Blackjack Book Reviews (Part 2)



Pappadopoulos, George. Blackjack’s Hidden Secrets, WIN Without Counting. ME-n-U Marketers, LLC; 1999 (28 pages)
– Not recommended. Per the advertising, “…we have developed a no card counting formula that will give you a mathematical percentage edge to win consistently at blackjack.” Yeah, right!
[ ]

Parrillo, Richard. Blackjack by the Numbers. Sibylline Books, Omaha, NE; 1993. (169 pages)
– Recommended. Includes a mathematical analysis of the probabilities of blackjack.

Patrick, John. John Patrick’s Advanced Blackjack. Lyle Stuart, Carol Publishing Group; 2006. (336 pages)
– Not recommended. From the advertising: Watch for trends, Patrick urges players. When a player wins 3 out of 4 hands, it can be considered a positive sign that the shoe is with him. The reverse applies if the player loses 3 out of 4 hands. Nonsense and dangerous advice!  Inaccurate basic strategy.  Sells for a penny on Amazon.

Patrick, John. John Patrick’s Blackjack – So You Wanna Be A Gambler?. Lyle Stuart, Carol Publishing Group; 1983, 1991, 2000. (193, 208 pages)
– Not recommended. Contains an inaccurate basic strategy. Patrick credits Braun with the development, then explains he has made some improvements???? Concentrates on the importance of a good bankroll, knowledge of the game, money management and discipline. The book cover states that John Patrick is the host of a national television show and has over 20 instructional videotapes in circulation.
[ 83 Casino & Sports Vol.24,38 ]
[ 90 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 107 ]

Patrick, John. So You Wanna Be A Gambler? – Card Counting. Lyle Stuart; 1983. (371 pages)
– Not recommended. Contains inaccurate information. Includes six major sections discussing bankroll, knowledge of the game, money management and discipline. Includes a basic strategy, single-deck application, neutral deck and variations, card recognition, reading a hand, playing 2, 4, 6, and 8 deck games, side count of aces. Also covers regression systems, soft increases, Martingale system, percentage return and the importance of charting.
[90 Gambler’s Book Club Catalog]


Patterson, Jerry L. Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook. Perigee Books/Putnam, New York; 1977, 1978, 1980, 1981. (Book was completely rewritten in 1990 – RED BACK EDITION – See below.) (211 pages)
– Excellent. Highly recommended. Good comparisons and overview of many of the blackjack systems of the day. This book was completely rewritten in 1990 so if you want the original material ask for the 1981 edition. Patterson has changed many of his ideas about the game of blackjack since he wrote this book. My recommendation for readers is to first find and read this edition (1981) and then, if you are interested, read Patterson’s 1990 version.
[ 6,9/82 Snyder Blackjack Forum ]
[ 5/82 Wong Blackjack World Vol.4,95 ]
[ AMAZON: Blackjack – A Winner’s Handbook ]

Patterson, Jerry L. Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook. Perigee Books/Putnam, New York; 1990. (GREEN BACK EDITION – See above.) (253 pages)
– Not recommended. This book has the same cover as the 1981 edition, however, the word “BLACKJACK” is in green instead of red and all material has been rewritten to reflect Patterson’s controversial and unsubstantiated ideas about the game. The central themes to this book are the supposed effects of the non-random shuffle and game biases. Includes an interesting shuffle tracking section.

Patterson, Jerry L. Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook – Completely Revised and Updated. Perigee Books/Putnam, New York; 2001. (REVISED EDITION See above.) (270 pages)
– Not recommended. This book has the same name as the 1981 and 1990 editions, however, t
he cover is now new. Includes a reasonably good section on Internet gambling. Similar to the 1990 edition which promotes Patterson’s controversial and unsubstantiated ideas about the game. Central themes to this book are the supposed effects of the non-random shuffle and game biases. Also includes an interesting shuffle tracking section like the 1990 edition.

Patterson, Jerry L. and Eddie Olsen. Break The Dealer: Winning Strategies For Today’s Blackjack. Putnam Publishing, New York; 1986. (192 pages)
– Not recommended. Readers are told about the effects of non-random shuffles and how a table selection method called TARGET can be used to exploit them. Includes sections on basic strategy, card counting, the shuffle, shuffle tracking, money management and the TARGET method. The reader should be aware that TARGET is NOT an advantage technique.
[2/87 Olsen Blackjack Confidential] [12/86 Snyder Blackjack Forum 49] [90 Malmuth Gambling Theory 263] [3/87 Patterson Response to Snyder Review BJF 21]

Patterson, Jerry L. Blackjack’s Winning Formula. Casino Gaming Specialists, Voorhees, NJ; 1980. New York; Perigee Books / Putnam Publishing, 1982. (160 pages)
– Good. Recommended. Written for the beginner, this book presents practical advice for playing Las Vegas, Reno/Tahoe, Atlantic City, and the Caribbean. Includes a section written by a woman player about women players.
[ 3/81 Snyder Blackjack Forum 16 ]

Pazo, Cash. Gorilla 21: Learn to Count Cards and Start a Blackjack Team in Less than Three Hours.. CreateSpace Independent Publishing; 2016. (146 pages)
– Review TBD.

*Las Vegas Blackjack DiaryPerry, Stuart Las Vegas Blackjack Diary. ConJelco, Pittsburgh, PA:1997. (214 pages)
– Excellent. Recommended. A brutely honest account of 8 weeks of play by a medium to high stakes player. Destined to become a classic. Also includes chapters on the Hi-Opt I, dealer cheating, barrings, and shuffle tracking. Rated 5 stars in the Summer 1996 issue of Blackjack Review Magazine  – “An outstanding blackjack book you will find hard not to finish in one sitting. Absolutely must reading for card counters moving up to medium or high-stakes. Fascinating reading for the rest of us!
[ 96 BJR 5.3 ]
[ AMAZON: Las Vegas Blackjack Diary by Stuart Perry Conjelco ]

Peterson, C. J. Blackjack Incremental Betting.. CreateSpace Independent Publishing; 2013. (70 pages)
– Not recommended. Incremental betting = progressive betting.  House money = your money!

Petitto, Tony. MadEasy Blackjack. MadEasy, Washington, D.C.; c1979. (91 pages + 1 instant computer)
– Review TBD. I have not seen this book but the University of Nevada – Las Vegas library describes the instant computer that comes with it as a “pocket-sized reference of gambling possibilities.

Poch, Leonard J. Blackjack Nuggets. Resdev Press, Endicott, NY; 1991. (141 pages)
– General overview of Atlantic City and Las Vegas followed by an introduction to basic strategy. Includes lots of charts and discusses everything from the rules of the game to subjects called gain distribution, shuffle audit trails, clusters, etc.
[ 10/18/91 Review The Card Player 44 ]

Popik, David S. Winning Blackjack Without Counting. Citadel Press / Carol Pub. Group; 1985. (104 pages)
– Not recommended. Includes sections on basic strategy, probabilities, the Win-Loss Group System and betting progressions,
[ 12/85 Case Blackjack Forum 50 ]
[ 90 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 108 ]

Purdy, Dennis. Illustrated Guide to Blackjack: 150 Situations & Solutions to Make Winners Out of Beginners. Lyle Stuart; 2007. (336 pages)
– Review TBD. From the advertising: … former gambling pro Dennis Purdy demonstrates the right move to make in every possible blackjack scenario, using real-game situations and solutions that test and hone reader’s skills. In over 150 fully-illustrated pages Purdy not only reveals the best plays for each hand, he shows Why they work–with clear, concise logic, user-friendly charts, and a unique flashcard format that makes each lesson stick. Mastering essential strategies is made easy for beginners and intermediate players.

