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The Key Strategies to Utilize in Blackjack

Blackjack Basic StrategyBy Sophia Jones.

Blackjack is a game that has enjoyed a rising profile in recent years. It has gone from being one that only true casino connoisseurs are familiar with to something that lots of people like to play. In the same way you can play strategy games online for the pure enjoyment, blackjack has become a game that people play even if they aren’t gambling with real money.

In some parts of the world it is now ranked as the biggest table game of all, surpassing perennially popular games such as poker. A big factor in that are online casinos, and particularly, live casinos with dealers on video streams.

That has introduced a generation of online gamblers to the nail-biting excitement of playing blackjack one-on-one against the dealer. It is not the easiest of casino games to play though and knowing some strategy will make a big difference to your chances of winning.

So let’s take a look at some good blackjack strategies for both new and experienced players.

Basic Strategies for New Players

We will start by looking at some of the simple strategies that newcomers to blackjack can use to better their chances. Some will tell you that basic strategy does nothing to reduce the house edge, but they are wrong.

If used well it can cut the house edge to 0.5 percent (or less) from 1 or 2 percent (or higher), which clearly makes it worth your while.

  • Learn about the rules and the table layout

This sounds obvious, but you really do need to understand the rules of the game and how everything on the blackjack table works before starting to play.

  • Find out what the house edge is

The house edge is built into the game so you can play blackjack online or at a land-based casino and it will always be there. The house edge varies from one casino to another though, so you will need to find one where it is lower to give you better odds.  The house edge is based on the rules of the game and the number of decks.

  • Play games with fewer decks

A new player should start by picking blackjack games that involve fewer decks. If the rules were the same the house edge is lowered considerably (about 0.5%) in a single versus 8-deck game.  Blackjack can be played with any number of decks but the most popular are single, double, 6-deck and 8-deck.

Unfortunately, you usually will not find a single deck game with the same rules as a shoe-game.  One rule to be careful about is the payoff on a blackjack.  Don’t play in games that only pay 6 to 5 at blackjack.  The proper payoff is 3 to 2.

Cigar and Cards

In-game Strategies

Now let us move on to looking at actual moves that can be made during blackjack games to give you an advantage.

  • Surrendering

Not every blackjack game lets you do this and those that do will only permit it on your first couple of dealt cards. If you have accepted a hit card you will not have the option of surrendering.

Surrendering can enable you to pay just half of whatever you first bet after the dealer has checked for blackjack. It can cut the house edge between 0.022% (single deck) to 0.065% (multi-deck).1)If the casino allows you to surrender “before” the dealer checks for a blackjack this rule is much more attractive for the player.  Early surrender can cut the house edge between 0.3% and 0.7% depending on whether surrender is allowed against a dealer ten only or a ten and Ace.

Two basic strategy situations where a surrender is usually the right call are when you have cards totaling 16 and the dealer has 9 through Ace, and when you have 15 while they have 10.

  • Splitting

You can split your hands only if the first couple of cards you are dealt are ones valued at 10 (e.g. King or Jack) or are a pair. By making a single hand into two, splitting can potentially convert one poor hand into a couple of strong ones.

For example, you should always split 8s and Aces but never split 5s and 10s. Otherwise it can depend on what the dealer has and whether double after splitting is allowed.  Refer to the basic strategy chart for more details.

  • Doubling

Doubling in blackjack means increasing your first bet by as much as 100 percent. It is a move you make if you think you have a good drawing hand where all you need is one more card.

You can only do it after getting your first couple of cards from the dealer. For example, good hands to consider doubling are when you have a 9, 10, 11 or a soft hand such as A2 through A7.  Of course, it depends on the dealer up-card.  If the dealer shows a 2 through 6, be more prone to double.

  • Hitting or Standing

Hitting means taking a further card from the dealer while standing means sticking with what you have. For example, you should hit if the dealer has an up-card between 7 and Ace and you have a hand between 12 and 16.  It is ideal to read about good strategies online.

It also will make sense to stand if you have a hand of between 12 and 16 while the dealer is between 2 and 6.  What you are hoping here is for the dealer to bust.  There are some exceptions to the rule so be sure to review the basic strategy.

Of course, if you have a hard total of 17 through 21 you will stand.

This is just scratching the blackjack strategy surface.  Blackjack can be one of the more complex casino games to master especially with the many different rule differences and game variants available.



1If the casino allows you to surrender “before” the dealer checks for a blackjack this rule is much more attractive for the player.  Early surrender can cut the house edge between 0.3% and 0.7% depending on whether surrender is allowed against a dealer ten only or a ten and Ace.

Difference Between Single-hand and Multi-hand Blackjack

Dealer Flipping Over Hole CardBy Elizabeth Reed.

If you have never played multi-hand blackjack, you might wonder whether to try it or just stick to regular single-hand blackjack. Single-hand blackjack is quite common online and in some land-based casinos because of its simplicity and potentially higher chance of beating the dealer.

