Professional Blackjack

Professional Blackjack

A book by Stanford Wong


The long awaited major update and expansion of Wong’s best selling book is now available. The book includes:

  • The most comprehensive and technically accurate presentation of the Hi-Low and Halves card counting systems.
  • Complete coverage of the new rule variations including bonuses for 5, 6, or 7 cards, 6-7-8, 7-7-7, 5-5-5-5, bustout, Over-Under, and several others.
  • Complete card counting coverage of Double Exposure, Early and Late Surrender, No-hole card, and insurance.
  • Finer points of the game include how to select a card counting system, side counts, toss ups, expected win, risk, optimal bets, overbetting, two card combinations, etc.

This is terrificAnthony Curtis, The Las Vegas Advisor

…the best overall card-counting syllabus on the market. Thorough, accurate, easy to understand, it is the ideal players’ manual.— Peter Giles, professional blackjack player.

It is an outstanding blackjack text. There is no other blackjack system that is both simpler and more powerful.Edward O. Thorp, author of Beat the Dealer

5 Stars! Outstanding. Not only is this book the most technically accurate and detailed reference to the high-low and halves count, it is also one of the best sources for information on the finer points of the game.Michael Dalton, editor of Blackjack Review

Professional Blackjack teaches card counting. It has all the info you need to take you from casino neophyte to expert card counter. It is 350 pages, including an index.

Professional Blackjack is also a reference book for experts – its 100+ tables allow you to come up with answers for almost anything a casino can throw at you in the way of a new rule for blackjack.

Besides handling all common American versions of blackjack, Professional Blackjack has a chapter devoted to the European no-hole-card game. And it has a chapter on what to do if you encounter bonuses, such as a six-card hand being an automatic winner or 7-7-7 pays triple. It has a chapter on playing over/under, if you are fortunate enough to encounter that option. It has a chapter on double exposure, the version of blackjack in which both the dealer’s cards are exposed and tied hands lose.

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