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Blackjack Forum by Arnold SnyderARNOLD SNYDER

March 1981 – Winter 2013
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Editor note: Arnold Snyder’s website1)Formerly and archives were moved to the Gambling with an Edge site in February 2022.  You will find some of the articles listed below online. Blackjack Forum was published quarterly (in hard copy) from 1981 to 2004. Since then, Arnold has published issues online occasionally. You will find a wealth of blackjack knowledge in the Blackjack Forum’s Professional Gambling Library. In addition to the articles shown below Blackjack Forum also features (or has featured) the following regular material and columns:

.Sermon – Editorial 
.Anthony Curtis’s The Las Vegas Advisor 
.Donald Schlesinger’s The Gospel According To…  
.List of Player’s Attorneys 
.Casino Rules & Playing Conditions 
.USA, Foreign 
.Blackjack Tournament Schedules 
.Davey the Dealer’s BEST BETS 
.Digest of Other Published 
.Blackjack Related Information 
.Classified Advertising 
.No Casino Advertising 

1981 – VOLUME 1

Blackjack Forum Vol1 #1 1981MARCH 1981

Arnold Snyder. Scientific Systems, Inc. School Reviewed
Arnold Snyder. Bob Fisher Analyzes Atlantic City Blackjack
Arnold Snyder. Hi-Opt II System Review.
Blackjack’s Winning Formula by Jerry Patterson
Winning Without Counting by Stanford Wong
Theory of Blackjack by Peter Griffin
Dev. & Analysis of Winning Strategies… by Julian Braun
Expert Blackjack by Dayton, CanfieldToking Guidelines by Arnold Snyder

JUNE 1981

Arnold Snyder. An Interview with Julian Braun.
Arnold Snyder. Bob Fisher’s Four Deck Frequency Distribution.
Arnold Snyder. Review of Arnie Van’s Blackjack System.
Worlds Greatest Blackjack Book by Lance Humble & Carl Cooper
Professional Blackjack (Revised) by Stanford Wong
Million Dollar Blackjack by Ken Uston
World’s Greatest Blackjack Program (Software) by Warren Irwin
Amazing Blackjack Machine (Software) by C.G.W.
Cheating at Blackjack by (Video) Rouge et Noir


Arnold Snyder. The “Best” Counting System.
Clarke Cant. Underneath Vegas.
Arnold Snyder. Some Guidelines for Using “The Blackjack Formula.
Bill Gaem. The Psychological Basis of Your Disguise.
Bob Fisher. Blackjack in Canada: A Short Analysis.
Arnold Snyder. Howard Grossman’s Blackjack Academy Courses.
World’s Greatest Blackjack Calculator by CCA Assoc.
Playing Blackjack in Atlantic City by C. Chambliss & T. Roginsky


Arnold Snyder. A Card Counter’s Overview of the Gambling Conference.
Sam Case. The Second Deal – Part I.
Theory of Blackjack by Peter Griffin.
Algebraic Approx. of Optimum Blackjack Strategy (Revised) by Arnold Snyder

1982 – VOLUME II

Blackjack Forum Vol1 #2 1982MARCH 1982

Arnold Snyder and John Gwynn. John Gwynn Tests the Zen Count.
Sam Case. The Second Deal – Part II.
Arnold Snyder and Bob Fisher. Review of Scientific Systems – Part II.
Howard Grossman. A Big Winner’s Secret Ingredient.
Winning Blackjack by Stanley Roberts

JUNE 1982

Arnold Snyder, I Saw It With My Own Eyes.
Arnold Snyder. Blackbelt in Blackjack Announcement.
Arnold Snyder and John Gwynn. The Zen Count – Part II.
Arnold Snyder and Bob Fisher. Frequency Distributions.
Arnold Snyder. Gambling Conference Papers Since 1974.
Arnold Snyder. Will Pell Sell?.
Sam Case. Crimps – Invisible Devils.
Bill Gaem. Blatant May be Best.
Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook by Jerry Patterson
BJ Quick-Eye by CRN Enterprises
Blackjack Slide Kit by House of Gaming
Basic Strategy Slide Kit by ???


Arnold Snyder and John Gwynn. How True is Your True Count.
Sam Case. The Calgary Stampede.
Arnold Snyder. Atlantic City Update.
Arnold Snyder, Bob Fisher and John Gwynn. Single-Deck Frequency Distributions.
Sam Case. The Laughlin Lay-a-Way.
Party Blackjack (Software) by Stanford Wong
A Book on Casino Blackjack by C. Ionescu Tulcea
Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook (Revised) by Jerry Patterson


Arnold Snyder and John Gwynn. John Gwynn’s Single Deck Simulations.
Sam Case. Stock Control Shuffles.
Arnold Snyder, Douglas Finlay and R.C. Einstein’s “Rhythm” System Tested.Sam Case and Gail Martin. The “Sans” Casino.
Advanced Blackjack (Software) by Dayton / Snyder
Instant Advantage by Jerry Patterson
Neocheating by Wallace / Hamilton / William


Blackjack Forum Vol3 #1 1983MARCH 1983

Sam Case and Frank Francophile. Vegas Blackjack Team Busted.
Arnold Snyder. So You Think You’re a Blackjack Expert?
Arnold Snyder, Bob Fisher and Michael Gordon. 8-Deck Frequency Distributions.
Sam Case. Stacking a Deck.
Bill Gaem. Neon Leon.
Getting the Best of It by David Sklansky
Stanford Wong’s Newsletters Vol.II, III & IV

JUNE 1983

Arnold Snyder. Rouge et Noir on Comps and Junkets.
Arnold Snyder. An Interview With Ken Uston.
Arnold Snyder. Patterson Bars Snyder From TARGET.
Sam Case. Your Options When You Are Cheated.
Marvin L Master. The Blackjack Combine.
Arnold Snyder. Was Snyder Censored?
No Need to Count by Leon Dubey
Winning Casino BJ for the Non-Counter by Avery Cardoza


Arnold Snyder. An Open Letter to Jerry Patterson.
Arnold Snyder. Off TARGET.
Armand Seri. Above Zen.
Marvin L Master. Keeping Track.
Arnold Snyder. East Coast Casinos.
Winning Baccarat Strategies by Henry Tamburin


Arnold Snyder and John Gwynn. The Red Seven Count VS The Hi-Lo Count.
Arnold Snyder. Corrections to 1st Printing of Blackbelt in Blackjack.
Armand Seri. Running Count Questions Answered.
The “Casey” Computer by George Steven
Advanced Blackjack Software by Paul Dayton
Stanford Wong’s BJ Newsletters, Vol.V (1983)

