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Blackjack eBooksIt appears that everybody is jumping on the e-book bandwagon these days. This section includes e-books that are short and/or don’t appear to be a serious book effort.  In this editor’s opinion, most of these e-books are probably worthless. If it is determined that an entry below is a serious effort I will move it to the regular book section.  Of course, the day will come when all books are e-books. Hmmm…. I might have to write one myself some day. 🙂

Blackjack Job AlternativeAnthony Adams. Blackjack Job Alternative. Amazon Services; May 16, 2015. (55 pages)
Review TBD. When I checked Amazon for the preview, it simply said “EBOOK”. Hmmm, probably a sign of what is inside.
[ AMAZON: Blackjack Job Alternative ]

How to Play BlackjackDean Adams. How to Play Blackjack. Independently Published; Feb 6, 2024 (69 pages)
Review TBD. Subtitled “Quick Reference Guide & Strategy Chart“. Available in Kindle and print format.
[ AMAZON: How to Play Blackjack ]

Blackjack Secrets RevealedPaul O. Adamson. Black Jack Secrets Revealed. Nook; Apr 21, 2011 (23KB / ~ 28 pages)
Review TBD. Subtitled “The Best Book Guide On How To Play Black Jack With Smart Facts On The Black Jack System, Black Jack Card Counting, Black Jack Rule, Black Jack Tables And Black Jack Strategies Plus Essential Black Jack Tips And Black Jack Guide“. Another book that likes Black Jack over Blackjack. Argggg!


Break The Bank Blackjack SystemBeverly Allen. Break the Bank Blackjack System. Amazon Digital Services; Nov 28, 2013. (17 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. From the advertising, “Break The Bank Blackjack System will help you to increase your chances of winning one of America favorite card games. This book is for all players that want to lean a moderate as well as an aggressive way to play Blackjack. The book will also share some money management tip so you can learn how to keep your money to play another day.” You too can learn how to break the bank in 17 pages! Do people actually buy these type of books?
[ AMAZON: Break the Bank Blackjack System ]

Strategy Professional BlackjackMike Andersen. Strategy Professional Blackjack: My First Million. Amazon Digital Services; Oct 10, 2014. (55 pages)
Thumbs Up
– Not Recommended. From the cover: “How turn hundred into ten thousand in one night. Secrets casinos don’t want reveal. Non card counting strategy.
[ AMAZON: Strategy Blackjack ]

Epiphany BlackjackJoe Bagori. Epiphany Blackjack: Strategy Squared Your path to winnings. Nook /; Mar 9, 2011 (34 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Subtitled, The Epiphany Count and Strategy Squared. From the advertising, “A new, simple and effective, card counting system that gets you the edge at the Blackjack table. An effective strategy, “Strategy Squared” that works with the count to make you a winner at the Blackjack table. ” Proposes a count which only counts all the small cards and black 7s as a plus 1 and Aces as a -1. Also, each hand that is dealt is counted as a -1. The premise is that each deck yields approximately 18 hands thus balancing the count.
[ AMAZON: Epiphany Blackjack ]

Become a Consistent Blackjack Winner

Ron V. Baltazar. Become a consistent Blackjack Winner. CIPP / Amazon Digital Services; Mar 7, 2014. (53 pages)
Review TBD. Subtitled, Proven Strategies aimed to help the recreational blackjack player win consistently.
From the advertising: You’ll see blackjack from an entirely different perspective that’ll shatter what “you believed” was the right way. Hmmmm??? Shown in digital and print versions with different sub-titles. The second subtitle is,
A revolutionary and unorthodox way to beating blackjack.
[ AMAZON: Become a consistent… ]

Blackjack StrategyJoey Banks. Blackjack Strategy: Easy guide with pictures for any hand.. Amazon Digital Services; 2012. (Approx 100 pages each)
Thumbs Up
– Not recommended. This is actually 5 books on basic strategy – Chapter 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, 21-26. Each book sells separately. The book is just pictures of each hand and how you should play them. A simple basic strategy chart would be simpler and a lot cheaper. However, if you need pictures to learn by….
[ AMAZON: Blackjack Strategy Chap 1-5 ]
[ AMAZON: Blackjack Strategy Chap 6-10 ]
[ AMAZON: Blackjack Strategy Chap 11-15 ]
[ AMAZON: Blackjack Strategy Chap 16-20 ]
[ AMAZON: Blackjack Strategy Chap 21-26 ]

How To Play Blackjack in Easy WayMike Basemann. How to Play Blackjack in Easy Way. Independently published / Amazon Digital Services; Mar 24, 2020 (61 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Subtitled,
A Complete guide for Beginners Players! Basics, Game Rules and Strategies to Learn How to Play Blackjack in Easy Way.  From the advertising, “A complete guide on the basics of Blackjack – the rules, the Blackjack table design, and the card values.  Description of different game variations.  A step-by-step guide on how to play Blackjack.  Card counting strategies.  Tips and tricks to recognize when to proceed with the game and when to quit.  And much more!” A poorly written large print book of 61 pages which if presented in a normal font would probably be less than 20 pages.  Lots of typos, including typos in the basic strategy chart. No card counting strategies mentioned. A waste of time! 
Note to author:  Ed Thorp’s last name does not end with an “e”.
[ AMAZON: How to Play Blackjack in Easy Way ]

Crack the Blackjack CodeJack Black. Crack the Blackjack Code.; Nov 7, 2019 (35 pages) / 10327 words)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended.  From the advertising: “This is a step by step guide that will help any beginner to make their master move in winning the blackjack casino game.”  … and he charges $50 for it. Published by* – an Internet marketing service for online casinos, sports betting, lottery, horse racing, etc. in Malta.  * Site was unavailable at time of review.

