Silver Fox Blackjack System

Silver Foxby Ralph Stricker

Ralph offered the ultimate tutorial on winning Blackjack with his book The Silver Fox Blackjack System–You Can Count On It.  It included the correct basic strategy for any amount of decks, comprehensive card counting, how to determine the correct bank roll, developing the correct betting strategy, and departures from basic strategy according to the count.

What people said about Ralph Stricker’s Winning Blackjack method.

 “Ralph Stricker, a gentleman, a world class player, and truly our ‘elder statesman’ of the game today.”  Don Schlesinger, highly respected blackjack expert and author of the book Blackjack Attack.

 “A good friend, and a great Blackjack player— Bobby Fisher

 “The man who makes the casinos nervous— The San Francisco Chronicle

 “Master in camouflage bettingArnold Snyder

The Silver Fox Blackjack System is a solid course in winning blackjack technology.  Highly recommended for new players.  A must read for the rest of us!  Excellent ****Michael Dalton, Blackjack Review Magazine (Spring 1996)

Table of Contents

Winning Blackjack explores the following topics:

* The historical evolution of basic strategy.
 * How Blackjack can be consistently beaten.
 * Why the casinos feature the game of blackjack.
 * The effects of blackjack on casino percentages.
 * The specific rules of blackjack.
 * Examples of the logic of blackjack.
 * Sample hands and an explanation of the correct playing decisions.
 * How to employ memory keys.
 * A computer derived sequence of basic strategy rules.
 * How to use the enclosed flash cards system.

The first tape continues its focus on basic strategy as cards are played. Winning Blackjack analyzes and describes the all-important differences between long-term and the short-term betting strategy. The techniques of avoiding casino heat are presented in depth.  Further discussion is focused on the significant differences between ideal playing conditions and crowded table conditions.  The tape ends with an explanation of deck penetration that is proprietary with my course.

The second tape continues to explore the fundamentals of the system, and will give you a personal glimpse of the potential reality of beating the casino consistently. It will conclusively prove to you that Winning Blackjack is the optimal strategy for playing blackjack under real casino conditions. You will get instruction and demonstration of easily perfected techniques that will facilitate your mastery of the blackjack count.

Clearly explained concepts will help you understand the exceptions to basic strategy that should be made. Biased deck conditions will be explained to help you determine your playing advantage.

The final portion of the tape will cover these important subjects:

 * Insurance
 * Side counts
 * Multiple decks
 * Bankroll vs. maximum bet size
Again, numerous hands are discussed, so that you may now begin to appreciate the concept of card counting, and its pivotal role with respect to proper betting and playing strategy. Lastly, you are taken through a step-by-step process, demonstrating exactly how to practice in the privacy of your home. This course of action, diligently pursued,assures your successful development to gain the expertise necessary for playing a consistently winning game of blackjack.

A personal note from Ralph:

Dear Blackjack Enthusiast:

Thank you very much for your inquiry about Blackjack. It is with a great deal of pleasure that I welcome you to the world of Winning Blackjack.

My name is Ralph Stricker. I am sure you know that the game of Blackjack is very easy to play, but doing so in a consistently winning manner is an entirely different issue.

I personally have played Winning Blackjack for many hours in casinos throughout the world. There are few questions about the game of blackjack that I can’t answer.  Meaningful sums of money can be made by the skilled blackjack player because the game can be consistently beaten.

The curriculum has been designed to give the reader very careful instruction, and the book progresses in a very meticulous manner.

If you don’t understand something, you can call me at no extra charge. I will be happy to critique your playing before you go to the casino. I am always available to answer any questions that you might have. Please feel free to e-mail me: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

NOTE: Ralph Stricker passed away in 2012, at the age of 81. 


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