Cheating at Blackjack (CAB 2000)

Windows Software by Dustin D. Marks

ORIGINAL ADVERTISEMENT: Dustin Marks, author of Cheating at Blackjack and Cheating at Blackjack Squared, is back with a vengeance. CAB 2000 explores the secret world of Blackjack cheating like never before. Using witty text, crystal clear color photos, animations, and razor sharp video clips, this CD-ROM explains and shows 59 different cheating moves like nothing before in the history of gambling literature. CAB 2000 provides hours of entertainment by taking advantage of all multimedia capabilities: sound, animation, video, hidden mouse-overs and more. CAB 2000 contains interviews with some of the biggest names in blackjack and others whose livelihood depends on secrecy. Little known facts about casinos and gambling, and a lengthy discussion about facial recognition will perk the interest of any gambler. Numerous articles divulge the dark side of gambling that the casinos don’t want you to know about. Marks is the sole content provider, editor, and publisher. There’s no egotistical editor mucking up the text and no petrified publisher cutting out the juicy parts. Not since the Green Felt Jungle has the casino industry been slapped in the face so hard.

EDITOR NOTE: Outrageous, controversial, funny, and factual… in other words, an exceptional treatise on the shadier side of casino twenty-one! Sold for entertainment and educational purposes only. We do not endorse or recommend the use of this information as much of it is illegal and punishable by law. Also of interest: Cheating at Blackjack: The Real Work (video).

Photos on the CD show actual cheating moves

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