A is for Advantage



A. 1) Acronym for ace. 2) Acronym for large bets accepted graciously.
[ 93 Wong CBN ]

A8. Rule option for splitting allowed on AA and 88 only.

AACpTCp. Acronym for Average Advantage Change per True Count point.  See books by BJANALYST.

AA78mTc. Acronym for a balanced side count (Ace, Ace, Seven, Eight minus Ten count).  In otherwords, Aces count +2, Sevens and Eights count +1 and Tens count -1. See books by BJANALYST.
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AA89mTc. Acronym for a balanced side count (Ace, Ace, Eight, Nine minus Ten count).  In otherwords, Aces count +2, Eights and Nines count +1 and Tens count -1. See books by BJANALYST.
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AC. Acronym for Atlantic City, NJ.

Accu-Count. {PCS/L2} (c1978) (Accu-Count Inc., Forest Hills, NY). See Hi-Opt II.

A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
0 1 1 2 2 1 1 0 0 -2

BC = .91 PE = .67  IC = .91

[ 76 Accu-Count System for Winning Blackjack ] [ 78 C&S Vol.2, 18 ] [ c78? Rouge et Noir 12 ]

Ace of Spadesace. (A). 1) A playing card with a single pip on the face whose value counts as 1 or 11 points, as declared by the player. Aces have a critical importance in the game of twenty-one for if all the aces in a game were used up it would be impossible to receive any soft hands or blackjacks. Any card counting system that ignores aces cannot yield a very good estimate of the advantage a player has in a given situation. The ace has little effect on a player’s overall playing strategy but is critical in a player’s betting strategy. If you know your first card will be an ace, your advantage on the hand is approximately 50%. See ace-count. 2) A reference to a $1 chip.
1) [ 90 Chambliss Fundamentals of Blackjack 81 ] [ Wizard: Value of a Free Ace ] [ APHeat:  Blackjack-an-ace-or-ten-in-the-hand ]

ace adjustment. {CS} To adjust a player’s bet size based on the proportion of aces remaining to be played. See ace adjustment factor. See ace-count.

ace adjustment factor. {CS} A number specified by advanced card counting systems where the ace is assigned a point value of zero. A side count of aces is therefore required to determine this factor which is multiplied by the number of aces rich or aces poor, in order to adjust the running count for betting purposes.
[ 81 Uston Million Dollar Blackjack 141 ]

ace count. 1) {RCS} A strategy whereby the player keeps a count of all aces, as they are dealt, and raises or lowers his bet based on this information. 2) {CS} In more advanced card tracking systems this is a separate side count that the player keeps in addition to his regular point count. Some systems intentionally assign a point count value of zero to aces and expect the player to keep a side count.

ace-five count. {RCS} A simplified rank count strategy where the player keeps track of aces and fives only. See Uston Ace-Five Count.

AceMT count. {PCS/L1} Mono Moraine’s AceMT count only counts A, K, Q, J and 10 and requires a true count conversion based on a calculation of running count, decks played and decks remaining.

A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
-1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -1

BC = .89 PE = .49  IC = .84

[21 Mono AceMT for Blackjack and Spanish 21 ] [ AMAZON: AceMT for Blackjack and Spanish 21 ]

ace neutral count. {CS} A counting system which does not assign a value to the ace. An example of an ace neutral count is the Hi-Opt I count.

ace poor. When there is a lower than average proportion of aces remaining to be played. This generally favors the house, however, players may notice greater dealer breaking activity. See poor. See ace rich.

ace reckoned count. {CS} A counting system which assigns a value to the ace and includes them as part of the main count. An example of an ace reckoned count is the Hi-Lo count.

ace rich. When there is a greater than average proportion of aces remaining to be played. This generally favors the player due to the higher probability of receiving a natural. Although the dealer also has the same chance of receiving a natural the player is paid at greater odds (3 to 2). See rich. See ace poor.

ace sequencing. {STS} See ace tracking.

