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The difference between being a sports fan and a smart sports bettor

Sports BettingBy Ben Walker.

There are many of us in this world who are sports fanatics. Some are into individual sports, whether it be football, tennis, golf or another, while others are sporting polymaths. Life has got better for the sports fan in the last few decades, with the advent of dedicated sports channels meaning that you can go from watching football to basketball to tennis and then discover a love you never knew you had for lacrosse. This, in combination with the rise of sports betting, has led many people to feel that, if they know and love sports, they should be really good at predicting and profiting at the betting sites.

Being knowledgeable about sports is handy for a bettor, there is no denying that. However, there is more to being a smart sports bettor than just knowing a lot about sports. If everybody who loved sports could translate that interest and knowledge into success at the betting sites, then there would be a lot of people with much more money, and the number of sports betting providers would be dramatically lower. So if you do want to make a go of sports betting, it’s worth adding a few dimensions to your knowledge.

Knowing where to find value

As a sports fan, you probably know that Real Madrid is one of the most consistently successful high-level professional soccer teams. So logic dictates that it is a good idea to bet on them to win the Champions League when the betting odds are released. If you’d done that in 2022, then congratulations, you’d have cleaned up. In each of the prior three years, though, they didn’t even make the final. You find value by knowing which teams are hot at the right time, and by checking bookmakers to see who is offering the best odds. And by knowing that frequently, the favorite doesn’t win when there are so many teams in the field.

Avoiding the emotional pull

Most professional bettors won’t bet on games involving their own teams and preferred players. This is not necessarily for superstitious reasons, although that plays a part for some. Let’s explain it using an example: You’re a huge fan of the Buffalo Bills. You know that their recent form has been great. You’ve seen how skillful their quarterback is. You could tell anyone anything about the team. Now, they have a game in the pipeline against the Seattle Seahawks; a Seahawks fan could tell you everything about them, and could persuasively explain why they will win. You’re going to have biases and gaps in your knowledge when assessing your team in a head-to-head contest.

And if you bet on them and they lose, it’s a double gut-punch.

Harnessing your specialist knowledge

In some ways, this point will contradict the above one, so we’re just letting you know that we know that. However, neither point negates the other. Having a deep interest in sport does mean that there are some cases where you will be more or less an expert. Now, consider your most obscure sporting interest. More obscure, ideally, than any of the above examples.

Let’s say you’re a fan of Lithuanian basketball.  If you can find odds on it, the chances are that these have been set by someone less knowledgeable on the market than you are. If a big match is coming up between Zalgiris and Lietkabelis, the sportsbook might know that Zalgiris are the champions. They are less likely to know the injury records of both teams coming into the game and, if you do have that knowledge, you can usually find value.



The history of gambling: From horse racing to card games

Playing BlackjackBy We DigitizeWe Digitize.

Today, the most popular form of betting is sports betting. But how did betting begin, and what other betting games can you play?

Betting has always been a popular form of entertainment, and it has changed and evolved over the years. Learn how the most popular forms of betting originated and evolved.

Horse racing: The oldest sport in the world

Horse racing is arguably the oldest sport in the world. Horse racing dates back to the Olympic Games of ancient Greece in the period 700-40 BCE. Since then, the sport grew in popularity and spread to Medieval England, where horses were ridden by professional riders to showcase the animals to potential buyers.

Horse race betting started in the 17th century, and by the mid 18th century, horse racing had become such a popular sport, that it had turned into a proper sporting event, open to the public with larger fields of runners. Horse racing continued to grow in popularity up through the 1800s, and so did horse race betting. Today, however, the sport of horse racing has fallen in popularity, giving way to more popular sports.

Sports betting: A modern entertainment

Today, the most popular form of entertainment in sports, sports betting, has grown in popularity as well.  Although betting on sports has been illegal in most states for many years, the attitude towards sports betting seems to have changed drastically. With the legalization of sports betting the industry has grown, attracting millions of fans to participate in the old activity of sports betting. Now that people are becoming more and more interested in placing bets at their favorite sporting events, there is plenty of information to help you decide on a bet. Get your sports betting information here and start betting yourself.

Horse Racing

Blackjack: Luck or skill?

