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What’s New (Feb – June 2018)

What's NewLots of new stuff on the Blackjack Review Network. Check it out! Click on the NEW link to get the latest updates.

  • 06/26/18: Improved Blackjack Basic Strategy Calculator layout.
  • 06/26/18: Improved site optimization / loading speed.
  • 06/04/18: Added entry for Triple Win 20.
  • 05/26/18: Added entry for Deal or No Deal Blackjack.
  • 05/10/18: Correction to Rule of 45.
  • 05/07/18: Major cleanup of links and update to blackjack strategy types.
  • 05/05/18: Updated entries for Richard Dougherty and Mike Michalek.
  • 05/05/18: Added entry for Maria “The Greek”.
  • 05/04/18: Updated entry for John Auston.
  • 05/03/18: Updated the Blackjack Ball page.
  • 05/01/18: Added entry for Players Edge 21 / Monster Match.
  • 04/29/18: Added entry for no-peek devices.
  • 04/28/18: Added entry for patents.
  • 04/27/18: Added entry for HighHand Blackjack.
  • 04/26/18: Updated entries for Mimic the Dealer and errors.
  • 04/25/18: Updated entry for Exhibit CAA: Beyond Counting.
  • 04/25/18: Added entries for Paul Rylance, OSN and Bonus Spin Blackjack.
  • 04/21/18: Updated entry for Wally Simmons.
  • 04/06/18: Added entry for Bad Beat Blackjack.
  • 04/05/18: Added entries for Cacarulo, Robert Parker, Trackjack, Victor Nacht and the Halloween Blackjack Ball.
  • 04/04/18: Added entries for the terms single-cut and single-fixed.
  • 04/02/18: Added entry for Lex Luther and cleaned up Blackjack Publications section.
  • 04/01/18: Updated the Rule Variation Charts.
  • 04/01/18: Added entry for Macau.
  • 03/31/18: Added Nevada Gaming Revenue chart.
  • 03/31/18: Updated entry for John Leib.
  • 03/31/18: Updated entry for Michael Hall and added entry for 21 News.
  • 03/30/18: Added entries for Lima card counting system and Card Counter’s Cafe’.
  • 03/30/18: Updated Blackjack Ball History page.
  • 03/29/18: Added entry for Cat Hulbert.
  • 03/27/18: Updated entries for Lance Humble and Harvey Dubner.
  • 03/27/18: Added entry for the Safe Bet side bet.
  • 03/26/18: Updated entry for buy-in.
  • 03/26/18: Added entry for Sam Cohen’s book The Automat.
  • 03/25/18: Added entry for Zombie Blackjack.
  • 03/25/18: Updated entry for Edward Gordon (D. Howard Mitchell).
  • 03/24/18: Updated entry and chart for Hi-Lo count.
  • 03/24/18: Added entries for Loudon Ofton and SAL.
  • 03/22/18: Added entries for FinCEN and Rolling Chips.
  • 03/21/18: Added entry for Video Blackjack.
  • 03/21/18: New – Words and phrases to avoid at the blackjack table.
  • 03/16/18: Added entry for Perfect 11’s side bet.
  • 03/15/18: Updated entry for the Golden 21 side bet.
  • 03/15/18: Added entry for Shortie Blackjack.
  • 03/15/18: Added entries for the Deuces Wild, Upcard Luck and Pick ‘Em Blackjack side bets.
  • 03/14/18: Updated entries for the Super Sevens and Crazy Sevens side bets.
  • 03/14/18: Added entries for Double-Up, Triple Attack, Triple-Up 21, In BETween and Extra Bet blackjack variations and the Pair Square and Dead Man’s Hand side bets.
  • 03/12/18: Added entry for online blackjack.
  • 03/10/18: Updated entry for advantage and the related FAQ.
  • 03/10/18: Several hundred minor edits throughout the site and encyclopedia completed. Improved image and video loading accomplished.
  • 03/08/18: Added entry for Chipless Blackjack.
  • 03/08/18: Added BJ Quick-Eye photo and instructions to the blackjack archives.
  • 03/06/18: Expanded the encyclopedia to include many embedded YouTube videos that are related to the topic.1)
  • 03/04/18: Added entries for Mickey MacDougall and Russell T. Barnhart.
  • 03/03/18: Added Card Counting System Comparison chart.
  • 03/03/18: Updated/verified all point count systems in the encyclopedia. Added all insurance correlation (IC) figures. Improved cross referencing and reference links.
  • 03/01/18: Added Jacques Noir’s One-Two Count from his 1968 book Casino Holiday.
  • 03/01/18: Updated entries for T. Hopper’s T-H and Bushido counts.
  • 02/27/18: Updated the Blackjack History introduction page.
  • 02/27/18: Added the UNLV Gaming Research Center news feed.
  • 02/27/18: Added entry for trente-un.
  • 02/26/18: Updated entry – Kelly Criterion
  • 02/26/18: Updated entries for Pontoon and Richard Epstein.
  • 02/25/18: Added entry for Bob Stupak.
  • 02/24/18: Improved the user interface for the Blackjack History Database Tool. Now over 400 historical events listed.
  • 02/24/18: Added entry for Bobby Fisher.