However, we believe one of the best ways to enjoy any casino game is to try the different variants available. This article will discuss the difference between single-hand and multi-hand blackjack variants. We shall also discuss the skills required to play these games and win real money.

The terms single-hand and multi-hand are a bit confusing.  They are often confused with regular single-deck and multi-deck blackjack.  They are not quite the same.  So, read on if you wish to understand how multi-hand blackjack differs from single-hand blackjack.

What is Single-Hand Blackjack?

Single-hand blackjack is a classical game requiring you to wager on the single hand dealt to you from one deck of 52 cards. Therefore, you get one hand per round. This includes the first two cards you’re dealt with and any cards you receive later, no matter how many cards you have in hand. The game has traditionally had a lower house edge compared to other casino games, however, if the game only pays 6 to 5 on a blackjack the casino edge is much higher.  Essentially, this variant forces you to play only one hand per round.

What is Multi-Hand Blackjack?

You can decide how many hands you receive when you play multi-hand blackjack online. Some games allow you to play 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 hands per round. Each hand is usually dealt with the same bet size, however, you may find some casinos that offer you the option of different bet sizes. For example, if you wager $5.00 per hand and play five hands per game, your overall initial wager will be $25.00. Starting with the left-most hand, you can play one hand after the other. 

Difference between Single and Multi-Hand Blackjack

The goal of both single-hand and multi-hand blackjack are the same… to beat the dealer.  You do this by either getting a hand total closer to 21 than the dealer or getting the dealer to bust.  However, both games have differences in strategy and game-play.

Comparing Single and Multi-Hand Blackjack

  • A single-hand game uses just one 52-card deck, whereas multi-hand games use four, six, or eight decks, each with 52 cards.  Essentially, we are referring to a single-deck game where you can only play one hand per round. 
  • The house edge for single-hand / single-deck blackjack games is 1.45%, while the house edge for multi-hand blackjack games typically ranges from 0.46% to 0.65% depending on the rules of the house. 
  • While multi-hand blackjack games pay out 3:2 in many casinos, single-hand blackjack games pay out 6:5.
  • Single-hand / single-deck blackjack has a house edge on the insurance of 5.9% as opposed to almost 7.5% for multi-hand / multi-deck blackjack games. 
  • Betting limits for the single and multi-deck variant games may be different.
  • The basic strategy for single-hand / single-deck blackjack is slightly different from the basic strategy for multi-hand / multi-deck games.
  • Playing multiple hands on one round of blackjack will definitely increase your fluctuation in the game.  In other words, be prepared for some big wins and/or losses, especially if you are betting multiple hands at max levels.

How to Play Single-Hand Blackjack

A few single-hand blackjack strategies can boost players’ chances of winning. You must first remember that in a single-hand blackjack game, every card significantly influences how the other cards in the deck are distributed. This can benefit you and emphasizes the need to pay great attention to how the cards are dealt and used.

The double-down and splitting rules are distinct for a single-hand game and merit careful consideration. As an example, if the dealer presents a 2 or 3, rather than merely 4 through 6, you can be more aggressive by splitting a pair of 3s if doubling after splitting is allowed. Similarly, you should only surrender when it is the best course of action.  Refer to the basic strategy for more information.

How to Play Multi-Hand Blackjack

The main rules of multi-hand blackjack are the same as those of traditional blackjack.  Of course, you will be making decisions based on the dealer’s up card and the total of a given hand, using basic strategy as your guide.

Unlike single hand blackjack, players can play multiple hands, allowing them to make various moves and stake more money. So, instead of having a maximum of one hand, in this variation, players are given the option to choose exactly how many they want at the start of the game.


A single-hand / single-deck blackjack game might seem more straightforward and easier to play but, surprisingly, it can be more intricate.  This is because there are several “fine points” to the basic strategy of single-deck games.

Playing a multi-hand blackjack game can definitely get exciting from time to time.  Imagine having 5 hands that you completed without busting.  You may have split and doubled on a few too.  Now, the dealer has a 6 up and turns over a….

If you take time to learn and understand how these games differ, you might find one is more rewarding.  You can try any of these games on many online casino platforms. However, checking the website’s rules before playing is essential to ensure there are no additional changes. So, which blackjack is ideal for you?


Getting to Know the Canadian Online Gambling Market

Online Casino 777By Olexiy Ivanov.

Gambling is illegal in Canada as per the Criminal Code. Gamblers, however, have always been adept at finding ways around restrictions. Lotteries and horse races are legal under Section 204, despite the prohibitions in Sections 201-206.

The stigma associated with gambling can gradually be altered by provincial regulations. There are jurisdictions where land-based clubs and online casinos can be opened without running afoul of the law by employing ‘lottery schemes.’ The term ‘lottery’ is interpreted quite broadly by the law and thus includes a wide variety of devices and games.