The game of blackjack is also very old. Some speculate, that the game dates back to the Romans. This theory, however, is not confirmed. Blackjack probably originated in France around the year 1700. In France, blackjack was called Ving-et-un, which means twenty-one. It wasn’t until the 20th century that the name of the game was changed from twenty-one to blackjack. The change occurred because casinos were promoting the game by offering bonus payouts, one of which was given if a jack of spades or clubs was dealt alongside an ace of spades. Eventually, the bonus payouts ceased, but the name of blackjack stuck. Today, blackjack is still being played in casinos. It is a game of both luck and skill.  For more information on the history of blackjack visit and click here to learn the rules of Blackjack.  

Roulette: A game of chance

Roulette was not a game, to begin with. It was invented by a French physicist and mathematician called Blaise Pascal in 1655. He intended to create a perpetual motion machine and not a casino game. In 1842, Francois and Lois Blanc added a zero to the wheel. This changed the game, giving the house a bigger house edge. The wheel was designed specifically for the king of Monaco, Charles III, whose kingdom was facing financial difficulties. By introducing the game of roulette with the added zero, the casinos of Monaco quickly generated income and made Monte Carlo a symbol of upscale gambling. Later, another zero was added, giving the house an even bigger edge.


Sports Betting Odds Demystified

Sports BookBy Alex Larsen.

For those who are not experts in sports betting, all can agree to one thing: that reading, understanding and calculating game odds has never been easy. It takes some experience in the diverse gaming sector for someone to be fully conversant with the riddle of odds. The already amateur in this can agree that they were either taught or it took them quite some reasonable time for them to conveniently learn on their own. For that reason, blackjack has broken down the task for anyone who had the itching query about the entire concept of odds in games. So next time someone can bet confidently like a professional without experiencing goosebumps.

The three key aspects why you should understand gaming odds:

  • Betting odds help you to know what games are worth risking money on.
  • Odds can be used to calculate the probability of an outcome for a certain game.
  • Odds allow you to understand your expected pay out.

Betting odds help you to know what games are worth risking money on.

It is certainly true that everyone knows that gambling is a game of wins and losses. Nothing is ever guaranteed. Hence, by better understanding how odds work, you are in a better position to know where, when and how to place that bet with the least risk possible. The human psychology is often mounded in a manner that is geared towards winning and success.

To prove this fact, some people even engage in betting as an investment. To successfully do this, they engage in the sure bet formula to make sure that they have nothing to lose at all. It is very true that the math underlying the concept of odds can be an eye opener to whether the bet is worth it or not. One key factor to assess is whether or not the presented probability is higher or lower than the actual probability of the game. Hence, you have to put into consideration the bookmaker’s profit margin and the actual probability outcome of the game. However, you should not forget that probability is not reality.

Odds are used to calculate the probability of an outcome for a certain game.

Another expression for odds is chance or probability.1)Chance can be expressed either as a probability or as odds.  For more information, check the word odds in the Encyclopedia of Blackjack on this site. Odds can be better defined as a probability that something will occur or not. So, once the betting opportunity is identified and the probability assessed, the outcome should be higher than the probability implied. Hence, it is very vital to consider the estimates of the bookmaker. Furthermore, it is important to know that the odds that are always on display can never truly reflect accurate results. That is the probability of the results indicated occurring or not. One should also note that the payoff depends on the results of the odds reflected.

Getting to understand your expected payout.

The payout in sports always depends on types of odds being used. More importantly, payouts always include the amount of money that you put in. It is very simple to calculate the expected outcome of a game that you have placed a bet on. It is especially true when the odds are in decimal points. It is because you just have to multiply the number of odds by the amount you have placed for the bet. For other types of odds with either fractions or others, a bit of mathematics are needed for calculation. Still better enough, you can get betting tips for football and other games from sites like Bet365 games.

Different types of odds.

It is also very important for you to understand the different types of odds. A better understanding of the different types of odds enables you to know how you do calculations or your expected total payout. All odds come in different forms and styles. Hence as a serious gamer, you ought to know all these types of odds.  The common types of odds can be categorized into three. These are:

  • Fractional, also known as the British odds.
  • Decimal, also known as European odds.
  • Money line odds, also known as American odds.

European odds are the most conversant with most gamers. They are also the easiest when it comes to calculation based on total payout. 

Understanding more about the betting odds, how they are calculated and the risks involved in every betting game needs in-depth research. You also need to really be enthusiastic about sports and a very keen follower of Igames. Determining on which side of the match to place your bet is not always a walk into the park. It is always a double dilemma. There is the fear of losing and the excitement of winning. However, even with an in-depth comprehension of how the matches play, it is still not guaranteed that one is just prone to win. Placing a bet still remains to be a risk unless it is a sure bet. Sure bets have their own knowledge too.