ACE Shuffler. (c2010) A single-deck shuffler from Shuffle Master.
[ APHeat:  The-not-so-ideal-ideal-shuffler ] [ YOUTUBE ]

ace steering. {STS} See ace tracking.

ace tracking. {STS} A term that once referred to one of the most closely guarded and difficult techniques of professional blackjack players. Also known as sequence tracking, sequential shuffle tracking, card location, signature cards, ace steering and key-carding.
[ 1997 Morse Blackjack Reality 98 ] [ 03 Poolside The Poolside Report: Blackjack Ace Tracking ] [ 04 McDowell Blackjack Ace Prediction ] [ ARCHIVE: blackjackforumonline ] [ GWAE: Shuffle Tracking and Ace Sequencing ]

ACES. Acronym for Max Rubin’s system called Advanced Comp Equivalency Strategy, detailed in his book Comp City. According to Rubin, “ACES enables you to walk into any Las Vegas casino armed with the most powerful gambling-vacation tool ever devised.

ACG. Acronym for Alea Consulting Group.

achtzehn-und-drei. A German term for the game of blackjack. See Ein-und-zwanzig.
[ 66 Thorp Beat the Dealer 4 ]

act. The false personality adopted by the expert blackjack counter to help disguise from casino personnel the fact that he is a skilled player. See camouflage. See cover.
[ 8/86 Olsen BJC ] [ 66 Thorp Beat the Dealer 132 ]

action. As in heavy action. The total amount of money that a player wagers over a period of time. For example, one hundred bets of $5 each is $500 in action. From a dealer’s perspective, action can also refer to games where players are betting large amounts of checks. See handle.

action player. A term often referring to a player who enjoys gambling just for the sake of gambling and not necessarily for any profit motive. High rollers and junket players would fit in this category. All casinos like to cater to action players who are often the first to be offered comps when available.

Action 10. {RWC} (1990) (A blackjack strategy developed by Steven Heller and marketed by Jerry Patterson). This system is NOT recommended. See Clump Card Blackjack. From its advertising:

Action 10 is a method for exploiting dealer biased games. It is an integrated approach that includes specific betting strategies, unit win goals, stop losses and signals for moving into a more aggressive betting mode… Like the TARGET method it relies on certain factors such as chips, bets and card flows. However, Action 10 differs in what the player is actually looking for.”

Action 21: Carousel of Decks. (1986) A blackjack variation offered by Harrah’s Tahoe in December 1986. Twelve single-decks were individually shuffled and stood on end in slots in a plastic carousel. Players place bets before the dealer spins the carousel. Whichever deck lands in the one “open” slot is then removed for play of one round.
[ 3/87 Snyder Action 21: Carousel of Decks BJF 30 ]

actual value. (AV) A term that describes the performance of a player or team’s “actual value” as apposed to “expected value”.  Although we can often estimate the expected value of a gambling play, the actual value is often less due to a number of factors including skill, cheating, variance, etc. See a-win too.
[ 21 Grosjean Dark Matter ]

actual win. (AW) See a-win.

Adams Black Jack Chewing Gum

Adams Black Jack Chewing Gum. Made of sugar, gum base, corn syrup, natural and artificial flavoring and artificial colors (including FD&C yellow no. 6). Originally produced by Warner-Lambert Co., Morris Plans, NJ 07950.
[ AMAZON: Black Jack Chewing Gum ]

Adhoc.  See John Allen.

adjusted running count. {CS} The running count adjusted to reflect the number of aces rich or poor. See ace adjustment factor. 

ADT. See Average Daily Theoretical.

advanced count. {CS} A general reference to any counting system beyond a level 1 count.

