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How to play Blackjack on your Mobile Device

Playing blackjack on your mobile deviceBy Frank Monkhouse

The way we play blackjack has changed in recent years and the signs are there’s no going back. The rules may be the same and the competitive edge remains but there’s no longer the need to meet up and play face-to-face.

This is due to the recent spike in popularity of playing blackjack online at the top casino and sports gambling apps. As an example, you will find a list of some of the best betting sites at

Online casino betting sites allow you to enjoy the thrill of blackjack anywhere. You can play at home using your desktop computer or gamble on the go via one of the many modern, user-friendly betting apps.1)Most online gambling sites do not accept depositors from players in the United States. It is solely your responsibility to ensure that online gambling is legal in your jurisdiction. We cannot determine the legality of online gambling in every jurisdiction, and cannot provide any legal advice. Online gambling and gaming is illegal in many jurisdictions and users should consult legal counsel regarding the legal status of online gambling and gaming in their jurisdictions. Use of this information in violation of any international, federal, state or local laws is prohibited.

Bring the Casino to You

The apps are user-friendly, regardless of your experience with online betting, and they allow you to turn everyday situations into a chance to enjoy a blackjack win. Play on your commute home from work, on a lunch break, whilst out shopping or even sitting on the sofa at home.

The games are sleek, with no frustrating loading or buffering. The competition is fierce, played against real players and dealers across the world, and the winnings are most certainly real. A range of blackjack betting rooms exists which allow you to go up against players on a similar level to you.

Build your experience of playing blackjack online for small stakes and small winnings or shoot for the stars, taking on the best around for high stakes and high rewards. This can all be down at the click of a button, depositing funds to your online betting account, choosing your blackjack betting room and withdrawing the winnings back to your bank.

How to Create an Account

Do your research and find the betting app that’s legal in your area and offers the best casino gambling experience. You should then register for an account by following the steps listed below. This will ensure you create an account and receive the welcome bonus quickly…

  • Visit the website or mobile site of your chosen Blackjack provider
  • Click the Register button at the top of the homepage
  • Fill in the registration form, providing name, age and address
  • Create a username and password
  • Make your first deposit and bet
  • The welcome bonus due will be added to your account balance

How to Download the App

The next step is to download the app to your mobile device and this can be done by following the steps below…

IOS IOS Download

  • Open the App Store
  • Type the name of your chosen Blackjack site into the search bar
  • Click Get
  • The app will download and install automatically

Android Android Download

  • Type the name of the Blackjack site into your device’s web browser
  • Click the homepage link to download the Android app
  • Open Settings > Security
  • Click the box to allow downloads from unknown sources
  • Open your downloads folder
  • Tap the app file
  • The app will download and install

How to Login

You need only register for an account and download the app once. In the future it will be a simple case of logging in to your account and playing blackjack. The login process takes seconds. Here’s how…

  • Click the login button at the top of the homepage
  • Enter your username and password
  • If you see your username displayed in the corner of the homepage you are logged in
  • You can now access all sections of your account

How to Deposit Funds

Depositing funds to your betting account to use for staking on blackjack is simple, fast and, above all else, completely safe. The top apps are protected by the latest online security measures which allow you to play blackjack online with complete peace of mind.

Here’s how to add funds to your account…

  • Click the members tab
  • Select deposit and choose your method – debit/credit card or e-Wallet2)A digital wallet also known as “e-Wallet” is an electronic device, online service, or software program that allows one party to make electronic transactions with another party bartering digital currency units for goods and services. See Wikipedia for more information.
  • Enter your card details and the amount you wish to deposit
  • Click to confirm and the cash will be moved from your bank to betting account
  • You can now bet on blackjack using your app

How to collect winnings

If you have made a profit from your blackjack play, then well done. It takes just a few clicks to withdraw monies back to your bank account. Here’s how…

  • Click the members tab
  • Select withdraw and choose where you want the money sent to
  • Input the amount you’d like – all or some of what’s available
  • The cash will then be sent to your bank or e-Wallet



1Most online gambling sites do not accept depositors from players in the United States. It is solely your responsibility to ensure that online gambling is legal in your jurisdiction. We cannot determine the legality of online gambling in every jurisdiction, and cannot provide any legal advice. Online gambling and gaming is illegal in many jurisdictions and users should consult legal counsel regarding the legal status of online gambling and gaming in their jurisdictions. Use of this information in violation of any international, federal, state or local laws is prohibited.
2A digital wallet also known as “e-Wallet” is an electronic device, online service, or software program that allows one party to make electronic transactions with another party bartering digital currency units for goods and services. See Wikipedia for more information.

Is Blackjack Evolving Without People Realizing?

By Greta Jackson

BlackjackIf you take all the casino games that have been digitized since the online casino boom, blackjack is one game that has remained relatively similar to how it was in the pre-Internet days. Roulette games feature virtual wheels and animations, and slots are worlds apart from the machines that came before them. It seems that, while other offerings have evolved, blackjack has continued in the same way it always has. Or has it? 

