Blackjack Wisdom

Blackjack WisdomBy Arnold Snyder

Blackjack Wisdom is a compilation of more than ten years of writings by the game’s only self-proclaimed “religious leader.” More than 80% of these articles have never appeared in Blackjack Forum. These are the articles Snyder wrote for Card Player (Las Vegas), Casino Player (Atlantic City), Gaming Journal (New Orleans), The Intelligent Gambler (Pittsburgh), Poker World (Las Vegas), and The Gambler (Seattle).

Interspersed with all the practical advice and technical explanations on virtually every aspect of the game— camouflage, team play, system selection, legal decisions, shuffle analyses, fluctuations, rules, casino countermeasures—Bishop Snyder skewers the casino industry, phony gambling system sellers, other gambling writers, compulsive gamblers, the gambling regulatory agencies, pit bosses, dealers, surveillance personnel, industry marketing experts, one and all.

Snyder’s 13-part “Bachelor of Counting” series from Card Player— which outlines the basic course of instruction Snyder would require if card counting were to be offered as a college course—is contained in full… along with a never-before published “Part XIV: Getting Your Master’s Degree.”

Other articles you’ll find in this collection: Structured Steaming; How to Beat Sklansky and Malmuth at Hold ‘Em; I Stole My Act; To Err Is Human, and Expensive!; The Myth of Blackjackman; The Ultimate, No-Brainer, No-Cost Camouflage; A Fish-Eye View of Blackjack; Multi-Action Mindbenders; Eating Cards for Fun & Profit; The “Overdue” System; The “Up & Down” System; The “One-to-Ten” System; The “Pseudo- Tournament ” System; The “Triangle ” System; Is It Legal to Think in Casinos?; The Birth of Blackjack; None Dare Call It Gambling; Device Versa; and much, much more!


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