Even podcasts that are run by some of the most experienced sports analysts, old football players, and retired coaches do fail at times. The work of these experts is to assist gamblers make the most informed decisions whenever it comes to betting tips and insights. These podcasts run by experts actually are very experienced experts.  They do a very critical analysis of matches based on past experiences and also the current state of the team. They use diversified data and facts to come to a convergent conclusion but winning is never guaranteed at all. Although at times the predictions hit right… at other times they do not.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons



1Chance can be expressed either as a probability or as odds.  For more information, check the word odds in the Encyclopedia of Blackjack on this site.

Where to find the best odds for the Breeders Cup?

By Alex Dudley.

The Breeders’ Cup will be one of the big betting events of the year for horse racing fans around the globe.  That means that it will be more important than ever to ensure that gamblers can get the best odds on the selections that they want to make on the racing at Del Mar.

So, how important is it to find the best odds, and where can gamblers find the most lucrative prices for the races?1)The Breeders’ Cup World Championships is an annual series of Grade I Thoroughbred horse races, operated by Breeders’ Cup Limited, a company formed in 1982.

How Important Are Odds?

Anyone that has bet on horse racing in the past will understand just how important it is to make sure that they are betting on the best odds possible. It avoids the disappointment further down the line of finding out that you could have got higher returns betting elsewhere.

Breeder's Cup - Horse Racing

Not all sportsbooks will offer the same prices for the races taking place at Del Mar, with some going 2/1 on Knicks Go to win the Classic, while other sites may be offering a slightly bigger price at 4/1. Ensuring that you make your wager on the best possible odds is integral to all gamblers, and there are a number of ways to make sure that you get the best odds.

How To Find The Best Odds?

Finding the best odds for races at the Breeders’ Cup can be a time-consuming part of the research, but it does ensure that gamblers get the best possible returns should their selection get the win. The easiest way to find the best odds for the races taking place is to search for odds comparison sites, which were established to ensure that punters could get the best possible odds.

However, customers can also take matters into their own hands and just look at the various betting sites themselves to find the odds. All Breeders’ Cup races will have ante-post markets, which will ensure optimal value, as wagers will be placed before the final declarations have been made.

Ante-Post Betting

When it comes to huge races, such as the ones that take place during the Breeders’ Cup, ante-post betting is a popular way of making a wager for racing fans. These markets open before the declarations for the races have been made, which means that fans must examine a number of factors before making a wager. Most importantly, whether the horse will be traveling to Del Mar to compete.

The easiest way to see whether a horse stands a chance of making the trip is to look to see whether the selection has won one of the Breeders’ Cup challenge races. You can check past results for the Cup here:

Horses that have won these will have an automatic berth for the race that they have qualified for, which means that connections will not need to pay for an entry. Regardless, ante-post betting ensures value on selections, as prices for the favorites will immediately be cut once they declare for the race.

Other Important Horse Racing Betting Features

While the odds are especially important when it comes to making wagers, a number of sportsbooks also offer a plethora of features that make them stand out from the crowd. Welcome bonuses are offered across the board, which will give new players more money to play with after signing up.

Some of the best horse racing betting sites will also offer unique promotions for races at the Breeders’ Cup, such as money back if your horse comes second, or extra places in some of the races with bigger fields. Many of the leading sites will also offer live streaming of the action, which will allow punters to watch the action on their mobile devices after making a bet.



1The Breeders’ Cup World Championships is an annual series of Grade I Thoroughbred horse races, operated by Breeders’ Cup Limited, a company formed in 1982.

How to Get Started with Sports Betting

Football or SoccerBy We Digitize

Since you enjoy blackjack, you might also be interested in trying out sports betting. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to get started and how to take your blackjack knowledge into sports betting.

As an already experienced gambler, you have great preconditions to become a successful sport better. Sports betting is a game of knowledge, ability of prediction and gambling strategy. They all need to be combined to be successful.

As a blackjack player, you already have at least one of these three golden talents: insights on gambling strategies. Many beginners in sports betting go into the betting as sports fans and place their bets without great gambling knowledge. But to be a successful sport better, your knowledge of the sport is not enough.