What’s New (July 2017 – Feb 2018)

What is new on BJRNETLots of new stuff on the Blackjack Review Network.   Check it out!  Click on the NEW link to get the latest updates. 

  • 02/23/18: Added encyclopedia entry for the Rule of 45.
  • 02/23/18: Added encyclopedia entry for Jeffery Oxley’s book Winning Blackjack for the Average Joe.
  • 02/22/18: Added encyclopedia entry for Nicholas Colon and the Alea Consulting Group.
  • 02/20/18: Updated encyclopedia entry for Strategic Investments.
  • 02/13/18: Improved user interface for the Blackjack History Database Tool. Over 400 historical events now listed.
  • 02/12/18: Added encyclopedia entries for the High Tie and Golden 21 blackjack side bets.
  • 02/11/18: Updated encyclopedia basic strategy introduction page.
  • 02/08/18: Updated encyclopedia and history entries for Celebrity Blackjack, Ultimate Blackjack Tour and World Series of Blackjack.
  • 02/02/18: Added encyclopedia entry for Zappit Blackjack.
  • 01/30/18: Updated encyclopedia entries for Speed Count and Dan Pronovost.
  • 01/26/18: Added new blog – Google News: Casinos
  • 01/26/18: Added new casino maps page.
  • 01/25/18: Major link cleanup complete!!!!
  • 01/22/18: Added Wikipedia Spanish 21 page.
  • 01/13/18: Added Wikipedia Ken Uston page.
  • 01/05/18: New encyclopedia entries for next-carding and t-win.
  • 12/17/17: Updated encyclopedia entry for WCB.
  • 12/14/17: Updated encyclopedia entry for perfect shuffle.
  • 11/28/17: Extended catalog promotion starts: 20% off all items (including already discounted items) except software and basic strategy cards.
  • 11/23/17: Added Google Translate to site – lower right corner! Issues? Let me know.
  • 10/26/17: Updated Blacklisted Online Casino list.
  • 10/16/17: New page – Dalton’s Blackjack Emporium.
  • 9/19/17: Updated encyclopedia entry for Brett Harris and some related links.
  • 9/14/17: New encyclopedia entry for gambler’s fallacy.
  • 9/2/17: Finally moved all BJRNET product catalog pages (blackjack and poker books, software, videos, etc) over to Closeout prices on many items. If you see a problem with a listing, please let me know.
  • 8/30/17: Updated encyclopedia entry for Five Card Charlie.
  • 8/19/17: New encyclopedia entry for Certainty Equivalence.
  • 8/17/17: Updated Numbers of 21 section cleanup.
  • 8/17/17: Updated encyclopedia entries for odds and probability.
  • 8/17/17: Updated encyclopedia entries for Mike Michalek, Rob Reitzen, The Hammer and CORE.
  • 8/11/17: New encyclopedia entries for Buffalo Blackjack and the 21 Magic and Bust Bonus side bets.
  • 7/30/17: Updated encyclopedia entry and new special section – Kenneth Uston.

Blackjack History Database Project

In 2016, Michael Dalton and the Blackjack Review Network began a Blackjack History Database Project. There were two aspects to the project:

  • Collect exact (or approximate) dates for any and all historical events that are blackjack related.
  • Create a database user interface tool so users can search and view these events.

You can check out the current development at:

Blackjack History Database ToolCurrent categories (event types) in the database are:

As of February 2018, I have managed to record over 400 events in the database.  My goal is to double this number by the end of the year… but I need your help.  If you know of a blackjack historical event that is not already listed, I want to hear from you. 