The General Rules Remain The Same

A lot has changed in the way people play some modern casino games, such as slots. For example, the games found online today have multiple win lines, whereas the original models only paid out when three symbols matched on the middle row. There are also side games and bonus features in abundance in online slot game offerings. Hardly anything has changed about blackjack, though. Indeed, the simple and easy-to-learn rules that led to it becoming the most popular card game in the world are still there. Developers are, perhaps, worried to alter the game too much because of its success to this
date. It could also be argued that messing around with the rules of the game could change it entirely and it would lose its essence.

One Major Thing Has Changed

While the rules of blackjack may have remained fairly standard over the years, there was a major change that many people may not be aware of. Although the card game that requires players to get as close to 21 as possible and beat the dealer has existed for centuries, it hasn’t been known as blackjack for this long. That name first came about after the game had moved across the Atlantic and was gaining traction in the USA.

According to the legend, some of the gambling houses that adopted the game early started offering enhanced odds on a certain hand. Indeed, one of the bonuses that were said to be on offer initially was a ten-to-one payout to hands that consisted of the ace of spades and either of the blackjacks. This offering was designed as a way to entice people to play the game, and it quickly became known as blackjack.

Obviously, returns like this are not in the casino’s interest at all and there have been other ways to give the house an edge. The proprietors who were dishing out these jackpots quickly realized that it wasn’t sustainable, and reverted to playing the original odds. Although the hand was no longer any more valuable than a hand of 21 made through other means, the name stuck and is still used to this day. A more recent event is the development of 6:5 blackjack, which reduced payouts for players. While this is arguably only a smaller decrease for players in isolation, it would prove to be quite a saving for the casinos in Las Vegas. Naturally, players have more choice today and do not necessarily have to go to Las Vegas to play blackjack.

BlackjackNew Offerings Have Cropped Up

Despite the rules of the game remaining the same as they always have, there have been some modernized editions of blackjack that have crept up in recent times. Having a wide selection has been key to the popularity of online casinos, so it hasn’t been enough for sites to only offer one or two blackjack games.

The need for variety is highlighted by the range of games on show at major online casino sites like Royal Panda. There are 18 different games for players to choose to play here, with variations between each. These include regular blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, European Blackjack, and Blackjack Live. There are also some twists on the traditional game which include Blackjack Party and Speed Blackjack. There is something to suit every player’s needs here, but the general spirit of the game remains the same. These variations on the classic game walk a line between familiarity and innovation.

How Could Blackjack Evolve?

Perhaps the main reason why blackjack has evolved so little over the years is down to the fact that many people believe that any major changes would cause it to lose its original appeal. But would that really be the case? If you look at poker, there are numerous variants that all have similar rules at heart. For example, Texas Hold’em and 5-card stud are played in diverse ways, but they both value the hands in the same order.

There are other ways that blackjack could evolve without changing any of the rules, though. For example, developers may choose to take the same route that has proved to be so popular for slots. This would be to create themed versions of the game. In long lists of slots, themes have been an excellent way to get the attention of players. Considering the variations mentioned above, these subtle changes are already underway without players even realizing it. One other aspect to consider is streams and live dealers. This may potentially impact the game, but it’s hard to speculate due to how new this trend is.

Slot games tend to be based on films, television shows, and other recognizable things. Research has found that people are drawn to familiarity, and are more inclined to play a game with a theme they know about. If blackjack developers decided to follow suit, there could be themed blackjack games that involved popular characters from television as dealers, for example.

Blackjack hasn’t needed to evolve much to this point. But as technology develops, there may need to be some more advancements for the card game in the future if it is to remain relevant.


How the Popularity of Online Casinos in Japan Continues to Grow

JapanBy Okumura Yuuki

If you happen to be in Japan and you’re hoping to find your way into a friendly casino where you can have some fun and play the tables, then I am sorry to say, hard luck. Japan, like many countries, has stringent laws that prohibit playing for money.

In fact, you will not find any traditional casinos in Japan and the closest thing you will find resembling a gambling venue is a Pachinko parlor.1)Pachinko (パチンコ) is a mixture of a slot machine and pinball. The player controls the speed of the many small steel balls that are thrown into the machine. Pachinko machines can be found in Pachinko parlors across the country of Japan.

Citizens are also legally permitted to bet on only four “public sports”, including horse riding, bicycle racing, motorbiking, and boat racing. The lottery is also popular in Japan, where only one Japanese online gambling portal, called “Toto”, is legally licensed.

The Rise of Online Casinos

With those restrictions in place and with the Japanese people’s known passion for gambling, offshore online casinos detected the enormous untapped market that has a massive revenue-generating potential. Needless to say, they seized the opportunity, and a vast industry was born.

The industry is booming so much that there are now more than 50 online casinos catering to the Japanese public’s needs. They provide numerous activities, such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Video Poker, Stud Poker, and many more.

Is That All Though?

Well, there are several other factors that pertain to the growth and sustenance of the industry:

  • Gambling and online casinos are receiving massive support from important stakeholders in the gaming ecosystem.
  • Legislators and policymakers in Japan are interested in using online gambling activities to promote travel and tourism and boost the entertainment industry.
  • There is growing offshore and onshore interest in investing in this booming industry.
  • Venus Point (An online payment processing system): This system definitely has a significant role in boosting Online casinos in Japan. It allows its clients to make their transactions using the point system. Players can make fast and easy deposits and withdrawals without the need for a credit card. There is no doubt that it is making it swift and effortless for prospective gamblers to get into the game and current ones to stay and play more.
  • Online Mobile casinos: Most of the Online casinos can be accessed via smartphones. The player can choose to play on the phone’s browser or download iOS or Android apps. The apps tend to be very user-friendly and fun to use. That, paired with the convenience of playing on-the-go, seems to fuel the already addictive tendencies of gambling. Online casinos are almost devilishly creative in attracting prospective gamblers, alluring them with many possibilities and perks, and getting them hooked.