In such a situation, it can be difficult to decide which Online Casino Canada to go with. That is why Casino Zeus is here! Created by the Ukrainian gambling expert Olexiy Ivanov, the site reflects his 15 years of experience in the field. He uses this to list, review and rank the best online casinos in Canada, so people don’t have to worry about it.

What Are the Top Canadian Casinos in 2022?




Deposit Options


C$2000 + 200 FS

1000 +

Flexepin, iDebit, InstaDebit, Interac, Mastercard

Golden Star

C$2000 + 200 FS

1000 +

Flexepin, iDebit, InstaDebit, Interac, Mastercard

King Billy

C$2500+ 250 FS

5000 +

Flexepin, Interac, Mastercard

Lucky Nugget

150% Match Up To C$200

1500 +

American Express, Visa, eCheck, Ecopayz, Entropay, iDebit

Hell Spin

C$1200 + 150 FS

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Neosurf, Bitcoin, Visa, Ecopayz, Entropay, iDebit

Want to learn more about the other top Canada real money casinos? Visit our site!

Who Regulates Canadian Internet Casinos?

There is considerable variation in the laws and government agencies across Canada’s provinces. As a result, the federal government established provincial gambling commissions with authority to police the industry in each respective province. Legislation restricting gambling was first enacted in the Canadian provinces of Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba.

The main rules can be found in Criminal Code sections 204, 206, and 207. Provincial gambling is regulated by laws based on these principles.

  • The conduct of horse races and the rules governing wagering on them are governed by Section 204.
  • Illegal gambling and other casino-related activities are detailed in Section 206.
  • The permitted cash games are detailed in Section 207.

In Canada, each state or territory regulates its own lotteries, raffles, and promotional giveaways according to its own policies. To set an example, we will tell you about five of these governing bodies in this section.



British Columbia

Gaming Policy & Enforcement Branch



Nova Scotia

Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel, and Tobacco Services Division

Prince Edward Island

Lotteries Commission


Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority

You will find more information about them on our site. Feel free to check it out!

Obtaining an Online Casino License in Canada

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission hands out the permits required for setting up online casinos in Canada. If everything is in order, getting a license to operate an online casino from Kahnawake can take anything from four to eight weeks. The applicant will receive a refund of $10,000 if the application is denied by the Commission. It is important to note that all other fees are final, including those for professional services.

To be granted Client Provider Authorization status, the applicant must submit the following data:

  • Registration data for the company.
  • Registration form (required of all shareholders with a 10% stake or more)
  • Distribution service provider client application.
  • Letter of support from Mohawk Internet Technologies, stating that they are happy to host the applicant’s operations.
  • Completion of the control system.
  • Application for Key Personnel License.

If you want to play Canada Online Casino in 2022, you will have to make sure you play somewhere with a proper license and reputation. Our site tells you about all these casinos, so you can make the best choice possible. Visit us today to learn more.


Best Online Casinos to Play Blackjack in Canada

CanadaBy Nathan Grohman.

Two things make online gambling perfect – safety and quality. This is why gamblers in Canada search for casinos that offer them a wide, quality game selection in combination with many security measures to protect them. When you gamble on a website that you know is safe, will process your payouts, and upgrade its game portfolio often, gambling is much more fun, right?

If you haven’t found such a casino, you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll teach you what the best online casinos for blackjack have, where to find them, and even some tips on how to play!

Finding the Best Online Casinos for Blackjack

If you want a quality experience when gambling, you need to play at a safe, top-rated online casino. This can affect everything from how interesting it is on the site to how fast you’ll get your payout or how frequently you’ll win.

That being said, the best online casinos for blackjack have the following characteristics:

  • Many blackjack variants. If you are a fan of blackjack, you need to gamble on a website that will keep things interesting by offering different variants you can test and enjoy. For example, PlayOJO offers a selection of over 3000 games, with over a hundred blackjack variants, including many in the live dealer section.
  • Games from quality developers. It’s not just about the number of games. In fact, this is even less important when compared to the quality. Top-rated casinos like Jackpot City offer players games from some of the best developers such as Evolution Gaming, Playtech, and Netent.
  • Excellent bonuses. The great advantage of playing online is that you can claim exclusive bonuses. The welcome bonuses are especially high. Casinos like Spin will offer you up to $1000 as a welcome bonus just as soon as you sign up. This continues with reload bonuses, cashback offers, free spins promotions, and rich VIP programs.
  • Fast payouts. When you win money, you are eager to withdraw them. After all, you won them! This is why another important criterion for casinos is to offer fast withdrawal options and process requests rapidly.

Choose one of the top-rated casinos for your gambling and you can enjoy a big selection of blackjack titles that is growing all the time. If you get bored and want to try something else, the best online casinos offer a versatile selection of table and card games, as well as slots that reach thousands in numbers.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Blackjack

As soon as you decide where you want to gamble, it’s time to form a strategy. Surely, you could play as you go, but if you want to boost your odds, you need to come up with an effective blackjack strategy to use.