Please submit your event using our contact form,  leave a comment below or email me at  If possible, please provide as much detail and/or proof of the event.

If you want to speak to me in person,  just email me your phone number or request that I send you my phone number.

Thank you,
Michael Dalton
Editor / Publisher
Blackjack Review Network

Legal Blackjack Games in the USA – Circa 1998Legal Blackjack Games in the USA – Circa 1998
Originally published in the last issue of Blackjack Review magazine Vol 7 Issue 1

What’s New (June – July 2017)

What is new on BJRNETCheck out what is new on the Blackjack Review Network.  Lots of new encyclopedia entries, updated (better looking) basic strategy charts,  new Blackjack Tests and Quizzes, a Wikipedia Resource page, a Blackjack history database tool, a new Blackjack strategy calculator, improved cross linking and hundreds of man-hours of cleanup.  Click on the NEW link to get the latest updates.

  • 7/28/17: Updated encyclopedia entries – Gambler’s Book Club and Howard Schwartz.
  • 7/28/17: Updated – No Hole-Card Basic Strategy chart.
  • 7/28/17: Updated – Exposed Hole Card Basic Strategy chart.
  • 7/28/17: Updated – Early Surrender Basic Strategy chart.
  • 7/28/17: Updated encyclopedia entry – Edward Gordon aka D. Howard Mitchell.
  • 7/26/17: New encyclopedia entry – No Bust 21.
  • 7/26/17: New encyclopedia entry – Lucky Ladies.
  • 7/25/17: New encyclopedia entry – Extreme 21.
  • 7/25/17: New encyclopedia entry – Double Attack Blackjack.
  • 7/25/17: New encyclopedia entry – Casino Surrender option.
  • 7/25/17: New encyclopedia entry – Blackjack Burn 20 side bet.
  • 7/25/17: Updated – Late Surrender Basic Strategy chart.
  • 7/20/17: Updated encyclopedia entries – wave and big player.
  • 7/10/17:Updated encyclopedia entry – Eleanore Dumont.
  • 7/9/17: Updated – Basic Strategy charts for Multi-deck, Double-deck and Single-deck.
  • 7/7/17: New encyclopedia entries – Bootlegger and MathProf.  Need more info!
  • 7/7/17: New encyclopedia entry – Steve Jacobs.
  • 7/2/17: New encyclopedia entry – Blackjack and the Law by I. Nelson Rose and Robert Loeb.
  • 7/1/17: Updated encyclopedia entry – Joel Friedman
  • 6/29/17: New encyclopedia entry – combinatorial analysis.
  • 6/29/17: New encyclopedia entry – Practical Casino Math by Robert Hannum and Anthony Cabot.
  • 6/28/17: Updated the color basic strategy charts in the Basic Strategy Calculator.
  • 6/27/17: New encyclopedia entry – Joe Pane.
  • 6/27/17: Added new Blog Menu entries for blackjack tournaments and bj21.
  • 6/26/17: Updated encyclopedia entry – Alan Krigman.
  • 6/26/17: New encyclopedia entry – War Blackjack.
  • 6/25/17: Added link to the GameMaster’s Blackjack School Video on YouTube.
  • 6/24/17: New encyclopedia entry – The OPP Card Counting System.
  • 6/24/17: Updated encyclopedia entry – Vas Spanos
  • 6/24/17: New encyclopedia entry – Bertram’s Blackjack Wheel
  • 6/21/17: New – Basic Strategy Calculator (At the very bottom of any page.  Supports shoe games with S17, H17, no-DAS and DAS.)
  • 6/20/17: New encyclopedia entries for John Vogel and George Hascik
  • 6/19/17: New encyclopedia entry – Hand-held multi-deck games
  • 6/18/17: New – Blackjack History Database Tool page.
  • 6/17/17: New – Wikipedia Blackjack Resources Page
  • 6/17/17: New encyclopedia entry – Daniel Dravot’s Card Counting DVD Course
  • 6/16/17: Updated encyclopedia and history entry – Harvey Dubner
  • 6/16/17: Updated encyclopedia entry – Hi-Lo count (added strategy card)
  • 6/16/17: Updated encyclopedia and history entry – Jess Marcum
  • 6/15/17: New encyclopedia entry – FELT
  • 6/15/17: New encyclopedia entry – REKO
  • 6/15/17: New encyclopedia entry – Fred Renzey
  • 6/15/17: New encyclopedia entry – Mentor
  • 6/14/17: Updated encyclopedia entry – Bill Kaplan
  • 6/14/17: Updated encyclopedia entry – Kelly Criterion
  • 6/13/17: New encyclopedia entry – Raise the Roof sidebet
  • 6/12/17: Updated encyclopedia entry – Book by Glen Wiggy – Reviewed
  • 6/12/17: New encyclopedia entry – Books by  Victor Royer– Reviews TBD
  • 6/12/17: New encyclopedia entry – Book by  Larry Haight – Reviewed
  • 6/11/17: New – Blackjack Videos on YouTube
  • 6/10/17: New encyclopedia entry – cut card effect
  • 6/8/17: New – Blackjack Tests and Quiz page
  • 6/5/17: New – National Blackjack Day blog feed
  • 6/4/17: New – Site Updates / What’s New page