1984 – VOLUME IV

MARCH 1984

Arnold Snyder. The New Blackjack Computers: Questions Answered.
Arnold Snyder and John Gwynn. The DHM Expert VS The Uston APC.
Marvin L Master. Funny Money.Sam Case. The First Line of Defense.
Arnold Snyder. Player’s Edge 21 – A New Casino Video Game Review
Blackjack to Win by George Williams
A Card-Counting Guide to Winning Blackjack by Jack Black

JUNE 1984

Arnold Snyder. For Sale: Keith Taft’s “David” Computer.
Arnold Snyder. An Interview With Nevada Attorney John Curtas
Arnold Snyder. Stanley Roberts Supports TARGET.
Arnold Snyder. Ken Uston Attacks in Nevada.
Arnold Snyder. Hi-Tech Front-Loading Video Spook Busted.
Playing Winning Blackjack in the Casinos by Anonymous


Sam Case. Review of Darwin Ortiz’s “Gambling Scams”.
Marvin L Master. Take a Good CUT.
Arnold Snyder. Can Side-Counting Make You a Super Counter?.
Stanford Wong. Don’t Take Harold’s “Second Chance”.
John Gwynn. Pai Gow Revisited – A Significant Positive Expectation.
John Gwynn. How Good Can a Pocket Blackjack Computer Be?
Arnold Snyder. Snyder Writes Manual for “David”
Instant Update by Stanford Wong
Blackjack Frequency Finder by A.A.S.

Blackjack Forum Vol IV #4 1984DECEMBER 1984

Don Schlesinger. A Day in the Life of a Table Hopper.
Stanford Wong. Coupons are Fun Again!
Arnold Snyder. Video Front-Loaders Convicted.
Peter Griffin. Unlimited Insurance.
Sam Case. Any Way the Ball Bounces.
Winning Gamer by Stanford Wong

1985 – VOLUME V

MARCH 1985

Arnold Snyder. The Fastest Hands in the West – Steve Forte’s Crusade Against Cheats
Anthony Curtis. The Gambling Conference: Or, How I Finally Found Positive Expectation in Atlantic City.
Arnold Snyder. Gambling Times Sues Uston Sues Gambling Times.
Arnold Snyder. Get Gwynn’s Computer Paper Free!
Arnold Snyder. Update on Uston VS Nevada.
Gambling Times Guide to Blackjack by Stanley Roberts, et al

Blackjack Forum Vol V #2 1985JUNE 1985

Arnold Snyder. I Challenge Doug Grant.
Don Schlesinger. The Ups and Downs of Your Bankroll.Anthony Curtis.
The Las Vegas Advisor – New Column
Ken Uston. A Quiz on Self Serving Blackjack Authorities.
The Mathematics of Gambling by Ed Thorp


Marvin L Master. Markers – Your Tickets to Royal Treatment.
Arnold Snyder. FORM 30 – How Pit Bosses Keep Track of Your Action.
Arnold Snyder. Uston Loses Round One.
Arnold Snyder. “Devices” Outlawed in Nevada.
Arnold Snyder. Do Dealers Count Cards?
Arnold Snyder. Hole Card Play Now Legal.
Schwartz, Howard. John Scarne Dead at 82.
Arnold Snyder. Gambling Conference Papers Now Available.
Blackjack Secrets by Stanford Wong


Arnold Snyder. Subversives, Anarchists, CPA’s Unite!!
Bob Jenkins. The Electronic Gambler’s Fuzz-Out Syndrome.
Doug Grant and Arnold Snyder. Doug Grant Answers the Challenge.
Winning Blackjack Without Counting Cards by Citadel

1986 – VOLUME VI

Blackjack Forum Vol VI #1 1986MARCH 1986

Steve Forte. Tips on Tells.
Arnold Snyder. Taft/Weatherford Appeal Rejected.
Arnold Snyder. Vegas Judge Rules Device Law Unconstitutional.
Arnold Snyder. First-Basers Sue Horseshoe Club.
George, C. 59,000 Hands with the Red Seven Count.
Theory of Blackjack (Revised) by Peter Griffin

JUNE 1986

Arnold Snyder. Reno Tell Player Acquitted.
Arnold Snyder. Blackjack Tournaments: The Next Attack.
Ken Uston. Why I’m Suing in Nevada.
John Gwynn. El Cheapo Systems for Beating Single Deck Games.
Russian, The Mad. No Way to Make a Living.
Flower, The. Interview With a Dealer.
Winning at Blackjack by Bryan Evans


Don Schlesinger. Attacking the Shoe.Snyder, Festival Reno 86
Arnold Snyder. “Device” Law on Trial in Nevada.
Arnold Snyder. Nevada Attorney Andrew Blumen Interviewed.
Arnold Snyder. First-Baser Sues Golden Nugget.
Gambling and the Law by I. Nelson Rose


Arnold Snyder. Did Uston Kill Atlantic City Blackjack?
Arnold Snyder. Harrah’s Infiltrates the Roundtable – A Spy in the House of Zen.
Stanford Wong. The Nevada Trespass Statute: Know Your Rights!
Arnold Snyder. Blackbelt in Blackjack – Now a College Text.
Arnold Snyder. Interview with a Tournament Pro.
Arnold Snyder. Nevada “Device” Law in Limbo.
Ken Uston on Blackjack by Ken Uston
How to Win at Blackjack (Video) by Ken Uston
The SS Count by Ken Uston
Gambling Protection Video, Vol.4 by Steve Forte
Darwin Ortiz on Casino Gambling by Darwin Ortiz
Break the Dealer by Patterson/Olsen


Blackjack Forum Vol VII #1 1987MARCH 1987

Arnold Snyder. Stanford Wong Spills the Beans – Review of Tournament Blackjack.
Arnold Snyder, Stanford Wong, Jerry Patterson and John Gwynn. The Bias Barometer is Falling.
Jerry Patterson. Jerry Patterson’s Response to Arnold Snyder’s Review of Break the Dealer.
Arnold Snyder. Snyder’s Response to Patterson’s Response to Snyder’s Review of Patterson’s and Olsen’s Book.
Arnold Snyder. “Action 21” – Harrah’s New Wheel of Fortune.
Methods of Disguise by John Sample
Sam Case’s Strategy Tables by Sam Case

JUNE 1987

Arnold Snyder. The First Church of Blackjack Rises Again.
Arnold Snyder and Stephen R. Minagil. Is Spooking Legal.
Harry J McArdle. Blackjack in Puerto Rico – Skirmishes in the Battle Against Cheating.
Arnold Snyder. The Human Shuffle.
Arnold Snyder. Gambling Conference Update.
Arnold Snyder. Table Trash – More Comments on TARGET, BIAS and non-random shuffles.
Gustav Shoe. The Black Check – Nevada Casino Ratings for High Rollers.
Beating the House at Blackjack Software by A.P.S.


