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The following acronyms and abbreviations are used throughout this book and are typical of those used in the literature.  When evaluating a game, you should assume Las Vegas Strip rules which include double on any first 2 cards, re-splits to 4 hands, dealer stands on soft-17 and insurance allowed.  Assume all one- and two-deck games are dealt face down and all multi-deck games are dealt face up. Rule variations are exactly that – variations from the norm.

Check the dictionary for further details.1)Stanford Wong’s Current Blackjack News was the original source for many of the keys shown in this table.

R U L E   V A R I A T I O N SG E N E R A L
21ENaturals pay even money instead of 3 to 2 ?uncertain
21LDealer BJ beats player BJ Aace
21PDealer’s BJ with 10 up pushes player’s 21 a.k.a.also known as
21WBJ wins regardless of dealer’s hand BCbetting correlation
3UPPlay one hand against 3 dealer upcards BJblackjack
5Five card 21 pays 2 to 1 BSbasic strategy
6Six card unbusted hand wins automatically Ccirca
678Any 6-7-8 pays double or there is a bonus for this hand Ddouble
6:5Blackjacks pay 6 to 5 (normal pay is 3 to 2)   
777Any 7-7-7 pays double or there is a bonus for this hand e.g.for example
AllLose all on doubles or splits if dealer has BJ et aland others
BBonuses may be available EVexpected value
CCoupons may be available Hhit
ColCasino collects a fee per hand, generally at least 1% HAhouse advantage
DADouble down on any two or more cards – See DSA i.e.that is
DAceDouble but not hit after splitting aces JJack
DC17Dealer’s choice on whether to hit or stand on S-17 KKing
DE / DXDouble Exposure LVSLas Vegas Strip
DOADouble on any first two cards – See D2 OOP Out Of Print
DS or DAS Double after splits allowed OUover/under side bet
DSADouble after splitting aces – See DACE Psplit
D2Double on any first two cards – See DOA PAplayer advantage
D3Double on first three cards PEplaying efficiency
D4Double on first four or fewer cards QQueen
D8Double on 8, 9, 10, 11 and generally soft hands RORRisk Of Ruin
D9Double on 9, 10 or 11  Sstand
D10Double on 10 or 11 TBDto be determined
D11Double on 11 only Vsversus
ENHCNo-hole card (European Rules) – See NH Xten valued card
ESEarly surrender   
ES10Early Surrender against 10, late surrender against others =equals
FDFace down game shoe game. >is greater than
FUFace up single or double deck game >is greater than or equal to
H-17 / H17Dealer hits on soft 17 rule <is less than
HSAHit after splitting aces <is less than or equal to
IA reference to an American Indian casino   
JokerOne or more jokers are in the pack   
LSLate surrender   
MAMultiple-Action blackjack   
NH / NHCNo-hole card (European Rules) – See ENHC   
NINo Insurance   
NMNo mid-shoe entry   
NMMNo mid-shoe entry and no spreading to multiple hands   
NMONo mid-shoe entry on request   
NMSIn mid-shoe you cannot go from two to one to two hands   
NOBJIf dealer has Ace and 10, the hand plays as ordinary 21   
NR / NRSNo ReSplits   
NSJQNo splits of unlike 10-valued cards   
NS10No splits of any 10-valued cards   
OU / O/UOver Under 13 sidebet   
PBPlayer banked game   
PKDealer manually peeks under 10 valued cards   
PushDealer wins pushes   
RS#Resplit non-Aces to # number of hands   
RSAResplit Aces   
RSA3Resplit Aces once only to make 3 hands   
RBRed/Black sidebet   
RMRoyal Match 21 sidebet   
S-17 / S17Dealer stands on soft 17 rule   
SCCard used to determine shuffle point in 1 or 2-deck games   
Shoe1 or 2-deck game cards are dealt from a shoe   
SlotSlot machine   
SP21 / SpanishSpanish 21 rules – All tens removed from deck   
STBJTen-Ace after splitting tens pays 3:2   
T / TokeDealers keep their own tokes   
UR / URSUnlimited resplits of non-aces   
*Other special/unusual rules   
#XxNumber of tables available   
¢Low stakes only ( typically < $25)   
$25Minimum bet $25 usually   
$High stakes only ( typically > $100)   

P E N E T R A T I O N   N O T E S

A or blankAverage penetration
P or BPoor or Bad (Typically < 65%)
GGood (Typically > 75%)
VVaries or conflicting information was received



Footnotes   [ + ]

1.Stanford Wong’s Current Blackjack News was the original source for many of the keys shown in this table.
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