The Pull of Online Casinos

With years of experience under their belt, it seems that online casinos have mastered the game of gaining and retaining clients. Their attraction for new players is quite unmatched in the Japanese market. Here’s what you can expect them to offer:

  • The widest variety of game choices.
  • 24/7 customer service that is easy to access and very attentive!
  • Loyalty and VIP programs that retain existing players.
  • Registration bonus
  • Other hefty promotional rewards and attractive bonuses

Different Online casinos offer different bonuses and perks. Some match the first deposit up to 100 %, and others match it up to $2,000. Free spin bonuses are also very common for slot games.

And of course, every casino wants to make their offer more attractive than the competition. For example, Vera and John casino offers a $35 sign-up bonus that doesn’t require any deposit from the player. It also offers a $1,000 deposit bonus on the first three deposits. These numbers just show how far casinos are willing to go to get new players on their virtual tables.

Final Words

We can’t talk about this without mentioning that Japan is looking into implementing a less restrictive gambling environment with plans for Osaka to emerge as a casino hub. The plans will make Osaka home to three resorts with integrated casino facilities.

And while the Osaka authorities have extended the date of the proposal submission, one can not help but wonder if these plans will create a threat to the growing Online casino market if they materialize. Will on-land casinos halt the growth of online ones or even shrink the industry?

Well, we will have to wait and see, but for now, all we can say is that the popularity of online casinos in Japan continues to grow at lightning speed.



1Pachinko (パチンコ) is a mixture of a slot machine and pinball. The player controls the speed of the many small steel balls that are thrown into the machine. Pachinko machines can be found in Pachinko parlors across the country of Japan.

Innovative Online Betting Games For Gamblers

ImageBy Isabella Goode

Online betting is now a multi-billion dollar strand of the gaming industry, having exploded in popularity over the past couple of years and established itself as the go-to preference for gamblers of all types and styles. The accessibility of taking the thrills and spills of wagering with you where you go is arguably the biggest fuel to the success of online betting, but there are also a whole host of innovative technologies and features that have been allowed to blossom on the digital stage and help the community develop its own identity.

The competition in the online betting industry is only growing more and more fiercer as it grows, and every single house or operator is looking for the latest innovations to help them stand out from the crowd. The likes of NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming are amongst the leading lights for game operators in the industry.  Here are some of the most innovative games and features they have brought to the scene in recent times. 

3D Games

As technology continues to improve, the capabilities of what mobile and desktop games can present in terms of themes and visuals sky rockets. One of the great developments over the previous decade or so in the gaming industry is the greater refinement of 3D graphics being used primarily in the video slot community of games. 

3D visuals and the improved capabilities of games being able to host the likes of 720p and 1080p graphics has led to a whole new landscape in what makes a successful casino title. Examples such as the Age of Gods series are examples of how stunning and striking these games have the potential to be and, for many users, these types of games now offer the feeling of being engrossed in a story or an adventure just as much as they revolve around trying to line their pockets. 

Avalanche Reels 

A trend that first began with the innovative technologies over at NetEnt HQ through series such as Gonzo Quest’s Avalanche Reels are fast becoming one of the most innovative game designs to have shaped the modern generation of slot gaming. Much like the old retro Tetris games of old, games that are centered around their Avalanche Reels see items dropping down rather than being spun out of the game like in most traditional slot games, be they virtual or real world based. 

Winning lines cause explosions that drop more items into place, and this avalanche effect can often lead to some thrilling bursts of action as winning lines chain each other, lining players’ pockets more than most other games out there. 

The Impact Of Crypto Gaming

For those unaware, cryptocurrencies are open-source digital currencies that have emerged as one of the most hotly discussed versions in the new age of banking. Bitcoin is perhaps the most well known of these, having emerged onto the scene in 2009. Bitcoin is unique for transcending over the boundaries of nations’ borders and the regulations and fees imposed by banks.  Sites such as Esports betting experts have really helped lead the way in introducing more crypto currency options into their casino games through flexible depositing options. 

With most of these cryptocurrencies worth an absolute fortune to most casual players, wagering on/with them can be a tantalizing and innovative way of living the life of a true high roller. 

Licensed Games

Whilst the world of gambling is undoubtedly an already popular industry, bringing a new game to market with an audience of millions around the world already built in is always going to be helpful in taking the success of said game to the next level up. And that certainly seems to be the thinking in how much the rise of licensed games have begun to dominate the gambling industry in recent times.

The world of superheroes seems to have been the most tapped up market throughout this, with both Marvel and DC’s biggest mascots finding themselves ported into the casino world. The likes of Iron-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Batman and Superman have all had video slots themed around them, and helped bridge the gap between the gambling and entertainment worlds. 

