This book could not have been possible without the help of many people.  I would especially like to thank Yancy Howard, Donald Schlesinger and Stanford Wong for reviewing preliminary drafts of early editions of this book. Their critical evaluation, suggestions and corrections has made this a better product.  I would also like to thank the workers at the Gaming Resource Center, University of Nevada at Las Vegas for their invaluable assistance in researching old blackjack related material. If you are having trouble finding some old information you might want to check this resource out.

I would also like to thank my co-workers at the NASA Kennedy Space Center for bearing with me over the years as I rambled on about my blackjack adventures. Special thanks go to Frank Penovich and Bob Register for being the sounding board during my early learning days.

Many others, who are too numerous to mention, have helped me get this book to print and have offered suggestions for improvement.  However, I would like to thank all those members of the Blackjack Review Network who have supported my efforts in the past and who know that I practice what I preach when it comes to gambling in general.

And, of course, I could not have written this book if it were not for the love and patience of my wife.  I love you honey!

Dalton's Book Collection 2020
Dalton’s Book Collection 2020


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