You need to know when to take a risk and when your chance of winning is getting too low. With your blackjack experience, you have the skill of logical thinking and mathematical gaming training, which will give you an advantage over other sports betters, who rely purely on their sports insights. So, let’s take that advantage of your blackjack skills and stimulate your potential as a sports gambler with a few tips on how to get started with sports betting.

Set a budget

Few major results come from beginner’s luck. You need the training to become a winner. And that means you should be willing to accept some mistakes in your learning process. So, start by setting a budget of what you are willing to put at risk. The money should never be more than you can afford to lose.

In the beginning, your main focus should be on learning, so start with a low budget. Then each bet should be based on a low percentage of your total budget – let’s say 2 percent of the total budget. Then your whole budget isn’t ruined by a goal in the final minute that will change the result. As you become more experienced you can upscale your budget and make higher wages, while still sticking to the 2 percent rule.

Ping-Pong or Table Tennis

Don’t just bet on everything

One of the keystones to successful sports betting is to gain knowledge about your sport and predict winners, losers, or other results. So, you need to do your research to rely on something more reliable than your stomach feeling. Stick to one sport that you might already be following. Stay updated on relevant news, results, players’ shapes, and every other aspect that might influence the result you are trying to predict.

Pick the right bookmaker

The different sports bookers vary to a big degree in terms of odds, bonuses, special boosts, or which games they offer. But it isn’t difficult to gain knowledge about the different betting sites. You can visit an online betting guide that will show you all the best, licensed online betting companies. Furthermore, you can read about the latest betting news and get information about bonuses or other advantages. It will also inform you about special gambling regulations in your home state, so you are on top of the local gambling laws.


COVID-19 Violations: First Fines Already Hitting Players

NFLBy Madhan

Last year was rough for sports, including the National Football League (NFL). COVID-19 caused cancellations, postponements, and many rescheduled games for the 2020-21 NFL season. For the 2021-22 season, the NFL is dead serious about disruptions this season — There’s no room for any. Teams already know how to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and need to follow protocols in place or face fines and even forfeit games if they fail to comply.

NFL to Fine Players Nearly $15K for EACH Violation

Fines are nothing new in professional sports or the NFL. COVID-19 fines aren’t new either. In 2020, the Ravens and Patriots Franchises were fined $250,000 each, and the Titans paid $350,000.

Now fines are falling to individual players. The league announced that unvaccinated players would pay a $14,650 fine for every COVID-19 preventative health measure violation.

Players can’t go to gatherings outside a club facility or travel in groups larger than three without wearing a face covering. That includes nightclubs and other large gatherings of groups of ten or more.

Fines are also possible for private gatherings of unvaccinated players with more than 15 people. Additionally, the unvaccinated must wear a tracking device that alerts a system to close contact during most social events, including team practices. The fines go up to $50,000 or more for anyone that refuses COVID-19 tests and other more serious violations.

Buffalo Bill’s Beasley in the News Again

Two Buffalo Bill’s players have already been fined for violating COVID-19 rules. Cole Beasley, who is gaining more headlines in 2021 for speaking out against vaccinations than making plays in practice, Tweeted in support of his fellow teammate, Isaiah McKenzie after he Tweeted a screenshot of his violation letter from the NFL. Beasley wrote, “Don’t Worry, they got me too.”

He also points out that he’s tested negative for COVID-19 for a few days and was wearing a mask when interacting with the staff member with a positive result for the Delta variant.

While you’re waiting for the next violation or dealing with a canceled game, check out the games here,, to have some fun while the clock ticks away.

Vaccination Rates High in the NFL

On a positive note, as of the end of July, the number of vaccinated players in the league was estimated at 80%. Last year’s Super Bowl winner, the Buccaneers, are 85% vaccinated. Buffalo Bills head coach, Sean McDermott, said the team was about 81% fully vaccinated.

A big push for the Bills players was fellow teammate Dion Dawkins who spent four days in the hospital with the virus. McDermott supports players’ rights to choose but personally wishes all would get the vaccination. Nonetheless, vaccination status won’t be a deciding factor in who plays this season.

These are the first fines of the new season. They won’t be the last. However, hopefully, it’s enough to encourage players to follow the rules and increase the vaccination rate.


NCAA COVID Protocols: Can’t Play? Forfeit

By MadhanNCAA Covid-19 Testing

Ouch! After a contentious 2020 college football season that led to dozens of canceled and rescheduled games, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) is putting its foot down for 2021. Going into the second COVID-19 school year, teams will face severe consequences for failing to follow CDC guidelines and reduce the spread to their team.

