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October 21, 1988 – August 27, 1993

Editor note: Listings below are only current as of 1993. Card Player is primarily a poker magazine. The following is a partial index to some of the excellent blackjack related material found in this publication during this time period.

OCTOBER 21, 1988

Mason Malmuth. Part I: Head up play.

NOVEMBER 18, 1988

Mason Malmuth. Part II: Head up play.

DECEMBER 30, 1988

How to play tournament blackjack.

JANUARY 13, 1989

Harl Williams. Blackjack Schoolhouse.

FEBRUARY 10, 1989

Harl Williams. Blackjack Schoolhouse.

MARCH 10, 1989

Charles Jay. Blackjack update.

MARCH 24, 1989

Othmer, Konstantine. Dealing blackjack Arizona style.

APRIL 7, 1989

Mason Malmuth. Counting systems.

APRIL 21, 1989

Charles Jay. The correct value of the ace.

JUNE 2, 1989

Charles Jay. Blackjack glossary.


Howard Collier’s Business of Blackjack.

JUNE 30, 1989

Mason Malmuth. Not looking at hole cards.

JULY 14, 1989

Mason Malmuth. Part I: Tips of becoming a professional.

JULY 28, 1989

I. Nelson Rose. Card counting is not cheating.

AUGUST 11, 1989

Mason Malmuth. Part II: Tips of becoming a professional.

AUGUST 25, 1989

REVIEW by Rose A. Wilcox:

Learning Winning Blackjack (IBM S/W)

OCTOBER 6, 1989

I. Nelson Rose. Card Counting Devices.

Arnold Snyder. Blackjack Hack.

Beat a Cheat Video Announcement

REVIEW by MaryAnne Guberman:

Blackjack Tutor & System Checker (IBM S/W)

OCTOBER 20, 1989

Arnold Snyder. Blackjack Hack.

NOVEMBER 3, 1989

Arnold Snyder. Blackjack Hack: Count chips not cards.

NOVEMBER 17, 1989

Arnold Snyder. Blackjack in Canada.


J. K. Blackjack (Mac S/W)

DECEMBER 1, 1989

Arnold Snyder. The big score – Joe Average learns to count.

DECEMBER 29, 1989

Arnold Snyder. Advise to a beginner.

Arnold Snyder. The birth of blackjack.

Carchia, Bob. Blackjack: Is the rush for real?

JANUARY 12, 1990

Arnold Snyder. Blackjack in Michigan.

JANUARY 26, 1990

David Sklansky. Making the best decision: Exposed cards.

Arnold Snyder. Parasites in paradise.

FEBRUARY 23, 1990

Arnold Snyder. Part II: Snyder’s castle.

David Sklansky. Making the best decision: The worst play in blackjack

MARCH 9, 1990

Bill Brown. Splitting tens.

Arnold Snyder. Lost in the shuffle.

David Sklansky. Making the best decision.

REVIEW by Maryanne Guberman:

MicroAce Blackjack (IBM S/W)

MARCH 23, 1990

Bill Brown. Stiff hands.

David Sklansky. Making the best decision: Development of basic strategy.

APRIL 6, 1990

Arnold Snyder. Blackjack Hack: The peek no evil follies.

Bill Brown. Gaming and computers: Blackjack dealer expectations.

David Sklansky. Making the best decision: Expectation.

APRIL 20, 1990

Byron Liggett. Blackjack in the evergreen state.

I. Nelson Rose. Tales of terror from the back rooms.

David Sklansky. Making the best decision.

MAY 4, 1990

REVIEW by Bill Brown:

Professional Blackjack Simulator

MAY 18, 1990

Arnold Snyder. Part I: Bachelor of Counting.

REVIEW by Bill Brown:

Blackjack Tutor

JUNE 1, 1990

Arnold Snyder. Part II: Bachelor of Counting.

REVIEW by Bill Brown:

Vegas Pro Blackjack

JUNE 15, 1990

Arnold Snyder. Part III: Bachelor of Counting.

REVIEW by Bill Brown:

Professional Blackjack Simulator (Version 2.0)

JUNE 29, 1990

Arnold Snyder. Part IV: Bachelor of Counting.

JULY 13, 1990

Arnold Snyder. Part V: Bachelor of Counting.

I. Nelson Rose. Court allows high stacks Indian Blackjack.

REVIEW by Bill Brown:

MicroAce Blackjack

JULY 27, 1990

Bill Brown. Dealer Expectations.

Arnold Snyder. Blackjack Hack.

AUGUST 10, 1990

I. Nelson Rose. Who counts cards?

Bill Brown. New game for casinos.

Arnold Snyder. Part VI: Bachelor of Counting.

AUGUST 24, 1990

Arnold Snyder. Part VII: Bachelor of Counting.

REVIEW by Bill Brown:

Edward O. Thorp’s Real Blackjack


Stanford Wong. No Wait Blackjack.

Arnold Snyder. Part VIII: Bachelor of Counting.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1990

Arnold Snyder. Part IX: Bachelor of Counting – Beating the Shoe.

Bill Brown. Playing the soft 17 and soft 18.

OCTOBER 5, 1990

Arnold Snyder. Part X: Bachelor of Counting.

OCTOBER 19, 1990

Arnold Snyder. Part XI: Bachelor of Counting.

NOVEMBER 5, 1990

Stanford Wong. Las Vegas Racebooks.

