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The Benefits of Using an Online Casino in 2022

By Dylan Welsh

Being a patron of any casino is exciting. The thrill of the bet and the joy at winning, even a small amount. Then, there is the skill needed in many of the games and those small judgements that make the difference over your opponents. Yet, gambling online comes with many unique benefits that increase the fun of the experience.

Online Casino Benefits

Practically anywhere

The joy of an online casino is that you can play anywhere. For the past two years, we could still enjoy the thrill of the games even while asked to stay at home. Now we are free to wander the planet, to a degree, once more, we can play away as we commute or wait for our flight.

While a physical casino might offer you the flashing lights, rich sounds, and bustling crowds, an online casino allows you to play when it is practical for you.

A much larger game selection

An online casino is awash with choice. Not only are there all your favorite games, from roulette to poker to slots, but there is a variety of themes and playing styles too. You can vary your experience with every visit, ensuring you are always learning and engaged.

The selection of games online also allows you to tailor your experience to your wallet. Rather than having to spend big on every game, you can choose to spend an hour on a low stakes slot to pass the time.

Secure transactions

The online casino sector is highly regulated, as it should be. Every reputable casino wants to be seen to be doing everything to be fair and to be secure. To get a license to trade, online sites must go through rigorous checks and ensure that all money transacted through the site is safe. An online casino places ethical practice above all else, from two-factor authentication to measures to ensure you are monitoring your spend on the site. It is the only way to guarantee patrons continue to enjoy the experience.

Play at your pace and free games too

A night in a physical casino is a highly pressured experience. While an absolute pleasure, you may find yourself spending a lot more than you expected. It is much easier to play at your pace and within your limits on an online casino. There are settings you can put in place to prevent yourself from getting carried away and ensure that it is always fun.

Indeed, there is no need to spend anything if you don’t want to. There are many free games available to play, enjoying the fun of the bright lights and excitement without risking your wallet.

Many more bonus options

And finally, quite possibly, the most important benefit of online casinos in 2022 is the bonus. A bonus option allows you to accelerate your winnings tenfold or a hundredfold with a simple spin of the wheel. As there is so much competition in the online casino space, they have to work harder for your custom.

In short, online casinos in 2022, like OlyBet, will allow you that moment of escapism. You will be able to dream the dream of the big win and demonstrate some skills along the way.


Blackjack Types Around the World

BlackjackBy R. G.

Blackjack is usually considered the easiest online casino game to grasp. Be that as it may, the game has multiple variations, which you must be aware of. Before you play online blackjack for real money, you need to understand how each variation works. This will help you decide which one gives you the best value for your money. 

Popular Blackjack Variations

As mentioned earlier, there are several forms of blackjack. This piece will focus on five of the most popular game variations. They are also the ones that are primarily played on online casinos globally.  A bit of caution:  Don’t play games that only pay 6 to 5 on a blackjack.  The correct payoff should always be 3 to 2.

American Blackjack

American Blackjack, also referred to as Classic Blackjack, is the most widely played game variation. Here, the dealer gets both the cards right away, with one face up and the other face down. The card with the face down is usually referred to as the hole card. 

The objective of this game is to beat the dealer and/or get as close to 21 as you can. In American Blackjack, peeking is permitted for the dealer if their up-card is a face card, a ten, or an ace. Unlike European Blackjack, you will be allowed to avoid increasing your wager in situations where the dealer has a natural blackjack. The game lowers the house edge by 0.05% in such a case. Besides that, the game is based on the standard blackjack rules and strategies. 

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is another popular blackjack variation, especially in the United Kingdom. This variation of the game puts more restrictions and limitations on the players. It also promises players a house edge of around 0.39%. It usually uses six decks, allows splitting aces, but does not let you split 4s, 5s, or ten valued cards.

The fundamental difference of this blackjack variant is that the dealer does not get his hole card until the player has made a playing decision as per the cards he is dealt with. European Blackjack does not allow dealer peek or surrendering. 

Vegas Strip Blackjack

The Vegas Strip is also a popular blackjack variation among many online casino players. It gets its name from where it was originally played. The Vegas strip is a four-mile stretch of South Las Vegas Boulevard where you will find many hotels and casinos. 

This blackjack variation is very similar to Classic American Blackjack where the game’s main objective and rules are identical.  Vegas Strip Blackjack’s main difference is that the dealer will stand on soft-17, you can double after splitting a pair, surrender is not allowed and the number of decks used is usually 4 decks.

Blackjack Switch

This blackjack variation is unique because it allows players to place two identical wagers plus a side bet. The player bets on two hands first, then the game allows them to switch the second cards with one another if they want to. 

Geoff Hall, a respected casino games architect, created Blackjack Switch. The variant is prevalent in many top-rated online casinos. Besides the opportunity to switch, the game has one other prominent feature. That is, Blackjack Switch does not consider a dealer’s hand of 22 a bust. Instead, the game counts it as a push or draw, except when a player already has a natural blackjack, not prompted by a switch or split.  However, a player blackjack pays even money in this game.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs

Blackjack Perfect Pairs is an excellent example of a side bet growing as popular as a variant itself. In this Blackjack variation, the first two cards a player gets form a pair. The game has three types of pairs having different payout odds. 

So, what’s a pair? A pair consists of two cards having the same numerical value between 2 and 10 and the same face value for the face cards and aces. As a player, you have to decide whether you want to place the Perfect Pairs side bet before the cards are dealt. After that, it will be settled before the main game is played out as per the casino rules.   

How Do Blackjack Games Differ?

Dealer’s Move on Soft 17

A soft 17 is a 17 that comprises an ace. Some blackjack variations compel the dealer to hit on soft 17, while others require that the dealer stands on soft 17.  It is better by 0.2% for the player if the dealer stands on soft 17. 

Doubling Down Limitations

Several variations restrict the cards players can double down on. For example, European Blackjack only allows players to double down on totals of 9, 10, or 11. 

In other variations, players can increase their wager by 100%, while others allow more flexibility regarding how much you can up your bet by. Additionally, other Blackjack variations restrict doubling down on post-split hands.  

It is obviously better for the player if you can double on any two cards and have the ability to double after splitting a pair.

How Many Times You Can Split

You will encounter differences in the number of times you can split when you try different blackjack variations. For example, American Blackjack lets you split up to three times in the game. This means that you have up to four hands to play. On the other hand, European Blackjack limits splitting to only once per player per hand. 

The best games a player can play are those that have the fewest restrictions and the best rules. 


10 Technology Predictions for the Near Future

By Jenine Wing

One has to be pretty clued up to predict what the future holds for technology as it’s moving faster than light. If you look at the trajectory of tech developments and how they sped up in recent years, it’s exhilarating. You can only imagine where it’ll be and what it’ll offer humanity five years from now.

Fifteen years ago, nobody anticipated that online blackjack at FanDuel Casino would be available to every person with a phone. And look at us now after the Android Market hit the scene in 2007! Future tech predictions are sure to blow us away even more.