Rainsong, Daniel and Stephanie Anne Toftoy. Blackjack: A Winning Procedure – Using Statistical Performances. CreateSpace Independent Publishing; 2011. (232 pages)
– Not recommended. Author calls it a parley or modified parley system.  It is simply a worthless progressive betting system.

Rapaport, R. See book entry under Uston, Ken. The Big Player.

Wild Cards by Philip ReedReed, Philip. Wild Cards: A Year Counting Cards with a Professional Blackjack Player, a Priest, and a $30,000 Bankroll. Skyhorse Publishing; 2015. (256 pages)
– Review TBD, but it sounds good!!!!! From the advertising: “Philip Reed is coasting toward retirement, looking for one last adventure, when he meets Bill Palis, a professional blackjack player and former member of the legendary MIT team that took the casinos for millions.

[ ] [ AMAZON: Wild Cards ]

Renzey, Fred. Blackjack Bluebook II . Blackjack Mentor; 2006. (217 pages)
– Good. Recommended.  Supersedes the original Blackjack Bluebook from 1996. The new edition is expanded to 40% larger with several previously undisclosed strategy concepts. Includes the KISS unbalanced counting system and balanced 2-level Mentor system.  See Fred Renzey.

[ ]
[ AMAZON: Blackjack Bluebook II  (2006 edition) ]

Playing Blackjack as a Business

star.gifRevere, Lawrence. Playing Blackjack as a Business: A Textbook on Blackjack. Lyle Stuart / Carol Pub. Group, New York; 1969, 1975, 1977, 1980. (177 pages)
– Excellent. Highly recommended. A bit outdated but still a classic. Contains nice color charts describing the statistical reasons behind basic strategy. Includes four counting systems developed by Revere with computer simulation data from Julian Braun. These systems include the Five-Count, Plus-Minus, Ten Count, and Revere Point Count. The Revere Advanced Plus-Minus Strategy, as advertised in this book for $25.00, is not recommended. Lawrence Revere died in 1977 of cancer. For many years, this book was must reading for all serious players.   Editor note:  This is my favorite blackjack book of all time!
[ 80 Luckman GBC’s Open Response… C&S Vol.11,3 ] [ 80 Griffin …Response to GBC… C&S Vol.12,3 ] [ 90 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 102 ] [ AMAZON: Playing Blackjack As A Business – Professional Player’s Approach To The Game Of ’21’, New Revised Edition ]

Rhone, Dominique. How to Count Cards. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2015 (38 pages)
– Review TBD. Subtitled: An Instructional Guide to Counting Cards in Blackjack for Significantly Improved Odds.

Rich, Bobby. Don’t Gamble – Play Blackjack Instead. Bobby Rich’s School of Blackjack, Bettendorf, IA; 1980 (130 pages)
– TBD. This is a blackjack system in manuscript form. Also called SAM which stands for Skill, Ability and Money Management System.
[ 80 Casino & Sports Vol.10,35 ]

Ristvedt, Larry and Jerry Connelly. North Dakota Blackjack Book: How to Play — How to Win. North Plains Press, Aberdeen, South Dakota; 1982. (120 pages)

Roberts, Randy. Secrets of Casino Blackjack. Info Pr. NV.; 1987. (83 pages)

Roberts, Stanley (a.k.a Stanley Sludikoff). Beginner’s Guide to Winning Blackjack. Gambling Times (Distributed by Lyle Stuart), Hollywood, CA; 1983. (241 pages)
– Good. Recommended. A beginner’s guide explaining where to play, rule variations, basic strategy, card counting, casino countermeasures, cheating, money management, flash cards, blackjack quiz, betting systems, and rules of casino play. Stanley Roberts’s real name is Stanley Sludikoff who publishes WIN Magazine (formerly Gambling Times). Stanley Roberts, at one time, operated The Stanley Roberts School of Winning Blackjack (circa early 1980’s) in California. He also offered courses in a number of cities throughout the United States. The courses and advice he gives today are not recommended.
[ 81 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 171 ]

Roberts, Stanley (a.k.a. Stanley Sludikoff). How to Win at Weekend Blackjack. Scientific Research Services, Los Angeles; 1973. (68 pages)
– Not recommended. Looks an awful lot like the first edition of Winning Blackjack. Includes an ace count and a five-six count.
[ 2/78 Mitchell BJ Systems From BS to Expert GT 1 5]

Roberts, Stanley (a.k.a. Stanley Sludikoff). The Gambling Times Guide to Blackjack: with Edward O. Thorp, Lance Humble, Julian Braun, Jerry Patterson, Arnold Snyder, Ken Uston, D. Howard Mitchell. Gambling Times Inc. (Distributed by Lyle Stuart, Hollywood, CA; 1984. (255 pages)
– Good. Recommended. Includes some controversial and unsubstantiated material, however.
[ 3/85 Snyder Blackjack Forum 46 ]
[ 90 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 99 ]

Winning BlackjackRoberts, Stanley (a.k.a. Stanley Sludikoff). Winning Blackjack. Some manuscripts have been subtitled: Easiest to Learn Advanced System Available. Scientific Research Services, Los Angeles; 1971 – 1985, c1990. (84 – 316 pages)
– Not recommended. First edition contained Robert’s 10-count system and contained 84 pages. Second edition included flash cards and was 140 pages. Third edition was 316 pages.  Contained good sections on cheating, money management and some practical tips. I would question, however, if you can Win $500 A Day! – Anytime You Want!, as promised in its advertising. Latest edition (c1990) is believed to contain controversial and unproven material.
[ 2/78 Mitchell BJ Systems From BS to Expert GT 15 ]
[ 3/82 Snyder Blackjack Forum 33 ]
[ 90 Malmuth Gambling Theory 265 ]
[ 81 Griffin 2nd Edition Review C&S Vol.17, 47 ]
[ 82 Cooper A Second Review C&S Vol.19, 56 ]
[ 90 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 102 ]

Roginski, Thomas C. See book entries under Chambliss, Carlson R.

Roler, Hy. Blackjack: Rules, Strategies, Luck and Other Things. The Roler Press, Mesa, AZ; 1991, 1992. (73 pages)
– Contains 8 chapters including the basics of the game, basic strategy, money management concepts.

star.gifBlackjack and the LawRose, I. Nelson and Robert A. Loeb. Blackjack and the Law. RGE Publishing, Oakland, CA; 1998. (245 pages)
– Excellent. Highly recommended. Two prominent attorneys in the field of gaming law look at the issues from the blackjack players’ perspective. Issues covered include: Can skilled players be excluded from games just because they can win? Can the casinos force you to show your ID? Can they “backroom” you for interrogation? What constitutes cheating? Do laws differ on Indian reservation casinos? Is Internet gambling legal? Every gambler needs this book. Learn how to protect your rights as a player. Whether you are concerned with the tax laws, the invasion of your privacy, or the fairness of the games, Blackjack and the Law will provide straight answers to your questions.
[ AMAZON: Blackjack and the Law ]

Royer, Victor H.. Blackjack Made Easy. ???; 1997 (?? pages)
– Review TBD. Subtitled: Learn how to find the best games and maximize your wins.