As well as superhero and big blockbuster flicks being the center of themes, casinos have also begun to embrace other bits of media from the entertainment industry. From hugely successful series such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, to long running game shows such as Catchphrase, Deal or No Deal and Jeopardy have all been introduced by operators to casinos and are always amongst the most popular picks with players that visit them. 


Playing Blackjack From Home Guide

BlackjackBy Gareth McGray

While Blackjack is a classic card game and hobby it is also an excellent option for anyone who enjoys casino games. Blackjack is easy to understand and you can play the game at the new flashy casino around the corner or join millions of enthusiasts online.  Here is a quick blackjack guide to help you transition from a rookie to an experienced online player. 

In the United States for example, online casino sites such as are beginning to provide access to sports betting opportunities.  If online sports betting goes without incident, Colorado lawmakers may consider adding legal online casinos. Currently, you can’t play blackjack online in Colorado, but there are a large number of retail locations for bettors to visit. 

Introduction to Blackjack

Blackjack is a common online casino game also known as 21, thanks to its nature. It promises thrilling game-play and the rules are quite simple, giving you a chance for strategic play. In fact, adept players who have mastered the art of playing a mathematically perfect game can count cards and sometimes put the odds in their favor.

Even for casual players, Blackjack’s casino odds are great for anyone who can play a relatively good game.  But playing a relatively good game means mastering a basic strategy at a minimum.  This makes Blackjack among the most attractive casino games since the 1700s. Today, the game is available in every American casino, with the house as the dealer and bank. That’s why you need to beat the dealer to win the game.

How Blackjack Works

Blackjack uses a traditional deck of 52 cards, although most casinos shuffle several decks together to improve competitiveness. For this reason, players need a solid understanding of Blackjack’s basic rules and the best strategy to increase their winning odds. 

How to Beat the Dealer

  • Get a hand with a higher value than the dealer.
  • Draw a hand with a value of 21 with your first two cards before the dealer1)All blackjack games are not created equal and it is advisable to find a game with the best rules for the player.  In particular, avoid games that only pay 6 to 5 on Blackjack.  The traditional payoff for a Blackjack is 3 to 2.
  • Double your bet on hands that favor the player and basic strategy advises it.
  • Split your pairs on favorable hands and when basic strategy advises it.
  • Surrender your hand to reduce your loss when basic strategy advises it.
  • Never take the insurance bet unless you are counting cards.
  • Have the dealer get a hand that exceeds 21, i.e., “let the dealer bust”.

How to Lose to the Dealer

  • Drawing cards to your hand that go over 21, i.e., “bust your hand”.
  • Get a hand lower than what the dealer has at the end of each round.

Please note that other player’s hands don’t affect whether you win a Blackjack game or not, unlike in games like poker. Only the dealer’s hand can affect your chances of winning, but that doesn’t make it a team sport.  So ignore how other players play and focus on your own play.

Finding a Hand’s Total Value

While Blackjack uses a traditional deck of cards, the suits don’t matter in determining your hand’s value. Numbers 2-10 are taken by their face value, while face cards J, K, and Q count as 10. The Ace counts as either 1 or 11, depending on the value that’s most useful to your hand.

How to Play Blackjack Online

Blackjack is available in many variations with a different number of decks, although the most common use six or eight decks. Fortunately, you can enjoy the game online in a few steps:

  • Investigate and find a reputable online casino that offers a good blackjack game.
  • Create an online casino account and deposit your stake.
  • Buy chips to bet.
  • Place your wager.
  • Wait for the dealer to give out the cards to the players.
  • Decide how to play your hand. You can decide to stand with your first two cards, hit for more cards, double down, split if you have a pair of identical cards or surrender your hand.
  • Please wait for the dealer to play his hand.
  • Enjoy the payouts if the dealer busts or your hand has a better value than his.



1All blackjack games are not created equal and it is advisable to find a game with the best rules for the player.  In particular, avoid games that only pay 6 to 5 on Blackjack.  The traditional payoff for a Blackjack is 3 to 2.

10 Things You Can Learn from Blackjack Players in Movies

From the movie By Isabella Goode

Blackjack is a simple, yet dramatic game. The combined elements of a game of chance and strategic betting make it a captivating game to play and watch – whether in a brick and mortar casino or on the big screen.

Blackjack has enjoyed a healthy level of popularity in cinema. While the casino game that first comes to mind for many of us may be poker, the element of chance and inherent drama that we see in blackjack often lends itself to the cinema screen.

  1. Learn the odds

The 1996 film Swingers follows a group of friends on a trip to Las Vegas where they’re shown in a casino playing blackjack.

Two of the friends debate between themselves whether to double down on 11 whenever they get the opportunity. While the scene is undeniably funny it also highlights the importance of knowing the odds when playing blackjack.

One of the best ways to increase your chances of winning is to always go into a game with a plan. Doing some work beforehand and learning odds and strategy can be the difference between winning big and going home empty handed.

  1. Keep calm

James Bond is the ultimate cool, collected player. In 1989’s Licence to Kill we see Bond sit down for a game of blackjack. Take your cue from Bond when playing blackjack and make sure to keep a cool head. Don’t rush your decision making and make sure you look at your next move from all angles.