Jenine, the author here, shares her insights about what we can expect from near-future technology.

Technology Predictions for the Future

Top 10 predictions for 2022 and beyond

5G Will Go Global

Although this technology is already tangible in some countries, it’ll forever change the way we handle online activities globally. The most significant changes will be in the delivery time of information and responses in the Cloud.

The global economy will experience unprecedented growth, and it’ll create new business opportunities like never before. As the CTO of Ensono, Gordon McKenna, recently said: “5G will enrich our lives to such an extent that an entirely new generation of infrastructure is required.”

Devices Will Need Increasing Security to Protect it from 5G

5G isn’t as hard to understand as it may seem. Every device that can connect to the internet will gain access to the 5G Cloud instantly. Almost everything and everybody will be connected. You can control any computerized equipment remotely, opening new doors for hackers to increase risks.

VR & AR Will Become Part of Everyday Life

AR can change remote teaching, visiting your family overseas, and boardroom meetings as we know it.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) creates an entirely different environment based on the developer’s purpose. You’ve most probably seen it used for video games already. Augmented Reality (AR) uses your immediate surroundings and adds virtual images. You can sit in your living room and have coffee with your dad, who lives 2000 miles away, and it’ll seem as if he’s next to you.

Quantum Technology Solutions Will Skyrocket

Quantum computing’s full usability to the everyday consumer is still far from perfect. It’s undeniable that it’ll always develop and contribute to solving everyday problems. Countless industries can apply them in many different fields, including gaming, healthcare solutions, financial markets, and cybersecurity.

Artificial Intelligence Will Become Affordable for All

AI is already firmly integrated into your daily life, believe it or not. App developers incorporate it into developments, and as you use it, it gathers information about your preferences and how you use a site. AI is why Facebook knows that you enjoy slots, and you find regular advertisements for it on your news-feed.

Remote Teams Will Replace Office Personnel

It’s become more cost-effective for large corporations to have their people in the field. With modern technology such as video calling and time-tracking software, it’s easier to employ staff in specific regions than sending someone from HQ.

Government Agencies Won’t Be Able to Afford Proper Cybersecurity

The high demand for top-class cybersecurity is running at an all-time high. The private sector is paying to get the best, and government agencies most probably won’t offer them enough to retain their expertise.

The Basement Techies Will Join the Boardroom Discussions

The days when the company technicians hide away in a dark corner of the building are over. It’s more likely to see the men and women responsible for keeping it all together around the boardroom table. Technology is driving all industries, and it needs a seat at the table to stay at the forefront of an organization’s growth.

Innovation Will Accelerate Due to Advanced Encryption

Encryption is a slow process, and the race is on to perfect homomorphic encryption software. It’s cryptography that enables data to remain coded while being analyzed. The time and overhead on the current generation are massive, and as new tech advances, innovation will accelerate.

Big Names Will Populate Smaller Cities

As the big corporations embrace more remote teams and virtual assistants, it’ll make sense to move their operations to smaller and more affordable cities.


You have to agree that future technology predictions for 2022 are fascinating. It’s also enough to keep you nervously edged on your seat. It might seem that every time you blink too long, you’ve lost track of it all. You’re not alone, and the whole world is waiting in anticipation daily for the next huge breakthrough.

Fortunately, all of these advances also make life easier. As tech advances, it becomes easier for the general public to utilize its applications. Instead of worrying about being left behind, embrace technology, and enjoy all the excellent benefits to everyday life.


Top 5 Advantages of Playing Blackjack in Online Casinos

By Mark Knight

Gambling online is one of the favorite hobbies of millions of people worldwide. This industry has blossomed in the last few decades. Ever since people were given the opportunity to play online, their choices have expanded – and the interest has grown at the same time. Right now, you don’t have to go to a brick-and-mortar casino to do some betting on your favorite games. All you need to do is choose a good online casino, pick one of their offered games, and gamble from any location.

If you are a fan of Blackjack, you’ll be happy to hear that this game is frequently found at online casinos. Not only that, but you can find many variants of it. The numerous Blackjack options given to online gamblers provide them with endless fun. Most of these cannot be found in land-based casinos. Even if you can find some Blackjack tables in traditional, offline casinos, chances are you’ll get more Blackjack options if you bet online. As a matter of fact, if you play at the best bitcoin casino in Canada, you can find dozens of choices, as well as get more choices in terms of depositing your money.

As you can imagine, there are tons of reasons why online gambling on Blackjack sites is popular nowadays. Let’s take a look at the top 5.

1.    Convenient and Accessible

This is one of the best things about playing online – you get easy access from any place, at any time. Thanks to online casinos, you can now gamble on Blackjack tables without dressing up or traveling to a casino. With a good Internet connection and your phone or your desktop, you can enjoy an immersive experience with the opportunity to win real money.

As a matter of fact, thanks to live dealer tables and casinos that offer these, you can even enjoy real-time gameplay. Gamblers love this option because it resembles to gambling at a traditional casino without the burden of having to go there in person. You can play with others, as well as watch the dealer in real-time, from any location, and whenever you want.

Playing Blackjack on a Laptop

2.    Anonymous Play

Many gamblers prefer playing online instead of in traditional casinos because this way, no one will see them or can keep track of their spending. You can simply do this from your work desk, at home, or while moving around town on your phone.

Even the live dealer versions are anonymous since you can see the dealer, but others cannot see you. You can basically sit at home in your pajamas, drink a cup of coffee, and bet on a live blackjack table.

3.    Amazing Bonuses and Special Offers

One of the biggest differences between brick-and-mortar and online casinos is that the latter offer huge bonuses to players. Yes, in traditional casinos you’ll get free drinks, maybe some snacks, and if you are a VIP player, some other perks like a room in the hotel that the casino owns. But, they don’t offer you thousands of dollars as a match for your deposit, or some free spins just because you decided to sign up on their site.

This is what you get when you gamble online – various bonuses on different occasions. The best sites around have huge welcome promotions and packages, as well as numerous occasional and regular deals.

For example, you might get some free spins as a thank you without requiring a deposit, a big match on your amount that goes up to thousands of dollars, weekly or weekend reload bonuses and cashback offers, and so on.

The VIP programs are even more amazing online. Gamblers get bigger bonuses, huge rewards such as tickets to vacations, vehicles, invitations to parties, and much, much more!

4.    Numerous Blackjack Games

Before online casinos, gamblers had one, two, or maybe a few choices for a Blackjack table. Most featured traditional variants of the game, some with higher and some with lower wagering options.

Today, at online casinos, gamblers can choose between dozens of Blackjack games. They can play all sorts of automated games or gamble on numerous live tables. You’ll be spoiled with choice on top-rated websites that offer over 20, 30, and even 50 different live dealer tables with different variants of the game. This can hardly be found at land-based casinos because, after all, they are more limited in terms of space.