There are many options these days. The first attempt to do this was in 1953 when Roger Baldwin started thinking of ways to beat the odds in blackjack. This developed and progressed in endless strategies that we learn about and use today.

All strategies are similar in the sense that they want to beat the odds, but they differ in many ways. Just as there are strategies, there are entire systems that you can follow to improve your game.

Your strategy will, of course, also depend on the variant you are playing. If you are interested in some simple valid tips, here are some of the most frequently used by blackjack players:

  • Always double down on a hard 11
  • Never split pairs of 10s and 5s
  • Always split pairs of 8s and Aces
  • Think twice before taking the insurance bet

Of course, there is a blackjack basic strategy which should be learned first.  Playing a correct basic strategy for this game reduces the house edge to its absolute lowest.

Over the years, players have also attempted to come up with betting strategies and systems such as:

  • Martingale: Double up your bet after every loss until you win.
  • Fibonacci: Use the sequence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, and so on.
  • D’Alembert: Raise one betting unit when you lose and lower one betting unit when you win.

Well, the bottom line for all types of betting systems is that they do not work.  They can also be very dangerous to your bankroll.  More information on these systems can be found in the Encyclopedia of Blackjack on this site.

Wrapping Up

Did you find what you were looking for? Hop on the top-rated casino sites, choose your favorite, and enjoy an amazing selection of blackjack games by trying out these strategies, tips and tricks!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nathan Grohman


How Blackjack has Managed to Remain a Staple of iGaming Over the Decades

Blackjack Rack and CardsBy Luke Windsor.

It is impossible to deny that blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Players have flocked to blackjack tables in land-based casinos for decades, and the game has made a successful transition to the online world as well.

Indeed, the game’s popularity appears to know no bounds at the moment, with punters1)The term “punter” is a British slang term for anyone who places a bet in a gambling game.  It is an alternative to the term “patron” or “customer”. who are unfamiliar with the game continuing to look at a blackjack guide in order to learn about the game and some of the best techniques and strategies available because they want to be able to experience this classic for themselves at least once.

But why has the game, which has managed to stand the test of time, continued to retain its status in the era of online gambling? In this blog post, we will take a look at how blackjack has managed to remain a staple of iGaming2)The term “iGaming” is any kind of online betting that wagers on the future outcome of a game or event.  According to some 2022 estimates, the online gambling market is currently worth over $70 billion per year and growing every year. over the decades.

Several factors have helped blackjack to retain its popularity

The popularity of blackjack can be attributed to several factors. For one, the game is relatively easy to learn and does not require a lot of time commitment to master. Secondly, blackjack offers players good odds of winning, which is always a major draw for casino-goers. In fact, it is one of the best games in regard to the odds available, with the house edge tending to be near its lowest. Thirdly, blackjack is a social game, which means it is easy to find other people to join you at the table (or in this case, the virtual blackjack table).

Blackjack has had to evolve for the iGaming industry

Despite the fact that blackjack has remained popular for many years, there is no denying that the game has had to evolve in order to stay relevant in an ever-changing iGaming landscape.

One of the biggest changes that blackjack has undergone is the addition of bonus features and side bets. These days, it is not uncommon for online blackjack games to offer players side bets that can increase their winnings (or help them recoup their losses) if they make the right choices. Bonus features like these help keep players engaged and coming back for more.

Another change that blackjack has undergone is an increase in pace. In land-based casinos, players often felt pressure to make quick decisions so as not to hold up the game for other players at the table. However, with online blackjack, there is no such pressure since players can take their time making decisions without affecting anyone else’s game. As such, online blackjack games often allow players to set their own pace, which makes for a more enjoyable experience overall.


Blackjack is one of the most enduring casino games around, thanks to its simplicity, good odds, and social nature. While the game has remained largely unchanged over the years, it has had to evolve in order to stay relevant in an ever-changing iGaming landscape. The addition of bonus features and side bets, as well as an increase in pace, have helped keep blackjack fresh and exciting for both new and old players alike, thus helping this classic casino game to remain a staple despite the age of the internet.




1The term “punter” is a British slang term for anyone who places a bet in a gambling game.  It is an alternative to the term “patron” or “customer”.
2The term “iGaming” is any kind of online betting that wagers on the future outcome of a game or event.  According to some 2022 estimates, the online gambling market is currently worth over $70 billion per year and growing every year.

Five Grand Gaming Resorts in West Virginia…

Grand Casinos in West Virginia…that Will Make Your Stay Unforgettable.

By Juho Kantola.