R. Brent. Blackjack Gambling: Beat the Casino in Blackjack by Learning the Art of Counting Cards. Amazon Digital Services; 2016. (89 pages)
Review TBD.

10 Lessons for Beginners in Basic BlackjackJon Brownridge. 10 Lessons for Beginners in Basic Blackjack. FeedARead; Apr 15, 2016. (136 pages)
– Review TBD. From the advertising: “This 10-part course has been specifically designed to help new players who want to win modest amounts when playing blackjack online or with continuous-shuffle machines at live casinos. Most blackjack instruction books on the market today still propound card counting as the only viable way to win consistently. However, card counting is ineffective when playing online and when playing with continuous-shuffle machines.” Preview looks good.
[ AMAZON: 10 Lessons for Beginners in Basic Blackjack ]


Be a Winner at BlackjackPat Budd. Be a Winner at Blackjack. Nook / Smashwords; Mar 11, 2011 (126KB)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. From the preview, “You need to be at a table where the other players experience level is about the same as yours.” Hmmm… well, the preview was enough for me to give this a thumbs down.


How to Win at BlackjackHillary Buffett. How to Win at Blackjack: Bonus Basic Strategy Chart Flashcard. Pademelon / Nook / Amazon Digital Services; May 9, 2016. (1490KB / 42 pages / 9440 words)
– Review TBD. From the advertising, “DISCOVER * Basic Blackjack Strategy * The 5 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid * 8 Skill and Habits of Successful Players“. [ AMAZON: How to Win at Blackjack ]

Play to Win at BlackjackAnn Bush. Play to Win at Blackjack. Nook / Smashwords; Apr 14, 2012 (175KB / 11288 words)
Review TBD. From the advertising: “Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world. With the tips and strategies in this book you’ll learn to play if you’re a beginner or increase your skills if you already play. The goal of any casino game is to win money and you can develop the skills needed to win more money and keep more of the money you win. You’ll read about how to play with more skill, stay within your budget, protect the money you win, and have fun doing it.

Lose Your Shirt: BlackjackD. A. Cancilla. Lose Your Shirt: Blackjack.; Jun 4, 2014 (80 pages)
Review TBD. From the advertising: “The only guide to Las Vegas blackjack guaranteed to leave you destitute, thrown out of town, or imprisoned!” Preview shows the author has a sense of humor. Chapters include information on card counting, shuffle tracking, hole carding and cheating techniques.
[ AMAZON: Lose Your Shirt: Blackjack ]

Blackjack For BeginnersCharles Chan. Blackjack for Beginners. Amazon Digital Services; 2014. (31 pages)
Review TBD. Subtitled, Mastering the Basic Strategy to Dominate the Game (and Make Money).  From the advertising, “… you will learn:
– A step by step basic strategies approach which is easily understood by beginners as well as seasoned players
– How to sure you know when to hit and when to fold
– Many different Blackjack strategies
– How to adapt to a strategies that is suited to your playing style

[ AMAZON: Blackjack for Beginners ]

Blackjack UnleashedReal Casino Connoisseur. Blackjack Unleashed: Winning Strategies for Every Player. Independently published; Feb 10, 2024 (35 pages)
Review TBD. From the advertising: “
Master basic blackjack strategy to reduce the house edge. Learn the secrets of card counting and how to use it to your advantage. Manage your bankroll effectively to maximize your playing time and profitability. Navigate the emotional highs and lows of gambling with confidence.” Available in Kindle and print formats.
[ AMAZON: Blackjack Unleashed ]

Blackjack For WinnersStanley Cooper. Blackjack for Winners: The Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide. CIPP; 2012. (36 pages) Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Hmmm… and I thought I over-used the term “ultimate” at times? From the book: “… if your bet is $100 and your two initial cards are 6 and 5, the dealer gives you another card if you double up, you are dealt with one more card to go blackjack but you end up betting an additional $100. Although you bet more, this is an opportunity that can get you closer to getting a blackjack.” Huh???? What is the cover all about? Looks like a guy winning a big pot in poker.
[ AMAZON: Blackjack for Winners ]

Blackjack: The Art of LosingStanley Crimson. Blackjack: The Art of Losing (10 Tips to Lose Less and Win More. Amazon Digital Services; 2013. (39 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Labeled as Volume 1. From the advertising: “The reason why most people lose money playing blackjack is that they spend all of their time trying to find ways to win. It could be card counting or some betting system. They are all designed to be some silver bullet on how to win. My approach is different. I have spent hundreds of hours analyzing why people lose money, not trying to figure out a way to win. If you understand why you lose, you increase your chances of losing less and thus, winning more.” Sounds like an interesting concept but… never split eights against a ten???
[ AMAZON: Blackjack: The Art of Losing ]

Ball D's Best Bets: Blackjack & CrapsGrancy Crosborn. Ball D’s Best Bets Blackjack & Craps. Nook; Feb 10, 2018 (133KB)
Review TBD. From the advertising, “A primer on Blackjack and Craps history, basics and simple strategies. After a brief history we look at some personal experiences, how the games are viewed and then some simple, effective strategies on how to hold your own at the tables.