The casino elements of James Bond are perhaps the most well known casino scenes in cinema. It’s hard not to want to try your hand at blackjack once you’ve seen the suave James Bond playing with a beautiful woman by his side. If blackjack appeals to you then you can check out this blog post to find out more about how to find the best places to play online. Online play is the best way to play the game at your own pace, making keeping a cool head all the more achievable.

  1. Don’t always listen to the dealer’s advice

This may seem counter intuitive, however, remember that the dealer in blackjack is always playing for the house – they are not on your side. It is in the dealer’s interest to keep you playing trying to keep you from too big of a win.

A great example of this can be found in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery as Number Two, played by Robert Wagner, ignores the dealer’s advice and ends up winning big. It is important to note though that the average player won’t have an x-ray eye to see the next card!

  1. Not Everyone In A Casino Is As Successful As They Claim

In the 1988 comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, we see that not everyone in a casino is as successful at gambling as they claim to be, so you should take advice only from those you trust.

Someone might look like a wealthy high-roller, but it could turn out that they simply got lucky once and wear a nice suit.

So, if someone comes over and offers you gaming tips, take their advice with a pinch of salt. If you know for a fact that they regularly win at blackjack, or that they have played a lot of games, then you might consider taking their advice. However, if you’re unsure, then test out their advice before you commit a large bet to it. 

  1. High Risk, High Reward

As with many games, you get out of blackjack what you put in. This can be a double edged sword with the ability to win big but also the risk of losing entirely. While Number Two wins big at the blackjack table in Austin Powers, Austin Powers himself is not so lucky. Though, of course, Austin Powers also didn’t have the advantage of an x-ray eye.

  1. Keep To A Budget

Make sure you always keep a budget of what you can afford to gamble. One running theme in any film involving blackjack or any other kind of gambling is that there is a line to walk between the thrill of the wager and falling into the trap of investing too much too quickly.

  1. Practice Theory

Just as with learning odds and strategy, if you’re particularly mathematically minded you can delve even deeper into the theory behind card counting. The movie 21 is a 2008 film based on the real life team of Massachusetts Institute of Technology students who used math and card counting to attempt to beat the casino at its own game.

This kind of game play comes with its own risks and ethical questions. Many casinos will ban players known to count cards so be aware that it is a practice the industry and some other players frown upon. If you do want to level up your game, reading up on the theory can be enough to give you an edge while not crossing the ethical line.1)Editor note:  Card counting simply involves using your brain while playing.  Unethical?  Hardly!!!! Cheating, however, is a line you won’t want to cross.

  1. Enjoy Yourself

Blackjack is about having a fun time and enjoying the thrill of the game. The message of the movie 21 shows that while blackjack can be lucrative it can also have some serious negative impacts on your life if you take it too far.

Casino games are meant to be an enjoyable way to relax after a long week – they are not supposed to take over your life. Make sure that you stop when the fun stops.

  1. Confidence Is Key

Almost all of the successful gamblers you will see in film, from James Bond to Rain Man, show that being confident is key to success.

Second guessing yourself can be a fatal flaw while playing blackjack. Instead relax and trust in your game plan.

  1. Gamble responsibly

While James Bond and Rain Man may highlight the huge rewards of blackjack it is always important to remember that there are big risks involved at the same time.

Never let competition with other players and an imperfect understanding of the rules of the game be your downfall.


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1Editor note:  Card counting simply involves using your brain while playing.  Unethical?  Hardly!!!! Cheating, however, is a line you won’t want to cross.

The Psychology of Blackjack: How to Beat Yourself

Blackjack can be stressfulBy Tom Roberts

Blackjack is an exciting game played by millions of people worldwide. Many fans have come up with different strategies of how to win at this game. These tend to vary widely, but the ones that have received the biggest audience are card counting and perfect basic blackjack strategy. There are blackjack professionals who swear by these tactics, and for good reason. Evidence is available which agrees with the efficacy of these methods. But there is an element of the game of blackjack that is often overlooked.

Beating the dealer

Too much emphasis has been placed on the rules of blackjack. These state, to win you must beat the dealer. You can do this by getting a natural blackjack or if the dealer busts. You can also win the game if you get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. So what players usually do is memorize the basic blackjack strategy. This is a probability-based system of telling if you will win depending on the card values. Professional blackjack players take it a step further and learn card counting. Research has shown this to drastically reduce the house edge. It effectively gives you better chances of winning. 

Many think the game of blackjack is based on skill. The skills you need to learn usually leave out the most important one. This is learning how to not beat yourself.

Beating yourself 

There are a lot of ups and downs when you are playing a game like blackjack. It’s like a soccer final where a team equalizes in the 90th minute, only to concede in the 91st. These roller-coaster highs and lows can affect how you play. There are two stages in a game in which you need to take extra care. One of these is when you are enjoying a good run and it seems everything you are doing is working out. You need to be careful of that euphoria. It can lead you to make poor decisions.  

Beating yourself also includes when the chips are down, you are enduring loss after loss, and nothing seems to be working. The way you handle yourself in these circumstances can decide if you go home with earnings or not. But how do you do it and can it be done at all? The short answer is yes, it is possible. 