Raymond X. A High-Roller Gets Rolled.
Peter Griffin A. The “Dealer Breaking” Controversy.
Dog-Ass Johnny. The Reno-Tahoe Advisor.
Arnold Snyder and Edward O. Thorp. The First Blackjack Computer 1964.
Blackjack Essays by Mason Malmuth
Gambling Theory & Other Topics by Mason Malmuth
World’s Greatest Blackjack Book (Revised) by Humble & Cooper
Tournament Craps by Stanford Wong


Arnold Snyder. Son of Blackjack Formula.
Marvin L Master. Insure of Good Hand?
Malmuth, Mason. Traps to Avoid.
Arnold Snyder. The 7th Gambling Conference.
Arnold Snyder. A Giant Passes – John Luckman Dies at 63.
Arnold Snyder. Ken Uston Dies at 52.
Arnold Snyder. Table Trash – John Patrick and Bobby Singer
Tournament Craps
by Stanford Wong


Blackjack Forum Vol VIII #1 1988MARCH 1988

John Gwynn M., Jr. and Arnold Snyder. Does Casino Blackjack Differ From Computer Simulated Blackjack?
Anthony Curtis. The Horseshoe Trial.
Arnold Snyder. Steve Forte Indicted for Cheating.
Gambler’s Protection Series, Vol.III Video by Steve Forte

JUNE 1988

Johnny, Dog-Ass. Stalking the Elusive Tell.
Peter Griffin A. Insure a “Good” Hand? (Part 2).
Smallwood, Jake. Insurance Camouflage.
Gambling Theory (Revised) by Mason Malmuth
Blackjack Essays (Revised) by Mason Malmuth
Theory of Blackjack by Peter Griffin


Morris, S.W. How Good Counters Get Caught.
George, C. The Ruin Formula.
Smallwood, Jake. Shuffle Tracking Can Cost You Money.
Professional Video Poker by Stanford Wong


Arnold Snyder. Fake I.D. – A Consumer’s Guide.
Arnold Snyder. Phast Phun in Phoenix – Arizona Legalizes Gambling.
Arnold Snyder. Wong Beats the Slots.
Henry Tamburin on Casino Gambling by Henry Tamburin

1989 – VOLUME IX

MARCH 1989

Arnold Snyder. Larceny in the Heart.
Don Schlesinger and John Gwynn. The Floating Advantage.
Blumen, Andrew S. Phony I.D. = Real Risk.
Arnold Snyder. Video Poker Revisited.
Horse of the Day by Stanford Wong

JUNE 1989

Arnold Snyder. Software Surprise.
Arnold Snyder. Blackjack in Canada.
Arnold Snyder. Gambling Times Files Bankruptcy.
Jake Smallwood. Blackjack in New York.
Don Schlesinger. Optimum Number of Simultaneous Hands.
Business of Blackjack (Video) by Howard Collier

Blackjack Forum Vol IX #3 1989SEPTEMBER 1989

Arnold Snyder. Inside the Over-Under.
Dog-Ass Johnny. Blackjack in St. Maarten.
Arnold Snyder. The Calgary Stampede – Blackjack in Canada.
Jake Smallwood. Blackjack in New York – The St. Lawrence Strip Update.
Arnold Snyder. Blackjack in Michigan.
John Brahms. Blackjack in Asia.
Howard Collier. Blackjack in Holland.
Patrick Jay. Blackjack in the Bahamas – Nassau.
Getting the Best of It (Revised) by David Sklansky


Anthony Curtis. Horseshoe Holidays – Memories of Seasons Past.
P. Hound. Tips for High Rollers.
Brother William. Tips for Low Rollers.
Arnold Snyder. The Over/Under Spreads.
Bob Fisher. Blackjack in Maryland.
Arnold Snyder. Violence Turmoil in New York Casinos.
Arnold Snyder. Phoenix Update.
The Flower. The Comp Report – Riviera and Landmark.
Real World Casino (Ver 2) (Software) by John Imming
Blackjack Counter-Attack (Software)

1990 – VOLUME X

MARCH 1990

Arnold Snyder. Ruffled by the Shuffle.
Stanford Wong. Risk in Atlantic City.
Arnold Snyder. Gambling Times Reborn.
John Brahms. Blackjack in Asia Update.
Jake Smallwood. Blackjack in New York Update.
Arnold Snyder. Over/Under Goes Over.
Don Schlesinger. Teamplay and Joint Banks.
Casinos: International Guide by J. Bain & E. Dror
Microace Blackjack (Software) by Microace
How to Win $1 Million… by George C.

JUNE 1990

Arnold Snyder. Surrender: When it Pays to Say “UNCLE!”.
Howard Collier. Peeking for Seconds.
Arnold Snyder. Anthony Curtis Wins Craps Tournament.
Arnold Snyder. Blackjack in Washington.
Don Schlesinger. Back Counting With Spotters.
Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker by Stanford Wong
Real World Casino (Ver 3) (Software) by John Imming
Fundamentals of Blackjack by Carlson Chambliss & Thomas Roginsky

Blackjack Forum Vol X #3 1990SEPTEMBER 1990

Arnold Snyder. Waiting for the Long Run…
Arnold Snyder. Blackjack in Canada.
Howard Collier. The Second Deal & Nicki Dickson.
Arnold Snyder. Roulette System That Flies.
Arnold Snyder. Over/Under Update.
Club Easy (Software) by RND Enterprises
Blackjack Conquest Ver 3.3 (Software)
Blackjack Counter Attack Ver 3.3 (Software)
Edward Thorp’s Real Blackjack (Software) by Villa Crespo


Arnold Snyder. Shoehenge… Probing the Multi-Deck Mysteries.
Chambliss, Carlson R. The Eighth International Gambling Conference.
Arnold Snyder. Roulette Update.
Allan Pell. Blackjack in Japan.
Chambliss, Carlson R. Playing Blackjack in London.
Card Counting for the Casino Executive by Bill Zender

1991 – VOLUME XI

Blackjack Forum Vol XI #1 1991MARCH 1991

Arnold Snyder. The Unbalanced Over/Und2er.
George C. Gambling Comes to Colorado.
Imming, John Jr. Stalking the %%%%%% Personal Computer or 10 Tips For First Time Buyers.
Steve Forte. Dangerous Shoes.
Chambliss, Carlson R. Blackjack in the Dakotas.
Blackjack: A Professional Reference by Michael DaltonHow to Deal Casino Games: Blackjack… by (Video) Larry SmithCasinos: The Intl. Casino Guide (Revised) by Bain/Dror

JUNE 1991

Nobody, Nobody & Nobody. Three Nobodies Reveal Their Secrets of Success – Or, How to Improve Your Game.
Gelt, John & John Brahms. Cruise News You Can Use.
Hall, Michael. Blackjack in Aruba.
Goode, W.B. Camouflage Primer.
Video Poker Analyzer (Software) by Stanford Wong
Strategy Deviser (Software) by Sam Case
Vegas 21 (Calculator) by Unisonic


