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A book by Olaf Vancura and Ken Fuchs

“K-O is a simple and powerful card-counting system that deserves serious consideration, clearly and entertainingly presented.”
–Edward O. Thorp, Ph.D., Author of Beat the Dealer

“The Knock-Out blackjack system is a very well thought out and clearly presented system which allows players to obtain a healthy advantage over the casinos. Very logical and easy-to-follow, an excellent book for any player who is looking for one of the easiest and strongest professional level systems every published. The book provides an excellent overview of card-counting from both the historical and mathematical perspectives, presented in a style which is both scholarly and easy to read.”
–Arnold Snyder, Publisher of Blackjack Forum

“***** Outstanding. Highly recommended. Knock-Out Blackjack is a welcome addition to my library of high quality books on blackjack. Not only is the K-O unbalanced system a valid and winning blackjack method, but it ranks as one of the top single-level counts available to players today. Knock-Out Blackjack also includes an outstanding history of card counting, good blackjack tips and tricks, honest side commentary, and stories that bring home the card counter’s cat-and-mouse struggle with the casino.”
–Michael Dalton, Editor/Publisher of Blackjack Review

“K-O is a novel card-counting system, which, given its simplicity in design and execution, produces nearly miraculous results. In the past, we would always recommend that the neophyte begin with the hi-lo. With the advent of K-O, I predict that, in the near future, it will supplant hi-lo as the system of choice for the aspiring card counter.”
–Don Schlesinger, Creator of Illustrious 18 and author of Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pros’ Way

“There is simply no reason for the aspiring card-counter to consider anything but an unbalanced count, and the Knock-Out system is the best of them.”
–Anthony Curtis, Publisher of Las Vegas Advisor

“There’s a new book, ‘Knock-Out Blackjack’, and inexpensive companion software, ‘Knock-Out Blackjack Workshop’, by Olaf Vancura and Ken Fuchs. Vancura and Fuchs are the first authors who appear to have fully comprehended the message I’ve been attempting to relay to players since 1980 — Go For Simplicity! They have divised an unbalanced running count system, utilizing an optimally reduced set of strategy indices, that is both easy and extremely powerful.

In their computer simulation tests, their counting system matches up favorably with the best true count systems vs. any number of decks. The book itself is thorough, clear, and despite the fact it is loaded with all the technical information you’d want or need, it’s written in a light amusing style that’s fun to read. This is my new recommendation for the one book every new player should read. You will never have to go beyond the system in this book for traditional card counting.
Even seasoned counters should read this book. It is quite frankly the best compilation of the theories of card counting on the market, destined to become a classic.”
Arnold Snyder, Publisher of Blackjack Forum (Winter-1996 Issue)

“Two Thumbs Up!”
— Biskel and Seibert.


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