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Blackjack Forum Team Attack SeriesThree Blackjack Forum issues by Arnold Snyder

This 3-issue set of Blackjack Forum magazines (Spring, Summer and Fall, 1996) concentrates on all aspects of “team play.” The first installment discusses the issue of legality, and includes interviews with Tommy Hyland — one of the most successful team operators of the past 15 years — as well as discussions with three members of his team who were brought up on charges of cheating in the first test of the legality of this type of play (the card counters won). The second installment provides the complete “Team Handbook” used by Don Schlesinger’s team in the mid-1980’s. In installment number three, Arnold Snyder describes the four major types of multi-player strategies which teams may use to attack the blackjack tables.

This series includes all three complete issues of Blackjack Forum — more than 100 pages each — so aside from the “Team Attack” series, you’ll get G.K. Schroeder’s analysis of Las Vegas’ double-deck games, John Leib’s test of the “Power Numbers” blackjack system, Steve Jacobs and Chuck Weinstock’s introduction to gambling on the Internet, and much more.

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