Advanced Point Count. (APC) {CS} {PCS} 1) A reference to Lawrence Revere’s 1973 Advanced Point Count system. 2) A general reference to any counting system beyond a level 1 count.

advantage. A notion of a player’s or casino’s expected value in a game. The advantage that a player or casino enjoys depends on a number of factors. These factors include:

  • Rules of the game
  • Number of decks
  • Basic strategy used
  • Advanced strategy used
  • Randomness of cards
  • Penetration
  • Any unique situations / opportunities

Blackjack FAQ
Frequently Asked Question
Does Blackjack Have the Best Odds for the Player?

If a player correctly uses basic strategy in a game, his long-run advantage can range from approximately 0.1% in a single-deck game with Las Vegas strip (LVS) rules and double after splitting (DAS) allowed to a disadvantage of greater than 1% for typical double exposure type games. See player advantage. See house advantage. See expectation.  See rule variations.


1-dk LVS & DAS -.14%
1-dk LVS +.00%
1-dk LVS & H17+.05%
1-dk D10 & H17 +.47%
2-dk LVS & DAS +.19%
2-dk LVS +.34%
2-dk LVS & H17
2-dk D10 & H17 +.75%
4-dk LVS & DAS +.35%
4-dk LVS +.49%
4-dk LVS& H17
4-dk D10 & H17 +.90%
6 -dk LVS & DAS +.41%
6 -dk LVS +.55%
6 -dk LVS& H17
6 -dk D10 & H17 +.94%
8-dk LVS & DAS+.43%
8-dk LVS+.57%
8-dk LVS& H17+.79%
8-dk D10 & H17 +.97%
Double Exposure (Typical) +1.1%

LVS = Las Vegas Strip rules where you can double on any two cards and the dealer stands on Soft-17
DAS = Double After Splits allowed.
D10 = Double on 10 and 11 only
H17 = Dealer hits on Soft-17

Example: 1-dk LVS & DAS shows a -.14% casino advantage, which means the player has a .14% advantage using perfect total dependent basic strategy. All other games show the player with a disadvantage using only basic strategy.

[ Wizard of Odds:  Blackjack Calculator ]

advantage player. (AP) Someone who uses techniques and methods to gain a theoretical advantage over the house or other players — without cheating. Advantage players use proven strategies and make their decisions based on rational thinking.

YieldThe term advantage as in advantage player once referred to a person who cheats, usually by using altered cards or dice.
[1890 Quinn Fools of Fortune 196]


AdvantagePlayer.com. (c2002 – Oct 2015) After Viktor Nacht purchased RGE in 2002, he created this site.  Included excellent public blackjack forums and this was also the home of Don Schlesinger’s domain (aka Don’s Domain) for many years.  The forums were archived in June 2013, and made available on the BlackjacktheForum site.  See Robert Parker.  See RGE21.com.
[ ARCHIVE: AdvantagePlayer.com ] [ ARCHIVE:  AdvantagePlayer.com ]

Don's Domain

adversarial betting. A team or partner method to camouflage or cover large bet spreads.  The way it works is that two or more players at a table will alternate (or adjust) their bets in high counts thus attempting to confuse someone who is monitoring them.  Example:  The count suggests a nice advantage for the player.  Player one will bet high and player two will bet low.  In the next hand, where the count remains high, they alternate their bet!  Someone looking at player one will notice he/she has “lowered” their bet into a plus count.  Adjustments to this strategy are often made based on whether the player won or lost the hand.  In essence, the strategy allows for the “averaging” of the team or partners bets.  The goal is to get the money on the table without scrutiny from the pit!

agent. A player who is working with a dealer or casino personnel to cheat a casino.

AJ or AJ bonus. The Ace and Jack of Spades is a popular bonus hand in social games and in some casinos. If the player is always paid double for this bonus he has a gain of +.042%.

