Artwork by Danny Byl



Art by Danny Byl

“Blackjack” is a 4ft x 5ft, acrylic on canvas, painting by Danny Byl. It is unframed mounted with stretcher bars. I am the artist. This is a fun painting to view. It is colorful and has many nuances. Every painting tells a story, and this one has quite a story. Check out the beautiful cocktail waitress serving a three olive martini to the “Blackjack” winner. See that the table is a $500 minimum with everyone winning lots of chips. There is cigar smoking, beautiful people with lots of jewelry. See if you can come up with your own story. My gallery is in Roswell, GA, where I escaped from dentistry in 1996, to work 7 days a week, and make a fraction of what I once did, (and love every minute!). Enjoy!

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