What Are the New Rules for Teams in 2021?

Similar to most sports regulations, the rules vary depending on if you’re vaccinated or not. Unvaccinated football players have to test three times a week. Next comes masks. According to the new rules, vaccinated players must still wear masks indoors, but they’re okay outside. However, unvaccinated team members are required to wear their masks inside and out.

Do Teams Have Separate COVID Regulations?

Different teams and conferences in the NCAA have separate rules. For example, the Big Ten announced that any team that doesn’t have enough eligible players to play would forfeit the game. No more rescheduling or exceptions to the rules. The NFL made a similar decision earlier in the year. More conferences and sports leagues are expected to make similar statements.

Rules for Fans

With so many teams, it’s impossible to cover each stadium in a short article. However, most schools across the country are mandating students get vaccinated to attend classes. As of August, a few of the dozens of schools have announced full vaccination requirements for game attendance.

These include Syracuse, Tulane, and Oregon and Oregon State. As of now, most non-student fans aren’t required to show proof of vaccination to attend games in the NCAA. That could change depending on how quickly the virus spreads this fall.

But that’s not true for the professional leagues. Some NFL teams are opting only to allow vaccinated fans into their home games. Nonetheless, many sports arenas are expected to impose mask rules and distancing for fans.

If you find yourself unable to attend your favorite team’s games or it’s canceled, there are other ways to spend your time. Try and see if you can win the cash for a trip to the big game!

What Do the Vaccination Levels Look Like in the NCAAF?

While a few teams are fully vaccinated, the college system as a whole doesn’t look good.

NCAA Chief Medical Officer Brian Hainline explained,  “Current vaccination rates remain inadequate to provide community-level immunity.”

Hainline continues to stress, “It is essential that member schools work in concert with federal, state and local public health officials to develop COVID-19 prevention and management strategies that make sense for them.”

But some schools are striving ahead of the rest. Ole Miss, Boston College, and Arizona all have a 100% vaccination rate!

One thing’s for sure during the 2021-22 NCAA football season, sports fans and teams will see far fewer cancellations as everyone works to avoid exposure and prevent costly forfeits. However, as more teams are fully vaccinated, sports will bring the world closer to normalcy.


Smartphones are Changing the Online Gambling Industry

Smartphones Changing Online Gambling IndustryBy Oscar Salazar

How have smartphones changed the online gambling industry and the way we gamble?

Cell phones have evolved exponentially since they were first introduced to the public in the 1990s from a simple device used to make phone calls to a fully-fledged handheld computer otherwise known as a mobile device. Today, billions of people around the world have a mobile device and they’ve become an integral part of people’s lives. Mobile devices are portable and light and can be just as powerful as desktop or laptop computers. They’re used to connect us with both people, information and other smart technology, they allow us to work remotely from home or on the go, they entertain us and they do practically everything else in between.

The online gambling industry debuted around about the same time as cell phones did in the 1990s, but few could have foreseen then the power couple that they’d become in the 2000s, thus revolutionising how the gambling industry is viewed and how we play and gamble at the same time.

In the mid-2000s, smartphones were introduced to the public and instantly changed the world forevermore. They tipped the world off its axis, charting a new path for civilisation towards a future that was unimaginable just a few decades before. And ever since the advent of smartphones, innovation has only picked up pace, pushing the boundaries of imagination and the realms of possibility.

Industries have had to adapt to the little device otherwise they’d have risked being made redundant. One of the quickest industries on the uptake, experiencing the greatest transformation since the smartphone’s introduction, is the gambling industry. And thanks to their adaptability, tapping into innovation and technology, the gambling industry has enjoyed unparalleled success and growth over the last two decades. What’s more, the growth is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

On the contrary, it’s growing at a faster clip than previously predicted, thanks to an unexpected boost few could have foreseen in the form of a global public health crisis. The gambling industry cashed in HUGE on the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic that rocked the world and shuttered most industries and brick-and-mortar retailers for extended periods since March 2020, when the World Health Organization declared the world was facing an extraordinary global pandemic.

The very manner in which smartphones revolutionized the gambling industry is behind one of its success against the backdrop of a global pandemic.

