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Cheating At Blackjack: The Real WorkCheating at Blackjack: The Real Work DVD by Dustin D. Marks
Subtitled: “How much money did cheaters steal from your blackjack tables today?”  Originally selling for $200, this video was originally intended for casino security personnel.  Shot with four cameras in a studio and edited by professionals, this video reveals cheating moves like no other tape on the market today. Moves from the outside and inside are shown in detail, including footage from surveillance and floormen’s views, this tape gives the perspective of action happening in the pit.   Many of the moves revealed have never before appeared on video–these are not the same moves and scams seen on other videos by so-called ‘experts.’  What Moves Are Exposed?  * Stacking the Deck * The Lay Stack * Beating the Cut with a Cut Card * Dumping Off to a Brief * Switching Cards * Getting Cards Out of Play * Mucking * Returning Cards Into Play * Steer Game * Flashing * Oh Excuse Me * Pinching * Pressing * Rolling the Deck * The Turnover Switch * The Two-Card Drop * Hole Card Out of a Shoe * Drink Move and many more.  Editor: Sold for entertainment and educational purposes only. We do not endorse or recommend the use of this information as much of it is illegal and punishable by law. Encoded for worldwide viewing.
©2004 DVD ~ 60 minutes $49.95  Special: $35.00 

Steve ForteGambler’s Protection Series VHS by Steve Forte
This is, no doubt, the best video series available anywhere on card manipulation and cheating at dice.  Three of the volumes are entirely on cards and the fourth volume is on dice.  This video series was primarily created to teach casino security departments how to detect cheating at their tables.
VHS ONLY Approx 228 Min. $200.00

NOTE: We only have one (1) brand new VHS copy of Vol I, II and IV left. First come, first served.

  • Vol I:  Avoid being cheated-learn and protect yourself in all games played with cards and dice! Vol. I covers false shuffles, pick up stacks, hops and shifts, the interlace stack, crimps, protection tips and more.
    57 Min. Vol. I Cards $50.00 Special: $12.99

Vol II: Marked cards, peeking, second dealing, belly strippers, shiners, bottom dealing, protection tips.
57 Min. Vol II Cards $50.00 Special: $12.99

Vol III: Holding out, mucking, switching decks, specialized moves for poker, blackjack, gin and bridge.
57 Min. Vol III Cards $50.00 Special: $46.99

Vol IV: Crooked dice and how to detect them. Dice switches, controlled dice shots, cheating with dice cups, specialized moves for cups, backgammon, liars dice and other games.
57 Min. Vol IV Dice $50.00 Special: $12.99

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The Hot Shoe (Front Cover)The Hot Shoe DVD by David Layton
The best documentary movie about blackjack card counting ever produced. By David Layton. Executive Producers Michael Berkaw and Bill Petrick. Music by Dylan Keefe.   The history, the mathematics, the politics and the practical realities of blackjack are addressed in this documentary, the most complete and accurate treatment of card counting ever made.  Interviews with blackjack experts, casino managers, authors, detectives, a legal expert, and the most legendary players in the world.   Behind-the-scenes footage of casino pits, surveillance rooms, members of the MIT card counting team strategizing in and playing in casinos during a busy Super Bowl weekend (shot with hidden cameras). Demonstration of the high-tech methods that casinos and detective agencies use to identify and track card counters, including facial recognition technology. A case study, wherein the director of the movie learns how to count cards and takes the $5000 that was budgeted for the soundtrack and uses it as a stake to play blackjack in Las Vegas over ten days. Includes interviews and video of: Gordon Adams – Griffin Investigations, Ian Andersen – Author, Burning the Tables in Las Vegas, Andy Anderson – Casino Visual Identification, Andy Bloch – MIT team, John Chang – MIT team, Richard Chen – MIT team, Anthony Curtis – Publisher of Huntington Press, Mark Estes – Former card counter, Steve Forte – Author, Read the Dealer, Peter Griffin – Author, The Theory of Blackjack, Tommy Hyland – Card counter, Jim Kilby – UNLV, Nelson Rose – Author, Blackjack and the Law, Max Rubin – Author, Comp City, Howard Schwartz – Gambler’s Book Shop, Arnold Snyder – Author, Blackbelt in Blackjack, Ralph Stricker – Card counter and author, Ed Thorp – Author, Beat the Dealer, Olaf Vancura – Author, Knock-Out Blackjack, Stanford Wong – Author, Professional Blackjack, Bill Zender – Author, Card Counting for the Casino Executive

The Hot Shoe (Back Cover)A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR: I’m very proud to present “The Hot Shoe,” a movie I believe to be the most complete and accurate documentary about card counting ever made. Most of the specials on television that deal with the subject have been incomplete at best and sometimes totally inaccurate. I struggled to make a movie that would deal with the subject in all its complexities and yet still remain interesting to people not already familiar with card counting. The mathematics, the history, the politics and the practical realities of blackjack all feature prominently in this movie.  I talked to the leading lights in the world of blackjack—professional players, authors, casino personnel, detectives who identify players, lawyers and academics. If you want to know the real story, if you want to learn how to count cards, or if you just want to watch a fun adventure I think you will enjoy “The Hot Shoe.” Encoded for worldwide viewing.

©2003 DVD $29.99 FREE SHIPPING 

History Channel
Modern Marvels: Casino Technology
VHS by A & E Home Video / History Channel
A fascinating look at the technologies behind the casinos.  Includes footage of Foxwoods casino, the world’s largest casino, and just how much they know about you.

©2001 VHS ONLY $24.95  Special: $9.95 – LAST OF VHS INVENTORY!!!!!!!!!!!

Time Machine: High Rollers - A History of Gambling
Time Machine: High Rollers – A History of Gambling
VHS by A & E Home Video / History Channel
A two hour expose on the history of gambling in America.  From the first race horses that arrived in colonial Virginia in 1607 to 1998, when 48 states allowed legalized gambling of one form or another.  It was once considered a vice. Now, it is legal in one form or another in 48 states. Many states themselves sponsor it with lotteries, powerball jackpots and scratch-to-win cards. But the essential truth about gambling remains the same–there are always more losers than winners.  Americans have always been willing to risk all for the big payoff. HIGH ROLLERS shows how the 1895 invention of the slot machine changed gambling forever, and how time-honored, once-legitimate activities such as horse racing, three-card monte, and poker and casino games went underworld. Examine the tension between our love of games of chance and our moralizing prohibitions, from the era of Mississippi riverboat gambling to the Wild West, where Wild Bill Hickok was killed during a poker game. Travel to Las Vegas, the town that sold its soul to create a high-stakes gambling extravaganza. And get an intimate look at the growth of the latest trend–Native American run casinos that have changed the face of gambling.  From smoke filled rooms to “family entertainment,” this is an eye-opening look at how we choose to lose? and hope to win.

©2001 VHS ONLY $29.95  Special: $9.95 – LAST OF VHS INVENTORY!!!!!!!!!!!

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1Free shipping is available on all orders over $10 shipped to a USA address. The above products are the last remaining new inventory from the Blackjack Review Network. They will probably not be re-stocked. Check out more new and used products from us in our Ebay Store.

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