Keep a cool head 

A wise man once said you must treat attaining vast sums of money with the same contempt as you would lack. The lesson here is not to hate getting wealthy, but to recognize that it is a fleeting stage and will pass with time. The same is true when you are mastering blackjack. You need to be indifferent to the wins and losses. That is the only way you can succeed. No loss is the end of the world and you are not the first person to win a hand in blackjack. So keeping a cool head is one key to playing like a pro. 

If you feel you are not ready, a great place to master self-discipline is through free play games. These are available at online casinos such as Take your time on these and don’t shy away from familiarizing yourself with the live table options. 

Assess your games

You also need to develop a habit of assessing your plays. If you take the time to do this, you will recognize massive benefits in the long run. Mastering yourself is a skill just like card counting. How do you learn card counting? Over time with patience, that’s how. So the same soberness and dedication to the task are required if you are to master yourself. You cannot play blackjack effectively until you do this.

Learn to walk away

Many people take walking away as a sign of giving up, of defeat even. This couldn’t be further from the truth, in life and in blackjack. Some of your greatest battles will be won the day you learn to walk away. Accept that it is not your day and move on. In war, they call it living to fight another day. The game will always be there, but your bankroll might not. So walk away, reassess and come back next time bright-eyed and ready to play. 

Learning how to master yourself is just as important as learning to count cards.  There is no difference. In any case, all the fancy tactics will not do you any good if you don’t have discipline.



What’s it like to play poker in an online casino in Japan

Poker in JapanBy Tarun Reddy

After many years of struggle, Japan’s government finally gave up and chose to lift the casino ban, and the country will get many integrated casino resorts shortly, especially after the end of this pandemic.

Those who would like to play live poker have to turn to private games or even illegal gambling that are usually run by the mafia. And that’s not something you call a player-friendly setup. Players that are caught in these illegal situations face serious problems. These range from heave fines to even prison, if they’re repeat offenders.

So, for those who are learning how to play poker, it’s not easy. And dealing with everything that comes along such as variance or even bad beats is hard enough even at safe and totally regulated online casinos. When there’s the pressure of risks that come with illegal gambling then there are some serious consequences.

Online poker in Japan: It’s doable

The live poker situation in Japan isn’t an ideal environment for anyone. That’s why many people like visiting the website and decide to take it up seriously before turning online.

Technically, online poker is illegal in Japan as well because there aren’t any operators that can get a valid license in order to offer poker to the country’s players. However, the Japanese still have access to a wide range of offshore poker rooms.

The biggest problem that is faced by online players is depositing monies or making a withdrawal. There are a lot of banks in this country that deny gambling-related transactions, which makes things complicated, especially for players who need to move large amounts of money.

But nowadays, there are ways to get around these restrictions.

When it comes to constitutional implications, there are still issues. As far as we know, not a single person in Japan has been prosecuted for having fun playing online poker. The government, it seems for now, is willing to turn its head to the other side regarding this issue, which is natural.

However, you should consider that if you do play illegally there are always risks associated. So, make sure you know what you’re doing.

Tournaments are allowed but there are no cash prizes

Japan has nothing against poker. Their law prohibits gambling, which means staking real money to win real money in a game of chance. So, basically, there’s the possibility to organize a tournament, but winners can’t win cash from the tournament or from the organization itself or those who participate.

PokerStars found a very smart workaround for this issue with a Japan Tournament. It’s a series of tournaments that take place every year in Japan and everyone will have to pay real money to buy-in. But those who win are not given any money. Instead, players receive incredible full-packages (with buy-in, travel and also accommodation) for other tournaments that happen outside of Japan.

This is the reason why there’s a good number of Japanese poker players that play presently at other tournaments in Asia, such as the ACOP, APPT or the others. Tournaments like these that are offered during the Japan tournament give an opportunity to those who are seeking to start their gambling careers. In a lot of ways, there are some advantages regarding receiving these packages over receiving money because they make people keep playing.

What will happen in the future regarding poker in Japan

The new bill changed a lot in Japan. Although new casinos are still a few years away from opening doors, this is truly a breakthrough for this country. It gives Japanese citizens an opportunity to play their favorite casino games in a legal and also safe environment. However, it’s not certain of what this means for poker and poker players.

Having some poker rooms in highly populated regions of the country should create a big interest in this game, even for those who never played it before. If integrated resorts offer poker, this could lead to a huge increase in popularity.

It’s obvious that there’s no way to know if the casinos will actually invest in poker or not, so it’s something we all have to wait for. Since this game isn’t very popular in the country, there’s a chance that the focus will be on other games.


Online Blackjack Strategies For Players In 2021

By Jacek Michałski

Blackjack is one of the most popular games available in online casinos in the modern world. The game has a rich history, but gone are the days when it was mostly available in American casinos as it is now available worldwide. It is also one of the best online strategy games.

Some of the questions that run through the minds of newbies are: Can one make money playing online blackjack? Are there strategies for blackjack online that will increase the chances of winning? The answer to both questions is yes.

When Casino Games expert, Jacek Michałski, is not playing blackjack online, then you will find him gathering information on how to win in an online casino. Let’s have a look at this handy guide the author has compiled for players in search of the various blackjack strategies.