Alea Consulting Group. (ACG) c2017-2019 ??? Formerly, a casino gaming consulting firm composed of leading and renowned gaming authors, gaming mathematicians and economists, top gaming legal minds as well as many industry experts and Wall Street wizards.  The original group under this name appears to no longer be active.  Past consultants included: Anthony Curtis, Stanford Wong, Michael Shackleford, John Navin, Duncan Garvie, Bob Nersesian & Thea Sankiewicz, Rick Blaine, John Grochowski, Henry Tamburin, Heather Ferris, Blair Rodman, Brett Knowlton, Nicholas G. Colon and James Edwards.
[ FACEBOOK ] [ ARCHIVE: AleaConsultingGroup.com ]

all. Rule option for lose all on doubles or splits if dealer has blackjack.

Allen, John. aka Adhoc. (???? – Sep 12, 2013) A valuable member and prolific poster of the BJ21.com community who went by the name of “adhoc”.  An attorney in the Los Angeles area, he freely-offered legal advice and became the plaintiff in the successful legal effort to thwart the cheating capabilities of the MindPlay device.
[ Las Vegas Sun | Las Vegas Sun ]

amateur shuffle. {STS} A shuffle operation that divides the deck approximately into two groups of n cards and interleaves them singly or in clusters of 2,3, or 4 according to some probability distribution.
[ 77 Epstein Theory of Gambling & Stat. Logic 161 ]

Ambition Count. {PCS/L1} (2011) (Chad Courter aka Everett Tibbetts). A balanced card counting system described in the book 10 Step Blackjack.  Red or black Sevens and Nines are counted as -1.

 A 2 3 4 5 6  7 8  9  10
-1 1 1 1 1 1 .5 0 -.5 -1

BC = .99 PE = .55  IC = .74

[ Courter / Tibbetts 10 Step Blackjack ]

Ambition Count (Unbalanced). {PCS/L1} (2011) (Chad Courter aka Everett Tibbetts). An unbalanced card counting system described in the book 10 Step Blackjack.  Red or black Aces are counted as -1.

  A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
-.5 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 -1

BC = .95 PE = .57  IC = .82

[ Courter / Tibbetts 10 Step Blackjack ]

Anatomy of a Card CounterAnatomy of a Card Counter. A reference to the graphic drawn by Michael Dalton in the Spring 1996 issue of Blackjack Review magazine. This graphic summarizes many of the tricks of the trade for card counters.
[ Spr 96 Dalton BJR ]

anchorman. Also shortened to anchor. The player to the right of the dealer, who is the last to act on the hand before the dealer. As far as the basic strategy of the game is concerned, this position is often erroneously considered to be highly important as to the success or failure of the other players. See third base.
[ 66 Thorp Beat the Dealer 158 ]

YieldThe anchorman can also be used as an accomplice to a cheating dealer. The anchorman can hit or stand according to signals from the dealer, thus taking undesirable cards off the top of the deck.

Ian Andersen

BJHFAndersen, Ian. (1943? – ) aka Rusty Kent London, Irving Louis Lobsenz. Author of the classic texts Turning the Tables on Las Vegas and Burning the Tables on Las Vegas. Ian Andersen is believed to have been born Irving Louis Lobsenz in Jersey City in 1943, but according to court records, has changed his name at least twice. Andersen has been a professional player for over 30 years and was considered by many to be, at the time, the world’s best active player. He has also written two other books – The Big Night in 1979 (a novel) and Making Money in 1978. A 2012 member of the Blackjack Hall of FameTRIVIA: According to Arnold Snyder (2021), Andersen has “never” attended any of Max Rubin’s Blackjack Balls and has always wished to remain anonymous.
[ BlackjackHallOfFame.com ] [ WIKIPEDIA: Blackjack Hall of Fame ] [ nytimes.com 1987/06/22 ] [ gamblingsites.org ] [ 21 Snyder Radical Blackjack 302 ] [ Photo credit: Ian Andersen interview from The Hot Shoe ]


Andersen Count. {PCS/L2} (Ian Andersen). See Reppert Count.
[ 76 Andersen Turning the Tables on Las Vegas ]