West Virginia is a beautiful state home to some fantastic grand gaming resorts. If you’re looking for a place to stay that will make your vacation unforgettable, look no further than these five resorts! They offer everything from luxurious accommodations and top-of-the-line amenities to world-class gaming and entertainment options With thousands of games to choose from, like slots, poker, racetracks and roulette, and all the classics. You can play 24 hours a day with on-site buffets and bars galore! However, if you don’t feel like commuting to these casinos, you can still access your favorite games at caziwoo West Virginia, where you will find the best online casinos.

Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races

The Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races is one of the most popular grand gaming resorts in West Virginia. Just an hour’s drive from the Baltimore and DC beltways, Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races offers over 2,500 slot machines and over 100 table games, including poker and live thoroughbred horse racing. In addition to gaming, the Hollywood Casino also provides a variety of restaurants, bars, and live entertainment options thanks to its 1,200-seat Event Center featuring national acts, where guests can assist to famous events like the award-winning Final Cut Steakhouse. There’s something for everyone at this casino. If you’re looking for a luxurious hotel and an exciting place to spend your vacation, the Hollywood Casino is definitely worth checking out.

The Casino Club at the Greenbrier

The Casino Club at the Greenbrier is a high-class grand gaming resort in West Virginia. This casino offers guests a luxurious hotel experience and world-class gaming and entertainment options. The Casino Club at the Greenbrier is described by its guests as Monte Carlo meets Gone with the Wind, thanks to its high-roller thrills and high-class style that creates an unforgettable gaming experience. With over 1,000 slot machines and table games, there’s something for everyone at the Casino Club at the Greenbrier. The casino also offers international cuisine, bars, live entertainment options and boutique shopping in an elegant setting of America’s only private casino. If you’re looking for a luxurious and exclusive place to stay and gamble, the Casino Club at the Greenbrier is only available for overnight guests of The Greenbrier.

Mardi Gras Casino & Resort

The Mardi Gras Casino & Resort is a famous grand gaming resort in West Virginia, just outside the capital city of Charleston. This casino offers guests a luxurious hotel experience with 150 fully equipped hotel rooms, world-class gaming and entertainment options in a 90,000 square foot casino with more than 1,000 slot machines, features a diverse array of video, reel and progressive jackpots, a live music lounge, and a state-of-the-art sportsbook. The Mardi Gras Casino & Resort is also known for its over-the-top Mardi Gras theme, which provides guests with an unforgettable gambling experience where they can join over 30 tables to play Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Big six and more. In addition to its amenities, the Mardi Gras Casino and Resort offers a personal chef to prepare a fantastic breakfast for its guests, luxurious bath amenities from London, a complete business center with executive chairs, hardwired internet capabilities and 24-hour room service.

Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack

The Wheeling Island Hotel Casino Racetrack is a grand gaming resort in West Virginia that offers guests a luxurious hotel experience with all the best amenities. In this casino, you can also find world-class gaming and entertainment options such as slot machines, table games, live entertainment and live Greyhound racing. The Wheeling Island Players Club offers rewards and benefits to members no matter how they like to play. The casino also offers international cuisine, bars, live entertainment options and boutique shopping in an elegant setting. If you’re looking for a luxurious and exclusive place to stay and gamble, the Wheeling Island Hotel Casino Racetrack is the place for you.

Mountaineer Casino

The Mountaineer Casino is a luxurious gaming resort in West Virginia, situated on 77 acres of wooded hillside. This casino offers a wide range of gambling options and a thoroughbred race track. It’s 6.9 miles from Tomlinson Run State Park. This luxurious hotel offers rooms and suites with elegant and contemporary decor, plus flat-screen TVs, and the best rooms include two stories, patios or balconies, and living rooms. Guests can access a fitness center and three swimming pools. Also, they can choose between 7 dining options, including a Vegas-style buffet, a steakhouse and a sports bar. The Mountaineer Casino is where you go for unforgettable gaming experiences, whether you’re looking to play it safe or roll the dice.

Final thoughts

West Virginia offers visitors a unique and luxurious gambling experience, with world-class resorts like The Greenbrier, Mardi Gras Casino & Resort, Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack, and Mountaineer Casino high-end accommodations, international cuisine, live entertainment options, and of, course, a wide range of gaming options. Whether you’re looking to try your luck at the slots or bet on the races, West Virginia’s casinos provide an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting to come back for more. Plan your trip to West Virginia’s casinos now.


What is the reason for the popularity of online blackjack in Denmark?

DenmarkBy Vickie M. Bivona.

European countries have been at the forefront of the development of online gambling and casinos. Denmark is no different, with a long tradition of land-based gaming and a large number of online gambling operators catering to local players.

One of the most popular online casino games in Denmark is blackjack. Perhaps it comes as a surprise to some, but the truth is that blackjack has a lot more to offer than you might think at first. In this post, we are going to analyze the success factors that drive the popularity of blackjack among Danish players. Let’s take a look!

3 things that make it so widespread

Experienced gamblers don’t mind seeing blackjack among the most frequently played titles in online casinos. This one has a set of features that make it attractive to casino visitors, so we are going to cover the top three here.