Arnold Snyder. The High-Low Lite.
Scott, Laurance. Nevada Roulette.
Schapp, David. Blackjack in Egypt.
Wilson, Allan N. Shaking the Ground VS Shaking the Dice – Are the Odds Against the California Scientific Gambling Experts?
Don Schlesinger. Red Dog Probabilities.
190,000,000 Hands of Blackjack by Bill Brown
Extra Stuff: Gambling Ramblings by Peter Griffin
Lip Reading Made Easy by Edward B. Nitchie


Johnny, Dog-Ass. Secrets.
Allan Pell. Mondo Macau.
Phillips, Martin. Las Vegas Chronicles.
Betting Cheap Claimers by Stanford Wong
VPExact by Stanford Wong
Stanford Wong’s Video Poker (Software) by Stanford Wong


Blackjack Forum Vol XII #1 1992MARCH 1992

Arnold Snyder. Sermon: Thirty years and counting.
Allan Pell. Invasion of the robo dealers.
Gelt, John. Blackjack in Minnesota.
John Gwynn M. & Robert Maltas. Random vs non-random shuffling (the sequel).
Joel Friedman. Beyond blackjack.
John Brahms. Beat the boats.
Arnold Snyder. The roulette “debate” heats up!
Blackjack Analyzer by Stanford Wong.

JUNE 1992

Arnold Snyder. Sermon: Super Sevens Snafu.
Arnold Snyder. Hands across America.
Anonymous Seven. The history of blackjack in Connecticut.
Arnold Snyder. Section shooting (roulette) …Shot down.
Steve Forte. Can they really do that?
John Brahms. Update on Egypt.
Sparkman. Indian blackjack in Washington.
Jeffrey Csima. Super splitting (Blackjack in Budapest).
The Ol’ Norseman. Blackjack in Denmark.
Blackjack: A Professional Reference by Michael Dalton.


Arnold Snyder. Okay, gang, let’s kill the Aladdin!
Don Schlesinger. Lost in the maze of new rules?
Allan Pell. The playing habits of… Imbicilicus Touristicus, or, absolutely moronic play that costs you nothing.
John Leib. Pondering the likelihood that basic strategy means the same expectation for each round… and related ponderings.
Casino Tournament Strategy by Stanford Wong.
Basic Blackjack by Stanford Wong.
Shuffle Trak by Mesa Verde Software.
Beating the Wheel by Russell T. Barnhart.
Blackjack for Blood by Bryce Carlson.
Pro Blackjack by Saitek Ltd.
CrapSim 1.0 by Ken Elliott.
Dalton’s Blackjack Review by Michael Dalton.


Arnold Snyder. Reach Out and Fleece Someone.
Bill Zender. Inside the Cat & Mouse Game….
Bryce Carlson. Back From the Front: A War Story.
Brother William. Low-Rolling in Nevada.
Joel Friedman. Beware of SEGA Robo-Dealers.
Allan Pell. Rip-Off Robo-Dealers.
World Series of Poker Adventure (Software) by Mojave
SoftwareTemples of Chance by David Johnston
RWC Practice Casino – V5.0 (Software) by John Imming
RWC Universal Blackjack Engine – V5.0 (Software) by John Imming
Blackjack Count Analyzer (Software) by Stanford Wong
Las Vegas by Deke Castleman
Video Poker – Precision Play by Dan Paymar
Fundamentals of Poker by Mason Malmuth


Blackjack Forum Vol XIII #1 1993MARCH 1993

Don Schlesinger. Risk of Ruin
John Leib. The Kelly Criterion.
Charles Lund. Keno Krap.
John Brahms. Blackjack in Nepal
Bryce Carlson. Crunch Time in Las Vegas: A Challenge to the Casinos.
Blackjack – Your Key to Winning Play (Software) by Glencoe Computing.
Nevada Gaming Law by Sawyer & Collins.

JUNE 1993

Arnold Snyder. The big bet fizzles… Kill the umpire!
John Leib. Final score – Leib: 100, Schlesinger: 0.
Edward O. Thorp. The Kelly system: fact and fallacy.
John Leib. I don’t get no respect!
Edward O. Thorp. Does basic strategy have the same expectation for each round?
Brother William. Red 7 in Reno.
Jim Hawkins. Missouri says “yes” to gambling.
Matthew Jackson. Ace adjustment made simple (for single deck games).
Arnold Snyder & Anthony Curtis, Flower & the counters’ union.
Las Vegas Hilton throws a party – 50/50 split!
Blackjack Secrets by Stanford Wong.
Get Paid to Gamble by Richard Armstrong.
Bargain City by Anthony Curtis.


Arnold Snyder. The Cheesies!
Don Schlesinger. Basic strategy camouflage: How “dumb” can you afford to appear?
Arnold Snyder (w/ The Boardwalker). New Blackjack, Same Old Baloney.
John Leib. What’s a Kelly man to do?
Allan Pell. Rip-off robo-dealers II.
The Boardwalker. Not so Progressive 21.
Arnold Snyder. Shhh… It’s Bustout month.
Real World Casino (Version 6.0) by John Leib.
Ace Adjustment Made Simple by Matthew Jackson.
How to be Treated Like a High Roller (Even Though You’re Not One) by Robert Renneisen.
Blackjack for Winners by Scott Frank.

Blackjack Forum Vol XIII #3 1993DECEMBER 1993

Arnold Snyder. Software Wars (Reviews of blackjack software)
Williams, Brother. Beans Vs. Behavior
Idiot Savant. War of the Mathematicians II

Howard Collier. The Gambler’s Crimp
The Davies System by CCS & Associates
Progression Blackjack by Donald Dahl
Gambling & Taxes by Riskman
The Expert at the Table by S. W. Erdnase
The Book of British Blackjack by Dr. Mohsen Zadehkoochak
How to Win at U.K. Blackjack by Harry Diamond


Blackjack Forum Vol XIV #1 1994MARCH 1994

Arnold Snyder. The Big Tilt: How Well do Unbalanced Counts Perform?
Thomas B. Duffy. Esq. Blackjack Computers: Your Ticket to the “Big House”? (Part 1)
George C. Blackjack for Big Bucks (Part 1)
John Leib. Royal Match and The Davies System
Brother William. Red 7 Takes on Double Deck
John Stathis. Just Say: “Yo”: The Amazing Secrets of Craps!
Charles Lund. Biblical Blackjack: Psalm 21.
The BJF Index by RGE
Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong
Casinos: The International Casino Guide by BDIT
Playing the Cards that are Dealt by Mead Dixon, Ken Adams and R.T. King.