5.    Tons of Banking Options

When you gamble online, you’ll be given at least a few options for betting and withdrawing your money. You won’t be able to use just cash, or need to go to the ATM when you run out of money. Even when you win money, you can get them directly in your account without having to go to the bank.

Online casinos have increased their banking options over the years. The list might have included bank transfers and some cards in the past, but it has expanded a lot in the last couple of years. Some of the best-rated websites offer their players a plethora of choices. These choices include, but are not limited to:

  • Credit and debit cards – Visa and MasterCard are accepted in almost every casino worldwide.
  • E-wallets – These are very popular nowadays thanks to their increased security, privacy, as well as the fast withdrawals. The most popular options today are PayPal, Skrill and Neteller.
  • Prepaid cards and vouchers – Used only to deposit in most cases, these require no banking information to be entered on the site.
  • Cryptocurrency – In a time when digital currency is more used than ever, you can literally bet with your BTC or Ethereum money.

Online Gambling

Final Thoughts

Gamblers all around the world are enjoying casino games on their phones, tablets, and desktop. They do this from home, while going to work, while on their work break, and at any time when they feel like it. Gambling is more accessible and rewarding than ever thanks to online sites that offer bonuses and instant play at any moment. If you are a fan of Blackjack, one of the best games offered today, you’ll be spoiled with choices any time you want to gamble!

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The Best Video Games of 2021

By Vaish

Gaming has increased dramatically in the year 2021. The percentage ratio of gamers has increased 14.4% from the previous year of 2020. The major reason is that the gamers have got ample time during the COVID 19 lockdown to play various games. However, it is a hard choice to select from the latest games since they are thousands in numbers. Hence, we have compiled a list of a few best games of 2021.

Halo Infinite 6

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite 6 is the latest addition in the Halo series. It is single-player shooting gaming involving cosmic characters and enemies. The plot is unique, and the storyline starts with our lead character, “Master Chief,” getting defeated at the hands of “Banished.” After the defeat, they kick him out of UNSC Infinity into space.

The game begins when a UNSC pilot, Echo 216, finds the Master Chief. The battle of redemption and taking back UNSC begins henceforth. The player will have to make their way through the space to retrieve the control of the UNSC. Echo 216 will be of crucial help at times. The game features top-notch graphics giving a realistic touch.

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

This game is the latest addition to the action-packed series of Resident Evil. The game features the same lead character “Ethan Winters” in a single-player pattern. The storyline starts with the murder of Ethan’s wife and the abduction of both Ethan and her daughter. He will now have to scale a village infested with mutant werewolf enemies to rescue his daughter.

Resident Evil Village gameplay encompasses a vast village with ancient buildings. Ethan will have to fight the enemies strategically to rescue his daughter. The werewolves are not easy to defeat, and the challenges become tenser as he closes in for victory. The same can be said for tension in online casino games.

Meanwhile, online casino games have also gained immense popularity during this year. The lockdown has forced the closure of casinos worldwide. Therefore, people now pay more attention to online casino games. If you are wondering about the best online platform for casino games, feel free to visit

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5

Not everyone is a fan of action-packed shooting and fighting games. Some find pleasure in drifting their way through racing tracks.  “Forza Horizon 5” is one the best racing games of 2021, featuring both single-player and multiplayer gameplay.

The game has the latest, upcoming, and classic versions of sports cars. Moreover, the gameplay offers a wide range of engine modifications regardless of the car type. In addition, the major aspect of the game is the inclusion of weather effects. The real-time weather effects influence the gameplay and make it more challenging for the players than it was for traditional racing games.

The race tracks are full of obstacles, and the users can also go through open maps without any limits. Multiplayer competition takes the game on a whole new level. This game is a challenging one rather than a conventional racing game.

Final Word

It will be hard to deny the fact that 2021 is a year of gaming and gamers. Furthermore, the developers have made it difficult for the users to decide on the best games to play. However, we have shortlisted the above games for you per their best features.

Photo Credits:
Halo Infinite – 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios
Resident Evil Village – Capcom
Forza Horizon 5 – Playground Games / Xbox Game Studios


How to be Lucky in Online Gambling

Luck Versus SkillBy

It can seem like there is no better feeling than hitting the jackpot in an online casino game. With so many games to choose from, it is easy to become overconfident and forget about the risks of gambling. It is easy to fall into this trap, but if you want to stay lucky gambling online, here are some tips for doing just that.

It can seem like there is no better feeling than to bet one dollar in an online casino and then  hitting the jackpot on the site. With so many games to choose from, it is easy to become overconfident and forget about the risks of gambling. However, this can be one of the most addictive and harmful forms of gambling.

Then Why Play at Online Casinos?

Online gaming is a great way to pass some time when you have nothing else better to do. There are many different games that appeal to people with all kinds of skill levels from beginners up to professional players who want more advanced challenges than they could find in a land-based casino setting. The following guide will provide information on how online casinos work as well as help get you started playing your favorite game today.

A number of online casinos will allow you to play for free. This gives players the opportunity to get used to a game before they risk their money and it also helps them decide whether or not this is really something that interests them enough for real betting. It may take some time, but playing in an actual casino can be very rewarding over time as long as you follow these tips.

Online gaming has spawned many different kinds of games from simple card-based games like Blackjack up through to complex games like Poker. Whether you are looking for a game to play with friends or just want an entertaining way to pass the time, there is sure to be something that appeals.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when getting started playing online is finding a good casino. The following article will provide you with some tips that can help you find what it means to play, and win in an online casino.

Tips for avoiding bad luck when playing online casino games

Hold onto your lucky charms tight: here are some top tips for boosting your gambling luck next time you’re trying your luck on the slot machines, table games, sports betting, skill-based games or any gambling site you can think of. Forgot your rabbit’s foot or any other lucky charm; here’s some real tips for you to attract good luck when you’re out there winning money. Don’t fret if you lose money; sometimes a wrong sports bet or playing a skill-based game on tilt might spoil your chances. Whether your gambling rituals include good luck charms like lucky symbols or just good news, you should still take heed of these tips when playing games with other casino customers or any time you need to just attract luck.

Never gamble more real money than you can afford to lose.

Online gambling sites are full of people who have spent so much on their gaming that they could not pay back the money if it were called in today. If for some reason, your income suddenly took a dive and you had no means of paying off any outstanding debts from an online casino game, what would happen? No matter how bad things get or how good luck is going at the time – always keep this thought in mind when betting online.

Play for fun, not to try and win a fortune overnight.

It is true that it can be easy to get caught up in the thrill of gambling online if you are winning big time – but never forget why you started playing in the first place! If you are not having fun anymore, then take a break from your favorite online casino games and do something else. Pay attention to whether it’s time to leave or not.

Never underestimate the power of chance, even when placing sports bets.

Although playing with luck is part-and-parcel to any form of gambling – never ever forget that there will always be times when Lady Luck just isn’t smiling in your direction at all. You can get caught up in thinking about what would happen if you were able to beat down her challenges every time she threw an obstacle on your path – but all it takes is one game when she turns her back on you to get a reality check. If Lady Luck does ever smile your way, be sure to thank her for the good fortune and never forget that there will always be times where luck lets everyone down.