1.                 Simplicity and straightforwardness

Blackjack is one of the easiest games to understand. The basic principle is to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. Players don’t need to memorize complex rules or follow complicated betting systems – this one can be enjoyed by anyone with a basic understanding of numbers.

This simplicity is one of the main reasons for blackjack’s popularity, as it allows players to relax and have fun without having to think too much about what they are doing. At the same time, you can easily search for blackjack titles and find the best casino online blackjack sites in Denmark. The same title is available at all digital gambling sites in the country.

2.                 Low house edge

Another big advantage of blackjack is that it has a relatively low house edge. It means that the casino has a smaller advantage over the player than in other games, such as slots or roulette. That gives players a better chance of winning in the long run, which is obviously very attractive to gamblers.

The average blackjack RTP goes around 96%1)Actually, the theoretical Return To Player (RTP) for blackjack is over 99%.  Of course, this depends on the rules of the game and the skill of the player.  An unskilled player who does not follow the basic strategy for the game can easily lower the RTP to 90% or so., which is one of the highest in all casino releases. With a low house edge, players can also use different blackjack strategies to further improve their odds of winning.

3.                 Exciting and fast-paced game-play

Finally, blackjack is just a very exciting and fast-paced entertainment option. No other casino game can match its combination of simplicity and excitement. Every hand is different, and you never know what’s going to happen next. That unpredictability is what keeps players coming back for more.

For instance, digital slots are too flat and predictable for many gamblers. On the other hand, games like poker or roulette can be too slow and complicated for casual players. Blackjack hits the perfect balance between these two extremes, offering an exciting and simple game that anyone can enjoy.

Other online games Danish users like to play

Although blackjack is the most popular game in Danish online casinos, don’t make a mistake and believe that it’s the only one out there. On the contrary, other casino games are also very popular among local gamblers. Here are some of the most-played casino titles in the country:

  • Roulette: It is another classic casino game that has been around for centuries. It is just as popular online as it is in land-based casinos because you can never tell where the ball will land.
  • Slots: These games are the most popular type of casino game in the world, and they are also very popular in Denmark. There are thousands of different slots to choose from, with new titles being released all the time.
  • Poker: Poker is another timeless classic that is enjoyed by millions of players around the world. It is a very strategic game that requires skill and luck to win.
  • Baccarat: Baccarat is a bit less popular than the other games on this list, but it is still played by many casino visitors. It is a simple game with a low house edge making it very attractive to gamblers.

These are just some of the most popular casino games in Denmark. Blackjack is the undisputed king, but other games are also very popular among local gamblers. Whatever your taste, you will be able to find a game to suit your needs at any online casino in Denmark.

The bottom line

Gamblers in Denmark simply love blackjack. In this post, we explained three factors that make the game so incredibly popular in this country. If you are looking for an exciting and rewarding gambling experience, blackjack is definitely the game for you. You can find it at all online casinos in Denmark, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.



1Actually, the theoretical Return To Player (RTP) for blackjack is over 99%.  Of course, this depends on the rules of the game and the skill of the player.  An unskilled player who does not follow the basic strategy for the game can easily lower the RTP to 90% or so.

Online Blackjack: Advantages and Disadvantages

Blackjack!By Ceylin Meulenberg.

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world, with millions of people enjoying it every day. The game itself has been around for hundreds of years. However, only recently have online versions become available, making it even easier to play blackjack from home or wherever you’re most comfortable. This article will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of playing blackjack online so that you can decide whether or not this type of game is right for you!

Having a Great Time

When you gamble on blackjack online, you can play with friends. You can also play at any time of day, which is great for those who cannot get enough of the game and want to continue playing through the night. What’s more, online blackjack has an entertaining design. It is not boring or monotonous like other games might be in real-life casinos.

The graphics are colorful, the music is fun, and the sound effects are entertaining. You can also play blackjack online for free if you want to practice your skills before playing for real money.

You Don’t Need to Go Out to Have Fun

Playing blackjack online has many advantages. The most obvious one is that you don’t need to go out at all. In fact, you can play online blackjack games in a reliable online casino from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and a computer or smartphone with a browser. You don’t need to get dressed up and make an effort about your appearance; you can be as comfortable as possible!

There are also no limits on how often you enjoy it, so this means that whenever it suits you (day or night), then there will always be someone else waiting patiently for their turn at the table, ready for their next hand – making online blackjack games extremely popular among amateur gamblers who want something quick yet enjoyable before bedtime!

No Waiting Times, Even at Popular Games

If you’re a fan of traditional blackjack, you might have been bothered by the fact that there are always long waiting times before your turn comes. This can be frustrating if you want to play for fun or if it bothers your schedule.

Online blackjack has none of these problems because, unlike its brick-and-mortar counterpart, there are no tables or dealers in sight: all punters are playing with their own hands against the dealer. It is, therefore, possible for each gambler to play at their own pace in any online casino Belgie without having to wait for other people or be rushed by others.

