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Editor/Publisher – Michael Dalton
This quarterly publication is no longer published. Issues were published from the Summer of 1992 through the Winter 1998 issue. 
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Editor/Publisher – Stanford Wong
This monthly publication is a must read for serious card counters.  Rules and playing conditions monthly for all U.S. casinos as well as occasional reporting from around the World.  Become privy to some of the latest information on the hottest advantage play opportunities available anywhere.   Stanford Wong is the author of the some of the best selling gambling strategy books on the market.  Included are Basic Blackjack, Blackjack Secrets, Professional Blackjack, Casino Tournament Strategy, Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker, and Professional Video Poker —  many, of which, are available in the BJRnet catalog. If you become a member or subscribe on please let them know we sent you 🙂 An index of back issues can be found in the Encyclopedia of Blackjack.


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