A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
-2 1 1 1 2 1 1 0 -1 -1

BC = .97 PE = .45  IC = .57

Angel EyeAngel Eye. (c2009) An electronic casino security system. From the advertising: “The Angel Eye system supports the integrity of the baccarat game. Reduces the possibility of cheating. Proprietary and unique “code” printed on each card minimizes the possibility of foreign cards to be introduced into the system. Prevents dealer mistakes. The industry standard, there have been more than 5,000 Angel Eye systems sold and implemented in the global market.” Basically, if a player attempts to switch a card, Angel Eye will detect it. I can’t see why this wouldn’t work in a blackjack game as well?
[ ARCHIVE: tested.com ]

ante.  Just say no!  If the casino requires an “ante” on every hand, it makes no sense to play, unless you are playing with a huge bet spread or Wonging specific hands!  As an example, a 50 cent ante will cost you about $50 per hour to play.   So, if the game’s expected value is not worth more than this per hour it is a waste of time.

AOII. Acronym for the Advanced Omega II card counting system. See Omega II

AP. Acronym for Advantage Player.
[ WIKIPEDIA: Advantage gambling ]

APC. {CS} {PCS} Acronym for Advanced Point Count. See point count system.

apron. The cloth band worn around the waist by casino dealers. Aprons are worn by many dealers and are usually fastened by an elastic band in back. The casino logo and/or name is usually imprinted on the apron.
[ 80 Solkey Dummy Up and Deal 107 ]

Mike AponteAponte, Mike. aka MIT Mike. (Born July 16, 1970) Former member of the MIT Blackjack Team. From Mike Aponte’s site: “Since my senior year in college, blackjack and mathematics have been a focal point of my life in one form or another. If you’ve read the bestselling book, Bringing Down The House, you may know me as “Jason Fisher”, one of the leaders of the MIT Blackjack Team. We were a group of MIT students that used mathematics to legally beat the house at blackjack for millions. You may have also seen our team’s story depicted on the big screen in the major motion picture, 21.” Mike won the 2004 World Series of Blackjack and co-founded the Blackjack Institute.
[ mikeaponte.com ] [ WIKIPEDIA ] [ blackjackpersonalities.com ] [ History VS Hollywood ] [ Top Tips For Blackjack Gamblers ] [ PODCAST: Mar 1, 2013 ]

For more details on Mike Aponte, visit his site.

Archer System. {TCS}.  (John Archer) See Goldberg Computer System. See Hecher System.  Notice the perfect Insurance correlation.  See One-Two Count.

A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -2

BC = .72 PE = .61  IC = 1.0
(Unbalanced converted 10 count)

Aristocrat. See Oasis.

Arizona. In 2016, the state of Arizona had 18 casinos with 229 blackjack tables.
[ qfit.com/maps.shtml ] [ 88 Arizona Legalizes Gambling BJF ]

Arizona rules. Archived Rules

Arkansas. In 2016, the state of Arkansas had 1 casino with 10 blackjack tables.
[ qfit.com ]

Artle, Tom. A card counter who was part of Al Francesco’s ace sequencing team.  Interviewed on the Gambling with an Edge podcast.
[ PODCAST: Mar 7, 2014 ]

Aruba. An island in the Caribbean just off of Venezuela. Along with Curacao and Bonaire of the Netherland Antilles, these islands have several casinos that offer casino blackjack. These casinos have included the Alhambra, Americana, Concorde, Crystal, Golden Tulip, Holiday Inn, Hyatt and Palm Beach.
[ 2/90 Cohen Playing Smart in Aruba BJC ] [ 7/91 Tarantino ARUBA! BJC ]

Aruba rules. Archived Rules Typical blackjack rules (c2000) on the island of Aruba and Netherland Antilles have included: All 6-deck games, dealer hits on soft-17, double on 10 or 11 only and European type no hole-card rules in some casinos. Se ENHC.
[ ARCHIVE: blackjackforumonline.com ]

ash tray. {RWC} What players use at a blackjack table to dispose of cigarette ashes.  A player may be able to estimate how long a smoking player has been playing by noticing how many cigarette butts are in his ash tray. Some have estimated about 10 minutes per butt. Of course if they empty the tray….???? One of many factors used in the TARGET method.

