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Our new book is the perfect companion for our quality software line: a step-by-step training guide that will teach you how to count cards using our software.

Over 100 pages including 15 targeted exercises using our Blackjack Counter and Blackjack Expert software, designed to guide you from the very beginnings of Basic Strategy to the most advanced techniques of card counting.

You also get practical chapters on “Playing for Real” and “Fine Tuning your Game” that will help you make the transition from software to beating the casino. Powerful analysis and detailed blackjack simulations provide practical guidance on avoiding common pitfalls that plague beginners and experts alike. Even seasoned veterans can learn the weaknesses in their game and how to increase their edge over the casino.

Bonus material includes “Double Deck Blackjack”, audited basic strategy tables for two deck games with detailed performance metrics, and “Knock-Out”, a head-to-head comparison of this popular unbalanced count system to the well-known High-Low balanced count system.

Excerpts from the Book

Our book is an essential part of becoming a better blackjack player. Blackjack Count Master is the only blackjack book available that focuses on learning how to count cards using the best and easiest-to-use software available.

Still not convinced? Feel free to read the following sample chapters from our 100+ page book (you’ll need Adobe Acrobat or higher to read these PDF documents):

Table of Contents (180 k)

Chapter 3: Card Counting (171 k)

Chapter 7: Fine Tuning your Game (191 k)

Comments from Readers

I have read your book and implemented it all for training… I have never had such a powerful learning tool in the palm of my hand. The book is concise, knowledgeable, well thought out, very well researched and a must have for the beginner to the expert blackjack player. Even though I am a successful blackjack player, I found the ability to hone my skills on a daily basis irreplaceable. Your step by step guide will help any one become a better player.” – Jeff W.

As a child I learned how to count: ‘One, Two, buckle my shoe.’ Dan’s new book also teaches you how to count, only this time it’s ‘One, Two, Bust the shoe’. Your book has already ‘enriched’ me (and made the casino’s a wee bit poorer). Thanks a million!” – Norman M.


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