JUNE 1994

Max Rubin. Counting Cards in Comp City.
Arnold Snyder. What Else is in Comp City?
G. K. Schroeder. A Year in the Pits.
George C. Blackjack for Big Bucks (Part 2)
Thomas B. Duffy. Esq. Blackjack Computers (Part 2)
Scruffy. Networking Blackjack.
Victor Shelley. Blackjack Shareware.
Moe Cash. Spread Wide and Play to Win: Quick Tips for New Counters.
The Practicum by Ne Plus Ultra


Arnold Snyder. Unlocking the Shuffle: Trade Secrets of the Shuffle Trackers (Part 1)
G. K. Schroeder. The Blackjack Routes of Las Vegas
Dan Paymar. DP on VP
Arnold Snyder. Battle of the Depth Chargers!
Wong on Prodigy.
Arnold Snyder. 9th International Gambling Conference.
Cheating at Blackjack & Other Casino Games by Dustin D. Marks.
Casino Math: A Professional’s Guide to Reading Cheques and Stacks by Terry Ambiel.


Arnold Snyder. Mastering the Mysteries of the Map: Trade Secrets of the Shuffle Trackers (Part 2)
Arnold Snyder. Requiem for a Card Counter: Paul Keen has died.
Steve Forte. Don’t be a Mark for Marked Cards.
Allan Pell. Mondo Morongo.
Dan Paymar. DP on VP.
G. K. Schroeder. The Rooms of Las Vegas.
Card Counting Paranoia by R. J. Grosso.

1995 – VOLUME XV

Blackjack Forum Vol XV #1 1995MARCH 1995

Arnold Snyder. Trade Secrets of the Shuffle Trackers (Part 3)
Smallwood, Jake. Surviving Fluctuation.
Moe Cash. Tips on Tipping.
George C. Thoug
hts on Etiquette.
Dan Paymar. DP on VP
John Bryce. An Alton Belle Christmas.
Stanley Dinnelaw. Memoir of a First-Time Card Counter.
Tournament Blackjack Software by Stanford Wong

JUNE 1995

Arnold Snyder. A “Victory” for Card Counters? The Anthony Campione case.
Arnold Snyder. What’s Fair?
John Leib. Slug Tracking the 4-Deck Game.
G. K. Schroeder. A Moment in the Pits.
Imming, John. Multiparameter Blackjack
Stanley Dinnelaw. The Internet Gambling Hangout
Dan Paymar. DP on VP

Shuffle Mapper by Mesa Verde.
The BJF Shuffle Tracking Series by Arnold Snyder.
Theory of Gambling and Statistical Logic by Richard Epstein.


Arnold Snyder. Shuffle Tracking on Trial: The Tommy Hyland / Don Tait / Casino Windsor Story.
Tinker Bell. Eying the Big Purse (in a Tournament)
Anthony Curtis. Beyond Wong: Tournament Tips Uncle Stanford Never Taught You.

Stanford Wong. A Tournament Question.
Brother William. Basic Strategy Risk.
Arnold Snyder and John Leib. John Leib Challenges Leonard Benson.
More Wong on Prodigy
Arnold Snyder. Psychologist Challenges Riviera.
Arnold Snyder. Stuart Perry Challenges the Turning Stone.
Dan Paymar. DP on VP.
BJEdge by Stanford Wong.
RWC Beginner’s Practice Analyzer by John Imming


Arnold Snyder. Card Counting in the Courts – Part 1: The Weirdness in Windsor and Part 2: The Campione Fiasco.
John Leib. Leonard Benson Takes the Challenge.
Dan Paymar. DP on VP.


Blackjack Forum Vol XVI #1 1996MARCH / SPRING 1996

Arnold Snyder. The Team Dream.
der, Arnold. Team Attack (Part 1).
G. K. Schroeder. The Double-Deckers of Las Vegas.
Stuart Perry. Excerpt from The Las Vegas Blackjack Diary.
John Leib. 22 Hours of Power Numbers Blackjack
Dan Paymar. DP on VP.
The Biased Wheel Handbook by Mark Billings and Brent Frederickson.


Weinstock, Charles. Deep Space 21: The Gambler’s Guide to the Internet.
Stanley Dinnelaw. Blackjack on the Net.
Don Schlesinger. Team Attack (Part 2): The Blackjack Team Handbook.
Stuart Perry. Stuart Perry vs Turning Stone (Part 2)
Kevin Maki. The Minimum Memory System.
Tinker Bell. A California Mini Tournament that Should not be Missed.
Shuffle Tracking for Dummies by George C.
The Theory of Blackjack
by Peter Griffin
The Las Vegas Blackjack Diary by Stuart Perry


Arnold Snyder. Surprise Party at the Klondike Hotel (Free Ride promotion)
Stanley Dinnelaw. Backroomed in Vegas
Arnold Snyder. Team Attack, Part III: The Playing Strategies.
Bruce Forkush. The No-Look True Count Adjustment.
Jere Weaver. Red 7 Multiparameter.
Charles Lund. Oh No, Not the Aladdin Again!
Dancer, Bob. Pennies for My Thoughts
Dan Paymar. DP on VP.
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Gambling Like a Pro by Stanford Wong and Susan Spector.
ShuffleTrak Software, Version 7.0 by Mesa Verde.
Best Blackjack by Frank Scoblete.
Poker Essays Volume II by Mason Malmuth
The Best of Video Poker Times by Dan Paymar
The Silver Fox Blackjack System by Ralph Stricker


Arnold Snyder. What’s New for BJ Players?
Edward O. Thorp. The “Free Ride” Optimal Strategy.
Stanford Wong. The Money Makers of 1996.
L. J. Winsome. What Went Wrong at Morongo?
Rebecca Richfield. How the Free Ride Really Died
Rebecca Richfield. The One Wong Missed.
Charles Lund. The Drunkard’s Delight.
Allan Pell. A BJ Player Discovers Poker.
Joe Baseel. Oh No! Not Charles Lund Again!
1997 American Casino Guide by Steve Bourie.
Casino Verite and CVSim Software by QFIT.


Blackjack Forum Vol XVII #1 1996MARCH / SPRING 1997

Arnold Snyder. Surveillance Goes High-Tech: Spying on the Eye-in-the-Sky
Don Schlesinger. Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pros’ Way.
G. K. Schroeder. Notes from the Blackjack Underground.
Bruce Forkush. The Ethics of Blackjack.
John Leib. Target Bankrolls and Kelly.
Nick Alexander. Stickin’ It to the Safari Club.
Charles Lund. Lost City Found.
Dan Paymar. DP on VP.
The Blackjack Forum Website
Statistical Blackjack Analyzer Version 2.3
Hold’em Poker by David Sklansky


Don Schlesinger. Blackjack Attack: The 8-Deck Simulations.
Arnold Snyder. Surveillance Goes High -Tech (Part 2).
Peter Nathan. Boycott The Riviera “Madness” Tournaments.
Tom Turcich. Counter-Catching 101: A Vegas Casino Uses Card Counters to Train Floormen!
Nick Alexander. The Case of the Missing $7000.
G. K. Schroeder. Notes from the Blackjack Underground.
Dan Paymar. DP on VP.
How to Make $100,000 a Year Gambling for a Living by David Sklansky.
The Dancer Video Poker Reports by Bob Dancer.
The New Gambler’s Bible by Arthur S. Reber.