Royer, Victor H.. Powerful Profits From Blackjack. Lyle Stuart; 2002, 2014 (352 pages)
– Review TBD.  Subtitled: Play-and win-like the best! 

Rudolph, Lee. Blackjack Consensus. 1989 (94 pages)
– Compares more than four dozen basic strategies created by 50 different writers, blackjack experts, and tells you what the consensus opinion is in several hundred plays.

Schuffert, Bill and Jan. Illustrated by Fred Parker. Common Cents Blackjack. George Belle Books. (59 pages)
– Beginner’s book with the basics, charts, illustrations and a glossary of terms.

Blackjack Attack by Don Schlesinger

star.gifSchlesinger, Don. Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pros’ Way. (BJA) Huntington Press, Las Vegas, NV (Formerly RGE Publishing, Berkeley, CA); 1997, 2004, 2018. (576 pages)
– Outstanding
. Highly recommended. Learning basic strategy and a point count system is only the first step to becoming a winning blackjack player.  The second step is the advice and information in this book. Arnold Snyder says: “In my opinion, Blackjack Attack will become an immediate classic in this field, a reference book on the game that no serious player can afford to be without.Blackjack Attack includes a foreword and introduction by Stanford Wong and Arnold Snyder. Topics include back-counting the shoe game, betting techniques and win rates, evaluating new rules and bonuses, statistical insights, the “Illustrious 18”, the “Floating Advantage”, team play, camouflage, risk of ruin, and more. This is a ground breaking book that can be considered a classic text and research tool. If you are serious about this game you must know this stuff!  Full review in the Summer 1997 issue of Blackjack Review Magazine 6.3.  See The World’s Greatest Blackjack Simulation by John Auston.
[ 97 BJR 6.3 ]

[ ]
[ AMAZON: Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pros’ Way ]

Scobe, King. The Morons of Blackjack and Other Monsters! Paone Press, Lynbrook, NY; 1992. (115 pages)
– Not recommended. King Scobe, also known as Frank Scoblete has attempted to cover the emotional aspect of the game in this book. The most disturbing contention made here is that “morons and moronic play can affect your long-range prospects.” The first few chapters of this book contain some decent material, however, take my advice and pass this one by. Chapters 1 through 5, in abridged versions, have appeared in WIN Magazine.
[ Spr 93 Blackjack Review 1.2 ]

Armada Strategies for Spanish 21Scoblete, Frank. Armada Strategies for Spanish 21: Sink the Casinos’ Hottest New Game. Bonus Books, Chicago, IL; 1998. (137 pages)
– Good. Recommended. The author covers this interesting variation of blackjack and provides solid advice on how to tackle the game — if you must play it! Since it takes such a large bet spread, not to mention learning a very complicated basic strategy, to achieve even a slight advantage over the casino the author recommends using this game to milk the comp system. Good idea! Since the basic strategy is so complicated the casinos probably won’t recognize your play. Correct basic strategy yields a house edge of 0.82% in this game and using a card counting system can knock it down further. Blackjack pros may want to use Scoblete’s tactics to camouflage their regular game play.
[ AMAZON: Armada Strategies for Spanish 21 ]

Beat Blackjack NowScoblete, Frank. Beat Blackjack Now: The Easiest Way to Get the Edge!. Triumph Books; 2010. (192 pages)
– Good.  Recommended.  Includes an introduction to blackjack, card counting (The Speed Count) and tournaments.  Also includes a chapter on Spanish 21.  Scoblete writes about the 1991 Las Vegas Maxim Casino game which I was very familiar with.  Indeed, this was the best single-deck game I had ever played in.  They dealt single-deck all the way to the bottom and if they ran out of cards they just reshuffled the deck and kept playing.  Ahhhh…. the good old days.  See end play.
[ AMAZON: Beat Blackjack Now ]

star.gifScoblete, Frank. Best Blackjack. Bonus Books / Taylor Trade Publishing; c1996, 2004; (283 pages)
Best BlackjackVery good. Recommended with reservations.  From the cover: “Take a Hit and Make a Profit! Strategies for Single- & Multiple-Deck Games! How to Take Advantage of Sloppy Dealers. Powerful Easy-to-Master Card-Counting Techniques.”  A good book on blackjack strategy and card counting. If it were not for a few pieces of what I consider bad advice, the book would have an excellent rating.  This is Scoblete’s best book to date.  See full review in the Summer 1996 Blackjack Review Magazine 5.3.
[ AMAZON: Best Blackjack ]
[ 96 BJR 5.3 ]

Golden Touch BlackjackScoblete, Frank. Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution. Research Services; 2006. (182 pages)
– Good. Recommended with reservations. This book contains the Speed Count, which claims to be the easiest advantage blackjack method ever developed. Well, it may be easy but according to The Wizard of Odds, the power is only about 1/3 to 1/2 of the Hi-Lo count.  Also available as an online E-book.
[ ]
[ ]
[ AMAZON: golden touch blackjack ]

I am a Card CounterScoblete, Frank. I am a Card Counter: Inside the World of Advantage-Play Blackjack. Triumph Books; 2014. (224 pages)
– Review TBD.  From the advertising: They lived the life! Frank Scoblete and his wife the Beautiful A.P. were a devastating card counting team consistently beating the casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, the Midwest and Mississippi. Now Frank will share with you everything he knows about beating the casinos at blackjack, including techniques that only he and a few true pros know such as End Play, the Fat Finger Method, Card Counting, Celebrity Play and Card Grouping.
[ AMAZON: I Am a Card Counter: Inside the World of Advantage-Play Blackjack! ]

Dynamic Blackjackstar.gifSharp, Maverick. Dynamic Blackjack – The Professional Approach. DiamondBack Publishing; 2013. (600 pages)
Excellent. Highly Recommended Includes the level-3 Dynamic Matrix Pro Count. The Wizard Of Odds give this book a great review and Don Schlesinger calls it “impressive” and “praiseworthy”. From the advertising: As the world advances into the 21st Century so does today’s modern casinos, who are constantly working hard to make Blackjack another unbeatable casino game. Sadly, the days of the candy stores are long gone. However, for any ambitious player serious about beating these modern casinos you have all the answers right here. We all know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Dynamic Blackjack is that straight line between the beginner or intermediate player and triumph. There is a wealth of information in this massive 600 page book, including various imperative strategic concepts including: Basic Strategy 101; Theory of Counting Cards; Consequential Effects of Rule Variations; Betting Schemes; Risk Management; Risk Aversion; and Camouflage Techniques. But the most crucial technique introduces you to the Dynamic Matrix Pro Strategy. The DMPro is a Level-3 in complexity, and undisputed as one of the most powerful single parameter systems in its class. Over One-Trillion rounds of simulations were performed in the development of the Dynamic Matrix Pro Strategy including all of the betting schemes that could be utilized in any Blackjack Game you are ever likely to encounter in today’s casinos. Dynamic Blackjack plunges deep into other areas where previous card counting books drop off. Learn the “Psychological Profile” of the professional gambler and the dynamics it takes to become one. If you are brutally realistic about wanting to excel and maintain “Expert” status, this book will unequivocally give you the most “Bang for your Buck!!!” 
[ AMAZON: Dynamic Blackjack- The Professional Approach ]

Shuckelman, Moe. Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Blackjack But Were Too Stupid to Ask!. Edited by his son, Shirley. Gollehon Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, MI; 1987. (48 pages)
– As the foreword to this book states, “Nothing in this book should be taken seriously. It is a parody, of sorts, that is intended to let you stop and look back at what gambling should really be. Fun.” A great stress reliever before a big game!