Blackjack HandbookRichard Cui. Blackjack Handbook. Amazon Digital Services; Feb 27, 2019 (26 pages)
Thumbs Up– OK.  An accurate presentation of basic strategy for the absolute beginner.  The Kindle charts, however, are very hard to read.  No card counting information.
[ AMAZON: Blackjack Handbook ]

Blackjack StrategyMichael Drew. Blackjack Strategy: The Ultimate Guide to Playing Blackjack for a Living. Amazon Digital Services; Sep 2, 2014. (21 pages) Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Oh no! Another “ultimate” book under 25 pages long. It really hurt just reading the preview and that is all I needed to give this a thumbs down.
[ AMAZON: Blackjack Strategy ]

The ABC's of 21Mike Exinger. The ABC’s of 21. CIPP; Apr 10, 2012 (36 pages / 8753 words)
Review TBD. Subtitled: A Book of Blackjack for Beginners. Per the advertising, “Blackjack can be easy to learn, and with my systems it’s easy to learn how to win too.” From the preview, I am a bit concerned with the chapter titled “My Modified Basic Strategy“. NOTE: A Mike Exinger wrote a special report on Jackpot, NV once for me in the Winter 1995 issue of Blackjack Review.
[ AMAZON: The ABC’s of 21 ]

Blackjack: How to Play and WinSabina F. Blackjack: How To Play And Win. Nook / StreetLib SRL; Jun 11, 2017 (36KB / ?? pages)
Review TBD. Preview shows only one chapter and at 36KB in size this has to be only a few pages.

The Ultimate Blackjack SystemThomas Frank Jr and Billy DiPole. The Ultimate Blackjack System.; No copyright information (38 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended… however! Subtitled, Blackjack Secrets Casino’s Don’t Want You to Know About!. Surprisingly some decent information. Describes history of the game, how to play, basic strategy and the basics of card counting. However, he is a bit too optimistic about a card counter’s advantage and the ebook has a link to an online casino. CAUTION: There appear to be many books out there with the same title and even same book cover and by different authors.  Be careful if you go to  My McAfee web advisor indicates this site is “Slightly Risky”.
[ EPDF: The Ultimate Blackjack System ]

Winning at BlackjackJohn Gahan. Winning at Blackjack. Sepharial; Jun 21, 2017, Dec 28, 2022 (?? pages / 6730 words)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended.  From the advertising, “If done with a high level of precision, gambling can be a source of extra income; you simply need to be good at statistics. Once you strike the right balance, there is no doubt that casino gambling can be your gold mine. … ” It appears that Gahan might be an expert in many things and has written over 30 books or booklets on various topics, including tarot reading, medicine, autism, animals, food, diets, acne treatments, slot machines, sleep therapy, natural healing, martial arts, model trains, etc. 🙂
[ Barnes and Noble ]

Counting Cards is Total BSWarner S. Gold. Counting Cards is Total Bullsh*t: Counting Winnings is Divine. Blackjack Secrets I Learned From the Mob. Amazon Digital Services; 2012. (39 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. The main reason Gold gives for why counting cards is total bullsh*t is “The vast majority of people cannot in actuality perform this very difficult skill in a casino“. Well, Gold, it’s not that difficult. It just takes a lot of practice 🙂
[ AMAZON: Counting Cards is Total Bull… ]

10 Amazing Blackjack Tips

Jack Goldstein. 10 Amazing Blackjack Tips. Nook / Andrews UK; Sep 17, 2012 (3MB)
– Review TBD. From the advertising, “aims to help you increase your odds, and offers strategies covering everything from which particular game to choose, when to hit, stand, split and double – and an introduction to the dark side of truly legal and simple card-counting that anyone can do. Included in this eBook are the tables you will need to memorize, showing you what you should do in response to any combination of cards.
[ AMAZON: 10 Amazing Blackjack Tips ]

Winning BlackjackAlfie R. Gould. Winning Blackjack! Nook / KMS Publishing; Aug 13, 2011 (304KB)
– Review TBD. Subtitled, Blackjack Rules, Blackjack Strategies And Secret Blackjack Tips For Beginners And Experts On Blackjack Card Counting And A Blackjack Strategy Card To Help You Play A Winning Game! From the advertising, “This book will reveal to you all the rules of blackjack plus insider tips and beginner strategies and advance strategies for experts to give you a winning edge!

Beat the Casinos at BlackjackWilliam Goulden. Beat the Casinos at Blackjack. Open Source; 2008. (33 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Available for free on Subtitled, The legitimate way to beat the casinos and make a fortune. Written for the aspiring “online blackjack” player. Includes an accurate basic strategy and a review of all of the different betting systems available. Discusses crazy topics such as “Tracking the Flow” and the “Goldhill System”. Provides links to various online casinos. Provides a good list of blackjack references and resources.