You Can Also Play for Free

You can play online blackjack for free. This is not possible in a real casino. You need to learn the rules of the game before you play for real money, but there are many benefits to doing this. You can practice at home on your computer or tablet or even by downloading an app onto your phone.

If you prefer playing casino games online, the operator can give you free chips when you sign up with them and deposit money into your account so that you have some funds to play with right away! Or they might offer demo versions you can try completely free of charge.

Online Casinos Are Generous with the Bonuses

If you are a blackjack player, you should be aware of the fact that online casinos generally offer far more generous bonuses than traditional casinos. The main reason for this is that online casinos have much smaller premises than real ones, and thus they don’t have to pay for the space and staff required to keep a brick-and-mortar casino running. Therefore, they can give away much bigger bonuses without worrying about how much money their business will lose.

You Can Play Blackjack 24/7

The best thing about playing online blackjack is that you can enjoy it 24/7, while an ordinary casino has opening times and days off. This means that there are no limitations on when or where you can play blackjack. You can enjoy your favorite game from the comfort of your own home without having to worry about any annoying crowds or queues!

The only disadvantage might be if you enjoy going out for a drink with friends after enjoying a good game at a real blackjack table. However, many online casinos offer a live chatting feature for those who love to play online blackjack with friends or make new ones. But if this isn’t something that interests you, then their shouldn’t be anything stopping you from enjoying all the benefits of playing blackjack online!


Blackjack online is a very good choice for everyone who wants to play the game without having to leave home. You can have fun whenever you want, as often as you want, and with as much money as you want. This is why we recommend every player who tries their hand at this card game for the first time to start by playing blackjack on their computer or smartphone. It’s not only easy but also fun!



How Did Blackjack Become the Most Popular Table Game in Dutch Online Casinos?

By Kathleen Spiering.Netherlands

Blackjack is one of the staple table games that is played in almost every casino. Unlike many other card games, blackjack fits perfectly in gambling entertainment. After all, you do play against the dealer, and the dealer is the one who has a slight advantage. That being said, the popularity of specific content varies depending on the country. While slots mainly dominate the popularity poles in Canada and Australia, blackjack is undeniably a fan favorite in the best online casino in the Netherlands as well.  So, let’s see what makes this card game so appealing, and why players flock to the virtual tables to play blackjack. 

Lower House Edge

Whether you bet or play slots the odds are always stacked against you. Casinos need to have the upper hand because it is a business for profit. However, there are a few games with a lower house edge. Blackjack is one of those games where you are more likely to win, and that is one of its main appeals. The same logic applies to roulette, as it’s one of the rare instances where players get to dictate their odds, depending on the type of bet they are placing.

Easy to Learn and Free to Play

If you just want to play casual blackjack then you are in luck. Dutch people love it because it’s really easy to understand the rules and start playing. Additionally, you can play online blackjack for free if you wish to learn and see how the game goes. Almost all online casino sites available in the Netherlands have a demo version of blackjack. The sites either have an app or are entirely mobile-friendly. This allows you to gamble while you are on your phone, whenever you like.

Finally, there are tons of promotions and even no deposit bonuses that you can claim. Typically it’s difficult to find promotions that don’t revolve around slots, but on Dutch gambling platforms, this isn’t an issue.

Professional Gamblers

Many gamers who go to casinos or play online, don’t actually do it to test their luck. They want to beat the game. They are called advantage players and they earn money through professional gambling. Unfortunately, not all of the games can be played professionally, so their choices are limited. Typically they go for blackjack or poker, as they can actually beat these games.

In other words, this is a skill-based game, and there are tons of tricks you can learn in order to improve your odds. In fact, blackjack is one of the exceptions when it comes to the house edge. Players who are skilled at counting cards can actually turn the game in their favor.

Live Dealer Games

You can use the online version of this game to master how to play perfect blackjack. There is a whole set of rules that you need to memorize in order to improve your odds. In all honesty, even sticking to this level of game-play is satisfactory. Playing perfect blackjack gives you almost a 50% win rate.1)Well, not exactly, but it is close at about a 0.5% casino edge for many games.  Of course, it depends on the blackjack rules in play and the skill of the player. However, if you wish to beat it you will need to go a step further.

Many professional gamblers go to land-based casinos where they can watch the dealer and observe the cards as they are played. That way they know what cards remain in the shoe and when to start playing and/or increase their bet. This isn’t really possible with online blackjack as you play alone. However, it is possible to pull it off in a live version.

You can queue up with your friend so that both of you can be at the same table. The live dealer version goes a lot slower so you both have time to document and write down the cards. It will take a few hours but you can eventually penetrate the deck and start to win consistently by relying on card counting. Of course, this is difficult to learn, requires a lot of practice, and it’s more profitable in land-based casinos where you can observe before you play. 


