Blackjack Vision

Blackjack Vision

Software by Danny Woolard
Shiloh Research Systems

Blackjack Vision can simulate ALL 7 seating positions up to 4 billion blackjack rounds at speeds up to 100 million hands per hour(Pentium 150; heads-up). All major U.S. rules and count systems are supported. Simulation data can be instantly updated by changing betting parameters. It can also determine risk of ruin for any bankroll. Advanced features include multi-parameter systems, Multiple Strategy Tables, and secondary counts. Over 150 stats are recorded: count freq.distribution in numeric & VGA graph form, count,ins.,& play advantages, much more. Context Help is available for beginners. Includes a 4 player VGA practice mode with easy to read cards.

What the experts have to say:

….as a high-speed simulator, it is top-of-the-line, on par with the now defunct Universal Blackjack Engine……This is really a dynamite simulation program.”    Arnold Snyder, Blackjack Forum, Winter 1998

There’s a vast number of bells and whistles that I’ve come to expect from a simulator and this program has them. I consider this a fine program and a bargain…”   George C., author of several blackjack papers, books and systems


  • Blackjack Simulator, Analyzer, Built in practice mode.

  • Blackjack Vision will give you the confidence you need to beat the casino.

This powerful software package was designed from the ground up for the beginner to the ADVANCED bj player and statistician.


  • IBM Compatible. Multi-task under Windows 95.

  • NEW: Standard Deviation and standard error statistics.

  • NEW: RISK of RUIN for any given bankroll!.

  • NEW: Hands per hour for any given game.

  • NEW: Can automatically detect and convert unbalanced counts into equivalent balanced TC.

  • Simulate up to 4 BILLION rounds.

  • FAST! Up to 100 Million Hands Per Hour.**

  • NEW: Update simulation data instantly.

  • NEW: Supports Secondary & Main Counts (multi-parameter).

  • NEW: Supports Multiple Strategy Tables.

  • NEW: Simulates Player Errors.

  • View your count % advantage in VGA graph form.

  • NEW:View your ins. % advantage in VGA graph form.

  • Supports all major US rules.

  • Simulates up to 7 real life seating positions simultaneously.

  • Supports 2 editable card-counting systems.

  • Supports ALL MAJOR COUNT systems.

  • Balanced/Unbalanced counts, Full Betting and Wonging Control.

  • Deck penetration settings and Stack The Deck.

  • Context Sensitive Help.

  • Numerous statistics on all seated players.

  • BUILT IN VGA game/practice mode with BJ TUTOR!

  • Easy to read cards.

  • Auto-loading basic strategy charts match any given rules.

  • BILLIONS of setting combinations.

  • On-line User Manual for features and statistics.


Manipulating Simulation Data:
Manipulating simulation data is the process of running an initial amount of blackjack rounds, then changing various variables (mainly bet sizes) and getting instant results on your statistics/data.
An example would be to run 500 million hands with a 1-2 bet spread (i.e bet 1 at <= count +1, bet 2 at >=+2). If your initial bet advantage was 1.08 with a win rate of 1.44 units per 100 hands, and you want to see what your advantage is a 1-4 bet spread, simply plug in the new bet values, and your results are updated instantly to: initial bet advantage is 1.86, win rate is 3.51.
You do not have to wait to re-run a new simulation. (Wonging is another good example that can be implemented)
Other variables that can be changed after a sim are: Blackjack payoff, insurance bet size rule, and casino rake per hand. Rules, and count setting changes have no effect.
Secondary Count: 
The ability to track a secondary count as well as a main (primary) count at the same time or seperately for playing, insurance, and/or betting.
Example: Set main card values to Hi-Opt I which has a .88 Bet Correlation. Set secondary values to A= -1, 2= +1.  
A|  0  |  -1  | 
2|  0  |  +1  |
3| +1  |   0  |
4| +1  |   0  |
5| +1  |   0  |
6| +1  |   0  |
7|  0  |   0  |
8|  0  |   0  |
9|  0  |   0  |
X| -1  |   0  |
Set options to Use Main Count for play, and Use Secondary + Main for betting.  Your betting correlation is now .97 (Hi-lo), while maintaining Hi-Opt I's high playing efficiency. 
Used in conjunction with Multiple Strategy Tables, you can even use the main count for certain playing strategy decisions, and use the secondary count for other playing decisions. Many combinations are available.
The optimal way to use this above example in play, would be to use the MAIN count for all playing decisions except, doubling on 8,9 and 10 and splitting 10 valued cards, in which you can add the SECONDARY count for optimal play.
BJVision is also the only simulator that can perform all of the above.
The preceding example was taken from the (September 1984 Blackjack Forum) article: Can Side-Counting Make You a SUPER COUNTER? by Arnold Snyder.
You can reference it at:
Multiple Strategy Tables:  
The ability to use 2 different strategy tables at different penetration levels. 
For example: 6 deck shoe: Use Tables/Insurance #1 from 1-2 decks, use Tables/Insurance #2 from 2-6 decks. Primarily useful for unbalanced systems that do not convert to a true count. 
BJVision is the ONLY simulator to have this feature, making it the most unbalanced friendly simulator available.
Another use for having 2 strategy tables (2 hit/stand, 2 ins., 2 double, 2 split tables, etc.) is for determining playing decisions when a secondary (multi-parameter) count is used. This way, specific indice selections can be used for a player's
MAIN COUNT, and other indice selections can be used for the players SIDE COUNT (secondary). It's entirely customizable by the user.
With all of the available options and possible configurations, it's best to download the demo and try it out! The context-help makes it extremely easy to set-up these advanced features.



Last Update: 04/24/99

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