Don’t get too greedy.

Although the idea of being able to win big at casinos is certainly an attractive one – there will always be times when you can lose a lot of money very quickly if you are not careful. If every time that Lady Luck throws something your way, do decide to ‘go for broke’ and try your luck then don’t think it overthinking things. Remember this golden rule: 2-3% profit on any game in any online casino is really all that you need to keep yourself happy. There’s always a house edge, even in a game of chance so gamble responsibly.1)The house edge is how the casino makes money.  All games are designed to give the house an inherent advantage.  If you play long enough you will eventually give the casino their fair share.  Advantage players look for ways to gain a short term and in some cases a long term edge in the games they play.  One advantage play idea for online casinos is taking advantage of sign-up bonuses and other potential offers.  To give yourself the best chance of getting lucky you should always be on the lookout for games with the lowest house edge. Also, as an example, when you play blackjack online be sure you play using the correct basic strategy.  You make your own luck by studying the games you play and being responsible!

Do not get into debt.

High-interest rate credit cards are something which many people will be able to relate with and there can often come a time when things go wrong in life – very suddenly at times. If your luck does ever turn against you, remember this advice: do consider using any of the money gained from gambling on paying off your debts as soon as possible instead of leaving it until later or waiting for Lady Luck to help you out.

Invest only what you can afford to lose.

It is important for any gambler playing online games to know that they are gambling with money that isn’t needed right now – and will never be used on anything else in the future. If it were invested into something, then at least there would be a chance of doing well out of it later down the line as an investment made good returns… but by betting unwisely or too much while playing your favorite deluxe slot machine game, you could be gambling with something which will never ever return to your bank account, so keep making money.

Final thoughts and some lucky charms

Online casinos are a great way for many gamblers and sports bettor players of all ages and backgrounds the world over can enjoy themselves in many different ways using their computers at home or on smartphones when they happen to have some spare time – but it is important to remember that there can come a point where things turn around very quickly. If Lady Luck is turning her back on you then don’t try and make her smile by throwing good money after bad – remember that this is a game and it can’t be taken too seriously or you could find yourself out of pocket very quickly.

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1The house edge is how the casino makes money.  All games are designed to give the house an inherent advantage.  If you play long enough you will eventually give the casino their fair share.  Advantage players look for ways to gain a short term and in some cases a long term edge in the games they play.  One advantage play idea for online casinos is taking advantage of sign-up bonuses and other potential offers.  To give yourself the best chance of getting lucky you should always be on the lookout for games with the lowest house edge. Also, as an example, when you play blackjack online be sure you play using the correct basic strategy.  You make your own luck by studying the games you play and being responsible!

Sports Betting Odds Demystified

Sports BookBy Alex Larsen

For those who are not experts in sports betting, all can agree to one thing: that reading, understanding and calculating game odds has never been easy. It takes some experience in the diverse gaming sector for someone to be fully conversant with the riddle of odds. The already amateur in this can agree that they were either taught or it took them quite some reasonable time for them to conveniently learn on their own. For that reason, blackjack has broken down the task for anyone who had the itching query about the entire concept of odds in games. So next time someone can bet confidently like a professional without experiencing goosebumps.

The three key aspects why you should understand gaming odds:

  • Betting odds help you to know what games are worth risking money on.
  • Odds can be used to calculate the probability of an outcome for a certain game.
  • Odds allow you to understand your expected pay out.

Betting odds help you to know what games are worth risking money on.

It is certainly true that everyone knows that gambling is a game of wins and losses. Nothing is ever guaranteed. Hence, by better understanding how odds work, you are in a better position to know where, when and how to place that bet with the least risk possible. The human psychology is often mounded in a manner that is geared towards winning and success.

To prove this fact, some people even engage in betting as an investment. To successfully do this, they engage in the sure bet formula to make sure that they have nothing to lose at all. It is very true that the math underlying the concept of odds can be an eye opener to whether the bet is worth it or not. One key factor to assess is whether or not the presented probability is higher or lower than the actual probability of the game. Hence, you have to put into consideration the bookmaker’s profit margin and the actual probability outcome of the game. However, you should not forget that probability is not reality.

Odds are used to calculate the probability of an outcome for a certain game.

Another expression for odds is chance or probability.1)Chance can be expressed either as a probability or as odds.  For more information, check the word odds in the Encyclopedia of Blackjack on this site. Odds can be better defined as a probability that something will occur or not. So, once the betting opportunity is identified and the probability assessed, the outcome should be higher than the probability implied. Hence, it is very vital to consider the estimates of the bookmaker. Furthermore, it is important to know that the odds that are always on display can never truly reflect accurate results. That is the probability of the results indicated occurring or not. One should also note that the payoff depends on the results of the odds reflected.

Getting to understand your expected payout.

The payout in sports always depends on types of odds being used. More importantly, payouts always include the amount of money that you put in. It is very simple to calculate the expected outcome of a game that you have placed a bet on. It is especially true when the odds are in decimal points. It is because you just have to multiply the number of odds by the amount you have placed for the bet. For other types of odds with either fractions or others, a bit of mathematics are needed for calculation. Still better enough, you can get betting tips for football and other games from sites like Bet365 games.

Different types of odds.

It is also very important for you to understand the different types of odds. A better understanding of the different types of odds enables you to know how you do calculations or your expected total payout. All odds come in different forms and styles. Hence as a serious gamer, you ought to know all these types of odds.  The common types of odds can be categorized into three. These are:

  • Fractional, also known as the British odds.
  • Decimal, also known as European odds.
  • Money line odds, also known as American odds.

European odds are the most conversant with most gamers. They are also the easiest when it comes to calculation based on total payout. 

Understanding more about the betting odds, how they are calculated and the risks involved in every betting game needs in-depth research. You also need to really be enthusiastic about sports and a very keen follower of Igames. Determining on which side of the match to place your bet is not always a walk into the park. It is always a double dilemma. There is the fear of losing and the excitement of winning. However, even with an in-depth comprehension of how the matches play, it is still not guaranteed that one is just prone to win. Placing a bet still remains to be a risk unless it is a sure bet. Sure bets have their own knowledge too.

Even podcasts that are run by some of the most experienced sports analysts, old football players, and retired coaches do fail at times. The work of these experts is to assist gamblers make the most informed decisions whenever it comes to betting tips and insights. These podcasts run by experts actually are very experienced experts.  They do a very critical analysis of matches based on past experiences and also the current state of the team. They use diversified data and facts to come to a convergent conclusion but winning is never guaranteed at all. Although at times the predictions hit right… at other times they do not.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons



1Chance can be expressed either as a probability or as odds.  For more information, check the word odds in the Encyclopedia of Blackjack on this site.