Online Blackjack Strategies

The different variants on online blackjack

Someone who has never played in a casino online PL might tend to think that all blackjack games are the same, which is not true. There are different variants that you have to familiarize yourself with and increase your chances of winning.

We recommend you get acquainted with the rules before you start gambling. Learning mobile play strategies and understanding the variants of online blackjack also makes it easy to understand what to expect when you land in a casino.

Classic Live Blackjack

It can be described as the basis of this popular game. Classic live blackjack is played on a classic table and comes with a deck of 52 cards. A player will win when he or she has more points than the dealer at the end of the round of play. However, the points should not exceed 21 points and if the player goes over 21 he or she will automatically lose. If the dealer goes over 21 and the player remains with a non-busted hand, then the player will automatically win.

Pre-Decision Blackjack

This online version can be described as a game of speed. It follows similar rules to other versions but players do not have to wait until their turn to make a move.

Atlantic City Live Blackjack

The player can exit the round (surrender) directly after receiving two cards from the live dealer. This option is the main difference between the Atlantic City version of the game and classic blackjack. Surrender is a desirable player rule.

Party Blackjack

This version can have two or three live dealers. However, the player will only deal with one dealer.

Blackjack Side Bets

These blackjack games have additional options to make side wagers. Of course, most blackjack games offer insurance, which is also a side bet. But we are referring to side bets such as Royal Match, Super Sevens, Bonus Blackjack, Perfect Pairs, etc. Be careful though: Most side bets have a high percentage edge against you but a larger payoff if you win.

Spanish 21 and Other Variants

These blackjack games vary and have unique rules and conditions. For example, in Spanish 21, all of the tens have been removed but some of the rules will have been improved to make the game playable.

Stack of Chips and a Pair of Aces

Understand it is a simple game but strategy wins

Most people who visit an online casino rely on luck when they are playing blackjack. The fact that the casino’s advantage over the player is lower than in other online games seems attractive to players. However, you need more than luck to increase your chances of winning.  Keep on reading to learn the basics of winning blackjack play!

Multideck Basic StrategyOnline blackjack basics

  • A player competes against the house and the aim here is to beat the dealer by scoring closer to 21 points (without busting) than the dealer or allowing the dealer to bust.
  • The game is played between one and eight decks of 52 cards.
  • Kings, Queens, and Jacks are worth 10 points.
  • Cards from 2 to 10 are played at their face value.
  • Aces are worth 1 or 11 (depending on how you want to play your hand)
  • A blackjack (an Ace + Ten valued card) can pay either 3 to 2 or 6 to 5. Obviously, it is better to play in games where blackjacks pay 3 to 2.

Player options

  • Ask for one or more cards if you think it is appropriate and will improve your hand.
  • You can stand with any 2 cards, however, it is often advisable to stand when the dealer has a small card (2-6) and you have a 12-16, thus hoping the dealer will bust (go over 21).
  • When you have a soft hand (Ace + any other card), it is often advisable to double when the dealer has a small card.
  • You can split any two identical cards and then play with two hands, at the same time, in the normal way.
  • Splitting can be very advantageous in the right circumstances, especially if the dealer has a small card showing.
  • You can double your bet when you have advantageous hands like 9, 10 and 11 and especially so if the dealer is showing a small card.
  • Always stand on your hand once you have a hard total of 17.


For better information on specific player strategies, refer to the blackjack basic strategies in the Encyclopedia of Blackjack on this web site. Also, a more detailed description of blackjack rules and options is available. Following these strategies for online blackjack or even counting cards is not a win guarantee. However, if you use the strategies listed here you may increase your odds of winning and enjoy the game more.  Also, don’t forget to take advantage of any online casino promotions and/or bonuses that may be offered when you first sign up!


Bill Zender’s Newsletter and the Buster Blackjack Side bet

The Bill Zender Newsletter

Bill Zender and Associates

October 29, 2020

Dear Friends and Business Associates,

As the pandemic continues, I have had to change my way of conducting business.  In the last few months, I have gravitated towards conducting more business online.  This includes providing short training session presentations through Internet medias such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and a high limit winning player analyses over WebEx.  This process works effectively, but I believe that offering my services in person is the best method for providing project quality.  With that said, following are some of the “virtual” services that I am currently providing to my clients and casino operators seeking my help and knowledge:

Sessions on basic table game mathematics; understanding mathematical house advantage of the different table games and side bets, as well as understanding the mechanics behind game hold percentage.  I have taught this topic as a one-hour session. I have found that split sessions of one-hour each with a 15-minute break in between is more productive (total time 2-hours and 15 minutes).

A series of sessions on card counting in blackjack.  These sessions include (1) Basics of card counting, (2) Understanding Basic and common strategy, (3) Detecting card counting from the casino floor, and (4) Confirming card counting from surveillance.  Each session is one-hour and would be accompanied by handouts and informative charts and spreadsheets.

Conducting Winning Player reviews and evaluations.  All I require is the ability to review portions of the player’s video and a PDF of the player’s gaming hand tracking sheet records.  I have found that conducting player reviews over the Internet is quite efficient if I have access to view video and review hand tracking information.  If you have a customer who is continually beating your game, I can provide you with an expert’s “second” opinion.