Malmuth, Mason. Young Jack Black.
L. J. Winsome. How Not to Launder Money and Get Caught Doing It….
Jim Taylor. St. Louis Blues.
G. K. Schroeder. Just Play 5 Minutes More or: Shoot-out at the Mirage.
Sparkman. Barred at the Lady Luck.
G. K. Schroeder. Notes from the Blackjack Underground.
Dan Paymar. DP on VP.
Blackjack Risk Manager by John Auston.


Arnold Snyder. Back on the Cutting Edge: Blackbelt in Blackjack.
Arnold Snyder. 48 Hours Misses the Story.
Les Cash. More Indian Reservation Problems.
G. K. Schroeder. Notes from the Blackjack Underground.
Dan Paymar. DP on VP.
Blackjack Bootcamp
videos by Allan Pell

Blackjack Game Plan software
Blackjack Vision software
Advanced Card Counting by George C.
The Frugal Gambler by Jean Scott.



Arnold Snyder. Counter-Espionage: The Casinos Turn the Tables.
George C. No Cost Cover.
G. K. Schroeder. Low Cost Cover.
Jim Taylor. Cost? What Cost?
Nick Alexander. Show Me the Money!
G. K. Schroeder. Notes from the Blackjack Underground.
Dan Paymar. DP on VP.


Arnold Snyder. Blackjack and the Law by I. Nelson Rose and Robert A. Loeb.
Robert Loeb. A Brief Legal History of Card Counting.
Nommel, Bert. The FLEX Counts: Yes, You Can Beat Omega II!
via tangram. Are Internet Blackjack Forums Good for Blackjack?
G. K. Schroeder. Notes from the Blackjack Underground.
Blackjack Bluebook
by Fred Renzey.

Casinos Coast to Coast by Frank DeAngelo.
The Secrets to Winning Big in Tournament Poker by Ken Buntjer.


Arnold Snyder. Guerrilla Warfare: Camouflage in the Trenches.
Arnold Snyder. Advantageous Slots: You Better Believe It!
Arnold Snyder. Video Blackjack Rip-Off! South Carolina’s Scam Games.
Eradicator and Outgoer. Too Good to be True: Video Blackjack in South Carolina.
David Hunchliffe. Low-Butget Counters.
Knock-Out Blackjack by Olaf Vancura and Ken Fuchs.
Video Poker – Optimum Play by Dan Paymar.
Armada Strategies for Spanish 21 by Frank Scoblete.
The Complete Book of Blackjack by T. J. Reynolds.


Bill Zender. The Selective Up Card: An excerpt from How to Detect Casino Cheating at Blackjack.
Arnold Snyder. Peter Griffin Dies at 61.
Dunbar. Taxing Your Brain.
Robert Loeb. Long Arm of the Law.
Charles Lund. The Slot Point Fiasco.
G. K. Schroeder. Notes from the Blackjack Underground.
Dan Paymar. DP on VP.
The American Casino Guide 1999 by Steve Bourie
Shuffle Trak 2000 Software by Mesa Verde
Paper Trip III by Barry Reid
CVSim Software by QFIT
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Making Big Bucks by Deepockets Chokya.



Charles Lund. Only Suckers Welcome at Bellagio?
Charles Lund. Money Maze – Excerpt from Robbing the One-Armed Bandits.
Yikes! Beating the Online Dealer by Milking the Match Plays
Nick Alexander. Caught a Cruise, Auto-Shoes, Lotta Blues.
G. K. Schroeder. Sim Corner: The Effect of Flat Betting.
Robert Loeb. The Long Arm of the Law.
G. K. Schroeder. Notes from the Blackjack Underground.
Dan Paymar. DP on VP.
Theory of Blackjack 6th Edition
by Peter Griffin

Burning the Tables in Las Vegas by Ian Andersen
Sklansky Talks Blackjack by David Sklansky
The Man with the $100,000 Breasts by Michael Konik


Don Schlesinger and John Auston. Before You Play, Know the SCORE! (Part 1 & 2)
Fezzik. NFL Futures.
G. K. Schroeder. Notes from the Blackjack Underground.
Dan Paymar. DP on VP.
Blackjack Autumn
by Barry Meadow

Gambling Theory and Other Topics by Mason Malmuth
Statistical Blackjack Analyzer Version 5.0 by Karel Janecek


Arnold Snyder and John Auston. Battle of the Babies! The Level-One Counts Duke it Out
Dunbar and Jeff B (Math Boy). Risk of Ruin for Video Poker and Other Skewed-Up Games
Bill Gaem. The State of Casinos in Moscow.
Carson, George. From Burn Joint to Bonanza: Observations of a Winning Over/Under Counter.
G. K. Schroeder. Notes from the Blackjack Underground.
Robert Loeb. Long Arm of the Law: Scary Tales Can Come True, They Can Happen To You…
Dan Paymar. DP on VP.
Smart Cards by Extreme Software
Twenty-first Century Blackjack by Walter Thomason
Video Poker Strategy Cards by Bob Dancer
Hold’em Poker for Advanced Players: New 21st Century Edition by David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth
Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players: New 21st Century Edition by David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth and Ray Zee.


Haywood, Bill. Got Milk? Why ECasinos Pay (Usually).
Arnold Snyder. Announcing Bill Haywood’s The Shrewd Player’s Guide to Internet Gambling
tangram. The Death of Blackjack?
Kyle Sever. Going South (hiding chips)
G. K. Schroeder. Notes from the Blackjack Underground.
Robert Loeb. Long Arm of the Law: Internet Blackjack – There is Virtually No Chance of Winning.
Blackjack Attack 2nd Edition by Don Schlesinger
Darwin Ortiz on Card Cheating video
Bob Dancer’s WinPoker software
The Best of Video Poker Times II by Dan Paymar
The 2000 American Casino Guide

2000 – VOLUME XX


Russell Barnhart. My Blackjack Trip in 1962 to Las Vegas and Reno with Professor Edward O. Thorp and Mickey MacDougall
tangram. BJ, R.I.P. (The Dr. Evil of Blackjack is Back!)
Robert Loeb. Long Arm of the Law: A Nevada Court Victory for Counters
G. K. Schroeder. Notes from the Blackjack Underground.
Dan Paymar. DP on VP.
Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video Poker by Jesse Morgan
Blackjack in the Zone by rick “Night Train” Blaine
Las Vegas Slot Clubs 2000/2001 by Charles W. Lund
Finding the Edge: Mathematical Analysis of Casino Games edited by Olaf Vancura, Judy Cornelius and William R. Eadington.
The Art of Gambling (Through the Ages) by Arthur Flowers and Anthony Curtis.
Blackjack 6-7-8 software by StickySoft
Advanced Count Explorer software by Carl Ursini
Mastering the Game of Three Card Poker by Stanley Ko