Free Online Pokies Australia: Guide in Aussie Pokies No Download

Aristocrat SlotsBy Martin Robinson

Australia has free pokies that are playable in online casinos by both beginners and experienced punters. Unlike real money slots, these pokies are available for free with no download and no registration required. Games have features like layouts, RTPs, symbols, and paytable. Like real money games, AUS free online pokies can be played on iPad, iPhones, and Android devices.

Best Australia Online Pokies No Download

There are many popular pokies1)The term “pokies” originally comes from the “pok” in “poker machine”.  However, in Australia / New Zealand, the term simply means “slot machine”. that gamers can choose to play. Players can play without spending a dime and they are meant to lure them into playing at casinos. Additionally, punters2)For those who are unfamiliar with the term “punter”, the Cambridge Dictionary defines it as “a person who gambles or risks money guessing the result of something“. can access these free games via demo mode only. Some casinos require players to register as members and make deposits to play for actual money. Everyone can choose for themselves the option of online slots real money Australia according to their preferences and desires.

Top 10 Free Pokies Aristocrat

Gamers can play numerous popular free online pokies Australia Aristocrat. Some of these slots include Big Red, Dragon Link, Queen of the Nile Slot, More Chilli, Where’s the Gold, Lucky 88, 50 Lions, 5 Dragons, Dolphin Treasure, and Indian Dreaming. Real online casino Australia real money offer free modes to attract many clients / punters. Punters can try these free titles to gain the experience needed in real money mode. As a top-rated slot provider, Aristocrat offers various slot machines, top-end customer support, attractive business and promotions, and many more. Next, we will consider the most popular no deposit pokies australia that require your attention.

.Big Red is a free online slots Australia that runs on a 5-reel layout with 5 paylines. It has an RTP value of 97.04% and medium volatility. The high payout percentage means two things: huge payout returns or striping off players their cash. Wager between 3-300 coins per spin. Free online pokies Big Red symbols are trees, eagles, bears, crocodiles, kangaroos, and dingoes.

.Dragon Link is a real Australian online pokie from Aristocrat with a 5×3 reel and 25-50 paylines. With a minimum wager amount of $0.01 coins and a maximum of $125.00 coins per spin, punters can wing big while playing this slot. The game has an RTP value of 95.2%. It has the following Asian themes Panda Magic, Happy & Prosperous, Autumn Moon, Peace & Long Life, Spring Festival, and Gengis Khan.

.Queen of the Nile is one of the top Australian online pokies that is themed on ancient Egypt featuring Cleopatra. Queen of the Nile comes with symbols like letter symbols, golden rings, Pharaoh Masks. Special features include wild queens, pyramids, free spins, gamble features, and scattered pyramids. You can try your luck with free australian online casinos with bonuses and free spins.

.More Chilli is best Australian online pokies launched in 2015 that has a 5 reel configuration alongside 25 paylines. The betting range is between 0.01-60 per line. Its RTP is 97% and has medium volatility. More Chilli’s theme is inspired by Mexican culture. The graphics and design are amazing, as represented by the Mexican sun and the background. Its symbols include the sun, money bag, Chihuahuas, chicken, chilli stand, Mexican man, tequila, and roosters. Each free online casinos Australia has its own characteristics and advantages.

.Free Where’s the Gold slot features the Gold Rush moment where there is a cartoon prosecutor and a mine with treasures. There are two categories of symbols here, i.e., low-paying symbols (card symbols) and high-paying symbols (pickax, a mine, cartoon prosecutor, & wagon). The betting size of 0.01 – 100 coins per line. Also, there are fantastic bonus features free spins, multipliers, scatters, wild symbols, medium volatility, and a little low RTP (94.7 Lastly, Where’s the Gold operates on 5 reels alongside 25 paylines.

.Lucky 88. Produced by Aristocrat, free Lucky 88 pokie is inspired by the Chinese lucky number (8). It comes with five reels, 96.6% RTP, a betting size of 0.01-125 coins per spin, and free spin bonuses. Its features include multipliers, Wilds, Scatters, and bonus games. The game’s symbols comprise golden lion, traditional Chinese lamps, cranes, Chinese drum, pagoda, card values (A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9).

.50 Lions is a real online pokies Australia that offers free spins to players. It comes with 5×3 reels, 50 paylines, 94.71% RTP, and a whopping jackpot worth $12241.60. Notable special features are scatter symbols, wilds, bonus games, and low volatility. The minimum wagering amount is 0.01 coins per spin, whereas your maximum amount is 200 coins. 50 Lion pokies online Australia real money is set on an African safari; its features comprise lions, diamond (Wild), and red flower (Scatter icon).

.5 Dragons is a non-progressive video slot by Aristocrat that has 5 reels and 25 paylines. It offers Australian gamblers numerous features like free spins, jackpot bonuses, bonus games, and Wild and Scatter symbols. This free pokie has an RTP value of 95.17% and high volatility. Claim a jackpot size of $16482.70 with a betting range of 0.30-120 coins per spin. 5 Dragons consist of Asian-styled symbols like fish, statues of gods, turtles, dragons, and playing card denominations.

.Dolphin Treasure is an free pokies Australia Aristocrat about an abandoned gold chest on the ocean floor. It has a five-reel layout, 20 paylines, 94.88% RTP, low volatility, and a maximum win of 9000x stake. Dolphin Treasure’s special features are multipliers, Autoplay option, bonus games, and Wild & Scatter symbols. Symbols are sea horse, sea turtle, starfish, octopus, Angelfish, and playing cards (A, K, J, Q, 9, & 10).

.Indian Dreaming is a best paying online pokies Australia free spins that requires no download no registration and has 5 reels and has 243 different paylines. It has 98.99% RTP plus medium volatility and a betting size of 1.00-50. The main features of Indian Dreaming are gamble feature, scatter symbol, wild symbol, free spins, and bonus games. Its symbols comprise tomahawks, teepees, squawks, and poker cards like aces, kings, and queens.

Free Online Pokies Australia Real Money No Deposit: Are They Worth It?

Different Australia pokie machines have different bonuses, themes, gameplay, and design. Some casinos provide free pokies online games, no download, or mobile casino Australia apps with free pokie download. To discover how a certain Australian pokie wins machine functions, it is better to try free pokie in the demo version.

Advantages of Best Pokies Online Australia

  • Free online pokies Australia real money allow punters to test their skills. Punters can play demo versions of many games and gain skill and experience, which are vital when playing real money slots.
  • Users don’t need to sign up. Punters can play table games and slot machines without having to register first.
  • Once deposited, money can be used to play numerous games; hence, there is no need for re-depositing repeatedly.
  • Playing free slots relieve pressure from losing your money. It prepares players for real money games.

Disadvantages of Real Money Pokies Australia

  • Users can’t win real money while playing online.
  • There are some features and options that are off the limit, unlike in real money pokies.

