on the number of zero-value cards left in the deck(s). The multi-parameter method is most useful for players using systems that assign the Ace a value of zero.  See side count.
[ 88 Griffin The Theory of Blackjack 56 ]

multi-play chips.  See Rolling Chips Program.

Multiple Action Layout

Multiple Action. (MA) (c1991) Also called Multi-Action Blackjack. Also called Triple Action Blackjack. Developed by Dick LeVasseur and offered by the Four Queens casino in Las Vegas in late 1991. Each player has three betting squares in which he is required to bet in at least two of them. Some casinos require the player to play all three squares. The player receives one hand and plays it out normally. The dealer’s hand is then played out three times to settle each bet.

There is no change to basic strategy, however, card counters should be aware of the increased risk of the game. According to Stanford Wong an easy to remember rule is 14/16. For two hands, bet 140% of what you would bet on one hand (70% / hand) or, for three hands, bet 160% of what you would bet on one hand (53% / hand). This blackjack variation should not be confused with the variation that has the dealer dealing himself three different up-cards called Triple Chance.
[ 12/91 Curtis Las Vegas Advisor [ 1/92 Wong CBN ] [ 1/92 Olsen BJC 25 ] [ 92 Wong Basic Blackjack ] [ 8/7/92 Wong Multiple-Action Blackjack CP ] [ 9/92 Schlesinger Lost in the Maze of New Rules BJF ]

8 Deck Shoemultiple-deck. Technically, the use of two (2) or more decks in a game. However, the use of the term multiple-deck usually means games that are dealt from a shoe such as 4, 6 or 8 decks. Two (2) decks are typically dealt from the hand.  See basic strategy section.
[ 12/90 Snyder Probing the Multi-Deck Mysteries BJF ]

multiple hands. To play more than one hand of blackjack. To place more than one bet thus using more than one spot at the table.
[ 80 Wong Opt. Number of Sim. Hands C&S Vol.11,62 ]

Multiplier BlackjackMultiplier Blackjack. (c2018) A blackjack variation that gives the player a way to bet two ways on the same hand.  First bet is the standard blackjack bet. The other bet is the multiplier bet, which pays if the player wins because of a dealer bust. (HA ~ 2%)
[ wizardofodds.com ] [ discountgambling.net ] [ ARCHIVE: multiplierblackjack.blogspot.com ]

Munchkin AwardMunchkin Award, The.  An award presented at Max Rubin’s annual Blackjack Ball for “The World’s Second Greatest Blackjack Player“.

BJHFMunchkin, Richard W. (Born 1955) (aka Richard Jacobs) A blackjack and backgammon expert, author, film director and producer.  Richard Munchkin has commented about himself, “I have two distinct lives. One in the trenches of low-budget film and television, the other in professional gambling. Because of the feast-or-famine nature of show business I need a reliable income… gambling.” A 2009 member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Author of the book Gambling Wizards.  Munchkin won the 2013 “Grosjean Cup” at Max Rubin’s Blackjack Ball.
[ Blackjack Hall of Fame ] [ Wiki: Richard W. Munchkin ] [ richardmunchkin.com ]  [ richardmunchkin.com ] [ themovieblog.com ]
[ 21 Snyder Radical Blackjack 266 ] [ PODCAST: Apr 27, 2012, Aug 3, 2012, Aug 24, 2012 ]


my. As in my 2. A non-verbal abbreviation for minus used by counters to speed up their counting skills.


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