[ ARCHIVE: Beat the Casinos at Blackjack ]

How To Play BlackjackSteven Hartman. How to Play Blackjack. Amazon Services; Jan 11, 2017. (42 pages)
Review TBD. The author promises the absolute basics, how to play the game, extra bets, how not to upset friends who may be watching and moneymaking tips.
[ AMAZON: How to Play Blackjack ]

Beating BlackjackNick Henderson. Beating Blackjack: The #1 Betting System Step. CIPP; 2016. (24 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. From the advertising: is a betting system that helps the player win at blackjack. Stop throwing money away! Don’t play another hand of blackjack without using the step system. Promotes a worthless betting progression system.
[ AMAZON: Beating Blackjack… ]

Blackjack StrategyMichael Hinds. Blackjack Strategy: Secrets to Winning the Blackjack Game. Amazon Digital Services; 2015. (30 pages)
Thumbs Up
– Not recommended because of the first line in their advertising: “Learn how to ensure that you win – and not lose – when you play blackjack. [ AMAZON: Blackjack Strategy… ]

Black Jack How To Cash InDustin Holcombe. Black Jack How To Cash In. Amazon Services; 2014 (19 pages)
Review TBD. Subtitled Winning Consistently is Everything at Black Jack, Pai Gow Poker, Baccarat and Roulette. From the advertising, “This author’s strategy works and works well at Black Jack, Pai Gow Poker, Baccarat, and Roulette. If you follow the simple guidelines….no these rules, you will consistently win the casino’s money in the same fashion they pocket everyone else’s! But, you have to follow the rules!” Hmmm… preview shows four chapters: “Rules-The Beginning, Fail Safe, Black Jack Simplified and Recap”. Sounds like a betting strategy since the author thinks it works well at all the other games mentioned. Probably not recommended but I will wait to review it until I get to read a free copy 🙂
[ AMAZON: Black Jack How To Cash In ]

Blackjack MasterclassNick Holden. Blackjack Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Casino Blackjack. Pegasus Publishing / Amazon Services; Feb 2, 2020. (45 pages)
Review TBD. Advertised as, “Complete with a FREE Basic Strategy Card, this book is the most comprehensive guide on the market for learning Casino Blackjack. From Beginner to Expert in record time! Start killing it on the tables today!
[ AMAZON: Blackjack Masterclass ]

Blackjack Ultimate Strategy GuideEdward Horn. Blackjack Ultimate Strategy Guide. Nook; Feb 2, 2012 (630KB)
Review TBD. Subtitled, Play Blackjack And Win Like The Pros. From the advertising, “CARD COUNTING is the holy grail of Blackjack. Inside … you will learn and master a card counting technique that you can use right away to start making money consistently!” Preview shows a section on a simple card counting system.

Blackjack for the Under-Initiated and Over-WhelmedCharlotte Jackon. Blackjack for the Under-Initiated and Over-Whelmed. CIPP / Amazon Digital Services; Jul 2, 2012. (28 pages)
Review TBD. Edited by Maple Casino. From the advertising, “Especially for the beginner, Blackjack can be an intimidating game. Sure, you probably know that getting as close to 21 without busting is your goal, but for the best advantage and the best cash returns, you need to understand the most subtle dynamics of play. Maple Casino has constructed a guide to help the beginner get the most out of Blackjack. We cover a short history of the game, the rules of play, and some essential strategies to help you maximize your advantage. We’re proud to offer the best beginner’s guide to Blackjack available on the market. Feel free visit us at for more resources.” Looks like this is sponsored by a Canadian online casino site.
[ AMAZON: Blackjack for the Under-Initiated… ]

Situational DynamicsWilliam Kemner. Situational Dynamics, The Art of Winning at Blackjack. Amazon Digital Services; 2013. (58 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. A few sentences in the preview should answer why I gave this a not recommended. “… do not fall into the trap of ‘always split your aces’. Particularly if the count favors low cards, it is often best to simply hit your pair of aces. This is a hand that you really have to learn by watching the cards.”
[ AMAZON: Situational Dynamics ]

Blackjack: Don't Count On ItJack B. Lackie. Blackjack: Don’t Count on It! Services; Nov 19, 2019. (16 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Subtitled, The Easy Way to Win Blackjack Without Counting. Some quotes from the book: “Frankly, I am just one of these people who want to go to the blackjack table and win without using some type of card counting scheme.” He says he has a formula that can increase your odds of winning to 75%. Hmmm…. at least the author does stress you use basic strategy.
[ AMAZON: Blackjack: Don’t Count on It! ]