Arnold Snyder. Killing the Golden Goose (Report on Biometrica Systems).
Barry Meadow. On the Road to Nevada’s Nowhere Towns.
Blaine, Rick “Night Train”. Dangerous Liaisons.
Fezzik. Sports Betting Futures….2000.
Robert Loeb. Long Arm of the Law: Missouri Outlaws Barring, Institutes Countermeasures
I. Nelson Rose. Nevada Supreme Court Orders Casino to Pay Card Counter.
G. K. Schroeder. Notes from the Blackjack Underground.
Dan Paymar. DP on VP.
Blackjack Risk Manager by John Auston
The Psychology of Poker by Alan N. Schoonmaker
Inside the Poker Mind by John Feeney
The Little Book of Poker by David Spanier


Don Schlesinger. Knowing When It’s Time to Leave
Blaine, Rick “Night Train”. Living with Losses – when it’s not just “fluctuations”…
Robert Loeb. Long Arm of the Law: The Legal Future of Internet Gambling.
G. K. Schroeder. Notes from the Blackjack Underground.
Blackjack Blueprint: How to Operate a Blackjack Team by Rick “Night Train” Blaine.
Blackjack: 21 for the 21st Century VHS video by Jim Schian.


Arnold Snyder. There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills!
Arnold Snyder. An Interview with the Bright Bros.
Dunbar. Flipped.
Robert Loeb. Long Arm of the Law: Many Questions, but few Answers, about Taxes.
I. Nelson Rose. Indian Nations and Internet Gambling.
G. K. Schroeder. Notes from the Blackjack Underground: A Las Vegas Trip Planner – Ten Rules
Dan Paymar. DP on VP.
Get the Edge at Blackjack
by John May

American Casino Guide 2001 by Steve Bourie
Mike Caro’s Book of Tells: The Body Language of Poker
Professional Blackjack Analyzer by D. R. Smith
Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game by Peter Svoboda



James Grosjean. A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Forum.
Peter Ruchman. Not Fade Away… An Appreciation of Julian Braun (1929-2000)
Arnold Snyder. Basic Training.
Robert Loeb. Long Arm of the Law
G. K. Schroeder. Notes from the Blackjack Underground
Dan Paymar. DP on VP: Random Number Generators in Video Poker Machines.
Cheating at Blackjack 2000 CD-ROM by Dustin D. Marks
Las Vegas Slot Clubs 2001/2002 by Charles W. Lund.


Dan Gordon. How to Bet NFL Futures.
Fezzik. The GMen Go Down.
Jpdave13. A Card Counter’s Story.
Kyle Sever. How to Count Cards… and Chew Gum at the Same Time.
Robert Loeb. Long Arm of the Law: The Casino’s Perception May Trump Reality.

Beat the Sports Books: An Insider’s Guide to Betting the NFL by Dan Gordon
Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong.
The Sports Bettor’s Money Manager by Charles V. Duggie.
Telling Lies and Getting Paid: More Gambling Stories by Michael Konik


C. George. Wins and Losses – True Tales from the Trenches.
Charles V. Duggie. Money Management for Sports Bettors (With tips for Blackjack Players)
Comp City by Max Rubin
Poker Essays, Volume III by Mason Malmuth.


Arnold Snyder. Surveillance Talks.
Viktor Nacht. Online Security for Advantage Players (Part 1)
Robert Loeb. Long Arm of the Law: Indiana Halts Betting Limits on Individual Players.
G. K. Schroeder. Notes from the Blackjack Underground
Dan Paymar. DP on VP

CVCX software by Norm Wattenberg.
CVData software by Norm Wattenberg.



Richard Munchkin. Wizards of Blackjack.
Viktor Nacht. Online Security for Advantage Players (Part 2).
Rich Victor. The Victor Insurance Parameter (VIP).
Robert Loeb. Long Arm of the Law
Arnold Snyder. Hilton Cancels Million $ Tournament.
G. K. Schroeder. Notes from the Blackjack Underground
The Counter by Kevin Blackwood
Blackjack in the Zone by Rick “Night Train” Blaine


Arnold Snyder. Redefining the Whale: Las Vegas Aims for Smaller Fish.
Richard Munchkin. Wizards of Blackjack: An Interview with Al Francesco.
Tinker Bell. The Hilton Million is Alive, Kicking, and a “Must Play”.
98%. Notes from the Blackjack Underground: The Era of the Unfair Game.
The Odds: One Season, Three Gamblers, and the Death of Their Las Vegas by Chad Millman.
The Crossroader: Memoirs of a Professional Gambler by N. M. Moore, Jr.


D. V. Cellini Inside the Surveillance Room.
Richard Munchkin. Blackjack Wizards: An Interview with Johnny C.
Robert Loeb. Long Arm of the Law: Are Lawsuits Worth the Bother to Blackjack Players?
98%. Notes from the Blackjack Underground: 6:5 – The Saga Continues.
Cheating at Blackjack: The Real Work video by Dustin D. Marks


Cellini. The Card Counter’s Camo Calendar 2003.
Richard Munchkin. Blackjack Wizards: An Interview with Bob Nersesian.
Robert Loeb. Long Arm of the Law: Nersesian – In the Trenches, Fighting for Players.
Dunbar. Getting More Bang for Your Quinella Buck.
98%. Notes from the Blackjack Underground
Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich
Burning the Tables in Las Vegas by Ian Andersen
The Card Counter’s Guide to Casino Surveillance by Cellini



James Grosjean. Beyond Coupons.
Richard Munchkin. Blackjack Wizards: An Interview with RC
Robert Loeb. Long Arm of the Law
Orange Cnty KO. Understanding the Psychology of Losing.
98%. Notes from the Blackjack Underground
Million Dollar Video Poker
by Bob Dancer


Las Vegas Surveillance Mafia. The Surveillance Report Card.
James Grosjean and Previn Mankodi. Scavenger Blackjack (or Generalized Basic Strategy).
Richard Munchkin. Blackjack Wizards: The Time Traveller.
Robert Loeb. Long Arm of the Law: The Nevada Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Casino, Against Patrons.
98%. Notes from the Blackjack Underground
Scobee. On the Waterfront: The Chicagoland Casino Resort.
Blackjack 6-7-8
software by Stickysoft.

CVBJ-Lite software by QFIT.
Blackjack Subsets software by Blackjack Educational Software.