Asia. Many countries throughout Asia have legal casinos that offer blackjack. These countries have included the following:

  • Korea
  • Macau (near Hong Kong)
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines (Manila, Baguio, Cebu, Zamboanga)
  • Sri Lanka
  • and others

[ Wong …of Macau C&S Vol.3, 41 ] [ Wong Korean Casinos Use 4 Decks C&S Vol.4, 12 ] [ Wong Manila Winner Problem C&S Vol.6, 68 ] [ 77 Macau C&S Vol.1,33 ] [ 4/86 BJC ]
[ 9/89 Brahms Blackjack in Asia BJF ] [ 3/90 Brahms Blackjack in Asia Update BJF ] [ 90 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook 202 ] [ 12/90 Pell Blackjack in Japan BJF 17 ]

Asian Assassins. A blackjack card counting team. TBD

Asian surrender.  A rule offered in some Asian casinos, that allow the player to surrender after receiving one or more hit cards.  See surrender.
[ 09 Grosjean Beyond Counting ]

Asia rules. Rules vary throughout Asia where you may find unusual and sometimes very advantageous games. You should always keep you eyes open for opportunities that include inexperienced dealers, early surrender, resplitting of aces, etc.
[ 8/89 Wong Instant Update CBN ] [ Fall 93 Blackjack in Korea BJR ]

ASM. See Automatic Shuffling Machine.

Astrada. An individual with this name advertised two models of a Concealed Blackjack Computer around 1997. These models were called Polo, which was reported as a card counting credit card computer and Astras, which reportedly added shuffle tracking capabilities. It is unknown if this was a scam or a real product.
[ 97 BJR 6.4 ]

NJ Casino Control CommissionAtlantic City. In 2016, Atlantic city had 8 casinos with over 400 blackjack tables. At one time, Atlantic City had the largest concentration of legalized gambling in the northeastern United States. Located in southeast New Jersey on the Atlantic coast. The rules for blackjack in Atlantic City are specified by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission (NJCCC). The first casino, Resorts International, opened its doors to the public on May 26, 1978. Atlantic City had some of the best blackjack rules in the world which included early surrender. In the 1990’s, Atlantic City’s 12 casinos offered players over 700 blackjack tables to choose from. On Dec 5, 1983, New Jersey became the first jurisdiction in the U.S. to create a rule prohibiting predictive devices – such as concealed blackjack computers.
[ qfit.com ] [ WIKIPEDIA: List of casinos in New Jersey ]
[ 81 Chambliss Playing Blackjack in Atlantic City ] [ 83 Griffin Breaking Even in A.C. C&S Vol.24,28 ] [ 83 Yoder How to Play A.C. Blackjack ] [ 90 Gaffney Winning BJ in Atlantic City and… ] [ 3/90 Wong Risk in Atlantic City BJF 13 ] [ 91 Brown Blackjack: Atlantic City Style ] [ Sum 93 Banker BJR ]

Atlantic City rules. Archived Rules Atlantic City games have used 4, 6 or 8 decks face up with the majority being 6 and 8 decks. The most significant change in Atlantic City rules since 1978, was the abolition of early surrender in 1981.
[ Wong CBN ] [ 90 Olsen BJC ] [ 90 Chambliss Fundamentals of Blackjack 35,54 ] [ 90 Snyder BJF ] [ 11/90 Olsen Atlantic City Floor Instructions BJC 23 ] [ 11/90 Olsen 5-Card 21 & 8-5 Odds In A.C. BJC ] [ Sum 93 Dalton BJR ]

YieldCasinos have experimented with double-deck games, late surrender, Progressive 21 and side bets such as Five Card-21 and Over/Under 13 at selected tables. Increased competition with Indian reservations and riverboat gambling has been tough on the AC casinos. The Casino Control Act was modified in 1991 allowing 24 hour gambling in Atlantic City. Also, poker was introduced at several casinos in 1993.