So, how have smartphones revolutionized the gambling industry? We’re going to have a look in this column at some of the key impacts of smartphone technology on the industry. Let’s have a look…

Smartphones have made betting easier

Another Level To Ease of Access

Smartphones have made betting easier and even more convenient to bet on sports no matter where a person is. Online gambling was already popular because it allowed bettors to get in on the action from the comfort of their own homes, but smartphones have taken it up another level. They’re increasingly replacing desktops and laptop computers because they allow bettors to get in on the action from anywhere and everywhere – be it from the comfort of their own home or on the go. So, whether bettors are looking at betting odds or to play virtual casino games, smartphones make it much easier to do what they want. Everything is at their fingertips, including live offers, up-to-date odds and live betting lines

Live Odds

Live betting lines are real time information for sports fans and act as an invaluable up-to-date source of information. Sports betting odds are fluid, the ebb and flow determined by many variables – team and player news, injury reports, weather, public betting trends and so on. Therefore, odds can and will fluctuate all the time and up to game time. In the morning, the odds for a certain game, match, event… might have looked one way but closer to time the odds might have changed slightly or dramatically. With a smartphone, bettors can stay abreast of all and any market changes in order to place the bet that they feel the most comfortable with.

Bonuses and More Offers

Bonuses and other offers and rewards set apart online sports betting sites and casinos from the brick-and-mortar bookmakers and casinos. Thus, giving them a competitive edge as they try to lure gamblers away from these traditional gambling outlets. The ease of access that smartphones provide goes both ways: gamblers can access gambling sites directly from a phone, via mobile apps or mobile-friendly websites, while gambling sites by that same token can reach out to their customer base with similar ease, using text messages, SMS, email or in-app notifications to alert users to various bonuses and promotions in real-time.

The unrestricted access that gambling websites have to their customer base is critical to marketing initiatives that are designed to keep customers engaged, such as bonuses and other offers and rewards. Typically, these will come with calls to action, prompting bettors to react instantly before they expire. Some gambling websites offer standalone mobile offers which can only be accessed with smartphones, thus providing incentive to download apps or to access the site using mobile-friendly websites.

Safety and Convenience

Carrying wads of cash is never safe or recommended, and having to go to the bank to make withdrawals in order to dabble in some gambling activity – be it betting on sports or casino – can be a hassle for many whose day-to-day lives are already busy enough. With the advent of smartphone banking and apps such as Apple pay, Paypal and other pay-by-phone apps, funding online gambling activities couldn’t be more safe or convenient, not to mention instantaneous.


New Everton Boss Rafael Benitez Ready to Fight for Merseyside Club

Rafael BenitezBy Sophie Kreimer

New Everton manager Rafael Benitez has said he is not worried by the prospect of becoming the head coach of Merseyside club Everton and insisted remarks made about the Goodison side while Liverpool boss was made a very long time ago.

The Spanish tactician became the first former Liverpool boss to become the manager of Everton when signing a three-year contract, while he is only the second boss after William Edward Barclay to have both sides on his resume, and he was one of Betfair’s risk free offer for the summer before signing for Everton.

There were few oppositions to the appointment of the former Chelsea and Liverpool manager, with Police at Merseyside investigating, after a threatening banner that reads “We know where you live, don’t sign“, but the Spaniard said he has experienced a positive response near his home at Merseyside.

To be fair, the Evertonians around my place are quite happy and very supportive. Even the Liverpudlians accepted it was an opportunity for me to come back to the Premier League,” the tactician said in his first press conference as manager of Everton last Wednesday.

About the banners – we can talk about one, two people. You never know. It’s better to think about positives, how a lot of people were encouraging me to do well.  Football is quite emotional and everybody will have their opinions. For me, it’s a challenge, a chance to do well in the Premier League and show everyone we can compete.

I was convinced when I decided to say yes, or even decided to start talking. It’s not something I’m scared of, it’s the opposite. I want to win, I want to do well. That is to be competitive for me, to be ambitious.

The new Everton boss managed Merseyside giants Liverpool between 2004-2010 Premier League seasons, and during his time at Liverpool, the 61-year-old tactician described Everton as a small club after a derby game back in 2007.

Asked during the presser about making this comment, Rafael Benitez said: “It depends on the context. It was a long time ago. You are fighting for your club and that is what I will do now. I will fight for Everton.  I will try to do my best every single game. I am really pleased this club is getting bigger and bigger.

The Spanish tactician confirmed Duncan Ferguson will be one of his assistants alongside Francisco de Miguel Moreno. Antonio Gomez, a midfielder in Rafael Benitez’s Real Madrid youth side, will be Rafael’s first-team coach as well as a senior analyst.