How to Play BlackjackDuke Landrey. How to Play Blackjack: 21 Blackjack for Beginners. CIPP / LCPublifish; 2014. (40 pages)
Review TBD. Subtitled, Getting Familiar with Blackjack Rules and the Blackjack Table.  From the advertising, “If you’re looking for a short, easy-to-read guide that will fully prepare you to hit the blackjack table, then this book is for you! For most people, learning the basics of Blackjack is not difficult. Things don’t really become complicated until the actual experience of walking into a casino, sitting down at a table, and abiding by the house rules and expectations. As an unprepared beginner at the Blackjack table, you risk catching dirty looks (or worse) from the dealer and fellow players if you’re not familiar with some basic Blackjack customs. This book is designed to introduce you to the basic rules of Blackjack and acclimate you to the customs of the Blackjack table. By the end of this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll feel like a seasoned blackjack player, ready to handle yourself like a pro at the casino.” Six chapters covering, Game Scoring and Set-Up, Gameplay after the deal, Tactical Moves – Doubling and Splitting, Insurance and Surrendering, Different Type of Tables and Table Etiquette.
[ AMAZON: How to Play Blackjack ]

Blackjack StrategyDuke Landrey. Blackjack Strategy: How to Win at Blackjack with Improved Blackjack Odds. CIPP; 2014. (36 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Subtitled, Blackjack Tips and Strategies for Better Odds. This is not a book about card counting. Hmmm… 36 pages long and he spends an entire page explaining why you should stand on a hard 17, 18, 19 and 21. [ AMAZON: Blackjack Strategy ]

Best Odds BlackjackLyle Leeds. Best Odds Blackjack: The “BOB” Strategy. Amazon Digital Services; 2016. (28 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Subtitled, No Card Counting, 2 Decision Charts (1 Basic – 1 BOB). From the advertising, “The hard work has been done for you by the author by playing & recording 10,000 live hands of Blackjack in various casinos over a period of many months. A Strategy developed over 30 years ago was used – now called “BEST ODDS BLACKJACK” (BOB) – which proved highly successful. Most importantly, there was NO Card Counting and NO Betting System used; each bet started out the same amount. Now you can easily learn and play the same BOB strategy. ” Any strategy based on only 10,000 live hands is highly suspect of being nonsense.
[ AMAZON: Best Odds Blackjack ]

Blackjack Card Counting for the Casino ProfessionalR. E. Lentz. Blackjack Card Counting for the Casino Professional. CIPP; 2015. (36 pages)
Review TBD. From the advertising: …will teach the reader in one afternoon the basics of card counting and with practice provide the skills to spot card counters in their casino.
[ AMAZON: Blackjack Card Counting… ]

Real World BlackjackJohn Lucas. Real World Blackjack: How to Win at Blackjack Without Counting Cards. Xlibris / Amazon Digital Services; 2012. (60 pages)
Thumbs Up
– Not recommended. According to the advertising, written by a blackjack dealer of 20 years.

21 Blackjack StrengthsJoe Lucky. Blackjack: 21 Blackjack Strengths to Beating the Dealer. CIPP; 2017 (24 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. From the advertising, “Are you ready for it? You ready to win every hand? To learn how easy it is to beat the hand with the cards your dealt with? How about figuring out how to become a shark! How to intimidate those who challenge you? This books doesn’t provide you with just one tip! Not just two! It doesn’t stop…” With a name like Joe Lucky, how could you go wrong?

Image Not AvailableJeremy Lyles. Blackjack Strategy: The Ultimate Guide to Winning at Blackjack and Dominate the Casino. Amazon Digital Services; 2015. (48 pages)
– Review TBD. Wow…. another “ultimate guide”!

Casino Blackjack for the Recreational PlayerKevin C. Maki and Mitchell Silverman. (aka Mitch & Dr. Kev) Casino Blackjack for the Recreational Player. Amazon Digital Services; 2015. (62 pages)
Review TBD. Subtitled, A Guide to Playing for Fun and Casino Comps. I read the preview for this book and so far, I like what I read. Per the advertising: “This is a brief and down-to-earth guide to playing casino blackjack for the recreational player. While this book can be read in only a couple of hours (such as on a flight to Las Vegas), it contains all of the information the new or experienced player will need to cut the house advantage by 75% or more, while maximizing player incentives or ‘casino comps.’ Chapters cover how to choose the right games (and avoid the wrong ones), playing with a mathematically proven basic strategy and tactics for getting the most from casino giveaways. For the novice player, an appendix is provided that describes the basics of playing casino blackjack. ‘Tales from the blackjack pits’ are included throughout that illustrate the concepts using real life examples.

[ AMAZON: Casino Blackjack for the Recreational Player ]

How You Can Master 21 Blackjack Almost InstantlyJason Mathis / Get Digital World. How You Can Master 21 Blackjack Almost Instantly. Nook / Amazon Digital Services / CIPP; 2016 / Mar 8, 2017. (67 pages / 184 pages)
Review TBD. Not sure but it looks like the first edition was an e-book. Then, the author was changed to “Get Digital World”. Did the original author not want his name associated with the book? Author indicates he was a blackjack dealer and gambling instructor. His website is no longer available.
[ AMAZON: How You Can Master 21 Blackjack Almost Instantly ]

The Most Overlooked Strategies of 21 Blackjack Revealed

Jason Mathis. The Most Overlooked Strategies of 21 Blackjack Revealed. Amazon Digital Services; 2016. (?? pages)
– Review TBD. Per the advertising: In This Book: Beginning Black Jack. A Quick Rundown on the People in the Blackjack Hall of Fame. A Matter Of Winning And Losing: Tips On Playing Blackjack. A Simple 3 Stage Blackjack Strategy. Advanced Blackjack Strategy. Advantages of Learning Blackjack Strategies. Basic Rules Of Live Dealer Blackjack. Basic Steps To Playing Blackjack. Basic Strategy For Blackjack. A Few Tips For Blackjack Players. Being Familiar With The Blackjack Language. Blackjack – Splitting Cards. Blackjack: Learn How to Become a Champion.  Blackjack Progressive Strategy. Blackjack vs. Poker. Learning To Win!