Winning BlackjackSilberstang, Edwin. Winning Blackjack For the Serious Player. Cardoza Publishing; 1993, 2002. (288 pages)
Good. Recommended. From my initial review, this book appears to contain solid advice from basic strategy to card counting. Contains the equivalent of the Hi-Opt I point count system. I would question the publisher’s contention that you can “become an expert in two days” as advertised in the back of the book for Cardoza’s Base Count strategy.
[ AMAZON: Winning Blackjack for the Serious Player ]

Silberstang, Edwin. Playboy’s Guide to Casino Gambling; Volume Two: Blackjack. Wideview Books, New York; 1980. (114 pages)
– Not recommended. Out of print. Originally published as a chapter in Playboy’s Guide to Casino Gambling, c1972.
[ 90 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 108 ]

Silverthorne, Martin J. The Nine-Count Blackjack Strategy. Silverthorne Publications, Inc, Las Vegas, NV; 2010. (188 pages)
– Not recommended. From the book: “
You will be able to take just $60 and instantly start making $94 an hour Net Profits on your home computer. You can go to any land-based casino, play with $10 bets and pull in $374 an hour in All-Cash Profits.”  Another progression system. Need I say more?

Silverthorne, Martin J. Take Down Blackjack. Russell Hunter Publishing, Silverthorne Publications, Inc, Albuquerque, NM; 2012. (172 pages)
Not recommended. From the book: “
Take Down Blackjack is a revolutionary new way of winning at blackjack. It is so good that all it takes is $25 to set up $5,000 a day winnings for life.”  More progression system nonsense.

Silverthorne, Martin J. Ten Steps to Beat Blackjack. Russell Silverthorne Publications, Inc, Albuquerque, NM; 2012. (172 pages)
Not recommended.
More nonsense.

Simms, Bob. Beat’em At Their Own Game: Have More Fun And Win More Money Playing Blackjack. ???; 2000. (??? pages)
– Review TBD. 

Simon, Al. Count Me In: A Professional’s Guide to Blackjack. Trafford Publishing; 2011. (356 pages)
– Review TBD. From the advertising: “This book offers a new and interesting insight on blackjack.” Stanford Wong (Blackjack Authority). A look at blackjack from the eyes of a truly modern-day philosopher and political satirist. Paul T. (political analyst). According to the book, Al Simon has been playing blackjack since 1970 and card counting since 1981.
[ AMAZON: Count Me In ]


Sklansky Talks BlackjackSklansky, David. Sklansky Talks Blackjack. Two Plus Two Publishing, Henderson, NV; 1999. (140 pages)
– Very good. Highly recommended. From the advertising: Blackjack is the one casino game where the player can get an edge over the house. This has been known for almost forty years and many good blackjack books have been written on the subject. In spite of this, there are still only a relative handful of people who are taking advantage of this knowledge. Why is that? David Sklansky believes the reason is that most people think expert blackjack play is too hard to learn. They browse through a blackjack book and are struck by the complex charts and tables. Sklansky realized that these charts were not really needed to show someone how to play an almost perfect game. As a renowned teacher, as well as a professional gambler, Sklansky (already the author of eight books on gambling) has devised a technique that literally talks you through everything you need to know to truly beat this popular game.
[ AMAZON: Sklansky Talks Blackjack ]

Sloane, ??. Blackjack; 1948. ???

Sludikoff, Stanley. See book entries under Roberts, Stanley.

Ken Smith 1star.gifSmith
, Kenneth R. How to Win More Blackjack Tournaments (Volume 1). Research Services Unlimited; 2007 (98 Pages)
– Excellent.  Highly Recommended. Subtitled: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Supercharge Your Game. This is an e-book. From the advertising: “…contains everything you need to take your tournament game to the next level. With material for every skill level, and many concepts that have never before appeared in print, this is a must-read if you are serious about blackjack tournaments.”  Much of this book was previously published on  Covers the rule of 2, 4 and 5 and other strategies. ]

Ken Smith 2star.gifSmith, Kenneth R. How to Win Even More Blackjack Tournaments (Volume 2).  Research Services Unlimited; 2011 (131 Pages)
– Excellent. Highly Recommended. This is an e-book. From the advertising: “…contains more of his winning strategies that have made him one of the best tournament blackjack players in the world. If you’ve watched any televised blackjack tournaments, or watched (or played against) Ken in a live tournament, you’ve seen his amazing tournament skills (including his stunning $50,000 first place finish in the premier episode of the Ultimate Blackjack Tournament on CBS.)  His new e-book contains more of Ken’s tournament playing and betting strategies that were published in his columns in the Blackjack Insider Newsletter (BJI), plus several new strategies, not previously published in the BJI (all articles are now only available in this e-book). You will learn more tips and tricks that have made Ken the best and most feared tournament player.” Much of this book was previously published on
[ ]


Snyder, Arnold. Beat the X-Deck Game. RGE Publishing, Oakland, CA; 1987. (Each booklet is 64 pages each)
– Excellent. Highly recommended. Computer analysis by Sam Case. There are 5 booklets in this series for 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8 decks. All of these are highly recommended for the serious card counter who wants to know his possible win rate in these games. Contains frequency distribution charts that require the use of a calculator to apply them to your counting system. All distributions assume the player is alone at the table. If not alone, these distributions are still accurate assuming you can see all of the other player’s cards. Considerations for penetration of 50, 65, 75 and 85%.

star.gifThe BIG Book of BlackjackSnyder, Arnold. The Big Book of Blackjack. Cardoza Publishing; 2012. (400 Pages )
Outstanding. Highly recommended.  From the advertising: The world’s greatest blackjack player, the legendary Arnold Snyder, shows beginning and advanced players everything they need to know to beat the game of casino blackjack. From the rules of the game to advanced professional strategies, Snyder’s guidance and advice runs the gamut of strategies needed to successfully beat the casino-with the odds! Snyder should know: he’s been a professional player and the guru for serious players for more than 25 years. This book includes winning techniques never before published in a nationally distributed book. 27 easy-to-read chapters and tons of tips make the book both profitable and fun. This book has one of the best discussions of the history of advantage play and the struggle of card counters that I have ever read. Must reading!
[ AMAZON: Big Book of Blackjack ]

star.gifSnyder, Arnold. Blackbelt in Blackjack: Playing 21 as a Martial Art. RGE Publishing, Berkeley, CA; 1983. (124 pages)
– Excellent. Highly recommended. Includes an introduction to the game as well as advanced techniques and strategies for traditional card counters. Snyder explains basic strategy, the Red Seven count, the Zen count, depth charging, money management, the true count, camouflage techniques, toking guidelines, hole card play, cheating, team play and the effect of table conditions.
[ 83 Griffin,Friedman,Braun Reviews C&S Vol.23,36 ]
[  90 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 103 ]
[ 2/83 Wong Blackjack World 23 ]
[ AMAZON: Blackbelt in Blackjack : Playing 21 as a Martial Art ]