New Blackjack History Database Tool

Just completed a new Blackjack History Database Tool on the BJRNET site.

Did a blackjack, card counting or related gambling event happen in 1948, or in the month of January, or during April 1977?  Check the Blackjack History Database Tool. You can search by any combination of month, day and year.  Or view all of the historical events we’ve managed to find on our History of Blackjack and Card Counting page.

Also, you can search by event type.  For example, there is a listing for Blackjack Ball.  This brings up only events about Max Rubin’s annual Blackjack Ball.

I hope you will find this useful.  If you like it, please contribute an event not already listed.

Historical Events and Quotes

Play Better Win More
Announcing the Blackjack Review Network
historical event and quotation database.

Every day that you visit the Blackjack Review Network web site you are greeted with a historical event and/or quote of the day. 

My goal is to have a relevant event and/or quote for each day of the year.   Relevant means the event or quote should be blackjack or gambling related or support our motto “Gaining an edge in cards and life!

Review our two databases:

… and tell me what you think.  Suggestions for new events and quotes are always welcome.  

Events should have an “exact” date (month, day, year) associated with them.  Also, if possible, tell me the source of this fact. Ideas include:

  • Births and deaths of notable figures
  • Casino openings and closings
  • Legal events and gambling laws
  • Article and book publishing dates
  • Big team losses or wins
  • Casino heists
  • Blackjack tournaments
  • Barrings
  • Interviews
  • Awards
  • Website start dates
  • Blackjack Ball events

To make a suggestion, reply to this post or leave comment here.

Michael Dalton
Blackjack Review Network



BJRNET Catalog Update: Black Friday Sale

Play Better Win MoreThe Blackjack Review Network product catalog has been updated with lower prices throughout.   Now we are offering Black Friday prices through December 10, 2016.  Take an additional 10% off all products in our catalog.

Free shipping is now available on ALL orders shipped in the USA.  Non-USA shipping still requires a shipping charge.

Check our latest deals at or click on the banner above.

Don’t forget to check our Amazon listing for lots of used items as well:

And occasionally we have Ebay auctions going on.  Currently we are offering a large poker and gambling book collection:

Michael Dalton
Editor / Publisher
Blackjack Review Network
Spur of the Moment Publishing

BJRnet Catalog Update: FREE SHIPPING

Play Better Win MoreThe Blackjack Review Network product catalog has been updated with lower prices throughout.   Many items are on clearance sale!

Free shipping is now available on ALL orders shipped in the USA.  Non-USA shipping still requires a shipping charge.

Check it out at or click on the banner above.

Michael Dalton
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Blackjack Review Progress Update

Blackjack Review Network

Considerable progress has been made updating the Blackjack Review site at and  The entire site is going through an overhaul which means everything is being updated.  I am working 12-15 hours every day on this project.  My completion estimate is the end of August for phase 1. 

The Encyclopedia of Blackjack (Twenty-One) is also finally being updated.  Lots of new blackjack terms, strategies, authors, books, software, videos and web sites to consider.

If you would like to be a contributor to this site please email me at  I am only interested in responsible people who are serious about the game and understands what “expected value” is. 

If accepted, you will be given “contributor” status and a password to log into the site.

Michael Dalton
Blackjack Review