Themes of The Best Online Pokies Australia Real Money

Australia best online pokies have themes that make them more prominent. These themes can be characters or behind-the-scene stories that make them outstanding in the crowd. Additionally, themes set slots apart from other games hence easy to play. Gamers play pokies online real money Australia because they are inspired by certain TV shows/films/music bands represented in a particular slot.

#1. Animal pokies AU cover animal stories from the wild plains of Africa, the European landscape, and the rainforests of South America. These best online slots Australia have symbols portraying animals like gorillas, foxes, rhino, wildebeests, elephants, pandas, jaguars, and tigers. Top-rated animal pokies are as follows: Big Red, Dolphin Treasure, and Bonus Bears.

#2. Ancient pokies incorporate great medieval stories into the gaming experience via online slots. They make gamers feel like heroic explorers, which is why most Australia online casino players adore them. The themes focus on the rich history of the Egyptian kingdom, ancient Greece, Aztec culture, and Vikings. Examples of such games are Queen of the Nile, Pompeii, and Leonidas: King of the Spartans.

#3. Dragons have been part of our mythology for a long time since ancient Mesopotamia. Free Dragon-themed slot machines are a perfect fit for most slots due to their storylines. Dragons feature in slots either as the antagonist or complete the classic tales. In some slots, they are the focal point and come in various shapes/sizes. Examples of dragon pokies are 5 Dragons, Dragon Emperor, Dragon Spin, and Dragon Link.

#4. Celebrities inspire a lot of people in society. Their life and how they live are admired by many around the world. Celebrity slots have symbols that are related to the celebrity. Michael Jackson has symbols like hats and special gloves. Other examples include Bruce Lee, Mariah Carey, and Elvis Lives.

#5. Comics. Heroes from comic books have been entertaining people for a long time. And because of their impact on many people, they have incorporated into online pokies thus can be played for fun and real money. Each comic hero, like the hulk, superman, and iron man, has symbols related to them. Comic-themed slots are Wonder Women, Superman, Super Heroes, etc.

#6. Fantasy pokies take players to an imaginary world with mythologies, histories, fairy tales, and aquatic adventures. Heroes in fantasy pokies are either real or invented. Examples are Merlin’s Millions, Jack & the Beanstalk, and Mystic Moon Big Hit Bonanza.

#7. Music pokies online free are some of the most popular online games available in Australian casinos. Some of the famous music bands have been adopted as themes. These slots include symbols like guitars, drums, and pianos. Heroes of music pokies include Kiss, Gun N’ Roses, and Elvis. Examples of music-based slots are Michael Jackson, Jimmi Hendrix, and Gun N’ Roses are.

#8. Movies. Some of the successful movies King Kong, Ghostbusters, and Star Trek, have made it to the gambling world. Movie-based slots use symbols that are related to this theme. They also include animations and real video footage from original movies to improve the gaming experience.

#9. TV Shows have also been captured by game developers.TV shows pokies use animations and graphics that are related to the TV shows thus are appealing to fans of each particular show. The developers have created various TV-themed slots like Baywatch and the Big Bang Theory.

#10. Magical pokies are about mystery and magic. Best online Australian pokies take away the boredom from fans as they are colourful and come with a lot of fun and excitement. Symbols portray things like magicians, heaven, demigods, and mythical creatures. Examples of magical pokies include Magic Reward and Book of Magic.

#11. Mystery pokies involve a detective solving some complicated mysteries and getting rewarded for the good work. The theme is mystery and suspense. Symbols are related to particular slot games. These symbols portray the following people or activities: secret agents, secret society, detective, spy, and investigation.

#12. Historical. Developers have also created historical slots that feature historical eras in Egypt, Rome, and Greece. As a result, several games have captured the interest of many punters, and they are Red Baron and Spartacus.

Free Slots Australia: Online Pokies Free Spins No Deposit Australia

There are many free slots that Aussie punters can play. These slots come as video slots with bonus features or 3D slot games. 3D slots have some of the best graphics, animations, video clips, and exciting bonus rounds. Punters can play these slots for free in demo versions only.

  1. Classic slots use mechanical reels and have a direct paytable. These paytables do not have bonuses and extra. RNG determines reels and symbols to appear on the screen in classic slots. Classic slots are available at online casinos around the world. Despite many modern video slots, classic ones are still popular since they are easy to play.
  2. For gamers who are fans of nostalgic fruit symbols, fruit slots are here for you. These slots are attractive and have a user-friendly interface which makes them fans’ favourite in online casinos. Additionally, fruit slots are generous and are suitable for beginners who want to test their skills. Features of these slots include simple profit calculation, simplified functionality, and little complementing elements.
  3. Videoslots are the most popular top online casino Australia games. They have reels with symbols evenly placed along with them. To win, players must match a specific number of symbols on a spinning reel with a payline. Different video slots have varying numbers of paylines.
  4. 3D slots are modified versions of video slots and have graphics looking like the screen in 3D. Through 3D technology, gamblers can visualize the on-screen action as reality. Gamers must play 3 different levels to advance to the next round.
  5. VRslots are played in virtual reality casinos. They offer gamblers an experience that is not available in other slots. For instance, gamblers can access 360 degrees of field of vision when playing through virtual reality technology.
  6. Penny free slots Australiaare games where you can play with 1 cent per line. These pokies offer relatively cheap options to gamblers as they can play with any amount below a dollar. There is a minimum number of lines that casino players must play per spin.
  7. High Stake punterscan stake a high amount which could be more than the ordinary games. They can wager as high as a $300 bet and there is no limit on big winning. Most gamblers play high stake slots because they can become eligible for VIP rewards and have a chance of winning larger prizes.

Free Pokie Machines: Types by Paylines

Paylines are lines that cross a single symbol on each reel of a slot machine. Different free pokie machines have different paylines. These paylines are either fixed or variable. Fixed paylines restrict gamblers from playing all the lines in the game while viable paylines do not.

– 243 Ways, there is a 5-reel screen having three symbols on each reel. Gamblers are supposed to make bets before the beginning of every spin. As a result, 243 possible lines will emerge that players can win on. Gamblers are assured of many ways of winning and can get more value from their bet.

– 1024 Ways is simple and it only requires players to follow procedures and rules set by the slot machines. All 1024 ways slot has a 5×4 reel. Playing 1042 ways slot involves matching symbols consecutively on the reels beginning from left to right. 1024 offers gamblers a chance to access all possible combos from left to right.

– 3125 Ways slots are not as popular as the other types of paylines. These slots come with five symbols and five reels denoted totalling 3125. They operate the same way as 243 and 1024 slots, only that they have more chances of winning. 3125 has five reels plus scatters and wilds.

Free Pokie Games to Play: Reels

Reels are the horizontal columns in video slots that contain all the symbols. They are triggered into spinning by pulling or clicking on the spin button.