Snyder, Arnold. The Blackjack Formula. RGE Publishing, Berkeley, CA; 1980, 1982. (95 pages)
– Outstanding. Highly recommended. A breakthrough book containing a mathematical formula for computing a player’s advantage in a blackjack game. Originally costing $100, it is an excellent analysis and write up of your expected win percentage as a function of number of decks, number of players, shuffle point, and rules variations. This book was out of print at time of writing.
[80 Casino & Sports Vol.12, 63 ]
[ 90 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 103 ]
[ 6/81 Snyder Some Guidelines for Using TBJF BJF 10 ]
[ 12/87 Snyder Son of Blackjack Formula BJF 5 ]
[ AMAZON: The Blackjack Formula ]

Snyder, Arnold. Blackjack For Profit: A Guidebook for Card Counters. RGE Publishing, Oakland, CA; 1981, 1982. (95 pages)
– Good. Recommended. Contains important information for advanced players. Compares 18 different systems and their assigned point values, measuring any game’s probability, profit vs number of players, profit vs individual casino rules. Uses charts to explain ideas.
[ 81 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 158 ] [ 6/81 Wong Nevada Blackjack Vol.3,110]


PICSnyder, Arnold. Blackjack Wisdom. RGE Publishing, Berkeley, CA; 1997. (213 pages)
– Excellent. Highly recommended. This is Snyder’s first collection of rantings by the game’s most prolific writer and its only self-proclaimed religious leader. Excellent stuff and must reading for serious players. Full review in the Fall 1997 issue of Blackjack Review Magazine 6.4.
[ 97 BJR 6.4 ] 
[ AMAZON: Blackjack Wisdom ]

Snyder, Arnold. Radical Blackjack. Cardoza; 2013. (256 pages)
– Review TBD.  Not sure if this book was ever published.
[ AMAZON: Radical Blackjack ]

Solkey, Lee. Dummy Up and Deal. Gambler’s Book Club Press, Las Vegas; 1980. (123 pages)
– Good. Recommended. Interesting introduction to dealing blackjack.

Spanos, Vas. Winning Blackjack: An Introduction to Strategy Blackjack; 1993.  Blackjack Experts, Inc.; (?? pages)
– Review TBD.  See Vas Spanos.

Stann, Dave. Hollywood Blackjack: An Uncensored Guide to Doing It Like a Pro. RGE Publishing; 2007 (185 pages)
– Very good.  Recommended.   According to the advertising: “Hollywood” Dave Stann is a professional gambler and an actor, and combines the two professions on a regular basis. He’s competed in every “World Series of Blackjack” tournament; was a co-host for two seasons of GSN’s “Celebrity Blackjack;” has been featured on A&E’s “Caesars 24/7,” Travel Channel’s “Vegas Challenge,” and Spike TV’s “King of Vegas;” and is currently part of Team UBT for CBS’s “Ultimate Blackjack Tour. ” Known as “the bad boy of blackjack,” Dave uses psychological skill and a very loud mouth to intimidate his opponents; he is a card-carrying member of Mensa; and he has counted cards in casinos around the world both for himself and as a member of an elite blackjack team. Initially a card counter to help pay the bills between acting gigs, Dave has combined his love of gambling with his love for being in front of the cameras and is having the time of his life. In “Hollywood Blackjack,” Dave instructs the reader on how to count cards as well as entertains with hilarious stories about his experiences as a counter both on- and off-camera.
[ AMAZON: Hollywood Blackjack: An Uncensored Guide to Doing It Like a Pro ]

Modern Card CountingStatz, Cris. Modern Card Counting: Modern Blackjack Card Counting Techniques and Systems for Beginners and Enthusiasts. CreateSpace Independent Publishing; July 20, 2011 (126 pages)
– Review TBD.  Includes information on a level one Hi-Lo and level two Red Zen count. Preview of the book looked promising.  I think this book was written by Patrick Linsenmeyer, who came out with a second edition of the book with the same name. 
[ AMAZON: Modern Card Counting ]

star.gifStricker, Ralph. Silver Fox Blackjack System: You Can Count On It. Self Published / Silver Fox Enterprises; 1981, 1997. (81 spiral bound pages)
– Excellent. Recommended.  This is a solid course in winning blackjack technology.  Highly recommended for new players.  A must read for the rest of us.  Typically came with 2 audio tapes as well.   Full review in the Spring 1996 issue of Blackjack Review Magazine 5.2.
[ Spring 96 BJR 5.2:Interview With Ralph Stricker  ]
[ ]
[ AMAZON: Silver Fox Blackjack System ]

Stump, Hazen. Blackjack Systems Revealed: A Detailed Report on Ten Blackjack Count Strategies. 1980
– Not recommended. Six systems are studied with 60,000 hand simulations run for each system.
[ 6/81 Wong Blackjack World 104 ]

Sugar, Bert Randolph. See book heading under Benson, Michael.

Summers, Matt. Beat the Odds Blackjack. Lyle Stuart; 1999 (176 pages)
– Review TBD. Sub-titled, “Playi ng the Percentages Without Counting Cards.”

Summers, Matt. Chances Are…: Your Winning Blackjack Strategy. Van Der Plas Publications; 2000 (144 pages)
– Review TBD.
From early reviews appears to be not recommended.

Swift, W. W. Be a Winner at Blackjack: Philosophy and Strategy. Sunshine Publishers, Las Vegas, NV; 1978. (16 pages)
– Not recommended.

Blackjack: Take the Money and RunTamburin, Henry J. Blackjack: Take the Money and Run. Research Services Unlimited; 1994. (150 pages)
– Good. Recommended with reservations.  Good advice on basic strategy, finding the most profitable games, avoiding detection and the risks involved.  However,  I do disagree with Tamburin on his own personal style of play though.  See Blackjack Review Magazine below for full review.
[ Summer 94 BJR  3.3 ]
[ AMAZON: Blackjack: Take the Money and Run ]

star.gifTamburin, Henry J. Ultimate Guide to Blackjack. (??? pages)
– Excellent. Highly recommended.  This is Tamburin’s free online blackjack book for beginners.  From the advertising: “The 888casino Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide is the most extensive and comprehensive introduction to the casino game of blackjack that you will find anywhere.At the time of this review 10 chapters had been completed.  I love the graphics and the presentation.
[ ]

Taucer, Vic. Blackjack Dealing and Supervision . Self Published; 1993. (121 pages)
– Review TBD

Thibodeaux, Bryan. Power Blackjack – An Instructional Guide for the Serious Player . Self published; 1984. (82 pages)
– Review TBD

Thomas, Harold. Harold’s Handbook on Blackjack: The Art of Using Sequential Betting for Fun and Profit. B.R. Presley & Assoc., Boise, Idaho; 1977. (25 pages)
Not recommended. Twenty-one rules make up an introduction to playing blackjack.

Thomason, Walter. Twenty-First Century Blackjack: A New Strategy for a New Millennium. Introduction by Frank Scoblete. Bonus Books, Chicago, IL; 1999. (186 pages)
– Not recommended. A betting system.