Atvada Proven Method of Play. {BS} (Atvada Associates, San Francisco, CA)
[ 81 Uston Million Dollar Blackjack 325 ] 

Aus the Boss. {PCS/L1}. (Computerized Systems Institute, East Century City, CA).  ???
[ 81 Uston Million Dollar Blackjack 325 ] [ 88 Watson Beating Casino’s Blackjack 91 ]

Austin’s Starter. {PCS/L1}. (Austin). See Hi-Opt I and Einstein counts.
[ 7/77 Austin’s Starter System for BJ GT ]

A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 -1

BC = .88 PE = .61  IC = .85

Auston, John M. Author of Blackjack Risk Manager software and the World’s Greatest Blackjack Simulation guides.  Auston produced the tables for Chapter 10 of Don Schlesinger’s Blackjack Attack. Auston ran over 100 separate computer simulations of the hi-lo count, each 400 million hands, to test the effects of various numbers of decks (l, 2, and 6), with different rule sets, penetration levels, and betting strategies.  Auston has a Ph.D. in mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University.

Australia. Casinos offering blackjack have been found in Adelaide, Alice Springs, Broadbeach, Darwin, Hobart, Launceston, Perth, and Townsville, Sydney and Melbourne.
[ 1/92 Olsen BJC 19 ] [ Winter 92 Humble Int. Blackjack Club Newsletter ] [ wizardofodds.com ]

Australia rules. Archived Rules In the past, blackjack rules have included 6 or 8 decks, doubling on 9 to 11 only, DAS, dealer hits or stands on soft 17. The dealer does not take a hole card. If the player doubles and/or splits, and the dealer gets a blackjack, then, there is a possibility that you can lose bets from doubling or splitting pairs. In this case, do not double or split any hand versus a dealer 10 or Ace. The only exception is to split Aces versus a dealer 10.
[ wizardofodds.com ]

Australian Syndicate Team. (AST) A blackjack card counting team. TBD.  See Zeljko Ranogajec.
[ smh.com.au ]

automatic shuffling machine. (ASM) Mechanical devices that automatically shuffle the cards for the dealer. A number of different devices have been used in casinos in the past few decades. See CSM. See shuffle machine.
[ 2/88, 7/89 Olsen BJC ] [ 2/90 Rand Nicoletti Automatic Shuffler BJC 26 ] [ 11/91 Olsen Breeding’s Single-Deck Shuffler… BJC ]

AV. Acronym for actual value.  See a-win too.

AVA. Acronym for Automated Virtual Attendant.  See Digital 21.

average daily theoretical. (ADT) Also called “theo”.  This is your daily theoretical loss to the casino based on the rules of the game.  ADT is the way a casino calculates what you are worth to them and how much they can afford to give you in the form of comps.  Casinos can often give comps based on between 20 and 40 percent of the theo.

a-win. (AW) A casino acronym for “actual win”.  The casino’s determination of a player’s a-win will always be approximate unless close monitoring is performed.  See t-win.

AWK Count. {PCS/L2}
[ 88 Watson Beating Casino’s Blackjack 124 ]

A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
-2 1 1 1 2 1 0 0 0 -1

BC = .96 PE = .40 IC = .60

Josh AxelradAxelrad, Josh. Josh Axelrad is a former professional blackjack player who has, reportedly, been barred from over 100 casinos in 15 states over the course of his career. He has played on a very high-stakes blackjack team and is the author of the book/memoir Repeat Until Rich.  Interviewed on the Gambling with an Edge podcast in 2012.
[ themoth.org ] [ PODCAST: Feb 16, 2012 ]


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