Blackjack: How to PlayJames Mazzola. Blackjack: How to Play! Nook / CreateSpace; Dec 15, 2011 (463KB)
Review TBD. From the advertising, “Blackjack is one of the best casino games to play. It can also be one of the worst games to play if you don’t know the strategy of the game. Before you sit down to play Blackjack you will want to learn these essentials of the game to insure yourself a better chance of winning.”


Blackjack Card CountingPhilip Martin McCaulay. Blackjack Card Counting. CIPP; Nov 4, 2009. (~ 48 pages)
Review TBD. From the advertising, Blackjack Card Counting is an easy-to-understand reference book for players to use to gain an advantage at casino blackjack by counting cards. The method works because if the dealer reveals more small cards than large cards, the average value of the remaining cards increases. If there are relatively more high cards remaining, the probability of a blackjack paying 3 to 2 increases, the probability of winning on a doubled-down bet increases, and the probability of the dealer busting with a 12 to 16 showing increases. Topics include blackjack basics, counting cards, the running count, the true count, betting strategy, and player decisions. The book includes charts showing the optimal blackjack strategy depending on the card count. The author is a mathematician with experience as a consultant to the gaming industry who has sold thousands of books.” According to the bio, Philip Martin McCaulay is an actuary with a B.A. in Mathematics from Indiana University. His actuarial clients in the gaming industry have included Bally’s, Circus Circus, Caesar’s Palace, and United Gaming. [ AMAZON: Blackjack Card Counting ]

How to Play BlackjackGibson McDeere. How to Play Blackjack: A Winning Guide to Blackjack – for Beginners. Independently published; Feb 3, 2024. (51 pages)
Review TBD. From the advertising, “A step-by-step breakdown of Blackjack rules, from the fundamentals to advanced techniques.  Winning strategies that even beginners can grasp, transforming you into a confident player. Tips and tricks for effective bankroll management, ensuring you stay in control. Insider insights into reading the dealer’s moves, giving you a decisive edge.
[ AMAZON: How to Play Blackjack ]

Blackjack Strategy Guide by Xavier MillerXavier Miller. Blackjack Strategy Guide: The Essential Guide to Winning at Blackjack; Cascade Publishing / Amazon Digital Services; 2016. (58 pages)
Review TBD. Subtitled, The Complete Guide to Winning Blackjack; Tips and Tricks to Beat the Odds.

Blackjack: How to Play...Donn Mitchell. Blackjack: How to Play Blackjack and the Best Blackjack Strategies. Amazon Digital Services; 2016. (17 pages)
Thumbs Up
– Not recommended. Chapter 1: “The goal of Blackjack is to get a hand as close to 21 as possible without going over.” Chapter 2: “Feel free to change your play as you would like based on your play style and experience.” Chapter 3: Oh I just can’t take it anymore.

Blackjack to the Nth DegreePatrick Moriarty. Blackjack to the Nth Degree. PCM Enterprises / Amazon Digital Services; Oct 1, 2011. (159 pages)
Thumbs Up
– Not recommended. Subtitled, Formula Cycling Method (FCM). A variant of the Labourchere betting system.
[ AMAZON: Blackjack to the Nth Degree ]

How to Count CardsVinnie Navetta. How to Count Cards: How to Count Cards in Blackjack. CIPP; Dec 22, 2015. (38 pages)
Review TBD. From the advertising: This book will teach you everything you need to know about Blackjack. Hmmm, in 38 pages?

David Nickerson. Learn How to Win at Online Blackjack ‘Classic’ in under 10 minutes: How to Win at Online Blackjack in 14 Strategic Steps. Amazon Digital Services; 2014. (15 pages)
Review TBD.

Lose Little, Win Big BlackjackEdwin Olson. Lose Little, Win Big Blackjack. Olson Publishing; Jun 23, 2011. (131KB / 71 pages / 15059 words)
Thumbs Up– Not Recommended.  From the advertising: “This is a Blackjack system that gives you, the player an advantage over the casino that does not require card counting. It is designed to minimize losses while automatically telling the player when and how much to increase his bets, when favorable conditions occur.
[AMAZON: Lose Little, Win Big Blackjack ]


Blackjack StrategyLarry Pace. Blackjack Strategy: Winning at Blackjack. Amazon Digital Services; 2015. (36 pages)
Thumbs Up– Good. Recommended. Subtitled, Tips and Strategies for Winning and Dominating at the Casino (Blackjack, Counting Cards, Blackjack Winning, Good at Blackjack, Black Jack, Card Counting). Short introduction to the game of blackjack including rules, terminology, and what it will take to beat the house.