Blackjack Forum Vol XXIII #1 2003SEPTEMBER / FALL 2003

Meadow. Bonus Hunting at Internet Casinos.
Robert Loeb. Long Arm of the the Law
98%. Paranoia 101: A Guide to Managing Casino Heat
Richard Munchkin. Blackjack Wizards
98%. Notes from the Blackjack Underground.
Of Rats and Men by Smith


Cellini. Card Counter’s Las Vegas Camo Calendar 2004.
Richard Munchkin. Blackjack Wizards: Keith and Marty Taft.
James Grosjean and Previn Mankodi. More on the Ace in Hand…
Marcus, Hal. Counter Basic Strategy — Is it for You?
Barfarkel. Graduating from Red to Green.
BJ Traveller. The Traveling Gambler.
Robert Loeb. Long Arm of the Law
Unsinkable Molly Bloom. Our Back Pages.
THE GUILTY PARTIES from Alexander to Zender




#1 WINTER – 2005

Arnold Snyder. Sermon: Here We Go Again
James Grosjean. It’s Not Paranoia If…
Richard Munchkin. Blackjack Wizards: Interview with Darryl Purpose
Nick Alexander. Stuck in Aruba with Darryl Purpose
Radar O’Reilly. Getting Rolled by LuckNRoll:
“Malfunctioning” Software at an Internet Casino
Cat Hulbert. A Female at the Poker Table

#2 SPRING 2005

Arnold Snyder. Sermon: World’s Foremost Blackjack Authority
Rich Victor.
The Victor Insurance Parameter, System-Specific
Letter from Surveillance: The Lay of Tens
ET Fan.
Convexing Calculations for McDowell’s Blackjack Ace Prediction Book, or–I’m Sorry
Baldy, Garry.
Heaven and Hell: Blackjack in Moldavia
The Vindicator and The Las Vegas Surveillance Mafia. 2005 Las Vegas Casino Surveillance Report Card
Blackjack Forum Moderators. The Professional Player’s Las Vegas Casino Surveillance Report Card
The Bison. Blackjack in Deadwood, South Dakota
Arnold Snyder. McDowell’s Folly: Commentary on David McDowell’s Blackjack Ace Prediction
Arnold Snyder. Errata in McDowell’s Errata: Problems with Fundamental Blackjack Math in Blackjack Ace Prediction

Post by ETFan regarding Blackjack Ace Prediction
Radar O’Reilly.
David McDowell’s Blackjack Ace Prediction: A False Key to Ace Sequencing
Radar O’Reilly.
Mistakes in False Key Probability in David McDowell’s Blackjack Ace Prediction and Corrections of McDowell’s Win Rate Estimate
Yama, S. Further Corrections of Ace Prediction Math
Arnold Snyder. Player Alert: More Problems with the False Key Probability in McDowell’s Blackjack Ace Prediction
Letter from Steve Forte about Blackjack Ace Prediction
Letter from Bill Zender about Blackjack Ace Prediction


#3 SUMMER 2005

Arnold Snyder. Correct Blackjack Basic Strategy with a Wagering Requirement (Traditional Bonus)
BJTraveller (with Mark Dace). The Traveling Gambler: Prague Spring
James Grosjean and Previn Mankodi. CTR-Averse Betting
Arnold Snyder. What’s Love Got to Do with It?
Allan Schaffer. Jess Marcum, Mathematical Genius and Blackjack Legend, And the Early History of Card Counting
RK. Casinos and Blackjack in South America

#4 FALL 2005

Arnold Snyder. The Blackjack PowerSim Project: The Importance of Free, Programmable Blackjack Simulation Software for Serious Players
ET Fan. The Release of Blackjack Power Sim (February 13, 2006 Upgrade Now Available)
Bill Zender. The Cat and Mouse Game, Part II: Is the Game Over?

#1 WINTER 2005/06

The Vindicator and the Las Vegas Surveillance Mafia. The 2006 Las Vegas Card Counters’ Convention Camo Calendar
Carlos Zilzer. The Easy OPP Count: A New Approach to Card Counting
Arnold Snyder comments: Carlos Zilzer’s OPP Count is a major innovation and the easiest full-power card counting system I’ve seen in 25 years of studying blackjack systems.
Kim Lee. On the Math Behind the OPP
ETFan. The OPP Count: Attempting a Fair Comparison
Carlos Zilzer. Playing Blackjack in Venezuela

#2 SPRING 2006

The Vindicator and the Las Vegas Surveillance Mafia. The 2006 Las Vegas, Laughlin, Mesquite and Jean/Primm Casino Surveillance Report Card
ET Fan. PowerSim Card Counting Software: No Compromise on Accuracy

#3 SUMMER 2006

Arnold Snyder. Response to Mason Malmuth on the Rebuy Advice in The Poker Tournament Formula
Math Boy. Getting Started With Winning Poker Tournament Strategy: The Ball-Cap Kids Meet the Oaf from Hell
Syph. Balancing on the Brink of Hell: The Reality of Multi-Tabling and Online Poker Cash Games
Arnold Snyder. The Poker Tournament Formula

#4 FALL 2006

Arnold Snyder. Reverse Chip Value Theory for Poker Tournaments: Good Math, Bad Logic (A Response to David Sklansky’s October 2006 article titled “Chips Changing Value in Tournaments”)
Ihate16, Review of Casino Extreme: Unethical Use of Terms and Conditions?
Arnold Snyder. Chip Value in Poker Tournaments, With Implications for Winning (and Losing) Strategy
Arnold Snyder. The Implied Discount: New Insights Into Optimal Poker Tournament Strategy
Happy Camper. A Weekend at Camp Hellmuth
Pikachu. Rebuy Analysis for Skilled Players in Multi-Table Poker Tournaments
Math Boy, Download Free: The Patience Factor / Skill Level Poker Tournament Calculator

#1 WINTER 2007

Arnold Snyder and Math Boy. Poker Tournament Satellite Value and Risk of Ruin
Radar O’Reilly. Complete Guide to Offshore Bank Accounts For Funding Online Casino and Poker Play
Pikachu. Avoiding the Team Thief
ET Fan. The Last 0.01%—Indistinguishable
Carlos Zilzer. Improving the Power of the OPP Card Counting System, for Experienced OPP Players

#1 SPRING 2007

Las Vegas Surveillance Mafia. 2007 Las Vegas Casino Surveillance Report Card
Radar O’Reilly.
Poker Tournament Strategy: The Differences Between Harrington and Snyder’s Poker Tournament Formula
Arnold Snyder. “True M” versus Harrington’s M: Critical Flaws in Harrington’s M Theory, and Why Structure Matters

#2 SUMMER 2007

ET Fan. Dealer Error

#2 FALL 2007

ET Fan. A Theoretical Basis for the Victor Insurance Parameter


Conrad O Membrino. How to Increase Your Earnings with the Red 7 — Part II
Conrad O Membrino. How to Increase Your Earnings with the Red 7 — Part I


Arnold Snyder. How to Win at Roulette, Part I: Traditional Visual Prediction


Arnold Snyder. How to Win at Roulette, Part II: Dealer Steering and Tell Play


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