Benitez added, “Duncan is an Everton legend and has a great experience. He will be vital for us with his coaching expertise and understanding of the players.

During Wednesday’s press conference, Benitez was also asked about his summer transfer targets, but would not be drawn on naming any player when KalidouKoulibalyand Denzel Dumfries were named.

Benitez said: “The reality is that when you go to any club the manager has an important opinion, but you have to work in the context that you have a director of football, the board, and financial restrictions.  I’m quite happy with the commitment of the lads, they’re training really well. I think we can improve things, and if we can add players that are good for us, that’s the objective.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons


Sports Betting Tips for Beginners

Sports Betting - Soccer / FootballBy Ahmed Sadulaev

Newbies are wondering if there are secrets to sports betting that lead to success and profits. But it is much more important at the initial stage to avoid common annoying mistakes. With, let’s learn how to bet on sports so that your first steps in betting don’t fail.

What you need to know about the bookmaker

One of the mistakes beginner bettors make is rushing to sign up to start playing. Before playing at a bookmaker’s office, do the following:

  • Visit the site without registering on it;
  • Study what kinds of sports are represented in the line, list of events, action line;
  • Read the information section and the rules of the bookmaker;
  • Find out the methods and conditions for replenishing your gaming account, withdrawing winnings;
  • Try to fill in a betting coupon, check how bets are made in live;
  • Calculate the bookmaker’s margin (commission included in the odds) in those sports and championships that interest you;

Before registering, be sure to check the bonus offers for new customers. Often, to receive such prizes, you need to give your consent or enter a promotional code in the registration form. Missing a moment like this will leave you without a welcome gift.

Do not forget about financial management

Often, a game in a bookmaker’s office begins with disappointment, with a quick loss of money. Unsurprisingly, the top secrets of sports betting professionals lie in choosing a financial management system for a gambling bank.

For example, the famous capper1)A “capper” is a person or company that provides (sells?) its bets (forecasts, analytics, etc).  Cappers specialize in the analysis of sports events and forecast results.  It is very important that the integrity and reputation of a capper be checked. J.R. Miller, who made millions from betting, argues that managing your finances correctly is much more important than choosing the outcomes of events.

He advocates an extremely conservative approach to the use of the game bank. It is advised to bet no more than 1% of the total amount of the deposit. You don’t have to stick to such a cautious style.

Learn the financial secrets of sports betting professionals, choose one of the bankroll management systems and stick to it strictly.

The key financial principle in betting is to play only with “free” money. In no case do not deposit funds in the bookmaker office that may be needed for personal or family needs, business.

Secrets of Sports Betting

No matter how well you know about a particular sport, this does not mean that you can make money on it. For beginners, the secret of the success of the game in the bookmaker office largely depends on the full use of auxiliary, training, expert information:

  • Read analytical reviews, information and statistical summaries of championships, tournaments, competitions on which you bet;
  • Visit the social network profiles of athletes, where you can also find out useful information, for example, in what condition and with what motivation a tennis player is approaching the next tournament;
  • Choose a strategy of the game and stick to it strictly; chaotic and random betting is the main mistake many beginners make;
  • Do not trust scammers who promise to sell you the results of match-fixing, win-win strategies, real ways of making money, etc.

There are many resources on the Internet offering strategies, sports betting secrets and betting earning schemes. Such advisors need to be treated with great caution. If you still want to turn to cappers for help, choose only those who have profiles on verifier sites with detailed prediction statistics.

How to avoid gambling addiction

In order not to face such a widespread problem as gambling addiction, follow these recommendations:

  • Do not consider gambling in a bookmaker’s office as the main way to make money;
  • When choosing a sports betting strategy, set a strict limit on the number of bets or funds spent per day, week, month;
  • Do not strive to win back by any means, if several bets turned out to be unsuccessful;
  • At the first symptoms of addiction, do not hesitate to seek help from relatives or specialists.

Any expert in betting was once a beginner player. The main task at the initial stage is not to suffer critical financial losses and not get sick with gambling addiction. With experience, you will be able to develop your style, choose the most profitable strategy, learn to place bets with a cool head.



1A “capper” is a person or company that provides (sells?) its bets (forecasts, analytics, etc).  Cappers specialize in the analysis of sports events and forecast results.  It is very important that the integrity and reputation of a capper be checked.