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Baccarat Buster 2
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Baccarat Buster 2 logoMesa Verde Software chip imageReal world practice environment against a real shuffle machine.
Mesa Verde Software chip imageUser definable shuffles. Define virtually any casino shuffle in the world.
Mesa Verde Software chip imageThe shuffle engine delivers an endless series of non-repeating shoes.
Mesa Verde Software chip imageProgrammable players.
Mesa Verde Software chip imageHigh speed auto-play testing.
Mesa Verde Software chip imageComplete session analysis.

Now includes
the win history
Row Display
Baccarat pattern recognition setup
All New Flash Graphics Baccarat Buster 2Baccarat logic development table
Easily increase or
decrease the
number of rows
with one click.
Baccarat pattern recognition setup

Expanded Logic Testing

Now supports high speed testing of virtually any variation of a Flat Bet Progression System

David writes:Yes, this is the one I am looking for. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this software. It is the best Baccarat system I’ve ever seen. I enjoy the system very much.”

Mesa Verde Software chip image72 levels of progression

Mesa Verde Software chip imageWith 72 levels of progression you should be able to define any variation of Flat Bet Progression type betting.

Mesa Verde Software chip imageSetup a 111224488 bet system with one click. Enter the starting bet and click the 111224488 button.

Setup example of the popular 111224488 bet systemFlat bet progression logic setup
If you are looking for a real world testing environment, this is the software that gets the job done.

You are playing against actual shuffles so you get an endless series of non-repeating shoes. This software shuffles the cards.

Single-click programming of avatars. Program an avatar to play your logic and seat it at the high-speed testing table.

You can program a variety of different logics.

Mesa Verde Software chip image Pattern Recognition

Mesa Verde Software chip image Opposite-repeat two step pattern recognition where a bet flag is raised when the first pattern is recognized then a bet is made if it finds a second pattern while the bet flag is raised.

Mesa Verde Software chip image Balanced play where the system watches for a defined imbalance in the ratio of B/P wins.

Bet Progression

Include either of two types of bet progression. Standard multiply, divide, add, subtract or fixed amount based on W/L pattern. Now supports all variations of flat 1326 / 111224488 type progression systems.

Define up to 8 levels of pattern recognition with up to 8 positions and the option to make up to 4 additional bets based on a win or loss at each level.Pattern Recognition
Baccarat pattern recognition setup
A two pattern conditional bet. A match on the first pattern raises the Bet Flag then if it finds pattern two and the Bet Flag is still on, a bet is made.Baccarat betting logic setup

If what you need is B/T/P results only for outside-the-program analysis, this is the screen that will do it for you fast.

Depending on your computer, this screen will produce 10,000 to 24,000 hands per minute. Cards are dealt from a shoe and shuffled at the end of each shoe.

Output goes to a .CSV file, 1 shoe per row. Open the output file by clicking the Excel icon or import the results directly into SQL.


Super Fast Results Only Output
Baccarat betting logic setup

Simple drag and drop shuffle definition. Describe the dealer shuffle steps and save it. Define any casino shuffle and practice against that shuffle.

Dealer shuffle image

Baccarat Buster 2 also includes comprehensive shuffle analysis tools

User Defined Shuffles – Define any shuffle in the world
Shuffle definition screen

Pattern Analysis Statistics
Baccarat pattern analysis

All data grids can be exported to Excel

Baccarat results export

Find any pattern and plot where it occurred in every shoe.

Pattern Plotting
Baccarat pattern finder

Score sheet for any player position.

Tracks side bet, bet amount, running total, side won. Wins are highlighted. Grid can be exported to Excel.

Score Sheets
Baccarat player score sheet

Free minor revision upgrades for life.

Extensive built-in help system
Baccarat Buster 2 built-in help


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