With all of this in mind, it’s really self-explanatory why Dutch users adore this game. It’s accessible, free to play, and easy to learn but hard to master. It’s one of the rare instances where the house edge isn’t unfair. Moreover, it’s a perfect practice for those who aim to become professional gamblers, and there are lots of bonuses they can use to their advantage. Anyone can try it out in a demo version, and they might not even have to create an account. This way you learn right away whether you are cut out for this hobby or not.  



1Well, not exactly, but it is close at about a 0.5% casino edge for many games.  Of course, it depends on the blackjack rules in play and the skill of the player.

How popular is online blackjack among UK players

By Natan GrohmanUnited Kingdom.

The UK is a country where gambling has its own culture. Gambling is completely legal here. Local online casinos and land-based gambling establishments operate under a license and offer customers a high-quality service. The casino is popular with locals. Both young and old gamblers visit such establishments. They perceive the casino as an opportunity to relax and have fun.

The rapid development of technology has led to the ubiquity of online casinos. Such platforms are viral among young players. In such establishments, you can find a wide range of various games, but among the British, it is online blackjack that is very popular in the best payout casinos. This card game has a long history. There are many types of blackjack in the casino, which have approximately the same rules. The player’s primary goal is to collect a combination of cards in his hand that will be equal to or be close to 21 without going over.

How to play online blackjack in the UK

Gambling is legal in the UK. Now, players can find a list of sites where they can play blackjack from a computer without leaving home. Several variants of blackjack are available:

  1. Playing in a live casino. On such sites, the player has the opportunity to feel like a visitor to a land-based gambling establishment. A live dealer conducts the distribution, and other players from all over the world join the table. All financial transactions are controlled by software, and as a result, the human factor is excluded. The game is recorded in the studio or from the hall of a real land-based casino. Shooting is carried out from several cameras at once so that the player has the opportunity to change the angle for a better view. Rounds are held around the clock with a break of several minutes. A player from Britain can enter the game at any convenient time. 
  2. Playing blackjack in slots. A kind of game against the computer. In this variety, you can find several modified games. This is done to speed up the game-play and increase the interest of the gaming audience.

Blackjack Rules

The main goal of classic blackjack is to outplay / beat the dealer at the table. After the deal, players draw cards until they are satisfied or the hand is close to 21. If your first two cards total 21 it is called a natural blackjack and it automatically guarantees victory unless the dealer also has a blackjack.

But remember, you don’t always need to push your luck by drawing to a hand that can bust (go over 21).  If the dealer shows a small card, there is a good chance that the dealer may bust.  If the dealer busts, all players who are still in the game win!

The main advantage of this game is the ability to apply mathematical strategies. With the right approach, a player can count the cards in the hands of the dealer and other people at the table to understand what exactly remains in the deck.

Why UK players prefer to play blackjack at online casinos

Going to a land-based casino can often be expensive. In addition to rates, the client also spends on transport rental, booking a hotel room, and visiting bars and restaurants located on the territory. Land casino visitors usually spend between 500 and 2000 pounds per visit.

In online casinos, the situation is entirely different. The players can start with any bankroll. Sometimes you can enter the game with an amount of £10 and place bets at tables that accept from 10p. When playing online, any other costs are also entirely excluded.

Variety of bonuses

In land-based casinos, bonus offers are almost non-existent. There may be some discount on room rentals or food and drinks at local restaurants. But, in online casinos where the British can play blackjack, the list of bonuses is much more comprehensive.

Cash bonuses are popular among live casino and card game players. They can be of two types:

  1. Welcome bonus. It is a no-deposit accrual of a certain amount to the account. It is issued to the client immediately after creating an account and the first login to the Personal Account. 
  2. Deposit bonus. Represents a certain %, which is returned to the bonus account after making a deposit. Most often, casinos offer a +100% deposit bonus. On some sites, the offer is valid as a package – for 3 or more subsequent deposits.

When using bonuses, players from Britain get the opportunity to increase their bankroll. It is essential for the casino client to carefully read the conditions of a particular promotion: the validity period of the offer and the established wager. If the conditions are not met, the promotion will be canceled.

iphoneBlackjack games online from your mobile phone

One of the most significant advantages of an online casino is the ability to launch your favorite card games from your mobile phone. According to statistics, more than 79% of adults in the UK spend their spare time playing games on smartphones. Studies also show that English players prefer to choose those online casinos where you can launch slots and other entertainment directly from your phone.

A mobile game can be implemented in two ways – through a separate smartphone application or an adapted mobile version of the site.

The same features are available in the mobile casino as on the main version of the site. The client can launch games, replenish the account and communicate with the technical support service.

Blackjack is popular among the British. You can apply mathematical skills to this game to improve your chances of winning.  Online blackjack takes the popular card game to a whole new level. Now players can enjoy the game and make hands anywhere.

IMAGE CREDITS: Pixabay | Apple