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Blackjack: A Professional Reference

“The Encyclopedia of Casino Twenty-One”

By Michael Dalton

3rd edition availability | New online edition

Critically acclaimed by the world’s leading blackjack experts, Blackjack: A Professional Reference was the world’s first comprehensive blackjack resource and encyclopedia. Whether you are an experienced card counter, an astute casino executive or an otherwise serious player you will find this incredible book to be an indispensable aid to a better understanding of casino twenty-one. The author, a space systems engineer and a professional level card counter, originally had spent over five years of research compiling this information for the 1993 edition. The third edition included over 1300 entries covering:

Basic strategies of the game. Card counting strategies. Other winning methods and tactics. Controversial systems. Complete rule descriptions. Game variations and exotic rules. Trivia and history. Terminology and acronyms. Cheating techniques. Player and casino expectations. Concealed blackjack computers. Legal issues of card counting. Reference and reviews of practically every blackjack book, computer software product, video and publication ever published. Reference to most technical reports and studies available. Sources of information.

Book commentsAlso included in this edition are blackjack indexes to:

Blackjack Forum, Current Blackjack News, Blackjack Review,
Blackjack Confidential, The Card Player, Gambling Times and Win Magazine

BOOK ISBN: 1-879712-02-4

hot INTERNET EDITION  – Beginning in August 1999, the author began the process of releasing the entire 3rd edition of this book online for Blackjack Review Network members only.  That process was completed in September 1999, and at the present time the author is continuing to update this online edition.

NOTE:  The last hard-copy edition of this book was published in November 1993.  BJRnet may have limited quantities available to fulfill orders.  First come, first served.



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