Dr. Edward Thorp at the 21st Blackjack Ball in 2017

Beat the DealerBeat the Dealerstar.gif

Thorp, Edward O. Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy For the Game of Twenty-One. Blaisdell Publishing; 1962. (236 pages) Vintage Books (Random House), New York; 1966. (220 pages)
– Outstanding. Highly recommended. Additionally subtitled as A scientific analysis of the world-wide game known variously as blackjack, twenty-one, vingt-et-un, pontoon, or van-john. This is the classic that changed the way we all view the game of twenty-one. This book presents, for the first time, a validated winning strategy (a ten-count) based on the results of computer simulation. Although outdated it is must reading for serious players. Describes blackjack conditions of the 1960’s. The first edition (1962) included interesting material not included in the second edition. The 1966 version has a practical point count (Hi-Lo) that was later revised by Julian Braun. This book was a national best-seller when it was first published.  According to a speech Thorp gave at the 21st Blackjack Ball, he played blackjack for the first time in 1958.  See A Man for All Markets.
[ ]
[ 82 Hicks A Profile of Ed Thorp Vol.21,15 ]
[ 90 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 10 3]
[ AMAZON: Edward O. Thorp: Beat the Dealer : A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One ]

The Blackjack Lifestar.gifTilton, Nathaniel. The Blackjack Life. Huntington Press; 2012. (344 pages)
Very good. Recommended.  Subtitled: A Journey Through the Inner World of Card Counting, the Lessons of Teamwork, and the Clandestine Pursuit of Beating the Odds.  Foreword by Semyon Dukach, former MIT blackjack team player.  From the advertising: … Tilton was just a regular guy with a regular job when he read Bringing Down the House and decided he wanted to do what the players in that book did. A journey through the inner world of card counting, the lessons of teamwork, and the clandestine pursuit of beating the odds, in The Blackjack Life Tilton relates the story of his personal j ourney through the smoke-filled casinos in which he and his playing partner gambled, to the seedy backrooms that he hoped he would never see. More than just wins and losses, The Blackjack Life is about the growth of a man who discovered himself through the unlikeliest of places – the world of professional blackjack — and who now shares his informed view of the opportunities that still exist for skilled players and what it’s really like to travel that road today.   This book doesn’t teach you how to count cards.. BUT, it teaches you something more important – what to expect from card counting in a casino!!!
[ ]
[ AMAZON: The Blackjack Life ]

Titchkosky, Ken and Yusuf Javari. Better Blackjack for Business or Pleasure. TAJ and Associates, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; 1980. (165 pages)
– A beginner’s guide applicable to players in Las Vegas as well as Canadians playing in Alberta casinos. Includes information on European casinos. Presents the high-low system.
[80 Casino & Sports Vol.12, 64 ]
[ 10/80 Wong Blackjack World 162 ]

 Toffoli, Dario De and Margherita Bonaldi. Blackjack A Champion’s Guide. O Books; 2013. (191 pages)
– Review TBD.  Preview of the book appears promising.
[ AMAZON: Blackjack: A Champion’s Guide by Toffoli ]

Toftoy, Stephanie Anne. See entry under Daniel Rainsong.

Tulcea, C. Ionescu and Virginia Graham. A Book on Casino Blackjack. Van Nostrand Reingold Co., New York; 1982. (130 pages)
– Not recommended. Alternate title A Book on Casino Gambling. Out of print.
[9/82 Snyder Blackjack Forum 41 ]
[ 90 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 108 ]
[ 8/82 Wong Blackjack World Vol.4,12 5]

star.gifBootlegger's 200 Proof BlackjackTurner, Mike. Bootlegger’s 200 Proof Blackjack. SquareOne Gaming Guides; 2005. (236 pages)
– Excellent.  Highly recommended.  Subtitled: A Survival Guide for Playing at the Tables.  A general guide that covers the basics of beating the game of blackjack using card counting.  See Mike Turner.
[ AMAZON: Bootlegger’s 200 Proof Blackjack ]

Uston, Ken & Gerard A. Fuerle. Dollars and Sense: The Ultimate in BLACKJACK Strategy Exclusively for Atlantic City. Uston Institute of Blackjack, Philadephia, PA; 1979. (19 pages)
– Included with the “Uston,” a plastic circular slide-rule type blackjack calculator designed for use in Atlantic City when early surrender was available. Recommended as a collector’s item only.


Ken Uston on BlackjackUston, Ken. Ken Uston on Blackjack: The Adventures of the KING of “21.” Lyle Stuart, Secaucus, NJ; 1986. (212 pages)
– Excellent. Highly recommended. Read this book if you are interested in developing your own team play techniques or if you are just interested in reading a good book on Ken Uston’s team methods. In addition, Uston reveals many of his own personal methods of camouflage and the necessity of having an “act.”
[ 12/86 Snyder Blackjack Forum 46 ]
[ 90 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 100 ]
[ AMAZON: Ken Uston on Blackjack by Ken Uston ]

Million Dollar Blackjack

star.gifUston, Ken. Million Dollar Blackjack. SRS Enterprises / Carol Pub. Group, Hollywood, CA; 1981. (330 pages)
– Outstanding. Highly recommended. One of the most complete books on traditional blackjack ever published. Ken Uston, born 1935, discusses everything from card counting to team play. Includes the Uston Simple Plus/Minus, Uston Advanced Plus/Minus and Uston Advanced Point Count systems. Also, chapters on the art of single- and multiple-deck play, team methods, front-
loading, spooking, cheating, getting barred and tournament blackjack. Flash card pages may be copied or cut out for training. At one time, Uston taught lessons through The Uston Institute of Blackjack in Philadelphia, PA (c1980?). The only complaint I have with this book is its treatment of the contributions of other blackjack authors and experts (besides Stanley Roberts). My advice…just ignore the section in the back!
[6/81 Snyder Blackjack Forum 21]
[ AMAZON: Million Dollar Blackjack ]

Two Books on BlackjackUston, Ken. Two Books on Blackjack: How You Can Win at Blackjack in Atlantic City and Las Vegas and One Third of a Shoe. Uston Institute of Blackjack, Wheaton, Maryland; 1979. (198 pages)
– Good. Recommended. This is actually two books in one. One describes the story of how Ken Uston and his team won $145,000 in nine days causing Resorts’s January 1979 barring, which made national headlines. The other is a traditional instructional book on blackjack including an introduction to basic strategy, an ace-five count, and a discussion of the legal issues in the barring of counters litigation of the time. The technical data in these two books are contained entirely in Uston’s Million Dollar Blackjack.
[ 79 Casino & Sports Vol.8,65 ]
[ AMAZON: Two Books On Blackjack : One-Third of a Shoe & How You Can Win at Blackjack in Atlantic City and Nevada ]

star.gif The Big PlayerUston, Ken and Roger Rapaport. The Big Player: How a Team of Blackjack Players Made a Million Dollars. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York; 1977. (217 pages)
– Very good. Recommended. Describes the card counting and team techniques used from Las Vegas to Europe to South America to beat the house.
[ AMAZON: The Big Player: How a Team of Blackjack Players Made a Million Dollars ]

Uyal, Andrew. Blackjack Insiders: How Two Pit Bosses Beat the Casinos at Their Own Game. Huntington Press; July 2, 2019. (248 pages)
– Review TBD.  Andrew Uyal is a casino floor supervisor in Las Vegas where he manages casino pits in an upscale Strip resort. According to the preview: “You’ll ride along with the two rogue pit bosses as they take on casino after casino in city after city, experiencing wild bankroll swings and being viewed and treated like criminals.
[ AMAZON: Blackjack Insiders ]