Arnold Snyder. Part I: Blackjack in Canada.

NOVEMBER 16, 1990

Bill Brown. Blackjack Over/Under 13.

Arnold Snyder. Part II: Blackjack in Canada.

NOVEMBER 30, 1990

Arnold Snyder. Part III: Blackjack in Canada.

Stanford Wong. Roulette numbers are not random.

DECEMBER 14, 1990

Arnold Snyder. Blackjack – Dissappearing spots.

Bill Brown. Faceup play.

DECEMBER 28, 1990

Arnold Snyder. Part 4,128: Bachelor of Counting.

JANUARY 11, 1991

Arnold Snyder. The Marketing Gamble.

JANUARY 25, 1991

Arnold Snyder. System Smitty and the blind folded monkeys.

FEBRUARY 22, 1991

Arnold Snyder. Look out – Here comes Clyde the card counter.

MARCH 8, 1991

Arnold Snyder. Tahoe pit boss creates card counting shuffleboard addicts.

MARCH 22, 1991

Arnold Snyder. Pop quiz for blackjack fanatics.

APRIL 5, 1991

Arnold Snyder. Getting in / getting out.

APRIL 19, 1991

Arnold Snyder. Getting over the over/under hump.

MAY 3, 1991

Arnold Snyder. I stole my act.

MAY 17, 1991

Arnold Snyder. Best jokes of 1991.

MAY 31, 1991

Arnold Snyder. To toke or not to toke.

AUGUST 23, 1991

Arnold Snyder. Borderline camouflage.


Arnold Snyder. Gambling on the Mississippi.

Edwin “Tony” Wuehle. Chip-In Casino in Harris, MI.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1991

Arnold Snyder. Blackjack in Laughlin.

Alan Krigman. Blackjack variety under consideration in Atlantic City.

OCTOBER 4, 1991

Arnold Snyder. Teams, dreams and schemes.

OCTOBER 18, 1991

Arnold Snyder. The lone decker rides again!

REVIEWS by Maryann Guberman

The perfect system to winning blackjack by John Houghton

Blackjack Nuggets by Leonard Poch

NOVEMBER 1, 1991

Arnold Snyder. Loser takes all.

Marc Smith. How ridiculous is that play?

NOVEMBER 15, 1991

Arnold Snyder. Here come the machines.

NOVEMBER 29, 1991

Arnold Snyder. Negative fluctuations.

REVIEW by Maryann Guberman:

Blackjack Trainer Software (MAC) by ConJelCo.

DECEMBER 13, 1991

Arnold Snyder. Poem: A visit from St. Who?

APRIL 3, 1992

Arnold Snyder. The devastating ‘drop’.

Marc Smith. Why count?

JULY 10, 1992

Arnold Snyder. The bankroll question.

Marc Smith. Advanced strategies.

REVIEW by Maryann Guberman

Blackjack for Blood by Bryce Carlson

JULY 24, 1992

Arnold Snyder. Big secrets.

Marc Smith. How important is the count?

AUGUST 7, 1992

Arnold Snyder. Simplify your strategy.

Marc Smith. Part I: Hitting versus standing with a favorable count.

Bryon Liggett. Royal Match 21 making a hit.

Stanford Wong. Multiple-Action Blackjack.

AUGUST 21, 1992

Marc Smith. Part II: Hitting versus standing with a favorable count.

Arnold Snyder. Comparing opportunities for professional gamblers.


Arnold Snyder. How important are the rules?

Marc Smith. Doubling down with a favorable count.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1992

Arnold Snyder. 21 Questions — This is a test!

Marc Smith. Handling soft totals with a favorable count.

OCTOBER 2, 1992

Arnold Snyder. To catch a counter.

Stanford Wong. Blackjack: The best odds.

Marc Smith. Part I: When to split with a favorable count.

OCTOBER 16, 1992

Marc Smith. Part II: When to split a pair with a favorable count.

Arnold Snyder. Blackjack answers.

OCTOBER 30, 1992

Arnold Snyder. To leave or not to leave.

Marc Smith. Recapping strategy with a favorable count.

Stanford Wong. Blackjack in Nevada’s Hinterlands.

Double Edge Blackjack.

NOVEMBER 13, 1992

Arnold Snyder. The birth and death of countable craps.

Marc Smith. Strategy with an unfavorable count.

NOVEMBER 27, 1992

Arnold Snyder. Multiple Action Blackjack.

Marc Smith. Counting without heat.

Stanford Wong. Viejas Blackjack.

DECEMBER 11, 1992

Marc Smith. Blackjack and betting systems.

Arnold Snyder. A fish-eye view of blackjack.

DECEMBER 25, 1992

Arnold Snyder. East Coast blackjack blues.

Marc Smith. Low-Stakes 21.

Stanford Wong. Triple-Chance blackjack.

Jeffrey Gorbski. Ethics and card counting.

JANUARY 15, 1993

Arnold Snyder. Win without counting!

APRIL 23, 1993

Arnold Snyder. The big decision — Which system is best for you?

MAY 7, 1993

Arnold Snyder. The 1 Percent Advantage.

MAY 21, 1993

Arnold Snyder. Blackjack: Here comes the high-tech future.

JULY 2, 1993

Arnold Snyder. Professional Compulsive Gamblers.

AUGUST 27, 1993

I. Nelson Rose. Oh! Canadian Casinos!

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