Winning @ BlackjackJ. D. Parker. Winning @ Blackjack. Nook / Smashwords; Sep 15, 2017 (125KB / ?? Pages / 3320 words)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Subtitled, Good Basic Blackjack – Playing with Common Sense. Promotes a money management and a betting system.

How I Win Playing BlackjackTW Pennington. How I Win Playing Blackjack: Be Smart, Play Smart & Anyone Can Win. Amazon Digital Services; 2016. (16 pages)
Review TBD. From the preview, “A winning strategy on how to play Blackjack. Everything from the basics to a strategy that has proven over time to be the best at giving you the odds and knowledge you need to walk away with some of their money. Only 16 pages ?
[ AMAZON: How I Win Playing Blackjack… ]

Winning at BlackjackJohn Peters. Winning at Blackjack. Road to Wealth & MYM Business Services; 2004, 2008 (45 pages)
Review TBD. Subtitled, Extraordinary Secrets Revealed. From the advertising, “ … takes a candid and forthright look at what it takes to make sure you are winning at the game of Blackjack. Contrary to popular (if not uninformed) opinion, this game is NOT for ‘fun’. Take a literary stroll through the world of high-stakes casino gambling but in this world YOU win and not the house!
[ AMAZON: Winning at Blackjack ]

Blackjack and BusinessPaul Pourzia. BlackJack and Business: The Easiest Way to Count Cards. Amazon Digital Services; 2015. (11 pages)
Review TBD.
From the advertising, “If you’ve ever wanted to gamble with an edge while playing Black Jack then this is the book for you. Learn the quickest and easiest way to count cards. Find out how easy it actually is to count cards using our simple methods. Learn how to make Black Jack your second job. The most valuable seventeen pages you will ever read.”  Wow, Amazon says this is 11 pages, advertising says this is 17 pages!
[ AMAZON: Blackjack and Business ]

Go Big or Go BrokeGreg Radley. Go Big or Go Broke: How I Made Six-Figures Playing Blackjack without Counting Cards. Amazon Digital Services; 2014. (10 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. From the advertising: … many players and math whizzes will probably claim that some of my methods are not mathematically sustainable, and that if I continued to play the same way I would eventually lose money in the long run.
Winner of the shortest blackjack e-book contest.
[ AMAZON: Go Big or go Broke ]

Blackjack ShortcutJohn Renner. Blackjack Shortcut: Phone Download. Young Mozarts / Amazon Digital Services; 2015 (19 pages)
Review TBD. Quick references for use in a casino. From the advertising, “This is a little reference book to download to your tablet or cell … a convenient reference any time you want to take a look—even in the casino.
[ AMAZON: Blackjack Shortcut ]

How to Become a Good Blackjack PlayerJohn Renner. How – To Become a Good Blackjack Player: NO COUNTING. Young Mozarts / Amazon Digital Services; 2015 (31 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Subtitled: Casino ’21’ Quickie System, which probably sums it up right.  Includes a betting system.
[ AMAZON: How to Become a Good Blackjack Player ]

How to Play Blackjack by David SandersDavid Sanders. How to Play Blackjack. Amazon Digital Services; 2016, Feb 11, 2023. (38 pages / 10207 words)
Review TBD. Subtitled, The guide to blackjack rules, blackjack strategy and card counting for greater profits. [ AMAZON: How to Play Blackjack ]

Play BlackjackNicolae Sfetcu. Play Blackjack. ???; 2014?. (?? pages)
Review TBD. A short guide about how to play blackjack, blackjack variants, strategies, tournaments, card counting, advantage gambling techniques and terminology.

I Will Make You ChampionMits Sh. I Will Make You Champion: Winning Tips & Tricks for Blackjack. Amazon Services; Jan 22, 2020. (87 pages)
Review TBD. From the advertising, “Having been a blackjack dealer and gambling instructor, I have taught countless people how to playing the game of Blackjack. The game of Blackjack is a very simple one to learn and you can be on the table playing in just minutes from now. I go more in detail about gambling, but this quick start guide will give you everything you need to play a game of Blackjack. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on playing Blackjack online.
[ AMAZON: I Will Make You Champion ]

BlackjackBrad Shirley. Blackjack (Before You Sit Down at the Blackjack Table). Kindred Souls / Amazon Digital Services; Jul 17, 2012, Feb 14, 2013 (938KB / 16 pages / 2000 words)
Thumbs Up
– Not recommended. From the advertising: There are several blackjack betting strategies you can do to better your odds before you sit down at a blackjack table. Sorry Brad, betting strategies don’t change the odds a bit.
[ ] [ AMAZON: Blackjack (Before Your Sit… ]

Mitchell Silverman. (co-author) See Casino Blackjack for the Recreational Player.