In addition, I have accurate information on COVID-19 and procedures for the casino.  If handled correctly and consistently, procedures can be established to make the casino a very safe environment for both the customers and employees.   I can provide your organization with a virtual presentation or assist in compiling safe and adequate COVID procedures.

BTW, on November 17th from 1100am to noon EST, I will be giving a one-hour presentations at this year’s BNP Media’s Table Game Cutting Edge (Virtual) Conference (please see the information below).  The topic presented will include the effect rules changes have on the game, procedures, and side bets and how these changes effluence table game hold percentage.  I feel this presentation is a must for any casino executive involved in table games.  This session is more advanced than my standard table game courses.  At this time, I will only have this presentation available through BNP Media. 

If anyone is interested in any of these presentations and/or winning player reviews, please feel free in contacting me at [email protected] or 702-423-5734.  My prices are extremely reasonable at this time.


Interesting Emails

Over the past month I only received one interesting question regarding table games that I wish to pass along to my readers.  The question has to do with protecting the Buster side bet from card counting attack.  A lot of game protection professional try and apply a blackjack count system to all aspects of the game including side bets.  In some situations, the object of the side bet is parallel to the primary game which dictates that higher value cards (specifically ten-value cards) are important to the players successful wager outcome.  However, many of the side bets are NOT designed to follow the object of the main game, and to successfully attack those side bet, a totally different count system needs to be employed.  This is the case with the Buster sidebet.  The following email outlines this exact situation:

Executive’s Email

In the past month or so we’ve experienced a rash of card counters at our property. What makes this all the more intriguing is that three out of the last four have wagered on the Buster Bet side wager upon the count hitting -4 or below. Is this anything you’ve come across recently? The last two using this strategy I asked if they had any information for me, realizing that they didn’t owe me a thing, one of which let me know that it was -5 but he had no mathematical evidence to back this. Only that he had been told to do so.  I read Eliot Jacobson’s two articles in AP HEAT, but this was far more advanced and was hoping to discover something easier to train, if it existed. Any insight would be welcome, as usual. 

My Reply

First off, counting the Buster side bet requires a different count system than the main game of BJ.  If you count using a hi/lo system, you will notice that side bet counters of Buster would bet in a negative hi/lo true count.  The Buster count system usually has the 7,8,9,T labeled as +1 when removed, and cards like A,2,3 labeled as -2 (or greater).  The system used depends on your pay schedule, but the count labels will vary only slightly.  In addition, pay schedules that pay 3:1 for busts with four cards are more likely to get attacked.  With that said, the return for the player counting the Buster is not as good compared to counting the main game.  I would assume the maximum bet limit on the Buster would have to be greater than $25 if it is the primary area of attack.  If the players are professional level counters then they could be attacking the main game using a hi/lo (or similar) count system, and have another person on the table or standing behind, counting the Buster using the Buster count system as mentioned above (signaling to the others).  My two cents on the situation.  I hope that helps.

My reply to this casino executive is based mostly on supposition, since I am not observing the play directly but analyzing it though the executive’s narrative.  As mentioned in the reply, the Buster is only vulnerable when the maximum bet limit exceeds $25, and when the pay schedule indicates a four-card bust pays at least 3:1.  Also, it goes without saying that a double deck Buster game is more attractive than a six or eight deck game under the same limits and pay schedule.  Any comments regarding attacking the Buster side bet are welcomed. Email me at: [email protected]

Scheduled Seminars and Workshop

Bill Zender SpeakingTable Games Cutting Edge Conference (Virtual) November 17th

How rules, procedures, and side bets effect table game hold percentage

Tuesday November 17th online from 11AM – Noon EST
At this year’s BNP Media’s Cutting Edge Table Games Virtual Conference I will be seated comfortably (and safely) in my own home.

Hold percentage is the primary measurement used by upper management to gauge table game performance. Do you know the factors that influence whether your hold percentage is respectable or terrible? In this 60-minute session you will learn how the number of hand decisions and wagering spots influences hold percentage (and win). How changing game rules alters the hold percentage range, and why adding side bets is so important. You will also come away with an understanding of “buy-in churn” (number of times the player’s buy-in is placed in action), and how it has a substantial effect on your hold percentage. This session is a “must” for anyone involved in table game management.  Here are the topics I will be discussing during the 1-hour presentation:

  1. The basics: How hold percentage is calculated based on table win and drop.
  2. Effect of gaining more decisions per hour: More revenue (win) same drop.
  3. Effect of offering “less” betting spots: Hold% goes up, but revenue goes down.
  4. Effect of rule changes: Do minor rule changes effect hold%; what about major rule changes?
  5. Effect of utilizing side bets: Side bets reduce decisions but increase revenue potential.
  6. Effect of buy-in churn: What effect does time on table have on hold% (and revenue).

For more information please go to the website

On the MoveOn the Move

Since I’m sheltering in place right now, I’m not on the move.  No one’s on the move.  I plan to get back on track sometime after the first of the year (and a successful vaccine!).  Call or email me! 702-423-5734and [email protected].
I am always available to answer your questions. If you have any questions on gaming; do not hesitate to contact me through email.  I answer emails about gaming every day[email protected]I really am here to help.
Cheers, good luck, and stay safe!
Bill Zender
Bill Zender and Associates
[email protected]