  • 3 Reels. Casinos with three reels were the first to appear in the gambling world, and they have since remained exciting. 3-reel pokie machines are simple thuseasy to understand for new Australian online casino gamblers. They have a single payline and payouts are not determined by the amount wagered or the length of time played.
  • 5 Reelsare also known as video slots. In 5 reels, two more reels are added to the 3 reels slots. There are additional rows, hence making players hit more available paylines. It’s worth noting that 5-reel slots come with huge bonuses and mini-games and are exciting and engaging.
  • 7 Reels slots have only 7 paylines is basedon the belief in the luck behind the number. Unlike 5-reel slots, this type of reel does not have complex graphics, animations, and videos. Casino players who play the slots with 7 reels do so because there are ways to win a game with fewer reels.
  • 10 Reelsslots offer a lot of information to punters as they are large. Punters may interact with many numbers of paylines plus winning combinations. It is difficult to master all the symbols, thus not easy to strategize and win in pokies with 10 reels.
  • Cascading Reels, symbols that are matched in the reels are taken off the board, creating a new one to drop. The slots with such reels are played for fun as they have avalanche reels. Gonzo’s Quest is an example of slots with cascading reels.

Software of Free Pokie Games

There are many pokie providers in Australia. The most popular ones are Ainsworth Game Technology, Aristocratic, Bally, and Playtech. These slot developers are either big or small. Big pokie developers have a wide collection of games:


is one of the biggest pokie developers established in 1953. They not only operate in Australia but also in other 90 countries globally. In their library, there are numerous free Aristocrat pokies for android like 50 Lions, Sons of Anarchy, and The Walking Dead.


formerly known as Williams Gaming offers Aussies with pokie machines and video lotteries plus popular online games online. They have a large list of games in their collections. These include Elton John, Game of Life, and Bruce Lee.


was established in 1980 and has been one of the top providers in the gaming industry. They are known for providing brick-and-mortar casino games and online casino games. Novomatic’s games library consists of Buffalo Thunder and Book of Ra.


is a UK-based online pokie provider. They are characterized by progressive jackpot, and that’s why it is popular among Aussies. Microgaming provides software for casinos and boasts of games like Game of Thrones and Cash Splash.


is regarded as one of the largest pokie developers and suppliers worldwide. They also design and develop software for real money casino Australia. In the list of their pokies, there are Lobstermania, Double Diamond, Wheel of Fortune, etc.


is a Swedish company founded in 1996. Currently, they have expanded their operation to other European countries and North America. They offer high quality table games, video poker, and live dealer games that every punter from Australia wants to play. Some of the games they have in their collection include Gonzo’s Gold, Dead or Alive 2, and Street Fighter II.

NextGen Gaming

is an Australian-based gaming company. It was initiated in 1999. Unusual and innovative features characterize their games, and they include Dragon Drop, King Tiger, and Dragon Story.


is one of the first gaming companies to be founded. It came into existence in 1968, and since then, they have been providing many games globally. Their games are popular in online casinos across the world. They include Titanic, Ducky Dynasty, and Dragon.


is also the best pokie provider in the world. It powers a lot of games. These games come with progressive jackpots and other bonuses. Playtech is licensed to operate in many jurisdictions and countries. They develop comic-themed pokies like The Avengers, Iron Man, etc.

Features of the Best Free Pokies No Download

Features in pokies are the key elements that make up slot games. They make the game more interesting and increase punters’ wins. Various pokies have certain features associated with them.

  1. Free Spins. No deposit casinoAustralia offer players free spins as promotional activities and as sign-up bonuses for new players. Some pokies reward players with free spins when they spin 3 scatters and meet certain wagering requirements.
  2. Re-Spins n is a pokie feature that allows gamblers to spin the reel again without placing their wager. It offers gamblers a second chance to spin to form a winning combination when playing a slot. Pokie spins australia come as a result of landing special symbols and do not guarantee wins.
  3. Bonus Gamesare also known as bonus rounds. They consist of mini-games inside pokies triggered when players hit certain symbols like scatters.
  4. Scattersunlock bonus features within pokie machines. When they appear on the reels, they unlock mini-games and free spins. Scatter symbols pay highly in pokies, hence the name player’s best friend.
  5. Wilds symbols replace all other icons on reels. They are key when a player wants to complete a winning paylines. They can’t substitute scatters and other bonus symbols in real money slot games.
  6. Stacked Wildsis a wild symbol that covers the whole reels when it drops on the reel. Not all pokies have stacked wild on all their reels. They appear on specific reels in some of the pokies. The pokies’ variance determines all these.
  7. Sticky Wilds is the standard wild. It is a substitute for any symbol that can create a winning combo. They remain on reels for the following spins.
  8. Expanding Wildsare common in video slot games and pokie machines. They normally expand to cover the whole reel depending on the software designer. A wild symbol on the reels triggers expanding wilds.
  9. Multipliers can multiply a player’s winnings by a certain predetermined figure. They are used to double or triple winnings. Although multipliers are popular, not all pokies have them.
  10. Progressive Jackpots have the edge over others that do not. Gamblers are offered massive jackpot when playing such slots and can win millions with one spin. These jackpots attract a lot of players.
  11. Instant Play. Pokies that have an instant play feature allow gamers to play immediately once they have pressed the play button. This feature ensures the play continues smoothly without delay. Again, players no longer have to wait for the software to download and install to play.
  12. Autoplaymakes the gameplay engaging and enjoyable since it lessens work. Everything is automated. Upon its activation, reels play through spins without stopping.
  13. Cluster Pays is a payment system used by pokies during deposits and payouts. Inside pokie with this feature, punters can create payouts when they match payline with symbols. The value of each symbol determines payouts.
  14. Hold and Spin is also known as Spin and Win. This feature deals with collecting symbols during a set number of spins. Players are rewarded in accordance with the number of symbols collected. Hold and Spin has emerged as one of the hottest features in slots currently.
  15. Bonus Wheelis a feature not common in most slots. It is a special feature that offers players little bonuses to win a few extra credits. This feature is the focal point in pokies like Grand Wheel.

How to Play Free Pokies No Download No Registration

Playing free pokies no download no registration is not difficult. Below is a guide on how to play them on game sites and best online casino Australia real money free spins:

  • Search for Australian casino sites that provide free pokies no download no registration.
  • In the search section, select your preferred slot with desirable reels, paylines, and paytable.
  • Set your betting specifications like max bet and min bet and decide the amount you want to play with.
  • Press the autoplay option and click ‘spin’ to spin reels. Look for the wilds and scatters to get payouts.
  • If the game is won, the winnings are displayed on the screen. Check your account balance to confirm.



1The term “pokies” originally comes from the “pok” in “poker machine”.  However, in Australia / New Zealand, the term simply means “slot machine”.
2For those who are unfamiliar with the term “punter”, the Cambridge Dictionary defines it as “a person who gambles or risks money guessing the result of something“.

How Your Mobile Device Can Help You Game on the Move

Mobile Device GameBy James Daniels

Gaming is a very different beast from what it was a decade or two ago. As technology has evolved and changed, the landscape of the entertainment industry has changed to reflect this. It’s not just that the industry has changed in a linear direction of supposed improvement, the design choices and ways that players engage with them are also different.