Vancura, Olaf and Ken Fuchs. Knock-Out Blackjack. Huntington Press, Las Vegas, NV; 1996, 1998. (180 pages)
Knock-Out BlackjackOutstanding. Highly recommended. Not only is the K-O unbalanced system a valid and winning blackjack method but it ranks as one of the top single-level counts available to players today. The K-O card-counting system eliminates the mountain of mental arithmetic necessary to win at blackjack. Now in its 2nd edition, revised and expanded, is now easier to use than ever. Edward O. Thorp, Ph.D. and author of the original Beat the Dealer commented that, “K-O is a simple and powerful card-counting system… clearly and entertainly presented.” This book also includes an outstanding history of card counting, good blackjack tips and tricks, honest side commentary, and an occasional story or two that brings home the card counter’s cat-and-mouse struggle with the casino.
[ 97 BJR 6.2: Review by Bryce Carlson
[ 96 BJR  5.4 ]

[ AMAZON: Knock-Out Blackjack: The Easiest Card-Counting System Ever Devised ]

Olaf Vancura

Olaf Vancura Interview
Courtesy: The Hot Shoe

Valente, John. The Card-Counting Guide to Winning Blackjack. Consumer Publications; 1983. (80 pages)

Vogel, J. Phillip. Blackjack: The Real Deal: A Guide to Blackjack Strategy. RavenHaus Publishing; 1998. (200 pages)
– Good. Recommended. From an advertisement: “Let gambler and mathematical genius J. Phillip Vogel teach you the facts that you need to know to be successful at BlackJack. More than simple how-to book, here you’ll learn the mathematical basis behind strategy, in an easy-to-read chart form, as well as learning all of the ins and outs to casino gambling. With Vogel’s program you’ll learn about the six most important aspects of gambling: bankroll, knowledge, betting strategy, self-control, understanding to role of probability, and patience. He’ll teach you the basis of card-counting, and the strategies used by the professionals that will increase your chances of winning.
[ AMAZON: Blackjack: The Real Deal: A Guide to Blackjack Strategy ]

Walcker, Mark T. Play to Win: A Professional Guide for Playing Blackjack. Player Pub.; 1989. (110 pages)
– Review TBD

star.gif Walker, Katarina. The Pro’s Guide to Spanish 21 and Australian Pontoon.; 2008. (208 pages)
– Excellent. Highly recommended. From its advertising: “The best-kept secret in the international pro gaming scene is finally out: Spanish 21, and its Australian counterpart, Pontoon, is even more beatable than Blackjack. “The Pro’s Guide to Spanish 21” will teach you how to play optimally, apply proven Blackjack card-counting techniques to Spanish 21, and do better than you ever did playing Blackjack. Topics covered include: basic strategy for 15+ rule variations, house edge, EOR, standard deviation, the Basic Hi-Lo counting system, optimal betting, indices, money management, camouflage, finding the best games, and much, much more. The author, gaming analyst/programmer Katarina Walker, is recognized as the world authority on Spanish 21 and Australian Pontoon. Foreword written by Don Schlesinger.
[ AMAZON: The Pro’s Guide to Spanish 21 and Australian Pontoon ]

star.gif Wattenberger, Norman. Blackjack in Color: A Web-based Blackjack Book; Online. (?? pages)
– Excellent. Highly recommended. From the book: Testing the concept that a picture is worth a pile of words, this online book takes a look at Blackjack and Card Counting using 145 charts. Simple concepts through advanced techniques are examined. Last time I looked, there were 15 chapters.  Great stuff!
[ ]

star.gifWattenberger, Norman. Modern Blackjack: An Illustrated Guide to Blackjack Advantage Play – FREE VERSION.; 2010. (316 pages)
– Excellent. Highly recommended. From their advertising: Modern Blackjack is a free 540-page web-book covering Blackjack from the basic rules to advanced topics like shuffle tracking, hole-card play, and team play. The rules of Blackjack are very simple. Nonetheless, an amazing amount can be said about this seemingly trivial game. To keep the book to a reasonable number of pages, many pages have been removed and are kept separately. Otherwise, it would contain over 1,000 pages and you would get carpal tunnel syndrome trying to read it online. You can find links on this page and in the book to the extra material. There is also a bit of free software supplied in conjunction with the advanced topics. The published version (see below) have an additional 120 pages or so of material.

star.gifModern BlackjackWattenberger, Norman. Modern Blackjack: An Illustrated Guide to Blackjack Advantage Play – Volume I.; 2010. (316 pages)
– Outstanding. Highly recommended. From their advertising: Highly detailed information on casino Blackjack as played worldwide, including over 100 variations, modern basic strategy, modern card counting systems, casino heat, current casino conditions, strategy comparisons, scams and myths, casino comportment and stories from the road. See the preview at This is Volume I. Volume II is available with advanced strategies. Blackjack expert Don Schlesinger said “What Norm fails to tell you is that this monumental work is one of the most important, comprehensive, pieces of research ever done on the game of blackjack”.
[ AMAZON: Modern Blackjack Second Edition Volume I ]

star.gifModern Blackjack 2Wattenberger, Norman. Modern Blackjack: An Illustrated Guide to Blackjack Advantage Play – Volume II.; 2010. (370 pages)
– Outstanding. Highly recommended. From their advertising: The second volume contains topics on advanced Blackjack concepts like hole-card play, next-card play, Spanish 21 hole-card play, shuffle-tracking, team play, simulation and takes a deep look into the heart of Blackjack in ridiculous detail not before seen.
[ AMAZON: Modern Blackjack Second Edition Volume II ]

Watson III, George. Beating Casino’s Blackjack. STF Electronics, Pasco, WA; 1976, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1988, 1991. (147 pages)
– Although, first published in 1976 and revised several times, this book still contains numerous inaccuracies. Contains a brief history of the game, casino rules, card values, basic strategy, the Sum Plus One Strategy, money management, shuffling, dealer psychology, cheating, and a major section reviewing various blackjack systems. Good sections on the psychological aspects of the dealer/player relationship and cheating.
[ 80 Casino & Sports Vol.9,35 ]

Weiss, Sonia.  Co-author of The Everything Blackjack Strategy Book.

Werthamer, N. Richard. Risk and Reward: The Science of Casino Blackjack. Springer; 2009. (131 pages)
– Review TBD.  From the advertising: … analyzes the game in depth, pinpointing not just its optimal strategies but also its financial performance, in terms of both expected cash flow and associated risk.
[ AMAZON: Risk and Reward by Richard Werthamer ]

Wilhite, Dave & Hugh Cunningham. Playing 21 for More Pleasure. Casino Flims, Inc. No date. (34 pages)
– Not recommended. Contains a good introduction to the rules of the game but an incorrect basic strategy. From the wording in the text it sounds like the authors are employees of the Flamingo Hilton.

