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Blackjack Forum Shuffle Tracking SeriesThree Blackjack Forum issues by Arnold Snyder

It’s more powerful than traditional card counting. It’s almost impossible to detect. It’s 100% legal. Now, in this three-part series in Blackjack Forum, Arnold Snyder reveals the trade secrets of the shuffle trackers. You can get all three issues which contain this series — September and December ’94 and March ’95 — right now! It’s the most comprehensive course of instruction on shuffle tracking strategies ever made available to the public!

Perhaps you’ve noticed the complicated shuffles many casinos now employ on their blackjack tables. These shuffles are not designed to waste time. or to irritate players, but to protect the casinos against the most powerful legal strategy that has ever been devised to siphon money from 21… SHUFFLE TRACKING…

To protect themselves against ”trackers,” casinos have been hiring high-priced consultants, and retraining their pit and security personnel, while electronics and mechanical engineers work feverishly to develop a fully automated shuffling machine that will not only produce a truly random shuffle, but that the masses of blackjack players will accept.

Arnold Snyder’s expose, “Unlocking the Shuffle: Trade Secrets of the Shuffle Trackers,” will cause more heartburn and ulcers for the casino managers of the world than any publication since Ed Thorp penned Beat the Dealer in 1962. Shuffle tracking is an advanced form of card counting — previously known to only a handful of pros — immensely powerful strategies the casinos never wanted you to learn. Their shoe games are very vulnerable right now, and now is the time to attack.

This three-issue set of Blackjack Forum contains the shuffle tracking series.

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