Part of this has had to do with the impact that mobile gaming has had on the industry. In fact, mobile gaming has evolved to the point where it can stand on its own legs, apart from the rest of it. With this in mind, you might be interested in how you can get more out of gaming through your mobile device, as it could be an avenue you have yet to explore.

What You Might Not Know

If you’re unfamiliar with mobile gaming, you might have certain preconceptions about the kinds of games available or a narrower idea of what mobile devices are capable of in this department. Before you get started, it’s good to be aware of the full range of games at your disposal here. First of all, taking a trip to your app store of choice can help to illuminate this, giving you a clearer sense of what’s available.

Beyond that, you might be surprised to know that you’re not restricted to simply using the app store to find games. You can do some research into online casino Canada to discover new ways to play games that you may have been aware of through playing physical equivalents.

Ports of Games You May Know

If your interest in mobile gaming stems less from discovering different types of games that might be available and more from how you can play games that you already like in a more convenient, remote fashion, there is good news. Several games, both new and old, have mobile ports that mean you can have a more familiar gaming experience that you can simply enjoy while on the train, or when you have a free moment in any situation.

However, one aspect to be aware of is that more modern, high-budget games likely won’t be available on this platform due to hardware limitations. Newer games available on mobile might be of the smaller, indie variety.

Diving in at the Deep End

It could be that you want to see what all the hype is about surrounding mobile gaming. In this case, you might want to jump in at the deep end and throw yourself into the most popular games available, seeing if what draws other people towards you has the same effect on you. You might be surprised to discover just how different some of these games are from what you expect. This might be either in the department of what you’re actually capable of, or more in regards to how different they are in terms of structure to what you’re familiar with – such as games like Pokemon Go, which focus on getting the player outside.

About the author: James Daniels is a freelance writer, business enthusiast, a bit of a tech buff, and an overall geek. He is also an avid reader, who can while away hours reading and knowing about the latest gadgets and tech, whilst offering views and opinions on these topics.


Is Blackjack Available at PA Online Casinos?

Online BlackjackBy Lars Holmström

Online blackjack is available in most Pennsylvania (PA) online casinos. In fact, it is one of the most popular casino games in the state.  Being a game that balances skill and luck, it appeals to both new and loyal players.

Following the gambling expansion bill, both visitors and residents can now enjoy various blackjack games within the state lines. Other popular casino games in the state include craps, baccarat, and roulette. 

Is Online Blackjack Legal In PA?

If you are 21 or older, you can legally play online blackjack in Pennsylvania. In addition, you can get into any of the land-based casinos. The Pennsylvania Gambling Control Board overseas gambling activities in the state. It demands fairness and transparency from all operators. Whether you choose to play free games or for real money, you have plenty of options. 

PA Laws and Blackjack Games

In January 2010, during the expansion of the 2004 Gaming Act, tables were included in live casinos. The table games tax rate was set at 16 percent. Although the number isn’t as high as with slots, it is pretty impressive. Based on the PGCB rules, blackjack games need to have a low house edge. They should also be friendly and fair. 

After the opening of PA’S first online casinos, online blackjack wasn’t immediately legalized. In October 2017, Gov. Tom Wolf signed the Gambling Expansion bill. A licensing process for PA online casinos kicked off and the initial sites were live by mid-2019. Find some of the best PA online casinos rated here.

Free Online Blackjack in Pennsylvania

If you are new to the game, you’d be wise to check a few options out before risking your money. Luckily, PA has plenty of free online blackjack games. They are just as fun as money games. 

You will find a few blackjack games in almost all PA online casinos on demo mode. You may receive a no-deposit cash bonus when checking out new games. Usually, demo mode is available through software-based games. Although you can access live dealer games, you can’t place bets for free. Free games are perfect for the casino lover who wants to have fun without risking their money. 

Real Money Online Blackjack

You will find real money online blackjack in all Pennsylvania online casinos. They come with lucrative welcome bonuses and regular promotions. If you make the leap to real money games, you have the chance to have some fun and potentially make profits. The secret is to choose games with the lowest house edge. 

The best blackjack games have a smaller number of decks. The best bet is to play single-deck games. In addition, find games with splitting rules, liberal doubling, and a soft 17 dealer stand.

Do not go in without a basic strategy. It could improve your playing experience and increase your chances of winning. If you go in blindly, you will be handing your money to the casino every time. 

Take advantage of side bets as well. They add some excitement to the game, and you could win huge profits. Although the house edge can be high, it is worth the risk. 

Before making a deposit, check to ensure that you are using the safest payment options. The popular ones include PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa. Bank transfers are pretty popular as well. 

The best PA casinos for real money blackjack include: Unibet Casino, SugarHouse Casino, and Hollywood Casino. SugarHouse has partnered with Rush Street Interactive to bring you the best blackjack games. 

Unibet works with Meadowlands and Hollywood Casino teams with IGT to bring you blackjack and other popular casino games in PA. 

PA Live Blackjack

Thanks to the PGCB, PA live blackjack is governed by special rules. The games are generally immersive and player-friendly. The average RTP is 96.6 percent. You can enjoy side bets like; Royal Match, 21+3, Lucky Ladies and Kings Bounty, and Match the dealer. They are perfect when you hope to win huge profits.

Types of Blackjack in Pennsylvania

Since blackjack has been popular for such a long time, it is no surprise that there are so many variations. Even the most minor changes from the basic rules can alter the game significantly. For example, some variations allow you to surrender your hand, but others don’t. 

Most PA online casinos have the basic game. They may have a few variations as well. The most popular ones include Interlock blackjack and Spanish 21. All PA sites must follow the rules that apply to land-based casinos. The main difference is in European and US blackjack:

  • In European games, the dealer will get just one visible card. After every player has acted, the second card is dealt.
  • In US games, dealers can peek at their hidden cards when the up-card is an ace or 10. If they have a blackjack, the hand doesn’t continue.

Blackjack Odds

The best thing about blackjack is that your success isn’t entirely up to chance. It is also dependent on your skill. Even when the odds are against you, your skill could give you better winning opportunities. 

The odds in blackjack vary depending on the number of decks in the game. Every variation uses a different number of decks, and it is important to do your research before playing. Here is a look at the number of decks and how they may affect your odds:

  • Eight decks: 0.65 percent
  • Six decks: 0.64 percent
  • Four decks: 0.60 percent
  • Two decks: 0.46 percent 
  • One deck: 0.17 percent 

Online Blackjack Rewards and Bonuses

Since there is so much competition among PA online casinos, they are always coming up with new bonuses and rewards. The casinos give both new and loyal players incentive to keep playing, from free bet bonuses to generous welcome bonuses and reload bonus deals. 

Usually, the play-through requirement for blackjack bonuses is weighted. You may need to wager your bonus a few more times than in slots thanks to the low house edge. Most casinos have a points collection system to reward their loyal players. The longer you play, the bigger your bonuses become.