Wiggy, Glen. 1536 Free Waters and Other Blackjack Endeavors: Finding Profit and Humor in Card-Counting. iUniverse; 2012. (232 pages)
– Good. Recommended. Deke Castleman, editor for Huntington Press says, “Undoubtedly, the most enjoyable blackjack book I’ve read in my twenty years as the editor of a gambling publishing company. It had me laughing out loud“. I agree, this is a funny book with funny stories. You will enjoy it even more if you are a card counter.  Milking the system for 1536 free waters? Now that is funny! Not the book to learn how to count cards… but great fun reading none-the-less.
[ AMAZON: 1536 Free Waters and Other Blackjack Endeavors ]
[ ]
[ ]

Williams, George. Blackjack to Win: A Layman’s Guide to Beating the Game. Grey Knight Publications, Riviera Beach, FL; 1982, 2011. (90, 116 pages)
– Review TBD. Supposedly written for the novice and less experienced player. Includes single-deck vs multiple-deck differences, plus-minus count strategy, partner play, casino deportment and practice techniques. According to Snyder, it is poorly presented, includes a difficult count strategy and lacks much necessary information.
[ 3/84 Snyder Blackjack Forum 46 ]

Winslow, Burton. Bi-Count Blackjack: Beyond Basic Strategy. Self published – spiral bound; 2009. (62 pages)
– Review TBD.  According to its advertising, “It’s a brand new system of card-counting that lets the player track 36 cards from a deck with ease while telling the player how best to play out each hand. Multiple deck play will actually add to the players advantage. It is superior to plus/minus card-counting systems with running counts that are virtually impossible to follow and with betting patterns that give you away as a counter as well. It provides a wealth of information which will change the way you play your game. … The Bi-Count Blackjack system comes in a 62 page spiral-bound book filled with Blackjack analysis including the weaknesses of Basic Strategy as well as those of most counting systems. Over 40 tables explain the fallacies of card-counting systems with ‘index’ numbers.
[ AMAZON: Bi-Count Blackjack ]

Witman, Ron. Winning Blackjack. Best Printer, Sacramento, CA; c19??.

[ 88 Watson Beating Casino’s Blackjack 107 ]


Wong, Stanford. Basic Blackjack. Pi Yee Press, La Jolla, CA; 1992. (224 pages)
– Excellent. Highly recommended. Includes the most complete explanation of basic strategy available anywhere. Also provides the proper basic strategy for hundreds of unusual and exotic rules. Includes the “so-called” best of Wong’s Winning Without Counting which is now out of print.
[ 9/92 Snyder BJF ] [ Fall 92 Dalton BJR 19 ] [ AMAZON: Basic Blackjack ]

Wong, Stanford. Blackjack in Asia. Pi Yee Press, La Jolla, CA; 1979, 1981. (161 pages)
– Originally priced at a mere $2000, this book was probably worth its weight in gold at the time. Out of print and probably out of date as well. Chapter titles included: Introduction, Basic Strategy,
Counting Cards, Blackjack in South Korea, Blackjack in Macau, Blackjack in the Philippines, Blackjack in Indonesia, Blackjack in Malaysia, Blackjack and Pontoon in Nepal.  Topics included rule descriptions, playing strategies, winning techniques that are not allowed in American casinos, currency conversion restrictions, locations of casinos, etc.
[ 12/79 Wong Wong’s BJ Newsletter 79 ]
[ 1/80 Wong Wong’s BJ Newsletter 14 ]


PICWong, Stanford. Blackjack Secrets. Pi Yee Press, La Jolla, CA; 1993. (256 pages)
– Excellent. Highly recommended. This book includes over 20 years of winning information that Wong has published at one time or another. Includes excerpts from his newsletters and portions from his earlier books. Some of the most useful information are reprints of letters he has received over the year from Daniel Forbes, Axel Freed, Marvin French, Peter Giles and Donald Schlesinger.
[ Spring 93 BJR 2.2 ]
[ 6/93 BJF 101 ]
[ 8/93 Olsen BJC ]
[ AMAZON: Blackjack Secrets ]


PICWong, Stanford. Professional Blackjack. Gambler’s Book Club Press, Las Vegas; 1975, 1977. Pi Yee Press, La Jolla, CA; 1980, 2011. William Morrow and Co., New York; 1981. (240 pages)
– Outstanding. Highly recommended. One of the best blackjack books to come out in the 70’s and its better in the 90’s. Includes chapters on the rules of blackjack, basic strategy, the Hi-Lo system, how to win without getting kicked out, finer points of casino play, refinements for experts, double exposure, and complete point count strategy charts for the Hi-Lo and Wong’s Halves systems. Get the 2011 (or later) version for updates to the count variation charts. For those of you who are interested, Stanford Wong is a pen-name.
[ 6/81 Snyder BJF 20 ]
[ Winter 94 BJR 3.1 ]
[ 77 Mitchell Casino & Sports Vol.2, 24 ]
[ 81 Stanford Wong Interview C&S Vol.17,68 ]
[ 90 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 105 ]
[ 81 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 159 ]
[ AMAZON: Professional Blackjack ]

star.gif Wong, Stanford. Tournament Blackjack. Pi Yee Press, La Jolla, CA; 1987. (79 pages)
– Very good. Highly recommended. The best book that was once available on tournament blackjack. Provided the tournament player the knowledge he needed to gain an advantage over other players. Correct money management and proper tournament playing strategies are provided. In 1992, Wong published Casino Tournament Strategy which replaced this spiral bound book.
[ 3/87 Snyder Stanford Wong Spills the Beans BJF 5 ]

star.gif Wong, Stanford. Winning Without Counting. Pi Yee Press, La Jolla , CA; 1978, 1980. (237 pages)
– Excellent. Highly recommended. Includes sections on warp, cheating and tell play. Many of these methods, however, are obsolete in today’s blackjack game but I consider this book as must reading for serious players seeking new ideas. In 1992 Wong published Basic Blackjack which replaced this book.
[ 79 Casino & Sports Vol.8,70 ]
[ c80 Rouge et Noir ]
[ 2/80 Thomas WBN 33 ]
[ 3/81 Snyder Blackjack Forum 17 ]
[ 7/83 Giles CBN 124 ]
[ 90 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 105 ]
[ AMAZON: Winning Without Counting ]

Yoder, Robert. How to Play Atlantic City Blackjack (Using the New Rules). Ray Research, Schenectady, NY; 1983? (32 pages)
– Basic strategy, rules, mathematical expectation tables and a discussion of card counting.
[83 Casino & Sports Vol.25,35]


Advantage Play for the Casino ExecutiveZender, Bill. Card Counting for the Casino Executive. Self published; 1990. (138 pages)
– Excellent. Highly recommended. Written by a former Gaming Control Agent and casino manager who now acts as a gaming consultant. A traditional card counting text explaining how and why players may deviate from basic strategy, what bet spreads and bankroll requirements really amount to and the legalities of barring players. Also discusses cheating techniques. Includes information on location strategies, computers and countermeasures. Provides accurate basic strategy charts and count indices for the hi-lo and hi-opt I systems.
[ AMAZON: Card Counting for the Casino Executive ]

Bill Zender

Bill Zender Interview
Courtesy: The Hot Shoe


PICZender, Bill. How to Detect Casino Cheating at Blackjack. RGE Publications; 1990. (178 pages)
– Excellent. Highly recommended. Bill Zender is the author of Card Counting for the Casino Executive and is the former Vice President of the Aladdin casino in Las Vegas. In this book, Zender reveals the hidden “tricks of the trade” of scam artists. Includes 37 photos. Great educational material for players and casino officials alike.
[ AMAZON: How to Detect Casino Cheating at Blackjack ]