The Science of BlackjackJohn C. Steele. The Science of Blackjack. BookBaby / Amazon Digital Services; Aug 2012 (42 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Subtitled, Card Counting Secrets and Strategies.  The book does have a section on card counting covering the Hi-Lo, KO, Zen and Uston SS card counting systems.  However, the next section is all about the various betting systems such as the Paroli, Martingale and Labouchere.  The author believes that, … “being seated at a table with players that know how to play the game will ensure the success of your hand as well“.  Wow…. I’ve been playing blackjack incorrectly for years 🙂
[ AMAZON: The Science of Blackjack ]

Blackjack Beat the GameJason Stone. Blackjack: Beat the Game . Amazon Digital Services; 1980, 2015. (26 pages)
Review TBD.  From the advertising, “
Learn to Play and Win at Blackjack With Just a Few Hours Practice!
[ AMAZON: Blackjack: Beat the Game ]

Blackjack Beyond the BasicsWalter Thomason. Blackjack, Beyond the Basics. Amazon Digital Services; 2012. (22 pages)
Review TBD. Subtitled, Improve your game without counting cards. Thomason is also the author of the book Twenty-First Century Blackjack and The Ultimate Blackjack Book.
[ AMAZON: Blackjack, Beyond the Basics ]

Use Strategic Strategy to Play BlackjackCharles Tiffany. aka Charles (Tip) Tiffany. Use Strategic Strategy to Play Blackjack. Nook / Page Publishing; Mar 3, 2019 (42 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. From the advertising, “Use Strategic Strategy to Play Blackjack. Win $60 by winning two hands in a row. Win $140 by winning three hands in a row. Win $300 by winning four hands in a row. A recommended investment of two hundred dollars along with twenty-dollar bets on the first bet and not adding anymore chips to a player’s hand most of the time is the strategy suggested in this book.” Seriously ?
[ AMAZON: Use Strategic Strategy to Play Blackjack ]

The Winner's Guide to BlackjackT. J. Towers. The Winner’s Guide to Blackjack. Amazon Digital Services; 2014. (18 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended.  Subtitled, Simple Techniques to Last Longer at the Blackjack Table. A book about blackjack with a poker scene on the cover.  That should be enough for me to not recommend this.
[ AMAZON: Winner’s Guide to Blackjack ]

An Unconventional Playing Strategy for BlackjackCarlos Turver. An Unconventional Playing Strategy for Blackjack: Using a Modified Martingale Betting System. Amazon Digital Services; 2015. (12 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended.  The title says it all!  If you don’t know what a Martingale betting system is, check out the entry in the Encyclopedia of Blackjack.
[ AMAZON: Unconventional Playing Strategy for Blackjack ]

Blackjack Card Counting TricksV. T. Blackjack Card Counting Tricks. Nook; Nov 6, 2013 (304 KB / ?? pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Poorly written and the author misspells Wong’s and Thorp’s names. The author does acknowledge that no betting system can beat the game then goes on to say card counting is a lost art. Has a link to his site, Easy Money Blackjack System – Discover the Winning Secret.

Winning at BlackjackW. Scott Warner. Winning at Blackjack. Nook / Vision Publications / Smashwords; Nov 26, 2010 (29 pages / 4460 words)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Subtitled, Blackjack Gambling Strategy to Consistently Win at Playing 21 or How to Win at Black Jack Card Games to Beat the Casino at their … — Helps You Play Online Blackjack, too! Written by a former pit-boss?. I’m trusting the 3 reviews on Amazon which give it 1 star.
[ AMAZON: Winning at Blackjack ]

Blackjack Strategy & Blackjack Card Counting to Dominate the GameMatthew White. Blackjack: Blackjack Strategy & Blackjack Card Counting to Dominate the Game. Amazon Digital Services; 2015. (20 pages)
Thumbs Up
– Not recommended. Not a word about card counting in the text. I do love it when they put sexy ladies on the cover though 🙂  What a waste!
[ AMAZON: Blackjack: Blackjack Strategy… ]

Beat the Casino BlackjackShawn Wilkinson. Beat the Casino Blackjack with “TOP” Strategy. Amazon Digital Services; 2015. (26 pages)
Thumbs Up– Not recommended. Because of some 4000 live hands they change basic strategy? And then they call it the “TOP” strategy.
[ AMAZON: Beat the Casino Blackjack… ]

Advanced Blackjack CourseGet Digital World. Gambling: The Advanced Blackjack Course and Card Counting Tutorial. Nook / / CIPP; Dec 10, 2017 (543KB / 156 pages)
Review TBD. From the advertising, “Beginning Blackjack, Blackjack Basics, Blackjack Terms, Easy To Learn Blackjack System, Card counting in blackjack, The Future Of Blackjack Card Counters, BJ Strategies. Guaranteed Winning At Single Deck Blackjack. A Simple 3 Stage Blackjack Strategy. Splitting Cards. Secret Formula of Black Jack Winners. Making Sure You Win At Blackjack. Decks and Player Positions. Managing Your Blackjack Money. Finally: Tips for Blackjack Success. Get To Know GetDigitalWorld.Com.[ AMAZON: The Advanced Blackjack Course… ]

Guide to Blackjack SuccessDavid B. Wynn. Guide to Blackjack Success. Nook / Smashwords; Apr 25, 2015 (97KB / 4559 words)
Review TBD. From the advertising, “Learn to play Blackjack. This guide will teach you not only how to play, but also how to be successful at blackjack. Success = Winning.”  According the the bio, Wynn was a Las Vegas dealer and casino manager who retired after 20 years,

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